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Two women face charges

Two women face charges


Two women charged over police chase in Perth’s northern suburbs.

POLICE followed the car through Karrinyup, along the Mitchell Freeway, Reid Highway and Wanneroo Road.

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Australian scientists have developed what could be the first treatment for sufferers of motor neurone disease. #7News

Bad news tonight for beer lovers who thought they were doing the right thing by drinking low-carb beer - health experts say they're no better for you than any other brew. #7News

No criminal charges will be laid over the drug overdose that killed Prince. #7News

The Queen has urged Commonwealth leaders to support Prince Charles as her successor. #7News

It's slow progress - but there was a step forward for the Turnbull government's energy plan today. #7News

The state's anti-corruption watchdog is considering whether it will investigate extraordinary claims of private promises and secret recordings which could potentially compromise premier Daniel Andrews. #7News

Parents of students at a Richmond primary school are considering taking their children elsewhere, if the controversial drug injecting room is built. #7News

Crooked financial advisers and their banks face million dollar fines and ten-year jail terms under tough new laws outlined today. #7News

The banking royal commission has claimed its first major scalp, with more expected to follow. #7News

The mother of a promising student who was stomped to death has screamed at her son's killer in court, calling for the death penalty. #7News

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The city starts on 10C tomorrow, turns warm and mostly sunny mid-morning. We’re in for a top of 23C. 7 News meteorologist @JaneBunn with your forecast. #7News

The A-League finals kick-off tonight, with Melbourne City hosting Brisbane Roar at AAMI park. @MFelgate7 with your sports wrap. #7News

Luke Beveridge has described the moment he told Tom Boyd he was back in the bulldogs side, for tomorrow night's big game in Perth. @_AMcCormack7 @MFelgate7 #7AFL #7News

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6 hours ago

9 News Adelaide

A hard-earned thirst is often quenched by an ice-cold beer, but many drinkers are being duped into thinking low-carb brews are better for them.

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#9News |

7 hours ago

7 News Brisbane

Alvey Reels, at risk of collapse, has been saved.



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Come on everyone lets go buy new reels

Thank god an Australian company has been saved whoever is helping these people please keep it in Australia and do not send it overseas Australian companies that one of the best and specially if they make their own products over here

Worked here a few years ago welding frames for deep sea reels. Was a good feeling knowing I was making parts for an Aussie icon. Bruce and Tony are great people and very passionate about keeping it Aussie made. Here's to another 100 years of Alvey Reels!

Keep Alvey Aussie !

i would love to own an alvey reel again they are the best

Such good news, keep punching lads!

Caught many a snapper with the old Alvey reels

new reels.. yep.. big fish..

Good news Gary Kildey!

Phil Perrella back in the game

Did you see this dad (Vincent)

Joe Nocher best rods

Chris Atkinson she lives another day

Dixon Mudge 👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻

Adam Bunn show your old boy!

David Alan Andrew

👌🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 Stephen Healy Josh Brazier

Justin Hall 👍🏽

Justin Biggs. Cameron Jackson

Corey Nordberg 😱😱

Mitch Waye

Daniel Williams

Toby Scanlan

Ben OBrien Steve Hunter

Jack Gibbins

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8 hours ago

7 News Brisbane

Vision has been released of flight attendants on the doomed Southwest plane shouting reminders at passengers to breathe through their oxygen masks.



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The passengers that left their seats and managed to get her back into the plane are heroes as they risked their own lives. Sadly their attempts to revive her failed. Hope the receive an award for their bravery.

Doomed? I believe the plane made it back.

Sean Lahiff Samantha Killorn poor lady 😔

8 hours ago

7 News Brisbane

Almost two years to the day since Prince died prosecutors say no-one will be charged over the popstar's fatal overdose.



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It seems Prince was just a human in a lot of physical pain who tried to keep working, but to do so needed some heavy pain medications. At some stage, they can become too much, but then again, so can the actual pain. Catch 22. A dilemma that affects many people suffering, unfortunately.

I think we are the ones putting this crap in our bodies we have to stop blaming someone else instead we have to take responsibility to what we take and swallow good bless Prince

Because the Illuminati can not be charged.

Who caresp

Louise Wicks

Elouise Di Mauro 💜

8 hours ago

7 News Brisbane

Kate Jones wants to bring the Olympics of video gaming, E-Games, to the Gold Coast.



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Oh Kate Jones you are not the brightest flame in the fire!

Joshua Toze u nerd

wow okay

Jacob C Haurua lol

Emily Boon your brother lol

Hayden Yarrow Justin Somslao

Nikki Stoneman

Kathleen Macpherson Ashley Gallen


Brenton James

Mike Burnett-davies

Tremaine Withers

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9 hours ago

7 News Brisbane

Winton's Waltzing Matilda Centre has re-opened three years after a devastating fire.



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Kell Carn

Paula Watson

9 hours ago

7 News Brisbane

Tomorrow’s weather forecast with Paul Burt.

#Qldweather #7News


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yes a lot of rumbles in Brisbane today sounded like cannons going off

7 News Brisbane can you please post the story on Alveys Reels.

1 day ago

Perth Arena

Ever wanted to be a Harlem Globetrotters? Better get practicing ahead of Sunday 🏀⛹🏿‍♂️🤸🏻‍♀️ ...


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Bronwyn are you guys going?

Julie amanda ford

Grace Vlahov I wanna see them!!

Alex Baker

Sipili Ieremia

1 day ago

Perth Arena

Getting high at Perth Arena! 🚨🚒👩🏽‍🚒 ...


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Matt Masters

2 days ago

Perth Arena

We're officially one of the cool kids! Check out our Snapchat for a behind the scenes look into our world. Screen shot our 👻 below to follow! ...

Were officially one of the cool kids! Check out our Snapchat for a behind the scenes look into our world. Screen shot our 👻 below to follow!


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What’s your Snapchat name

Woo hoo

Yay xx

3 days ago

Perth Arena

Here's what we are in for with P!nk’s #BeautifulTraumaWorldTour... 💗
For your chance to see P!nk live in L.A. check out the comp our mates at Live Nation Australia & New Zealand are running. Enter here 👉🏽


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Michelle, David can't wait to see this!!!!

Can’t wait to go!! Going to be her best concert yet!!!!

Ros Blackmore looks a bit boring if I'm honest 😂

Omg Mum, sooooo excited 🤗🤗🤗 Kathy Rock

I’ve got my ticket 💕💕💕 seeing my idol for the first time I think I’m going to be balling my eyes out 💕💕

Ahaha best concert ever 🤣🤣🤣

My daughter and I cannot wait, so excited!

Love love love her!!!! Can't wait for July!!!!

Have to look out for Casey and her friend Erin there Brookie

Cheryl Gagen Olivia Townsend start getting excited. You will love Pink.

Dee Cervantes look how good shes going to be

Chloe Smith this look awesome. I can’t wait 😁

Can't wait P!nk is always awesome..

Tiana Alvaro man I wish we were going!

Kim Tait, I wish I was going after seeing this.

Loren Slingsby without wishing time away cannot wait!

Wow can’t wait bring on July Perth WA

Can’t wait to see her in july

Yes love her also and Yvette Ellery is a huge fan .Best women singer today

Chai Hill Alitaptap Firefly nood ta ani kahit sa dulo tayo baka naa 100 lang na ticket hehe

Donna can’t wait!

Perth Arena any idea yet what type of camera / lens is allowed?

Megan Shaw show Isabel!! Paige is so excited

Wooohooo.. See you there Chickys

Jo O'Neill Going to be super amazzzzing😍

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