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Western Derby at Optus Stadium - Sunday April 29 2018

Western Derby at Optus Stadium - Sunday April 29 2018


60,000 is gonna be loud! Fremantle Dockers or West Coast Eagles?

Western Derby at Optus Stadium - First game at new Perth Stadium between the Dockers and Eagles in front of nearly 60,000 roaring fans.

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Adelaide's sharp display drew a line under their sluggish start to the campaign and last week's shock home loss to Collingwood. #9News

Injury-hit Crows shock Swans in SCG thriller

Swans bemused at disallowed late goal

#UPDATE: The role is not one that automatically gets passed down or inherited by the Prince of Wales. #9News

Missed the news tonight? You can watch our entire Adelaide bulletin here: #9News

Thanks for your company tonight. Stay up-to-date on @9NewsAdel and #9News

WEATHER: Adelaide can expect a morning shower or two tomorrow, with a top of 28°C and low of 19°C. #9News

WATCH: A hard-earned thirst is often quenched by an ice-cold beer, but many drinkers are being duped into thinking low-carb brews are better for them. #9News

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26 minutes ago

NTD Australia

NTD Television
How to create the perfect curb! 👍👍

Credit: ViralHog


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coisa de doidos!

Parece un juego trabajo es travajo

Well done

1 hour ago

NTD Australia

A very meaningful message..👍 ...


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Depends if you are a tree or a woody weed

Out footprint is tiny. There are billions of acres of treed land in Australia...way more than needed if 1 tree feeds oxygen to 4 people...cut it down if it's a danger to anyone. Get real or get off this big Island.

Why do councils let us build homes in dangers heavy wooded areas that tree's fall on homes killed by bush fires, but you must not cut down a trree. So again why let us build in theres places.

Yeah but how much electricity could you provide as a utility pole?

Well l dont know how many trees have been pushed over at the back of my fence all in the name of development bullshit thats what it is

But the do-gooders say you are bad. Oh im so confused


We love trees



You bet!


Save the trees.


Yes I do





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2 hours ago

NTD Australia

NTD Inspired Life
Tally is a dog like no other, you have to see it to believe it! And brace yourself for cuteness overload ❤️🐾🐶


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Tally might need a doggy friend Nonetheless she gorgeous 🐾💖

Love the story she is beautiful and smart and very special keep her safe and as to you give her unconditional love there is nothing more previous than the love from your pet especially a dog a home is not a home without a DOG spell it backward It spells GOD that's why they love you so.


Linda Deacon💕

3 hours ago

NTD Australia

Cute baby..😘 ...


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Beautiful babe

вождь краснокожих, милый человечек, расти, детка

Chief little wolf

Preslatka Bebica💟💟💟

Absolutly BEAUTIFUL.








So cute


Amazing eyes

Linda Bale

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3 hours ago

7 News Australia

If you've been drinking low-carb beers to help keep off the kilos, researchers have some disheartening news.



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Suckers, If your gonna drink a beer drink a real beer! What are you scared of, messing up your millennial man bod. Lay off the avocados perhaps!

See, I told you so ....... bloody “Girly” beers ....

I'm getting fat anyway I dont need beer hahaa

Now everything makes sense 😂

Sonya Serafin show rob 😮

Taylor Warwick hahaaha

Bhargav Kataram for you

Dillan Makins Ben Wood

Yussy Arkam

Ahmet Avder

Sheree Rysanek

Karl Rob Pilkington

Maiwand Er

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4 hours ago

7 News Adelaide

Check out the view of the lightning from St Kilda.

Send your weather videos or photos to 7 News Adelaide:

Video: Brandon Courtnell

#StKilda #Lightning #7News


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My mother who lived in Ohio all her life, went to church one Sunday, met a wonderful greek man from Adelaide, fell in love and eventually moved there...she absolutely loved your city and everything Australia...many years have passed and both have passed away, but I carry my mother's memory of your gorgeous country with me always and thanks for the opals!! ❤☺

the rumble woke me up, lol, will go back to bed soon though, hopefully will get moe rain <3 laying in bed listening to the sound of rain (y)

One lot of lightning in Pirie and that was that 😞

I want more plz lol

Stunning display of Nature's strength snd besuty!

My dog isn't happy with thunder and lightning

Caitlyn Agius see

Stefan check this out

Can it plz get cold again Kawthar Flamerz

My dog is driving me crazy

Rick Woodrow, Jodie Woodrow

Amber Pegoli just bc ur so fascinated x x

Love it

Nick Fenton this is what you are sleeping through right now

زهرة زهر الحياه...شوفي ست كيلدا

Jill Tyler Brandon Lee Collins ooh

Zac Clemens looks awesome, I can hear some of it at the moment

Lisa McGhie all 2 minutes of it 😂

Emily Leak 😍😍

Nicki same spot we were at

Jessica 😔

Toni Schmidt Donna Collins Brad Elliott

mo Burgess

Taylor Clothier 😮

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4 hours ago

NTD Australia

NTD Life
I want to hold your hand forever ❤️

Credit: JukinVideo


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Beautiful bond..

What a lovely dog.!!😃😃

OMG that dog is so lovingly cute

Aww my dog does that too

So sweet...

That’s so sweet

Nola Anne Smith me and punchy lol....


Vaneet Oberoi

Tatjana Di Maria

Alex Wiesner

Ethan Farley

Jordan Webster ❤

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5 hours ago

NTD Australia

This is great!.The red-bellied woodpecker is a medium-sized woodpecker of the family Picidae. It breeds mainly in the eastern United States, ranging as far south as Florida and as far north as Canada ...

This is great!.The red-bellied woodpecker is a medium-sized woodpecker of the family Picidae. It breeds mainly in the eastern United States, ranging as far south as Florida and as far north as Canada


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We have him and his mate in our front yard everyday

6 hours ago

Brisbane Airport

There is only a week and a bit until our latest competition closes 😲 This is your chance to win $5,000* towards your next holiday flying out of Brisbane.

Enter now and check the Terms and Conditions:

6 hours ago

7 News Adelaide

A brazen thief is on the run after a smash and grab robbery at a Kilburn jewellery store.

Adelaide stories -

#Kilkenny #7News


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Look like a cheap dirty stig

Amit Manocha 😳

Reena Thai Henry Thai

Karen Boyes

Net Jane

7 hours ago

7 News Adelaide

The banking Royal Commission has claimed its first major scalp with more expected to follow - the boss of AMP has quit his multi-million dollar job after evidence of thousands of customers being scammed by financial advisors.

#RoyalCommission #7News


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I always said AMP was a corrupt organisation !