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WA telco complaints soar over fees, bad service

WA telco complaints soar over fees, bad service


NBN complaints have more than tripled across Australia to 22,827, with about two-thirds relating to poor service quality. Are you experiencing internet service issues?

Mechanic Stephen Wood is among thousands of West Australians to report issues with their telecommunications provider, as complaints to the industry's ombudsman jump 36.5 per cent.

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City of Perth to withdraw parking tickets issued to Anzac Day dawn service attendees

Missing brothers found after sea search near Ningaloo Reef off WA's Pilbara coast

Man dies, pair in hospital after boat flips at Cronulla

City of Perth under fire as Kings Park Anzac dawn service marred by hundreds of parking fines

Tony Cooke, the former head of Unions WA has died after a long battle with cancer.

Brendan received a $200 parking fine from @CityofPerth while attending the dawn service at Kings Park for #AnzacDay. He admits he was in the wrong spot but says rangers were clearly targeting people paying their respects. #perthnews #wapol @paula_kruger

Anzac Day: Sydney's cenotaph attendant retires after 78 years guarding memorial

Major search for 18yo man and 12yo boy missing in inflatable boat near Ningaloo Reef #perth #PerthNews

Tens of thousands attend Anzac Day dawn service in Perth's Kings Park #perth #PerthNews

Perth Lord Mayor Lisa Scaffidi to receive more than $60,000 a year, despite council suspension #perth #PerthNews

The commissioners temporarily running the City of Perth have decided to give @LisaScafPerthLM an allowance of $60,900 and no allowance to the deputy Lord Mayor. @abcperth

Breaking - Perth city councillors won’t be paid during their suspension, with the exception of the Lord Mayor. Lisa Scaffidi will continue to be paid $60,900 per year during the council’s suspension, the minimum she can be paid under the law. @abcperth #perthnews

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5 hours ago

7 News Perth


6 hours ago

7 News Perth

Dozens of drivers who went to pay their Anzac Day respects were also left to pay a parking fine.
But the City of Perth backed down late this afternoon.

What do you think?


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They shouldnt have had to back down. There were signs everywhere and you still parked illegally.

There were special public transport buses up to Kings Park for the service I believe. For those who don't need to drive (i.e. don't have disabilities, young kids, elderly, etc) they should be using public transport, leave the parking for the ones who need it.

This is unAustralian the perth council be ashamed of them self's and the parking inspector for working on a public holiday the council should get there priorities right or they should resign from council

I think the city of Perth got far too many things wrong with the day and were on a fund raising mission.

And so they shouldn't have to pay 😡 why is it is a public holiday but the council workers can work to give out fines. Seriously!!!!!!

Public holiday should be free parking everywhere legally.

I got a ticket while standing in line to get a parking ticket at a meter at RPH and was told to dispute it (I did and still had to pay). Nothing surprises me about Perth City Council and their love of parking fines.

If it was for security reasons why didn't they block access to the streets to vehicles

Had to pay for Lisa’s pay cut somehow I guess

Every Anzac Day people parking illegally get fined .... and every Anzac Day they complain about it.

People were paying their respects to the Anzac’s who fought for us to have the freedom and lives we have today so the councils I’m sure not just in Perth see a chance to make some revenue now that’s disgusting......sad

Still laughing at the beginning of the clip

anywonder i never go into the city anytime..what a mess it is

the veterans should be asked if they would like it to be moved money costs for security? how about do something free and be kind for once...

Just ask Lisa, maybe her hubby needs to pays off some debts.

Councillors have been suspended so they wouldn't have been able to make the decision about fining people today

If you don’t follow the signs you deserve to get fined no matter who you are....

Yeah pretty poor decision on City of Perth

City of Perth keep making those great decisions!

Absolutely disgusting behavior by Perth City Council. SHAME SHAME SHAME.

Absolutely should be cancelled

get them fired

Thought they could get away with it and make a buck but FAILED and in a disgraceful way as well.

Shame Shame Shame!


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7 hours ago

7 News Perth

About 30,000 people have braved Perth's coldest Anzac Day morning in a decade to pay their respects at the state's biggest dawn service in Kings Park.


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Nathan Ferritto Luca Katavich Rose Ferraloro Joel Ferraloro Danika Ferraloro it was cold ..

Madeline Byrne no wonder I was hanging an anxiety attack

Stuart Gibson we thought there had been far colder?

Ørjan Strand Simon Svensson The photographer is always ready. See 0:40.

didnt think it was that cold at all Ashton Bawden Brendon Kembrey

Gives me shivers. 😥 thanks to all that have and are serving. Very grateful. Just hope the government doesn't screw it all up

Kaycee Bell 30,000 people

Must be that dammed global warming

I didn't feel the cold this morning


Hmmm.... COLD.... Hardly!

That’s awesome 💪👍

Alaecia Pather this lul

Patrick GarthGarth 9 degrees

James Challis

Caitlin Appelbee

Les Everett

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8 hours ago

7 News Perth

Two young brothers have been found alive in the middle of the ocean.
Rob Scott has the details from Exmouth.


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Dam thought it was going to be about Tin Aung Htool and Julian Anthony 😂😂🤪🤪

Where exactly is the middle of the ocean? Sounds quite specific.

Warren Moseley Rebecca Wicks David Ananin yup current is strong 💪

so, bugger all fuel, no water and no oars........stupidity!

Parents must have been freaking

Timothy Dunn thank goodness they where found

Jack Walter

8 hours ago

7 News Perth

TONIGHT AT 6 | #7News ...

China’s recycling ban hits Adelaide – will your council rates go up to save it from landfill, or could the world’s trash become our state’s treasure? Thursday night at 6.30.



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Australia loves the Chinese money but not their friendship

Catch Up: Saving made simple – the easy new way to manage your money and boost your bank balance. Chenee Marrapodi reports.


Catch Up: Adelaide’s World War Two love birds – still together after more than seven decades. Paul Makin reports.



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How beautiful

A true Pluck love story Kathy Pluck xxxx

Champions of a great love story xo

He got home and 9 months later the son was born. What a pair of champs! Love these two

That's what you call love and respect for each other in marriage may god bless them both with loads of love x

Thank you so much, a truly beautiful story of love, true love! Bless you both😘😘💖💖

Omg Michael Gibson they are goals😭

Have always dreamed of having something this amazing ❤. Such a gorgeous couple.

Our gorgeous customers, they are one very happy couple. Always have a wise word or two!

What a beautiful story....what true love is all about! ❤

True Love .... Soul mates ❤❤

Beautiful , made my heart melt

What a lovely couple so adorable!

Gorgeous. . Bought a tear to my eyes. ❤❤

That was a lovely story.

Shondelle Creten look how cute they are 😭❤️

Alex Ramsey super cute

Ashley Doolan

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9 hours ago

7 News Perth

Hear more from the surfer who was knocked off his board in the South West surf in Seven News at 6.



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Sharks have been seen down there in the past. Two attacks in one day. Don't complain after making to choice to be another victim.

He chose to go surfing in a spot that has had recent shark attacks. That was his choice.

Nobody forces him to go into the water. And now he complains.

U go out in the water, well just remember it is there back yard after all

😢😢cry me a river lol.. its at your own Risk..

Maybe the shark was insulted by your terrible hair.

Keep going , eventually it will be fatal,😂 then you'll want sympathy, 😂😂😂😂😂😂

Peter Nugent, Janelle Loof

Catch Up: A life-saving cancer treatment – finally coming to Adelaide, but too late for some. Patrick Major reports.




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Carol Coombs you are an inspiration, wow that time has gone fast! Love you long time xx

Love you too Mic. 😚😚


Good news

Kate Pagnozzi ❤️❤️

Naomi Holland

Adelaide’s World War Two love birds – still together after more than seven decades. Tonight 6.30.


Adelaide’s World War Two love birds – still together after more than seven decades. Tonight 6.30. 



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My great Aunty and Uncle ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

They sure are a beautiful couple xx

What a beautiful story this was ❤️


Absolutely beautiful

That is so beautiful

Jessica Battams

Marilyn Simpson

Saving made simple – the easy new way to manage your money and boost your bank balance. Tonight 6.30.



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I disagree with what the guy was saying. It is not possible to take out of the equation an amount for savings first. First you take out all the bills and then your left with an amount of money. You then and only then can divide the amount left over into spend and save. By doing what the guy said by taking the amount out for savings first then working the rest out is not possible at all. If you take out too much for savings first then you may be left with not enuf to cover the bills. Hence why you always take out the money for bills first and see what’s left over. That’s how I’ve always done it myself and will continue for as long as needed. Just goes to show you cant believe what your told some times. My way is fool proof.


I’m only eating from my freezer, fridge and cupboard, not buying groceries this week. I have chicken, mince, frozen tomatoes, dumplings, pumpkin soup, garlic bread, red kidney beans, chicken stock, coconut milk, pasta, rice and various condiments. What ON EARTH can I make for dinner with that hodgepodge?


I’m only eating from my freezer, fridge and cupboard, not buying groceries this week. I have chicken, mince, frozen tomatoes, dumplings, pumpkin soup, garlic bread, red kidney beans, chicken stock, coconut milk, pasta, rice and various condiments. What ON EARTH can I make for dinner with that hodgepodge?


Comment on Facebook

Rissoles? Meat balls

Chicken or minced beef chilli.

Chilli con carne

Cocconut chicken curry

Pumpkin (use soup as sauce) chicken pasta with garlic bread

U could make rissoles a mince with tomotes vegies rice or pasta through itdumpling can be par boiled & uesed with yr mincered kidney beans can be added to yr soup or mince yr chicken can be used with eggs fried off in a pan or yr tomotes there r some ideas for u garlic bread can be used with mince or chicken meal.

Tomato , garlic,kidney beans, chicken stock, pasta.. hello minestrone.

Mince meatloaf- bread into bread crumbs, add whatever you have, herbs wise veges left over. Chicken and dumplings , coconut milk and served on rice. Chicken and garlic pasta

Chicken nuggetts and rice- cook rice with stock to make flavourful.. soup and sandwich night- pumpkin soup and tomatoe soup. ( blend up toms with beans and chicken stock). Bread can be cheese toasties which is amazing with soup.

Fried rice with oriental chicken( soy and honey lol) .. so many things..

1) Mexican style Mince & kidney beans with rice 2) dumplings & noodles with stock/soup 3) Asian style chicken : chicken stir fried noodles or chicken fried rice or soya chicken served with rice (chicken poached in soya sauce) 4) Thai style pumpkin soup with coconut milk 5) turn the frozen tomatoes into a pasta sauce add ham/bacon or use left over mince serve with garlic bread

Cook mince with tomatoes onions garlic ginger salt pepper turmeric green chillies etc. and put it in rice Cooker with rice. May be use chicken stock instead of water. Also you can use some mince with pasta. Or may be meatballs in curry form and have it with rice pasta garlic bread etc.