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WA accuses Canberra of $1 billion health care rip-off

WA accuses Canberra of $1 billion health care rip-off


"WA taxpayers are having to foot the bill for funding which is not coming to our state."

Roger Cook met with his federal counterpart Greg Hunt to discuss what Mr Cook claims is seeing WA taxpayers miss out on $277 per person in health care funds.

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Swans bemused at disallowed late goal

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4 hours ago

7 News Adelaide

Check out the view of the lightning from St Kilda.

Send your weather videos or photos to 7 News Adelaide:

Video: Brandon Courtnell

#StKilda #Lightning #7News


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My mother who lived in Ohio all her life, went to church one Sunday, met a wonderful greek man from Adelaide, fell in love and eventually moved there...she absolutely loved your city and everything Australia...many years have passed and both have passed away, but I carry my mother's memory of your gorgeous country with me always and thanks for the opals!! ❤☺

the rumble woke me up, lol, will go back to bed soon though, hopefully will get moe rain <3 laying in bed listening to the sound of rain (y)

One lot of lightning in Pirie and that was that 😞

I want more plz lol

Stunning display of Nature's strength snd besuty!

My dog isn't happy with thunder and lightning

Caitlyn Agius see

Stefan check this out

Can it plz get cold again Kawthar Flamerz

My dog is driving me crazy

Rick Woodrow, Jodie Woodrow

Amber Pegoli just bc ur so fascinated x x

Love it

Nick Fenton this is what you are sleeping through right now

زهرة زهر الحياه...شوفي ست كيلدا

Jill Tyler Brandon Lee Collins ooh

Zac Clemens looks awesome, I can hear some of it at the moment

Lisa McGhie all 2 minutes of it 😂

Emily Leak 😍😍

Nicki same spot we were at

Jessica 😔

Toni Schmidt Donna Collins Brad Elliott

mo Burgess

Taylor Clothier 😮

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5 hours ago

9 News Perth

A Carlisle family is devastated after losing a David and Goliath fight to keep its local business. The state's administrative tribunal has decided their supermarket should be bowled over to make way for a Hungry Jacks and a 7-Eleven. ...


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A servo across the servo (BP). I guessed they didnt see it. Would the first instance I reckon. Never have I ever seen two servos next to each other.

7 eleven has cheap coffee ☕

This is so cruel for that family and the community. They are obviously good, hard working people. Let them be! :(

How much did The state administration tribunal get from the developers to sell out the family business that sells groceries and fresh produce to put up fast food out let’s that make you fat.

Terrible allowing another fast food chain to set up business . Family have operated for years the big sharks taking over. All talk about healthy food options government allowing the counsel to be over ruled local communities have no say world wide.

Yeah cos perth definitely needs another hjs and petrol station...😑

That’s very sad. Felt sorry for the owners & their workers. They worked hard for it and now they have to close down. I’m sure that there is a way to put both shops together in one area. They don’t need another HJ since there are already some HJs along Great Eastern Hwy.

That's all a crap, where do they want us to do late night shopping. That's so unfair

Great another 7/11 so they can not pay staff for working.

Remember it's on Orrong rd. Cindy Le

Neither of them are Australian buisness, who is on the committee to decide, any Australians?

Take it to the high court it’s only administrative tribunal

You can have a say at the next local body election. Get rid of the dead beat mutts who approved this and have an enquiry on whether they had an interest in it.

I'm sure BP would have something to say about another petrol station across the road

We in Minesota, USA, see the same kind of issues.

lets get the ateam

What is the actual story with 7 11 one service station closes bang a 7 11 opens across the road

Curruption to the core. SAT DAP and all these councils put money in each others pockets. This system needs to be accountable especially to the locals people. Its wrong.

Wow how exciting anothe HJs and a franchise who under pay their workers...

its pathetic honestly theres litrelly 1 down the road we dont need it

Y do we have to vote for government

unbelievable even the Mayor doesn`t want it

Dollar signs people

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6 hours ago

7 News Adelaide

A brazen thief is on the run after a smash and grab robbery at a Kilburn jewellery store.

Adelaide stories -

#Kilkenny #7News


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Look like a cheap dirty stig

Amit Manocha 😳

Reena Thai Henry Thai

Karen Boyes

Net Jane

7 hours ago

7 News Adelaide

The banking Royal Commission has claimed its first major scalp with more expected to follow - the boss of AMP has quit his multi-million dollar job after evidence of thousands of customers being scammed by financial advisors.

#RoyalCommission #7News


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I always said AMP was a corrupt organisation !

7 hours ago

7 News Adelaide

A truck crashed into a fire hydrant on O'Connell Street sending water gushing metres into the air.

Adelaide stories -

#NorthAdelaide #7News

7 hours ago

7 News Adelaide

The Queen has urged Commonwealth leaders to support Prince Charles as her successor.

#CHOGM #7News


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Long live the queen <3

Oh! No😩

7 hours ago

ABC Brisbane

"When Cain was seven years old, he wrote a suicide note at school to the bullies... and he jumped off the second storey building of his school". #EmployableMeAU available to watch on ABC iview: ...


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his mother looks 28 years old

8 hours ago

7 News Adelaide

With only one month until her wedding to Prince Harry, Meghan Markle is being introduced to the Commonwealth.

#Commonwealth #7News

8 hours ago

9 News Perth

Desperate attempts to save a woman trapped in the wreck of an horrific crash have ended tragically on a notoriously dangerous stretch of road. Three other people were hurt when the bus and car smashed head-on in Piara Waters. ...


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We drove alone that stretch of road today it is very confusing...Goes from 2 lanes to 1 lane several times and there is so much vacant land. Why didn't they make it duel road all the way when they just up graded it...

Blame the road as usual, it's pretty simple really, stay on the correct side of the white line and no one gets hurt!

The road isn't dangerous, it's the idiots using it.

Tell your subtitle typists the difference between break and brake pls.

sad and tragic ...RIP>>condolences to families and friends.......

Brittany Borrie are you okay??

1.30 Hilux going on wrong side to prevent a rear ender camera crew distracting the driver

Callie Hagdorn 😢

My deepest sympathy to all involved in this tradgic accident.

Aimee Zwartkruis Rima Procter 😭

Paul Verrier

Zack Verrier

Kirsty Goodlet

Brad Mortas

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8 hours ago

9 News Perth

A Perth construction worker has been killed, trapped beneath a steel pipe while working on scaffolding 10 metres in the air. The 60-year-old man was uprgrading pipes at the Woodman Point Wasterwater Treatment plant when the horrible accident happened. ...


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During a fatality in the work place there should be laws in place to stop Reporters jumping into a helicopter and distributing and broadcasting images of the site/Scene all over the web/TV’s for a story. Pretty disgusting.

John Johnson this is what I drove past today 😢

Rip, condolences, I've been in situations like this and we're told to knuckle down and do the job or not get more work, the major companies and government don't gaf, work with our expertise till we fall off the perch, big difference between pen pushers and the Labor force, this kind of thing should never happen! It disgusts me

Deepest sympathy to his family and friends and work mates. First responders you did a great job.

So tragic :(

Clint Enrique apin ini bruv?

Kevin Tracey civmec

Rebecca Napoli woodman point 😱

Craig Starkey 😰😰😰

Steven Goodrich

Domenic Iannello

Rowan Beynon

Gordon Roy Henderson

Che Spencer

Chris Chaplin

Dom Bator

David Anthony Adams

Netiesha Thew

Rachel Fewster😔

Justin Percy

Jordan Atitoa-Bryant

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8 hours ago

9 News Perth

A Perth man is spending his 14th hour in a Bali cell, held by police over a custody tug of war that turned ugly. The father's accused of abducting his own 15-month-old son in a home invasion at his ex-partner's house. ...


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Fathers have rights too

Yes fathers have rights. Absolutely 100% for shared custody. However, I am sure, other mums, or dads for that matter, would have concerns if their ex has past schizophrenia, drugs and alcoholism issues which is in the man's own website which MAY have been the reason. Like someone said, their are two sides.

He has already lost many months! Easy for a stupid woman to say he pushed or hit me! Normal woman would think what's best for the child interest not her own!! She doesn't look right!

Fathers have rights too . Good on him . He should be set free . So many woman out there not all ...are out there using there kids as porns to destroy men and nothing gets done about it ..a desperate man will take desperate measures just to see his child when he shouldn't have to ..good luck mate . I feel your pain .

I understand he must've been desperate to see his son, but breaking into his ex's house and abducting his son in the middle of the night is not the way to do it... I can't even imaging how awful it would be waking up and finding out your child was gone.

She should let him see his son end of story. None of that wouldn't have happened if she did. Too many men are getting screwed over. And it makes them do things they don't want to do

You can’t blame the guy really all he wants is to do is see his son!!! My son was taken away from me 20 years ago & nobody batted an eye lid!!!

Mum's & Dad's need to stop arguing between themselves and holding a child/children from a parent. Each parent has the right to see their child.....just remember its the child/children who feel it now & later in life.

She doesnts look well at all... This poor man just wanted to see his son and he should have every right to. Im sick of seeing woman use their kids to get back at their ex's because things didnt work out between them! So many dads go through what this poor man is because woman like her think they have every right to not let the fathers have visitation rights and its usually done out of spite! Then scream/through hissy fits when they dont get $$ from the dads.

Fathers have rights too .... she’s just another control freak!

Instead of holding him n a prison! Why not make the mother give him some sort of rights to seeing his child. Wether it be supervised visits. Or a few hours a week!

And I bet the ex was doing all she could to stop the father seeing his child until he was desperate and then he gets in trouble. Kids are made by 2 people. When are people going to stop using kids as a tug of war game. Poor child.

Fathers should have just as much rights as the mother, she's wrong for keeping him away from his own son. Hope he gets of and starts to see his son.

Funny how Australian federal police couldn’t do the same situation opposing countries pffff Pathetic

If a woman did this she would be praised. Why does he not deserve to have his child?

It takes 2 to make a child. Stopping one parent from seeing their child is a low ball move. Children are not mothers property. Fathers shouldn't be stopped from seeing their children. Let the man see his kid.

Need to keep the Chanel's of communication open when separated and not fly off the rails in anger over the pain and loss, work it out not make it harder , get help it is out there for dad's who think there getting no we're . The child needs both parents to be happy for them to grow positively not broken . Please get help, never give up on family and do what's best for your child ,

I feel for the father, he is desperate to see his son. I think this mother needs to be reasonable and think of her part in all this and agree to access to the baby's father. It shouldn't be a battle or getting even. Children need both parents. In the end they will grow up with respect for each instead of resentment and guilt. I pray for peace between these parents and good luck.

fathers arnt second class citizen's

When are ppl going to wake I don't know these ppl or the circumstances but no doubt this is no doubt another story about a mother who thinks the dad is not going to be with his child or any part of his life ,if the mum is scared and doesn't want him on his own with the child organize something positive so everyone is happy ,to often mothers think the dads have no rights well they need to wake up and let the dads be in their kids life , kids don't need a lot they need love from both parents parents grow apart not the kids ,

If I hadn't seen my kids in ten months I would do the same thing. Let him out.

Why is the father always in the wrong? Many women claim to love their children,yet use them as pawns...that's not love!!!

So unfair that you will charge a father for kidnapping his own child? Only if he is harmful to the child then he should be kept at distance but not a man who is grieving to be a part of his childs life. So women make it really hard for men. There are alot of men who are dead beat dad's and don't care to be a part of their children's life but when you there is a man who wants to be there don't keep him away. We are supposed to be able to rise above our own hurt and pain and put our children's need first...lady do the right thing and find some common ground to allow this man the same right to his child as you have as a mother...very, very sad!

Jodie Hodgson explains what I was thinking, how it was unusual for Indo police to get involved as he is the dad.

Kids need a dad. Full stop

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9 hours ago

ABC Brisbane

High winds have driven thousands of tumbleweeds into a US town, where they are piling up two-storeys high. ...


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Wayne Termaat

Alyson Funnell 😳

Jamie Sellars 😳

And Alison Zeller, you thought you had a problem at Gowrie Junction!

Jess Donnan

9 hours ago

ABC Brisbane

Following on from the deconstructed Vegemite on toast ... ...


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Malin Karlsson lets gooo!!!!

Brilliant 😂 Rachel Ramsay

Ben Hinton

Vicki Jackman haha

Vincent Broad 😂

Paul Dhasmana

Danielle Dalmau

Gemma Long I don’t even know if this is satire anymore..... 😞 🤷🏻‍♂️

Would love them to do this on Masterchef.

Tefi Fajardo Nathaly Quintero Yishi Wu Jugenis Falcon 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

10 hours ago

ABC Brisbane

Never let the flies get in the way of your drink 😂

📸: Aneeta Bhole

Never let the flies get in the way of your drink 😂

📸: Aneeta Bhole


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Blair Speakman brilliant idea!

Thomas Robb. 🤣😂

Georgia Hammond Bel Dunn Patricia Brown Star-Maree Dunn

Alex Mehrtens

Sammie O'Brien

Yes i hadta buy a net ta put over my hat last week in longreach but so annoying when u want ta drink hey

Tony Aleandro is this you?

Nikki... you need this...

Nick Backstrom

Hahaha Jason Staunton Steve Randall you guys need this for Warrick

Hahahaa Debbie Gray Robison kyle needs this 😂😂😂

Gemma Casey

David Hodge

Mozzies are the problem in Forster atm Mozz Len McGrane we need these lol

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10 hours ago

ABC Brisbane

ABC Western Queensland
Special edition of ABC News in Winton tonight... watch at 7pm