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Why has this autumn felt more like summer?

Why has this autumn felt more like summer?


Now you can complain about Melbourne's weather with science.

An unusually hot March and April have broken temperature records across Australia. Are heatwaves like this becoming more frequent? Why?

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Senior clinicians and immunisation experts are meeting today, in the bid to develop a vaccine program to protect South Australians from the potentially-deadly B strain of meningococcal disease. Details tonight in #TenNews

TONIGHT: Port Adelaide launches a counter-attack over the treatment of Sam Powell-Pepper.

More details at 5pm on #TenNews.

Former police officer Hayley Greenwood sentenced to 4.5 years jail for 3 counts of trafficking meth in 2015. 28-year-old handed 18 month non parole period. @TenNewsADEL

DRY 2018: Adelaide's only had 28mm of rain this year - just 1/4 of the 100mm we'd usually expect by the end of April - with no rain on the forecast for the next 7 days

KEITH THOMAS: "We viewed 7 hours of video from every angle..this has been a hefty lesson for Sam Powell-Pepper in regards to respect for women." @TenNewsADEL

Keith Thomas confirms Hamish Hartlett has been hurt at training, early reports suggest a knee injury. Terrible timing for the power. @TenNewsADEL

KEITH THOMAS: " The difference between what happened and sexual assault was vast." @TenNewsADEL

NOW: Port CEO Keith Thomas says reporting by some media "way overplayed " the Sam Powell-Pepper nightclub incident and that his conduct was a long way from sexual assault. @TenNewsADEL

TONIGHT: A man who seriously injured his two children in a crash at Roseworthy will spend at least two years behind bars.

Full details at 5pm on #TenNews

LIVE: Now we are heading live to the Chief Executive of the Port Adelaide Football Club Keith Thomas regarding the Powell Pepper incident. #TenNews

Watch live from:

Yet to confirm with the club, but I'm hearing Hamish Hartlett has been hurt at Power training today and taken away in an ambulance. Possible knee injury...
Hopefully not true.

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46 minutes ago

7 News Perth

Wildlife rescuers have saved rare twin joeys, after their dying mother was discovered on a property in Victoria.

Report at 4pm on Seven News.



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Mel Parry Kaelah Musarra

Sascha Williams Sof Williams

Jasmine Graham

Josephine Terry Brennan-Kuss


1 hour ago

7 News Perth

Incredible vision has emerged of around a dozen sharks feasting on schools of baitfish off North Stradbroke Island in Queensland.

Report at 4pm on Seven News.

(Credit: Barry Miall.)


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happens everyday all around the world..........

Hungry little buggers haha

I love bait fish too!

Karen Lorena Apolinar P

Kosta Giovanos get boat out mate

Brendan Johns

Port Adelaide Football Club chief executive Keith Thomas has hit out at the 'overplayed' coverage - and investigation - of Sam Powell-Pepper's alleged nightclub incident.


Port Adelaide Football Club chief executive Keith Thomas has hit out at the overplayed coverage - and investigation - of Sam Powell-Peppers alleged nightclub incident.


3 hours ago

7 News Perth

Budget backflip: Treasurer Scott Morrison delivers an address to the Australian Business Economists following a medicare levy budget backflip.

Report on 7 News at 6pm.

#Budget #7News


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Get jobs for people on welfare if you don't want them on welfare. Centerlink has to get of there back sides. And get people jobs simple as that. Then thay have to work Simple

Only way to tell if a politician is on the level is when they are dribbling out of both sides of their mouths.

I think since the liberals had refused to have a banking Royal commission for a long time and now there is one and the s**t has hit the fan the liberals are trying to make out like they now care. B.S.. A leopard never changes its spots. !!

An election is around the corner and morrison is dribbling again. Dont believe anything that spits out of his mouth as all they hope to get is your vote and if they happen to get another term they will flip it all back to suit them

Everyone is entitled to their own opinion & the option to comment on live Facebook videos is a right that every person has, in fact it is asked for !!

When u talk about the other side!!.. it turns me off!!!.. tell me what your going to do.

Your full of it morrison you only want our votes. You and Turnbull are a degsgrase. And lies

Really glad we have Labor in opposition to keep them honest. Let's keep it that way.

😂As always the average income earner will have to pay more on the same income😡😡😡

The Country is going under because you Tax people to high or they are out of work

Sounds like people are eating in the back ground very noisy

Dipping into medicare again😅 whats new same story this time last year🤷🏼‍♂️

Sounds like someone is doing the dishes in the background

The every day Aussie is doing it Tuffer than ever😢

When is he please going to SHUT UP .....

What country are you talking about & living in?? Obviously not Australia...

You can tell he is lying , his lips are moving

You won't be getting my vote that's for sure

Your tie is point...matches the logo 😂

i think the coalition is running scared

bunch of liars. u can trust a politician said no one

Trust Sco Mo not likely. Lying because he speaking

Hahahahahahah lee Fender that's a classic

Is there a snooze reaction?

Too little Too late!!!

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5 hours ago

7 News Perth

A driver is under police guard in hospital after his car collided with another vehicle during a police chase in Perth's east.



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So thankful that this young lady is ok. I have a question. Who is responsible for fixing this young ladies car?! Surely she shouldn’t be out of pocket for someone else’s stupidity..

34 years old and still hasn't grown a brain. Hope the young lady is ok!

Finally caught one! Only because it crashed I'm guessing. One less junkie on the road. Don't let that one go.

Yes, saw it, xx

Karmen De Groot what we seen last nightt

Connor Fuss-milligan this is what happened

Rory Keogh

Rhys Cant

Ronnie Bev

Louise Comiskey

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