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What should SuperCoaches do with Dangerfield?

What should SuperCoaches do with Dangerfield?


Should SuperCoach players trade or hold injured Cat Patrick Dangerfield? Here are four options from the experts.

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WATCH: The new Premier is shaping up for a showdown with Labor's appointed developer of the old Repat at Daw Park.

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A small town devastated by bushfires in Victoria’s southwest has been targeted by heartless looters. #Victoria #7News

WATCH: A workmate of a man crushed to death by a scissor lift during construction of the new Royal Adelaide Hospital has told a coronial inquest he had his own near-miss with the machinery.

An 86-year-old man had to be taken to hospital after a frightening home invasion in our southern suburbs. Hear from the victim at 6pm on #7News

Tathra Fire: "Shocking. On the bus, some people are happy, and other people just broke down" - Ray Coates - Tathra resident who was on a heartbreaking bus trip with neighbours that toured the bush fire zone to find out whose homes survived. #Tathra #7News

Media statement: Measles alert for Bentley and Royal Perth Hospitals and Perth Airport

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Tathra Fire: Returning home brought relief for some today. Absolute heartbreak for others as many locals were taken by bus into the bush fire zone to find out whose homes survived. Passengers described it as a tour no one should have to make. #7News

WATCH: A man's racist rant at the Salisbury Centrelink office has been viewed hundreds of thousands of times after a mum captured it on camera - and it's now caught the attention of the Federal Government.

7 News headlines with @MarkFerguson_7 #7News

Tathra Fire: "All of a sudden you shift to looking at anything, whether it's a house, a shed, a car, and go, 'is it worth it?' because every shot counts basically" - Brian Jorgenson - U.S. helicopter pilot who helped water bomb the Tathra fire speaking to @campricenews, #Tathra

Goulburn: An exclusive look now at what it takes to be a cop with rare, behind the scenes access to the NSW Police Academy. Key to testing our newest officers is a purpose built village complete with its own train where cadets are challenged under punishing real life conditions.

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2 hours ago

Western Australia Police Force

Sorry for the technical difficulties 33 seconds 🖐

We are live on radio 6PR now with Oliver Peterson. All Crime Stoppers cases are on please let us know what you think of this concept.


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Hope you are tracking down the guy who dragged a puppy, with his car, down the street in Busselton. The puppy died

Whats with the sunglassrs and hat 🤣🤣🤣


Great idea!!

This is great!! Make this a regular thing Western Australia Police Force and 6PR!!

Luke Ferrier

2 hours ago

Guardian Australia

With the regional forest agreements set to be renewed, conservationists say ancient forests are being destroyed while the timber industry says its operating under strict codes. It's the return of the forest wars. ...


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Good, battle on. I wouldn't mind seeing the self absorbed Greens going back to their roots and get chained up around a few old forest trunks again. True earth warriors they were. That would get their lagging membership fired up again.

Thank you Guardian Australia for this video. The deforestation taking place in Australia is shameful. Very disappointed in our governments.

Hope we can get a more sustainable approach to harvesting our forests. Last few decades way too much of our wonderful timber has gone toow value added uses like wood chips etc

And Josh Freidbrain just unlisted thousands of hectares of marine reserve in the coral sea. Bloody vandals!

"You must believe you can. You must find the place inside yourself where anything is possible. It starts with a dream. Add confidence, and it becomes a belief. Add commitment, and it becomes a goal in sight. Add action, and it becomes a part of your life. Add determination and time, and your dream becomes a reality. When you get in a tight place and everything goes against you, till it seems as though you could not hold on a minute longer, Never Give up then, for that is just the place and time that the tide will turn."

Mirrabooka Detectives are investigating a robbery that occurred in Ballajura on Monday, 12 March 2018.

Around 12:20pm, a woman in her fifties parked her car outside a supermarket located in a shopping centre on Illawarra Crescent North and Alexander Drive. As she alighted from the car a man approached her from behind and demanded her car keys.

During a brief struggle, the man pushed the woman to the ground. She hit her head on the ground causing a 2cm laceration and the man fled in her car, blue 2007 model BMW E90i.

The stolen BMW was recovered in Middle Swan later that day.

Detectives are seeking the public’s assistance in identifying the person pictured below who they believe can assist them with this inquiry.

He is described as being aged in his early thirties, fair skinned, approximately 183cms tall, with a slim build, clean shaven and dark brown hair. He was wearing a dark coloured polo t-shirt, shorts, shoes, a light coloured baseball cap and sunglasses.

Anyone with information regarding this incident is asked to call Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000, or report the information online at


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He should be jailed. My concern is when he is caught he will just get a suspended sentence. There is no deterrent and these low life’s will keep on targeting people because they know nothing will happen. Sorry just sick of the crime that’s happening everywhere in perth And the innocent people that are being hurt.

I recall a comment that one thing criminals forget is to change the way the walk. Apparently the way we walk is almost as easy to identify as a thumb print. Is this correct WAPF?

Liam Sartori Sean Seabourne the bookie boys strike again?

Sue ...your shopping centre?



Natalie Restifo

Andre Junior ballafornia

Samah Castle Saja Ali Zanab Ali Ali Sabeeh

Nicole Duncan Melissa Agoni Rebecca Dikes-Nguyen Renee Hickmott

Great news.. the missing 73 year old man William MICHAELSON has bee found safe and well. ...


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a good piece of news to start the day.

I love news like this.

How wonderful

That's great news.

that is fantastic news

Great news

Fantastic news

Hop on in for an AWesome Easter Long Weekend. AW is open from 10am - 5pm all Long Weekend - INCLUDING Good Friday! ...

Hop on in for an AWesome Easter Long Weekend. AW is open from 10am - 5pm all Long Weekend - INCLUDING Good Friday!

1 day ago

Western Australia Police Force

Susanna has just been located safe and well. Thank you for your assistance. ...


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Just wanted to say a big thanks to all Police involved in finding my wife.

That's lovely news.. Well done once again x

Great job as always!

Happy to hear ,great job

Great news for her loved ones

Good stuff

Was this the Asian lady ?

Pick up a $5 Unlimited Entry Upgrade Ticket online now and get UNLIMITED ENTRY until the season ends April 29, 2018!
Better be quick, $5 Unlimited Entry Upgrade Tickets are available online only from now until April 16, 2018.


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Sina Fatlawi

Brett if I buy a full price tickets + an extra $5 per ticket we get unlimited visits till the 29th April. What you think!?

Vi Pham Thuy Nguyen

Jennifer Keys

Justin Davey should we get this for Mitchell for over the school holidays?


Taylah Eddy Maddie Jarvis

Taine Prince

Chloe Hughes-d'Aeth

Frank McMahon

Jacqui Rose 😘

Paula Joy

Brendan J Otway will have to get one so we can take coop before the end of the season 🤦‍♀️

Donna Jones

Bōnnië Rosë

Zachary Butler


Joe Ado take the kids


Waleed Shaikh Turaab Abidi Tayyab Nisar TJ Nabeel Ahmed

Rob Lee C

Shelby Astone

Kirsty Nardini

Cara Berni Ben Clark

Kirsty Goodlet

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This whole Summer again in Autumn thing is growing on us #31degrees ...

This whole Summer again in Autumn thing is growing on us #31degrees


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How about heating your pools a little

Phil Weir remember you getting disqualified on this one

...this photo makes me feel fat xD

Regional Investigations Unit detectives seized a quantity of jewellery recently that is suspect to be stolen.

Police seek the assistance of the public to identify the true owners.

If any of these items are familiar and you can prove ownership with a report number or receipt, please contact the Regional Investigations Unit on: 9223 3909 and quote report number 080318 1340 13447.


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The cross with to Peg could the 27445 be the mans war number?

Amanda Michel Turnerr

Still not my stolen pendant with my dogs ashes in yet 😪

Ben McCullock didn’t only certain people get this first ore coins?

Sylvia O' Mahony - every time I see these posts I think of you 😘

Marie-Claire Chu Mum just in case you might find dad’s ring in hete

Gemma Lawson It may be a long shot...

Menna Gower take a peek at the rings please 🙂

Pocket watch George Armstrong?



Julia Russell is any of this yours ??

Sue Ruffonator Leslie Costa Katie Mcguire (are any mums0

Keith Lawson more jewellery found, just in case

Kate Sinclair you should see if any of your stuff is in here

Sonja Cooper Lyn Coutts

Rob Franklin, did you ever recover your dad's watch?

Helen Robinson

Paige Curtis

Jessie List

Marie Arundale

Andrea Baraiolo?

Matthew Catchick


Tania Jones

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Maybe a little competition among academics is healthy!

With entries to this year’s Australian Museum Eureka Prizes closing soon, we looked at what academic competition means within a university ecosystem:

Maybe a little competition among academics is healthy!

With entries to this year’s Australian Museum Eureka Prizes closing soon, we looked at what academic competition means within a university ecosystem:


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The worlds brainiest man died last week He spent a lot of time with Pope Francis searching for God. OMG