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Why renting for life isn’t so scary

Why renting for life isn’t so scary


Fancy an apartment with a rock-climbing wall, butler or perhaps pet-grooming services? If so, you may never buy a home.

Fancy an apartment with a rock-climbing wall, a personal shopper, butler or perhaps a bowling alley and pet-grooming services

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Please be advised that both north and south bound lanes of the Bruce Highway at Bloomsbury, Mackay are blocked following a serious traffic crash. Motorists are asked to avoid the area if possible while police investigate the crash. Drive safely.. ...


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Is the accident nth or sth Bloomsbury? Tia

Would be good if Police & DOT could advise us of DETOURS asap so we can get truckies around

Does anyone know if the road has reopened?

Traffic is moving slowly one lane open alternating between north bound and south bound

Terrible one north of Bowen yesterday too 😢

We are at crash area and traffic is moving both ways

We are heading to Townsville and just past Mackay and traffic is consistently coming from north and 4 police cars have past heading to Mackay. Presume traffic is flowing now

Kim Maller is this the way you guys were heading?


Are there any detours around the site please

Praying all is ok with the Drivers, xx

Is the hyw open yet pls


Any current reports??

Hope everyone is ok this time

Ray - don't know if you'll get this far today.


Rip 💔

Not again... 😢😢

Christie Christine Johnstone

Bianca Anne

Tyson Hodgeses

Natalie Ward Natasha Aprile Kristy Alchin

Megan Baronio 😳 Darrell Mitchell

Ashley Louise Hulzey Hulett

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3 days ago

Perth Arena

RAC Arena, it’s now Facebook offish! RAC WA are stepping up from support act to the main event in becoming our Naming Rights Partner. Check out our website for further info 👉 ...

RAC Arena, it’s now Facebook offish! RAC WA are stepping up from support act to the main event in becoming our Naming Rights Partner. Check out our website for further info 👉


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With the RAC signage in yellow and blue it’s going to look like a new ikea building.

A small sacrifice to contribute towards fixing the state's budget :)

So if it's offish, why does your FB page still say 'Perth Arena'? 🤔

What a yuck name Teri Ferguson

Should always be Perth Arena - how would anyone know where RAC Arena is? It's as bad as Optus Stadium

Angela Cheetham did you see this

Subiaco, Perth Stadium, Perth Arena- brand names come & go (look a how many names Melbourne's Docklands has had) but I just use the real name.

Whatever its called.. its still an awesome facility. Bring on a Fever win next Sunday!!!!

Sooo free roadside?

We don't need Rac tho as we don't break down on the road

Eagles colours 😳😁🤣👍

PJ Oldershaw wtf

Good work Dave and team!

Jordan Kerr

Andrea Leonard

Mitchell Sale🙄

Corinna Byl Bishop

Dale Keenan

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5 days ago

Perth Arena

Over 6,000 voices in two huge shows! 🎶 Share snaps of your choir stars from One Big Voice below 👇 ...

Over 6,000 voices in two huge shows! 🎶 Share snaps of your choir stars from One Big Voice below 👇


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Alexandra Nullmeyers a certain someone smiling straight at the camera for this pic 😀😀

What a truly amazing concert - congratulations to everyone - their message was inspirational

Lorna M-Pearson

Dave Nullmeyers

3 weeks ago

Perth Arena

Our hearts will go on for Celine Dion! 😍❤️ Near, far, wherever you are sitting, share your snaps from tonight below👇 ...

Our hearts will go on for Celine Dion! 😍❤️ Near, far, wherever you are sitting, share your snaps from tonight below👇


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📷 Duncan Barnes

Celine you are beautiful and sensational what an incredible concert. A lifetime memory maker ❤️

John Farnham joined Celine on stage in Melbourne to sing your the voice. Sounded good but i reckon not as good as all of the Perth fans singing Your the voice with her. The Perth Arena sounded awesome when the whole audience sang it with her. Its on if you want to check it out

CELINE you are just truly AMAZING , you give me googse bumps , bring joyfull tears to my eyes. It was a privilege to come and see you entertain us all. I love you xxx

Celine, thankyou so much for making my father one very happy man tonight. I nearly didnt get this moment with my dad as he recently had a heart attack but thankfully he was still here to be in this very moment with me! Your his favorite artist. Thankyou for your music 💜🎤 (Mel Valentine)

I just wished she’d stuck to singing her songs. I liked she sang the voice. Basically our Aussie anthem. But Tom, Tina, Prince, Elvis...

BEST NIGHT EVER!!!! Thank you Celine for the music!! 👏🏼 PS I have 14 videos uploaded on my FB wall from the 3rd row. Feel free to check them out! 🎵

Concert was amazing but almost outdone by the whole crowd bursting into song as we went out exit A

Thanking my beautiful daughter for this awesome mama/bdae gift ever !! Spent this awesome night with my fave peeps ❤️❤️ Love Love Love 😘😘

Will never forget this night! Thank you for doing your world tour in Perth! O.. my Celine, your voice is just AMAZING! Been idolizing you since I was little... Thank you for making it an unforgettable evening! You are a beautiful human being!!!

Amazing. What a star. Ticked an item off my bucket list tonight.

Loved it, she was amazing!... 14 rows from the front!😍😘..

Loved her show amazing truly the best ever xxx I shed a few tear with you Celine dion xxxx

LOVED it all xx (and keep-sake merch 😍)

Céline I am a French Canadian living in Perth. Thank you for an amazing show! You sing like an angel! Veronic was fantastic too! Merci ma belle Céline! 😘

I so wished I could have taken my Dad to this show as Celine was always his favourite. As he has now passed away I couldn’t bring myself to go. I hope she comes back some day and I can go for him.

Truly amazing powerful performance, was so emotional. Enjoyed every second of it. Thank you Celine, love you since I was a child. Xx

I saw the first ad in the West paper. Planned to get my ticket, then forgot. Only just realised 3 days ago. Went online but cheaper tickets all exhausted. Got my ticket at 17:21 on the 4/8/18. Thanks to PJ Jones my angel. For sharing with me the vital information that some more tickets were released on the 4/8/18. Merci👍😍Celine for making my dream come true. I have listened to your music from when I was a teenager till now

It was a dream come true and so worth the $271 I paid. Thanks Celine for the amazing performance, loved every second of it...Merci bcp Celine!

What an amazing voice loved the concert

Love love loved her show. Definitely a powerhouse performer ❤ it takes me back to our time in Las Vegas at Caesars Palace!!

Amazing show, thank you so much Celine 💕

Carmen and Donna we can relive our amazing night on here 💕

I like to call this one.... 'Steppin' on roaches' :P

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3 weeks ago

Perth Arena

With only 1 sleep to go, there's just one piece of advice we have for you.... ...

With only 1 sleep to go, theres just one piece of advice we have for you....


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I have our tickets printed and ready to go - woo hoo!

I just got my friend to print out my Celine Dion ticket for me, only to notice that it has all the details except the barcode! Please tell me what to do. This ticket was purchased online and was emailed to me since June...

I’ll be able to sleep as although she’s amazing , your ticket prices were too high for me . Have a great night everyone 👍🏻

At $400 a ticket .. I wish 😞

Jeremy del Pino did you know she's here in Perth???

Colleen Borger....I'm sure you would have been tagged in this already 😂 Have a awesome time!!!! Xxx

Pamela Anderson - Mum we should’ve got tickets to this 😆

Perth Arena I have the tickets on my phone is this okay?? Or do I need to print them out? Thanks 😁

Gabrielle have a good night! heheh but I'm secretly jelly lol

Would be great if the Ticketek Australia website would let me print my tickets instead of continually opening a blank screen... I’m pretty sure we won’t be the only ones that’s this is happening to! Would also be great if you could actually speak to someone at ticketek instead of their recording saying they are too busy to take a call and disconnect ...

I have front row. The last time I saw her was at Telethon. Im hoping to give her some flowers and maybe a peck on the cheek lol


Sonia and Julie no more sleeps 😀😀

Deb Barratt I would have loved to see her. ❤️

Oh you lucky Duck ! I couldn’t get tickets in Sydney , enjoy

Stack you haven’t been calm all week hahaha

Kitty getting really excited now!!!!

I've seen Celine Dion's concert in Las Vegas last June, Palazzio Hotel. She is so amazing, down to earth, and we really enjoyed every minute of her show. It's worth watching her and the crew. Love her songs.❤💕

Celine no wayyyyy, I’m so excited for ur concert xoxo

I’m so excited but super nervous as I’m due any day now and I have to wait till the last minute to hopefully get a ticket to see this woman I’ve waited my whole life for.... stay in 👶🏽🤭☺️

Love Celines voice, it's just so beautiful as she is.

Kerry Davey and molly you must be So Excited 😁😘

I would love she is a favourite mine. But won't happen

We only have one sleep Togo 😊😊😊

Would of loved to have gone

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