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Wildlife carer vows to fight 'ridiculous' fine for removing snake for neighbour

Wildlife carer vows to fight 'ridiculous' fine for removing snake for neighbour


"I won't be paying the fine because I still believe I did nothing wrong."

A wildlife hospital owner has been fined for keeping wildlife without a permit after removing a snake from a neighbour's yard.

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3 hours ago

7 News Perth



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Call the bank if it takes your money but keep shut if it gives you extra

Contact the bank derp. Takes about a month to get it back though. Had it happen once at an ATM, which was not good because I was poor at the time. But it is rare.

Chae-anne Broughton

4 hours ago

7 News Perth

New research here in Perth shows a direct link between sun exposure and autism.


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thats the most ridiculous thing ever posted in the history of earth

I love how people are quick to dispute this yet still believe that vaccinations can cause it 😂🤦🏼‍♀️

I was talking with someone today about austism and how it's literally no more than an 'umbrella definition' for a few hundred different behavioural tendancies science hasn't yet been able to categorise. But nope, you managed to combine it all into one simple definition. Great work on that.

PLEASE HELP!!does anyone know what kind of behaviour defines rat autism? Asking for a friend.....

I think the ingredient Nagalase in vaccine's have something to do with the body not absorbing Vit D, so they are on to something but its not the sun lol

Or my so what about children in other parts of the world who have autism and where they have very little sun every now and then and all it does is rain or cloudy and lucky to have a full week of sun. This has to be the worse researched ever.

I don't think so. My sister lives at the beach and goes down every single day, specially when she was pregnant and she has a severely autistic child. She is healthy and pretty much covered doing the right thing, nevertheless it happen... I think it's a just simply a different brain formation and it's probably carried by a gene or a mutated gene.

Lmfao!!! You got to be joking... the sun is the best thing for us. Vaccines, chemtrails, GMO's... maybe we should look there.

So how does this work with people who have twins and only one child was diagnosed autistic? Maybe she didn’t lay long enough in the sun on that side 🙈🤣

Sam Roland Arvind Jarryd this must explain my 'autismal outbursts and screeching' as you guys would put it. Mystery solved Theory of everything

Oh no! People don’t need more excuses as to why kids have autism! Next will be low Vit D and albinism will be linked to Autism.

Sarah Taylor not sure i buy into this. You were in north west australia when you were expecting me. There is lots of sun there.

Vaccines and sun exposure, that is truly the most crazy comment. How come my children and grand child, and myself have had vaccines and exposure to sun, they don't have autism, I feel it must be because of something else, I just wish they would find out the truth instead of making up crazy assumptions.

The Sun story is rubbish. Autism from vaccines is rubbish. Autism is a world wide problem, and some of those come from countries that do not have vaccines, so h ow do they explain that.

People are quick to dismiss this, but there are many many studies with a strong indication towards vitamin D being essential for brain development on a cellular level, in a foetus. Why couldn’t a lack of vitamin D cause developmental issues down the line??

Yeah autism is a regular occurrence on our roads daily

Decrease in learning and memory? Try again My asd son is bored with the English alphabet he's moved on himself to Ukraine since he was two, he is now four. Trust me , learning and memory struggles are definitely not a problem in autism

You have got to be kidding me....I use to think you guys were really doing something positive...It has been researched over and over again and it has been shown it is genetic. I am sorry I did not know that rodents could be autistic....I cannot believe so much money has been spent on this. It is embarrassing.

May be people had want to think about exactly what is being put into the air above us. Pollution comes in many forms from the ground & Chemicals being sprayed / dispersed in the air

🤔 I think a lack of sun does give me mood swings...😵

I never saw much sunlight......☹ I battled morning sickness that lasted the hole pregnancy and depression......and now I have an an autistic son Ronin...maybe there is something to learn from this research. Cahles Lewis

More likely than not they're probably just caught onto the parents reclusive habits and became a hermit. Nothing to do with Autism, more to do with introversion.

I guess the next step would ne to survey human mothers of autistic kids about thier sun exposure during pregnancy.

Simon Castellas better leave Jaxon outside daily. Might control his outbursts 🙄

Would not call it a direct link , untill they have scientific evidence shows it applys to humans. As the researcher said her self. Dr Wyroll said although the study was conducted on rats, the data indicated Vitamin D levels during pregnancy were important for brain development and may be a contributing factor in the development of neurodevelopmental conditions such as ASD. “However further work is needed to establish whether these associations apply to humans,” she said.

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6 hours ago

7 News Perth

Perth war veterans are concerned over changes to ANZAC Day.
Joey Catanzaro has this exclusive report.


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Why do they have to change everything


RSL WA shame on you!

lefty dum wits taken over... as they hate anzac day remember... we need people power here, dont bow down.... get angry, protest

What a waste!

Who voted on this lunacy

The start of the end of Anzac Day ,

As an ex serviceman I’m very disappointed, why change it’s not needed.

All owe goverment need to be saked

It’s still a public holiday right?

Thanks mate 😥

No way they deserve better than that

All about money..

Melissa Adams David O'Brien

Thulitha Kris

Melanie Comito what do you think?

Luke James

Royce Blair

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7 hours ago

7 News Perth

A zoo in Scotland has a star new attraction.


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" ready to explore the world " you mean inclosure.. 👌

Brad Karl Allbeury omg

Omfg Erin Evans 😱

RonSue Payne never mind the festival!

Omggggg i wanna see it . Its super cute 😍😍😍😍😍

Ginger polar bear- typical Scot😂

There in the right place we just switched axis poles switched so there in the right place united kingdom is the new pole going to get cold

Glenn Radalj Stacey Radalj so cute !

Ice king

Changed my mind Julian Hanson & Lara Hanson I want the lil cub 😍

Amy-rose Beavington Stevon Greene James Beavington do you reckon it’s the one we went to??

Kim CM is this Edinburgh? Aww

Amie Taheri I’ll go see this for u xxxxxx

Sam Inglis omg

Lisa Meikle - omg I soooo wanna see the baby bear 😍

Shirley Hopkins OMG it’s so cute 😍

Omg Courtney Lamond 😍😍😍

Kyle Mercer on the to do list

Mairi MacColl go check the bear cub out 👍

Angie Melissa 😍😍

Naomi Kellylly

Lauren McAdam did u ever go here???!

Blake Cameron how friggin cute!!!!

Freja Laurentine Gwynne 😍🐻😍🐻

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Police are currently en-route to Hardys Reef after reports of a helicopter crash. More details: ...


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12 March 2018 - 5 dead in Eurocopter crash in New York. 15 March 2018 - 1 dead in Eurocopter crash in Pilbara. 21 March 2018 - 2 dead in Eurocopter crash in Queensland. Can anyone else see a pattern here? Are the authorities looking at it?

Very sad to hear :( I was a rescue chopper pilot at CQRESQ back in 2002 when we lost a whole crew, terrible time,,.... Lets hope this crew and pax make it thru this terrible time.

Dreadful news. Praying for all onboard to be found safe. X

Somethi g to think about Ian Dickenson,wheres Hardy's reef!

Hope all is okay.. :(

Praying all are ok

Jontelle I guess u can see your point when we have been there! How horrible, hope they r ok 😥

My thoughts are with you all take care

Two have died ..

hope all is ok

Oh no



Peter Wojcinski

Mark Connors

Libby Dunbar Tung Wai Yu (Winnie)

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10 hours ago

7 News Perth

Police would like to locate 33-year-old Tyrone George Krakouer who may be able to assist them with their inquiries into a number of matters.

He is described as:
- Approx. 185cm tall
- Medium build
- Brown eyes
- Short brown hair

Police urge the public not to approach him - but to contact them immediately on 131 444.

Police would like to locate 33-year-old Tyrone George Krakouer who may be able to assist them with their inquiries into a number of matters. 

He is described as:
- Approx. 185cm tall
- Medium build
- Brown eyes
- Short brown hair
Police urge the public not to approach him - but to contact them immediately on 131 444.


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surprise surprise..........

He’s a candidate for the Australian of the Year, they just want to hand him his invitation in person.

Seems like a decent bloke

His innovative ideas on interior design are needed for a new station being built.

This should work

Wonder if it's about his views on Australia day?

"assist them with enquiries" 🤦🤦🤦

Brady Pearson give ya self up

Cockburn police

Another one of our great australians causing trouble lol

Jordan Withey

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BUS DRIVER ATTACK: Can you help us find a woman who punched a Brisbane bus driver in the face in the week leading up to Christmas? ...


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Bus drivers should have pepper spray to protect them self..

imagine if all bus drivers carried a cattle prod.... off ya get *buzzzzz*

Thank god you showed us the video 3 months later. Our memories are usually better the longer you leave it.

I'm confused as to why he grabbed her and dragged her back inside the bus? After being punched wouldn't you have just let her get off? Why drag her back in and lock the sliding doors? What was he after?

Male or female, if you are hit by someone you should have every right to hit them back. If true equality existed this waste of space would never have hit him in the first place because she would know that he'd drop her with one punch. She is taking advantage of the fact that because she is female (I think... it's hard to tell) that she would be the victim as soon as she squeezed out a couple of crocodile tears... What a joke.

Bus drivers should be better protected.. They do a fantastic job.. without bus drivers it’s a long way too walk

As a driver for 10+ years who was never assaulted even once, I know there are ways to calm a situation down or escalate it. This driver was one of those drivers that has been punched many times and it's always the passengers fault. As said violence is never the answer but antagonise some one that much and u get what's coming.

I want to know what lead up to this point! Violence is never ok but I’ve dealt with some feral bus drivers too, not saying he was but something happened before that!

I know where she lives. Shreks Swamp with their pet donkey.

Loving all the people commenting on how long it took to get the footage up - it doesn't matter why, they are asking for YOUR help in identifying her - period, so help Ok (shared)

What did he say to her though she was leaving the bus? And he spoke to her and she’s got upset. I’ve had some extreamly rude bus drivers in Brisbane he was probably just one of them! So he got what was probably deserved 😂

Why isn't more being done to protect our bus drivers! This is awful!!!! 😠

Before Xmas, it’s now almost Easter guys......

What they need to arm themselves with is a can of mace with a non-toxic bright colour added to it. Will make it so easy to spot the problem makers.

What’s the bet9 News Queenslandd ignores this, They would be all over it if it was a man being violent So far others have reported it, I’ve checked..

Theres no protection for the Drivers. A glass shield on the left hand side of the driver will protect them. What is Translink waiting for, passenger getting hurt or another bus driver killed? PROTECT OUR BUS DRIVERS

shame he didn't punch her in reply out through the door. Hope they get the B... and garnish her centrelink payments to cover damage to the bus.

Would like to here the audio of this, I may be wrong but it looks like he instigated it. But i do agree they need to be better protected

This is too much now and something seriously need to be done by the government and the City council to protect the bus driver's.

why has it taken so long to put this footage up as someone would know and this could of been dealt with earlier

Can’t believe how many people saying it was probably his fault or he did something to deserve it. If the genders were reversed would it still be ok? Of course bloody not!! Even IF he was rude or arrogant doesn’t mean you start throwing punches!

Unfortunately I have been on Centrelink payments for 7 yrs. I don’t behave like this. You find people from every walk of life behaving like this. Not just people on benefits

What's wrong with people. Hope police catch her and send her to anger management while she's fined and locked up

Maree Aylett doesn't that look a bit like someone we know?? I don't think it is her but I had to look twice. What you think?

When this happens how do you prevent them getting a new eg Opal card. . These people would have to walk or travel by cab. A fitting end

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Make it rain
Make it rain down, lord
Make it rain
Make it rain
Make it rain

Who let Ed sing this? More Sheeran and traffic mania around Milton today. Now with added water.


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Already plenty of water added to me just from walking to the train station.

Hope Ed. gets to read this, as you might get a song written for you QPS.

ok as long as he keeps his ed above water .

Is just me or does the song sounds Abit like frozen , Let it go , Let it go Make it rain , make it rain ? Hahaha 😂😂😂

AND don't LET THE TRAIN BE LATE Oh no don't let the train delay.

Rach Mellings Herz Autumn Law take your raincoats! Have a great time!! Jelly much! ❤️

hope no one going to the concert got a last minute spray tan 😂😂

I think that means push the accelerator harder around corners doesn't it?🤔 That seems to be the theory anyway.

Easy in & easy out. Thanks QPS, standing in the rain directing traffic

try driving north from Newcastle ☹

ed brings in the crowdies even if the skies are cloudy its only water tell ya daughter ..

Erin Allison Michael Allison what is it about ed, u guys and rain????

Here's a far better tune about making it rain!

Any chance of getting a police escort to the concert

Who'll stop the rain? yes I'm old.

Adding water to a teenager....🤔😂

Love the humour QPS 😂😂😂👌👌

How about singing in the rain

It's been raining for so long.....

LOL to who wright's this

No more.

Or reigns /rains ...

Grace Elly it just keeps going 😂 I promise to visit you guys in qld but only in winter


Oh noooo 😂! So glad we went yesterday Britney Adcock Kim Rogers

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A masked man has been caught on camera stealing a large quantity of cigarettes from an Augustine Heights supermarket. ...


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That's what happens when the government raises prices of cigs and alcohol to the point where it's barely affordable and people who are addicted to them. Feel sorry for you police that have to deal with a repercussions of it because of people having cravings and can't afford it.

Ok seriously let's think about this how long is this guy in they're doing this where are the staff are they in on it as well just asking

He knows where everything is... Local maybe?

Let him have them. He'll die of lung cancer in his 40's and no one will care.

Did alarm not sound when he entered?thats a big haul....What's an average pack of ciggies these days? $25-$30 for 30s? Times how many in cabinet? 100? 200? Wow

I was at that supermarket tonight.... It was empty apart from 1 very young girl standing behind the counter....I was pretty shocked

The way the prices are going they're practically gold

Have to admit pretty impressive lol

This video should smoke him out.

How brazen.He went straight to it ready with the grinder. Probably checked the place out beforehand.

I was in there the morning it happened. Nothing else was touched except the cigarettes and they were everywhere behind the counter. Such a mess!

He certainly knew what he wanted and what he was doing

The bloody nerve of it , he could barely carryout that sack . QPS will find him.

Yes it is the government fault too the should not put cigarettes up sky high like the government does and put alcohol up as well getting to a point it is hard living as it is

Pity you can't see his/her face. Maybe they should put cameras over their most expensive items. Instead of the fruit and veges.

He must know the place pretty well to have thought about bringing a portable grinder with him!

Worth checking the local Cashies to see if anyone recently bought an angle grinder?

Was he caught or was he just caught on CCTV?

Ayyyyy keep an eye out on gumtree for cheap cigs

the grinch


Because they’re expensive Byron Gatehouse

Augustine Heights 4300

Smokey and the bandit


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Detectives have released images and CCTV of a man who may be able to assist them with their investigations into an armed robbery at Slacks Creek last week. ...


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Time to setup a new law: no helmets, no hoods and no hats when entering any places with cash 🙂

Hope you get them QPS


17 hours ago

City of Sydney

More than 60 handmade bronze birds are now dotted down Bridge and Grosvenor Street in the city’s north as Tracey Emin’s 'The Distance of Your Heart' is officially launched.

Perching on poles, archways, statues and doorways, find your favourite and share them with us on #cityartsyd

Learn more about the artwork:

Pics: Katherine Griffiths


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This could be made into a tourist map for kids, so they can find all 60 birds, like a treasure hunt!

Instead of spending a million dollars on this rubbish could you please address the core responsibilities of local government. I’ve reported the constant dumping of rubbish on Ashmore St in Erskineville by email and by phone and the problem remains....I’ve even been told by one of your staff ‘Well if it doesn’t fit in the bin the drivers will just leave it there so you have to pick it up yourself or speak to your neighbours’ Quite unbelievable.

How much did this cost and was the cost covered by philanthropic groups or City of Sydney ratepayers?

Clover wastes more money on shit can this thing be stopped????

Trucks of Maddox Street. I reckon the cost of 10 birds would have fixed our Maddox St problem. Lord Mayor Clover Moore clearly doesn’t think we have enough pigeons in the city. Excellent allocation of resources!

Dacia George Shirleen Corina will have to check it out

Extremely underwhelming, and quite irrelevant. Anything wrong with doing something “creative’ and giving the $912k to an Australian artist?

I don’t know how many people would noticed these things. I think the real birds would be more noticeable than these.

What a waste of money feed the homeless

Love them. Nice idea🦉

Dont we have enough of real birds

Can't wait to go and try to find them all!

Absolutely beautiful


It’s a genuine question City of Sydney?

Erin Boyd let’s go find them


Are the birds gay? ..because Clover sits on floats to get the gay vote. The residents in Alexandria should know by now that Clover has always put birds and trees before ratepayers.

Ruth Edwards.....

Amy Shi



Liam Schutz

George Koletti

Caroline Perignon

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