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'Unanswered questions': Mother cries for answers following daughter's violent death

'Unanswered questions': Mother cries for answers following daughter's violent death


Courtney Topic's mother never imagined she would see her daughter go "from the cradle to the grave" until she buried her days after police shot her dead on the side of a road in Sydney's west.

Courtney Topic's mother said her "gentle" daughter's shooting death "beggars belief" as she spoke of the questions that lingered.

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Erick Kanzo Bashemule

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OMG how one eyed can you guys be? All I have seen all day is Gossage and Ten bag out Freo! 😂😂😂🖕

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Happy outcome

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Lest we forget

Is it Anzac Day there Jayden Monk?

Steve Clare

Dwayne The Rock Johnson takes things to new heights in #SkyscraperMovie - coming to cinemas this July. ...


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Trevor Calderr Melly Moo

Genevieve Ednie-Lockett 🐎🐎 that horse is dark, look at him damn climbing that crane hahah

Benjamin Ebersbach another ripper

AJ Hunt

Brodie Irwin

Paul Jeffery

Nathan Johnston

13 hours ago

Ten Eyewitness News Perth

Ten News
ROYAL WELCOME: Traditional gun salutes fire at Hyde Park and London Tower, and bells ring at Westminster Abbey to mark the birth of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge's new baby, who is fifth in line to the British throne. #TenNews

15 hours ago

Ten Eyewitness News Perth

Ten News
WATCH: Shocking video captures dozens of students viciously attacking each other at a college in west Melbourne, after a fight between two teens reportedly broke out, sparking an all-out brawl. #TenNews

There is always one. 🚢 #BlockersMovie ...


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Olivia Psyhogios hahahahaha we get it, such an awesome movie so f-ing hilarious

Bryce Mouzer I didn't know you were an actor

Joanne Elise Deftereos 😂😂

Kerrie Whackett

Sean Mcgill


Kristie Marie-Dawn Humphries

Hang tight. #Skyscraper is in cinemas July 12. ...

Hang tight. #Skyscraper is in cinemas July 12.


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Does The Rock have like a certain quota of movies he has to do a year or the devil will eat his soul after he made a deal with him for muscles and fame???

Wouldn’t suprise me if he makes a cameo in avengers and takes out thanos but not before a 1 liner and hilariously funny joke

Lets hope this movie isn't as bad and silly as rampage


Oh good I was wondering when his next one was coming out... its only been 6 days I was getting worried

I'm seriously getting sick of seeing the rock he can't even act

Andrew Lesslie how is it even possible for a person to be in this many films

Ricky Bryson- Birthday night movie!!

Another movie to watch Natalie Nd Benjii ..... babysitting duties lol 😍

Jack Miller how many movies Is this puppet in

🤔.. is he in the Avengers as well?? He’s in everything !!😂

Bec Smith i swear this guy has a new movie every 6 weeks

Jake Gray How many movies about buildings does this guy wanna keep doing 😂 😂

Isabel this is what I was talking about

Sydney from the horror movie SCREAM acts as the rocks wife in the movie.

This almost looks like an April fools joke. That’s how awful this looks....

Tien Do does this guy ever stop hahah

Declan Jamieson jeez the rock is PUMPING out classics hahahaha

Another Rock movie , that's crazy .. He's gotta be trying to break a record or set the bar high Ericka Rose Johnson

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson in every movie in 2018-2019

Glenn Shaw looks like another date night 🍿🍿😆

Omg Bronte Howard he's in another movie... Wonder if he ever sleeps hahaha

Jerohm Bernardino omggg he’s got so much movies!!!! Let’s watch this

This guy is just raking in the cash Baillie Marshall

Aaand another one for your parents haha Glen Dias

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This is one conversation you don't want your parents snooping on! 🌹😘👉🍆 #BlockersMovie ...


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funny movie

Lorraine Mcpeak Kemmler