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Trucks photographed whizzing by road crews spark call for slow-down laws

Trucks photographed whizzing by road crews spark call for slow-down laws


Trucks have been photographed passing frighteningly close to roadside workers, renewing calls for it to be illegal for motorists to not slow down and move over in the case of an accident or emergency on Queensland roads.

Trucks have been captured driving frighteningly close to roadside workers, renewing calls for it to be illegal to drive that close to an incident.

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57 minutes ago

7 News Australia

For more than 100 years, women have played a significant role in our military history. On Thursday, women veterans lead the Anzac Parade. ...


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On Thursday??????

2 hours ago

7 News Australia

The world's coldest Anzac commemorations took place at the Casey Research station in Antarctica. ...


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5 hours ago

The West Australian

While most Sandgropers are waiting to feel the joys of economic recovery, many of our richest people have become quite a bit richer. See who made the top 50 in the 2018 WA Rich List in tomorrow's The West Australian.

6 hours ago

7 News Brisbane

Weather: Near perfect day tomorrow however, temperatures are expected to drop by Friday.



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the temps are up and down like a yo yo

I like Brisbane 😍

6 hours ago

7 News Brisbane

After the Anzac commemorations finished veterans and punters packed pubs and shared stories over drinks. Remembering mates who couldn't be there and exercising the freedoms they fought for.

#AnzacDay #7News


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Our anzacs would be rolling in their graves knowing they died in vein as the federal mafia opened australias borders wide open

To the anzacs that died in vein for the federal mafia's lies The true australian people salute you...

Sorry but the new young reporter needs help aye!

Chris Gavan

6 hours ago

7 News Brisbane

A new hearing device that combines Bluetooth connectivity with an in-built hearing test has now arrived in Australia, boosting everyday sounds at a fraction of the cost of traditional hearing aids.



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people on medicare should get the devices cheaper than that

A great initiative!

Erik So like your new headphone :)

Billy Mitchell

Jovcic Marinko

Jessica Knight

7 hours ago

7 News Brisbane

A nesting goose swooped a 16-year-old several times while the young player was on the 7th hole of a Michigan golf course.



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2 iron would have sorted it out

Get farked Aaron Weston Patrick King Dean Clark Dillon Parish Mitch Jeffs Dominic Cremasco Sam Cremasco

Racheal Lee Jensenn

Amazing photos! He will treasure them forever 😂 make me wonder what do you do when being swooped by a goose half your size?

Never playing there Gary Malone

Which ones the goose?

Benn Zanker this would be you duck killer


Carissa Joe Laurin Joe such aggressive beings 😱🙈

Nathan McGrath Burgess this you??

Taylor Barr hahahaha

😂😂😂 pmsl Nathan Carroll

Mat Lexi 🙊

Katelyn Sherrin Tom Callender

Janine Ross how traumatizing


Shane Merrick

Eugene Shin 😂😂

Melinda Catherine

Amelia Kopacz 😂

John Mason

Martin Po Alana McMillan Roseann McMillan

Nicky Coburn Poz Cruise

Matt Williamson this brings back memories.

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