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'Who has access to such a nerve agent?' Bishop backs demands for answers on spy poisoning

'Who has access to such a nerve agent?' Bishop backs demands for answers on spy poisoning


Australia has joined the international chorus of condemnation as the screws tighten on Moscow.

The Foreign Minister said Australia supported British calls for an emergency session of the United Nations Security Council.

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Emergency services have combined to save a pet dog from a burning Christie Downs home. BJ the husky was pulled from the house by firefighters before being rushed to a vet in the back of ambulance. Adelaide stories - @TimYeatman #7News

Police are considering charging a man caught on camera launching a racist tirade inside the Salisbury Centrelink office. Witnesses watched in horror as he singled out African immigrants and threatened to smash workers. @MarkMooney7 #7News

The devastated parents of a 6-month-old baby killed by the meningococcal B-strain have told 7 News the disease took their son's life in just two hours. He hadn't been vaccinated because the family couldn't afford it, which will now haunt them forever. @ElspethHussey7 #7News

"I am going to smash all of you...I didn't vote for multiculturalism" : A man's racist rant sparks urgent review of Centrelink security

[email protected] has the 7-day weather forecast from the Food Forest farm at Hillier. Send your weather videos or photos to 7 News Adelaide: #7News

Aussie @Lego_group king Ryan McNaught has set a new record with his latest creation - a 7.5m tall rocket which took more than 500 hours to create. 7 News on Instagram: #7News

The @AFThunderbirds have named former New Zealand and South African player Leana de Brain as their new captain, Chelsea Pittman is her deputy. #Thunderbirds @nickibarnet #7News

[email protected]_fc's @TexWalker13 is no guarantee to face reigning premier Richmond in round 2 at @theAdelaideOval. While midfielder @Brad_Crouch has suffered a huge blow – he has been sidelined for over a month with groin problems. @7Sport @theodrop #7News

[email protected]’s football experts believe @pafc will go even deeper in September in 2018. Strong off-season recruiting has pushed the Power into the premiership conversation - with some tipping they will go all the way. @7Sport #7News

The @fbi is trying to find a serial bomber who has struck again in Adelaide's sister city of Austin, Texas. Two of the attacks have been deadly. @ashleemullany #7News

A new war of words has erupted over @BillShortenMP's promise to deliver hundreds of millions of dollars in extra funding to Catholic schools. #auspol #7News

Geoffrey Rush has had a major first round court victory as he sues a newspaper for claiming he behaved inappropriately towards a female colleague. #7News

Police have swooped on a West Terrace servo arresting a man after a fight at one of the bowsers. Adelaide stories - #7News

The AFL Fans Association says laws to protect @7AFL supporters from rip-off merchants are overdue. Adelaide stories - @timnoonan7 #7News

#Tathra bushfire: Union says more homes would be standing if not for 'turf war' between fire services

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56 minutes ago

SBS Australia

Usain Bolt runs with his legs.
These Aussie kids go 100 mph with their hands.

The Feed SBS VICELAND goes inside the world of speed stacking.


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Are you ******* kidding me? Come on SBS, April 1st is over a week away 😂

Frosina If you’re not first, you’re last!

Faith if teaching doesn’t work out for you babe

Ricky Bobby!

Kim Johnstone - reminded me of when we got our PDHPE kids to try this. 😊

I’m just picturing everything he’s saying in Mr Gs voice 😂 Tessa Jackson

Brian Fitzpatrick can picture Hayden doing this

Dane found your new calling.

2 hours ago

SBS Australia

Congratulations to our nominees for the 2018 TV Week Silver Logie for Most Popular Actress!

Want one of them to take home the trophy? Have your say here:


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I've never heard of 'Safe Harbour' but it appears to be full of super hot women!!!

Never heard of half of them

3 hours ago

SBS Australia

Fall in love with this groundbreaking series all over again. ...


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I would like to see the government pour more money into mental health research.

Sharon Knight I remember watching this and then talking about it with Michael, at work. We were very progressive, back in the day 🌈


I love to hate Brian :-)

Yay! :)


Chris Kearnan

4 hours ago


A lot has changed in 54 years! ...

A lot has changed in 54 years!


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Brayden Carr Noah Tarlo Justin Dela Cruz Chenzo Chu How could anyone meet up without doob spot?

Michael Chen Muneki Yoshikawa Richard Wang Frank Foo Jennifer Cha wish it was still 1964 ._.

Ivan Hou Simon Jing Kat Cheng Cole Wang Nathan Lee Andy Cai I dont see any improvements over 54 years

Thuc-Ai Huynh Tony Phan Greg Connop i see there are more depressed students

Am I the only one who thinks the upper campus was always there? I mean who in their right mind will add a hill to an entire suburb just for the sake of it

But one thing remains constant. I run this show #thewolfofunsw Jacob Rizk

Rudi Iris Reckon students in 1964 had to walk mountains of stairs to reach class?

Ryan Saxena how many stairs do you reckon they climb to get to class? 😂

Andriana old UNSW looks kinda cool with such open space

Iva Sola were the stairs necessary idk

Beautiful Red Centre, FBE! Missed heaps.

Harith Damandeep Jay only similarity is elec building

Michael Roach reckon they had the kilometre long 891 lines back then?

Ema Lynne is that really what it looked like when you were there?

should’ve gone back in 64’ no flipping stairs in sight Lilian Sobbi Demi Farah

It became a hill?

It's amazing to see how UNSW would look in an alternate reality

where were the steps...

looks more like a big tafe than a uni, no classic buildings

What a nice change!!!!

Pretty amazing. Show us more of these "then and now" photos!

Chris Basilio recognise that from first year?

Harry Murphy why did they give it a uphill angle

Pete Schofield did they use the elevator to go from level 3 to 2 then doe? 🤔

Irene Cheah - little bit different 💕

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14 hours ago

Luna Park Sydney

Tag someone who you've shared smiles and laughs with at Luna Park Sydney 😁😂 ...


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Katie Vials Jasmine Cale Vincent Holdom Luke Bevan ❤️

Wow that's very nice

Zach Alcott 😉😉

1 day ago

Luna Park Sydney

We're kicking off the Easter fun with an eggs-tra awesome discount on Unlimited Rides Passes when you Buy Online!

Gain access to as many rides as you like, as many times as you like for a whole day for an unbeatable $38*!
*T&C's apply.

Were kicking off the Easter fun with an eggs-tra awesome discount on Unlimited Rides Passes when you Buy Online!

Gain access to as many rides as you like, as many times as you like for a whole day for an unbeatable $38*!
*T&Cs apply.


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Linda Carson should we go?

Allan Johnston Zack Johnston We should go again .... nighttime maybe?

Lachy Le Brocque

Christian Cirino

Hannah May

Tiffany Soo

Maddy Riley lets

Komal Hasnain

Emel Sarikaya-Pinar Ceylan-Ergun Yil Ela Sibel

Eden Lawson-Smith wanna go Luna Park ?!? It’s cheaper !!!

Dimka Manningg

Thalia McAlister Anna-grace Simpson lets go again

Nadia Homem

Christie Warton

Valantina Gabriel😌

Damo Johnston

Jesse Finlayson

Kylie Lee

Anna O'Neill Ellen Sessini Alexandra Berlioz

Want me to take you Shianne? ❤❤❤ I'll use my birthday money and we'll go

Lilly Kelleher Izzy Gulli Lachie Maybury

Deahn Wanstall that’s cheap for the moment

王照和 tonight remind me

Unu-Ujin Unurbayar we should go again Piya Das

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4 days ago

Luna Park Sydney

When the sun goes down, the lights turn on. 💡

We’re open until 10pm every Friday and Saturday night at Luna Park Sydney!

📷: @marco.casavecchia

When the sun goes down, the lights turn on. 💡 

We’re open until 10pm every Friday and Saturday night at Luna Park Sydney! 

📷: @marco.casavecchia


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Lee Paul Anderson would love to take ava june or july

Katelyn Maree Harris

Nice shot

Just beautiful.

Invite us to watch this naman, where in Sydney are you

بسمه امل بسمه امل Sama Al-kopisi Amenah Qays

Fab pic...👍👍👍

Tara Richardson

Our own great sydney

Sometimes the lights turn on.

Yuriy Aleksanyan we should go here when vivid is on in may/June. For team bonding

5 days ago


Last year JD Law student Tom Park travelled to McGill University in Canada on exchange. He created this video capturing his incredible experiences, from surfing in the Arctic Circle in winter to swimming with tiger sharks in The Bahamas. 👌 ...


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Check out more of Tom’s work on his YouTube channel ( If you’re thinking about studying on exchange, follow UNSW Global Education and Student Exchange and register for the 2018 UNSW Exchange Expo ( Facebook event here: 🌎

Jeffrey Sun this is so cool!


Raghav Rampal

Anthony Cho

Paul Estephan is this gonna be you?

Absolutely fantastic video! Everyone should go on exchange.

Paul big shoes to fill. Law and McGill

JD student went to Canada my dream Nile Rahman

Jason Khou This is how you edit a video

Austin been a year since you bought your camera where's your montage

some solid camera equipment to capture some of the shots he did..... wondered if he studied when over there 😂 great video tho 👌

Lachlan Peknice dude imagine all the sick shots you would get on exchange

Ummm did he actually do any study during this exchange ? Or was it just a sporting holiday ? Anyway it's a great video & looks like a fabulous experience !! How does a student afford all of these sides trips whilst studying overseas ?!?!

Bc this is the only dude who'd do this if you forked out enough dosh? Bridie Goonan

Melissa Katie Marine ... sudeny our exchange seems un eventful!

Benjamin Arthur wtf its like a tourism ad

Mian Daniyal Ahmed we both should apply for study exchange programme for amestradam or in california. Have a look 😍

Blake Curby how does a uni student afford this when I’m struggling to afford contiki?

Gemma Dean rep of food science in Canada woah

Emma Cuelho will this be you?

Yu-Jie Yu you need to step up your Canada game.

Antoine Pouliquen avec une camera, une gopro et un peu de volonté !

Samuel Lei exchange to Canada

Sam Hendo my year was pretty similar

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5 days ago


Huge congratulations to our Australia Day honour recipients and 2018 Australian of the Year Professor Michelle Simmons! ...

Huge congratulations to our Australia Day honour recipients and 2018 Australian of the Year Professor Michelle Simmons!


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Congratulations. I wish you all the best

7 days ago

Luna Park Sydney

Have you gotten your ROOFTOP CINEMA tickets yet?

Happening every night from March 22 to April 30, we have a range of award winning films, cult-classics, blockbuster hits and everything in between. ✨🎬


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Matt Moon

James Harling

Jordan Doyle

Ace Gorgievski can we go please

Jessica Barrington! Wonder if Jakee and pops would like this?!

Justin Stonham do you want to go again ?

Jason Keith

Olivia Angelica Winter? Been a while since we saw the greatest showman ?..

Blake Coffey let’s go

Ferris beulers day off in 2 weeks!? Keen? Hannah Semple

Rachel Cutler

Angelo Keen?

Mesha Reddy

Caitlin Redmond

Callum Crossley

Ashleigh Galea

Jessica Bouma Brent Leary

Tilly Witherdin Amna Zaman Muzammil !!!!

Amit Kumar!

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1 week ago


Tired from walking across our epic campus? Karaoke Kart is here to save the day. ...


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Please tag mizuki so she can come kae with us

Luis Colinares I'm so glad you weirdos are all quarantined in Kensington

and yet y’all won’t make your university less impossible for disabled people, so I guess you’re only allowed to be tired of crossing campus if you can do it without severe pain and fatigue 🤔

Awesome way to make uni heaps funnier, and what a way to meet new friends God I love uni!!!!

Daniel why aren't you in this video and fb filed this under "popular on fb" so according to the machines at fb, i'm aussie and have some connection to unsw

Faith Limantono Joseph Lim from lower campus to Clancy on thursday arvos

Kate Wiktorowicz Andrew Mąŷęş Laura Mayes Rach Lowden Ellie Mircevska Phil Lombardo where was this when we needed to get to the Mathews building or anywhere else that wasn’t the music building hahaha!

Greg Connop to fuel your hate a little more

Drive this around the Mech Eng building singing like this someone would have knocked them out. Haha Should get Redback Racing to modify that buggy to give it some extra juice too eh Raul Min Ignacio Harry

Let’s get a karaoke cart to Wednesday sesh’s plz and thx Henry Fox Matt Powers Micky Fisher

Ali Amir Abeer Faizan Tanya Sharmeen ... well that’s how we commute from one aud to another😂

Bella Burns pretty sure u were the only white person I saw in this vid haha

Naomi Fung There’s a lot to be said about this video but more importantly, I’m imagining what our/your karaoke cart would like driving around campus if it had all the usual karaoke accompaniments...

If only this was around when you two were, Erin Gonthier Elise Hawke - then we’d finally be able to see which one of you was correct about the others perceived skills..

Jacob Wilson I heard they have one at TAFE. So jump on and now you can karaoke to class 😂😂

Mark Wattson Jordan Garofali Chris Dascal didn’t know bungaz was giving people rides around campus now

Samantha Ishac yup this is basically uni in a nutshell. Awkward, cringe and forced social interactions.... a little bit of singing out-loud (if you’re one of the weird ones)

Nancy Li Annie Zhang Kalwin Cheung Ying Zhang Melody Cheung if this was here when i was at uni, would have enrolled here!!! ALSO WHERE THE KPOP AT

Judy Zeng karaoke kart but in pubg, or cash cab @ unsw

Phoebe Lynch karaoke Segway and hover board ride share on campus would make so much money for Canadian bacon

Cohen shoulve done some karaoke and gotten a lift to rupert myers HAHA

Vanessa Yik should we try to find one of these after our chem lecture on thursday to get to babs lab on time

Nada Soliman I’m devastated they didn’t have this when we were at uni. Think I can get a refund on my degree and do it again?

If only this was around a couple of years back. Less walking and more singing from Kevin 😂 Matt Sivashna Sonia Sophie

lol is every dude except one from sydney high in that video haha Tim Medley Tom Luo Tarun Sethi N-Nizzie Smalls

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1 week ago

Luna Park Sydney

Let’s get looney at Luna Park Sydney! Who’s that friend that loves to get silly with you? 😝 ...

Let’s get looney at Luna Park Sydney! Who’s that friend that loves to get silly with you? 😝


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Jonathan Nash-Daly as camera shy as ever bro! (good stuff!)

Muskan A Charniya 😂haha of course its you!

Haven't been there since the gost train fire I will endeavor to go back 😁

Richard and Kitty ?