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Two for one: The 20 destinations that work perfectly together

Two for one: The 20 destinations that work perfectly together


Mix together the right ingredients, and magic happens. Chefs know it. Stylists know it. And savvy travellers know it too.

Choose the right blend of destinations, and you have the makings of a dream holiday.

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Oscar nominee Margot Robbie has joined the likes of Roger Federer and other A-listers to snap a Quokka selfie on Rotto. #7News

The star Docker at the centre of one of the biggest collisions in women's football has discovered she has a collapsed lung. @adrianbarich explains. #7News

An apartment complex in Cannington has been evacuated after a fire started on the sixth floor this afternoon. #7News

SA Premier Steven Marshall tight-lipped on Elon Musk solar battery plan after election win

A worker at an Osborne Park auto transmission business is in hospital tonight with terrible burns to his upper body. Details in @Rob7Scott's report may be confronting. #7News

Fancy yourself a footy tipping master?
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B1 and B2 to debut on Saturday for @freodockers. Brayshaw and Banfield. See Nat Fyfe celebrate their elevation. Banfield a great story. @7NewsPerth at 6 @ClaremontTigers

Hayley Miller speaks exclusively to @adrianbarich tonight at 6 on #7News

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The family of 11yo Perth girl Denishar Woods, left brain damaged by an electric shock, say she is defying medical expectations. #7News

MELBOURNE WEATHER: @MikeLarkan with this week's forecast LIVE from Chirnside Park Primary's Family Fun Night. #TenNews #MikesSchools

A record breaking crowd is expected to watch @CarltonFC face reigning premiers @Richmond_FC in their round one blockbuster #TenNews

A handful of @AFL stars face a race against time to be ready for round one action. #TenNews

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28 minutes ago

7 News Sydney

113 jet ski riders have taken to Sydney Harbour raising $340,000 for Variety Australia, the children's charity. They're taking on a 6-day trek from Sydney north to Yamba.

If you see them, they would sure appreciate any money you can spare to help sick and disadvantaged children.

#Variety #7News


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Nek minut police pull them over because they’re a gang. JETSKI GANG! Australia is becoming like China... actually worse 🙂


Robbie Ognenovski

Jordan Paterson

38 minutes ago

7 News Sydney

Vladimir Putin has retained his presidency securing 70 per cent of the vote thanks to the recent spy controversy.

#Russia #7News


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I wonder what happened to the 30% who didn't vote for him lol

Wow. 70 per cent. Loved by the people. Our medicore PM cant even get 40 per cent and that's with support from the conservative Newspoll.

The world strongest man . Congrats my president Putin

All the Putin fanboys/fangirls should go and live there for a couple of years under 'Russian democracy' to see how great it really is so they can have a genuine comparison to Western democracy. Mythologizing and idolising this tyrant from a distance is easy...chances are they'd be on a flight outta there within 12 months.

More votes for Putin than there are People in their country. Seems legit.


Putin is the Man and the smatest president in the world!!

#Strongest leader #best president #congratulation putin.

No opposition,they couldn't campaign or were jailed ,but hey fair election.more votes or tampered with but fair election.i personally don't care who won but not democratic at all

This is the opposition that is trying to get more votes.

So what congrats 🎊🎈

Congrats Putin 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

Don't pick a fight with Vladimir 7 news! Alex Robison

Peter Tasevski Steven Tasevski of course

Mohamed Ali Bazzi

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40 minutes ago

7 News Sydney

Witnesses from ANZ Banks and the Commonwealth Bank have been put under the grill in the second week of public hearings in the Banking Royal Commission.


#ausbiz #7News


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Anz are the worst of the worst.

Nick Khzouz loool

60 minutes ago

7 News Perth

An apartment complex in Cannington has been evacuated after a fire started on the sixth floor this afternoon.


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70 firefighters.. overkill isnt it..?

Jesslyn Olivia Bun kayak carden drive

Jordan Robertson is this your old apartment block?

Danna Cottrell shiz that’s right where I was going to rent

Maxene, we talked about this when you were in your apartment. Very scary!

omggg Tirza Christy Suwarno

Nisha Kandel Niruta Aryal this is y the roads were closed 😲😲😲

Dion Macdonald was this what you saw today??

Josh woah

Haider Faran the reason why roads per blocked

Rik 70

Daniel Rowe look at the credit on the last of the clip haha

Julian Lloyd

Todd, Kane

Lauren Hamilton

Catherine Liam

Patricia Brown

Ashish Dhall

Credhe Carter

Brian Higgins


Bow Buxton

Jessica Stevens

Emily Brook

Moses Macauleyy

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1 hour ago

7 News Sydney

Police have charged a 35-year-old Lismore man with arson, over a unit fire in Queensland last week.

Background Story:

#Lismore #7News

1 hour ago

7 News Sydney

A campaign is underway tonight, to convince Senators to support tax cuts for big business before debate begins in Parliament this week. The Prime Minister was focused on fires today though, and entertaining a controversial global leader.

#auspol #7News


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Tax cuts for big business.pffft they are all rubbing their hands together for this one.announcement today,that The liberal Government has just signed the papers to let in overseas workers,so wow the jobs will be taken by them which big business will hire with their huge tax breaks.wake up.

No tax cuts for big buisiness Get big buisiness to pay their correct tax

A giant brainwashing campaign.....

How about tax cuts for small business???

2 hours ago

7 News Sydney

New Sydney Metro Trains: "This will be the first turn up and go metro system. It means customers will be able to hop off, hop on whenever they like" - Gladys Berejiklian - Premier.


#sydneymetro #7News


Comment on Facebook

They have this exact metro in Istanbul for years.

More jobs gone!.

you used to be able to hop on and hop off on the old trains til you lot stuffed the timetables

Jeremy no seat warmers like japan D:

Marwin Tang you can go to mc donald faster now right Henry Han

Well done Gladys, please extend the metro from Bankstown to Badgerys Creek airport.

Nathaniel Ma but are they air conditioned tho

Exciting day because the fares are going up very soon!!

Looks like a lot of people will be standing all the way as not a lot of seating

About time .......

Final Fantasy

Less congestion world class? 😂

Muby Sheik-abdi

Eva Sarah

Celine Maraache Sarah Roberts

Helice Chhean

Sojo Augustine

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2 hours ago

7 News Perth

A worker at an Osborne Park auto transmission business is in hospital tonight with terrible burns to his upper body.
Details in Rob Scott's report may be confronting.


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so sad for ian and cindy. my sympathys go out to you

I also work for a commercial transmission specialist and i had to go to that place only 2 weeks ago to pick something up off them as it was a commercial transmission not a normal everyday car one ! Met all of them there and really nice ppl ! Hope they all pull through this :(

Tahani Wulandari I saw this smoke from work

Tanya Chapman that ur old work

I second that Neil Skevington

I saw that fire Gagan Raman

Zac Gliddon

Fernando DBigfella Monteleone Neil Skevington Brock Llewellyn

Travis Fisher

Ryan Steward

Lisa Johns Robert Ottaviano Cristiano Ottaviano

Lindsay Szep

Patrick Deadman Deeker

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3 hours ago

ABC Sydney

Australian Story
WATCH EPISODE LIVE: From anonymous teacher to a maths "rockstar" this is Eddie Woo's Australian Story


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Thanks for sharing this episode of Australian Story Sue. I have seen Eddy Woo a couple of times on Tele so have heard of him but did not know his story. He is inspirational.

So great seeing a great teacher profiled


Ben Taffy Sinéad Flewellen - not sure if you’ve seen this xx

Kerryn Goodwin...our conversation yesterday 😊

4 hours ago

7 News Perth

The family of an 11-year-old Perth girl, left brain damaged by an electric shock, say she is defying medical expectations.


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I hope she makes a full recovery.

Omg ... 😢 this is not fair government need to really pay hudge $$ for this is there fault

My gut told me that Danesher would be a miracle . You go girl fight . Mum stay strong xx

People (especially children) are stronger than we give them credit for!

I’ve been praying for this little girl, how amazing and very strong she is!!! To go against what those doctors have said about her is nothing short of a very strong willed little girl. Bless her heart, I know she would have heard what they were saying. And she is proving them wrong. Love hugs and prayers to you sweetheart and to your mum and other family members too, we are all watching with amazement sweetheart xx

This truly a miracle. I would not have given her much of a chance a week ago. Glad she is making a recovery.

Thank you for the update, we have been wondering how this little girl has been going.

Yay this has so made my day, I wait daily for updates & this is so awesome to hear. She’s def a fighter & keep hanging in there, much love to the family, stay strong ❤️🙏

They really need a bariatric chamber in Perth to help in healing

Evolution really did make the human body very resilient and its amazing ability to heal itself has taken millions of years of fine tuning.. I hope she recovers enough to be an active member in society and not be severely handicapped.. 🤞🤞

Never underestimate the power of a child to defy the doctors, or the power of the love of a family

Come on our girl,you can do it,we all love you,

The update we have all been hoping and praying for keep fighting just like you have been girl you have come so far already. ❤️

That’s so sad seeing how she is now, someone needs to be hold accountable for taking this girls life away she wouldn’t be this way if the government made safe housing for their state! Poor girl & their family going through the pain of not knowing what will happen xx thankful she is alive praise god ❤️ keep fighting baby girl! Your a Miracle 😇

Just goes to show should always get 2nd opinions the doctors are not always right

I'm so happy for you and your baby Lacey xx

It just goes to show that miracles can happen and to think that there was the expectation that when they turned off the support, this little miracle girl, wasn't going to make it. I sincerely hope that she defies all odds and makes a full recovery. Fingers and toes crossed

Bless her. The power of prayer 🙏🏼 The family asked for people to pray and they have been. Well done Denishar 💐

What a strong young lady. You're amazing Keep up the good vibes everyone for her and family. You have my love n light for you all

Thats Awesome, im so thrilled she is slowly recovering, shes in my thoughts and prayers ♡

Keep fighting love x stay strong mum

awesome,keep recovering little one.god

Keep fighting Denishar. Praying 🙏 for you

tears running down my face! happy tears that is!

What a little fighter get well soon .brave girl

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5 hours ago

ABC Sydney

From computer screens to the open road, how celebrity maths guru Eddie Woo is taking his unique lessons on tour and influencing teaching worldwide #AustralianStory 📚🤓 ...


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Nathan Richards Blake Nielson Morgan Chang Kevin Liman surely he hasn't left the classroom

What an inspiration. Teaching is the most important job in society. Without good teachers we would have no future.

Love Eddie Wu

What a wonderful person! 🙌🏻

Amazing!!!! How bless d are these kids

Eddie Woo is wonderful.

Wonderful young man.

Such a talent



Kellie Thompson please show this to Harry I was telling him about Eddie yesterday

Daǹny D. Bikram Singh

Jessica Azar #goals

Teeny Patterson

ScottandFiona Jackson

Oscar Baker

Henry Rasheed


Saoirsé Ward

Daniel Pugliese

Allison Reus

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The ultimate battle begins in 3 DAYS. #PacificRimUprising ...


Comment on Facebook

Trent Fletcher-Gass can we watch it

Séan Walden Matt Mettes so when are we seeing this?

Jeremy Mastop 3 days!!!

Jennifer Quynh Nhi fam

Charlie Marrington movie date my shout

Marisa Russo guess what we’re gonna do this weekend

Jason Rose you wanna go next Tuesday

Reminds me of Evangelion

Natasha Clayton better then Harry Potter

Cannot wait to see this!

Sean Kelly i forgot this was coming out

oh baby !



Saturday night Corey Munday 😁

Ricki Kumar if u get ur license Thursday we should go??

But Avengers: Infinity War is coming why would we watch this? :P

Christos Fassoulidis get pumped babe

Brendan movies this wknd?😍

Edward Wood date night?

Jamie Dyason I wanna see this

Ash Lee owwweeee

Ryan Forte movie time!

David Marscham 3.45 Thursday

Angus Wright we seeing this

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6 hours ago

7 News Perth

Actress Margot Robbie has posted a Quokka selfie online after a trip to Rottnest.

Have you seen the star in WA?

(Picture: @margotrobbie/Instagram)

Actress Margot Robbie has posted a Quokka selfie online after a trip to Rottnest. 

Have you seen the star in WA?

(Picture: @margotrobbie/Instagram)


Comment on Facebook

I seen her scabbing dart butts in the Leederville IGA carpark at 2am

I really don't know who she is lol

I think the Quokka has a boner😳

Gee that's Original Rodger already done that

Looks like Federer has started something. Another one for your bucket list. "Quokka Selfie"

After all the money thrown at tourism WA and all it took was to find out quokkas love a selfie stick.

Dosent look like she was interested in the quokka its just a selfie with a quokka photo bombing her

I don't know her she's just kissing the air

Josh go find your future wife haha

I’ve got nothing against both Roger or the beautiful Margot. Both great people. I just hope that the tourism minister hasn’t blown more tax payers money on getting Margot to get a selfie also.

I think i saw her in front of me at the open house in koondoola. "100 is the smallest i have". Rejected. I got some though. Who's the star now?

Quokkas should ask for a fee for all these celebrities taking selfies with them

That's a negative. Been dealing with my own adult things to do

Ayleen Ruwhiu how did you miss her!?!

Broni Anne if only you went to rotto today

Even the Quokka’s checking her Out lol

Sassybruv Liam best photo to ever grace the earth

She is in the kitchen preparing dinner

Wendy Cheung if you come you should go Rottnest

She ain't no tennis player!

Those who don't know her or tryna act they don't, watch The Wolf of Wallstreet and you'll love her

Kaitlin Ivy has anyone told you, you kinda look like her ?

Michael Decourcy your not doing a good job of following her 😂

She could have come and visited me anytime she wanted but clearly the quokkas get priority

Jack Dwyer does she know that I'm not in rottnest?

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