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'Top officials broke protocol to allow FBI to question Downer' in Crossfire Hurricane probe

'Top officials broke protocol to allow FBI to question Downer' in Crossfire Hurricane probe


Within hours of the FBI opening its probe, two agents were sent to London to question Australia's then-high commissioner to the UK.

An interview between Downer and the FBI laid the foundation for special counsel Robert Mueller's probe, according to the New York Times.

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[email protected]_Victoria is trying to pinpoint the source of a foaming pollutant in Dandenong Creek. #7News

TONIGHT: Truck drivers bring traffic to a standstill around Victoria Square as they protest against Aldi supermarkets. This and MORE in #9NewsAt6

The federal government remains determined to pass its company tax cuts after "wiley operator" @PaulineHansonOz appeared to backflip on her support for the plan. #auspol #7News

A man claimed to have a bomb on a bus travelling from Sydney to Melbourne this morning. The 46-year-old called triple zero from inside a toilet onboard. Police tracked the bus to Melbourne's outer suburbs and confronted him in the bathroom. No device was found. #7News

The Australian Catholic Bishops Conference has released a statement after South Australian Archbishop Philip Wilson was found guilty of concealing child sex abuse by another priest. #9News

A giant Pauline Hanson backflip has left the Turnbull Government without a clutch of key crossbench votes, as it struggles to push through a controversial company tax cut. @AirlieWalsh #AusPol #9News

A truck has spilled a large amount of dirt onto Grand Junction Road at Ottoway, blocking an eastbound lane of traffic. Expect delays in the area. #9News

A Melbourne plumbing firm has been fined $40,000 after an apprentice was seriously burnt while working alone on a housing site in 2015. #7News

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Some glorious highlights of Mark Waugh's fielding genius as part of Legends Month over on! ...


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Mark Waugh, is SIMPLY THE BEST fieldsman that I have ever seen and I have watched a lot of cricket over the last 50 years!!!!

what about some clips of his 40 average Nick Cuconits Samuel Cuconits Matt Peter

I hope some of those bowlers are still buying his beers - turned their pies into wickets!

Awesome,superb and astonishing Mark waugh.👌👍

Missing these old cricket days

Who knew they had cameras at all our games watching me field Brayden Jarrad Daniel Aj Matt Mathew Louis

Tony Smith it’s like I’m watching my early career highlights in 3rd person mode🤭🤣

In my opinion he has the best hands in the field ever.

Toby best hands Ive seen


Shane Hockey what about his leg glance tho...


Shane Files me fave!

My man Ben 😎👍

Sahil Jain Sanjeev Thakur Sidharth Nayak Ankur Dokwal Rahul Jain

Sam Quinn Jordan Menz Angus Gilmore

Craig Rosenzweig


Brett Duffy

Vedant Gadre

Joseph Poteri

Courtney West

Paul Mak

Cory Horsell

Daniel Seymour

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It's National Volunteers Week. Get into the spirit by volunteering to join us on Eastern Ave on today. We'll be packing dental health kits for the Poche Centre for Indigenous Health. Lend a hand any time from 10am-12 noon. ...

Its National Volunteers Week. Get into the spirit by volunteering to join us on Eastern Ave on today. Well be packing dental health kits for the Poche Centre for Indigenous Health. Lend a hand any time from 10am-12 noon.


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UPDATE: We had so many lovely volunteers for our Eastern Ave event that we're all out of dental item to pack!! Thanks so much to everyone who came down!

21 hours ago

Triple M Sydney

Well that makes total sense now!!

Catch The Rush Hour with MG from 6pm on Sydney's 104.9 Triple M.

What a player Michael Bevan was! Enjoy this classic knock and then read his Legends Month profile HERE: ...


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I remember watching this on the TV. Couldn't sit still and that final 4 had me screaming :)

I'm gonna miss that voice on the mic. Farewell, Bill Lawry.

I was at work and listened to the final ball around a pastry bowl/mixer with a mate and Bevan smacked a four off the last ball!!

Michael Bevan should’ve played more test cricket. He’d be first player picked if he was playing now. Unlucky to be playing when Australia had endless depth in batting talent.

Remember it well, great game, love Michael Bevan, and sadly miss Tony Greg and Ritchie. Fantastic cricket commenters better than the one's we have today.

I watched this as a kid. I remember where i was when i was watching. This is an integral childhood memory. This also one of the reasons i don't love T20 (as their run chases are too volatile.) The suspense here watching this was insane. Gave me chills watching it over. Mr Bevan was a hero forever after.

Only 2nd to Jones and Waugh getting 120 in last 10 and Steve Waugh inside out Ambrose over cover for 6 last ball.. I hope my facts are right with who involved

Some of the most exciting matches I can ever remember are where Bevan snatched victory from the jaws of defeat

I remember actually being at the baseball in Adelaide that very night and heard the last ball in the car on way home

Tried going to this game but when I reached the SCG there were SOLD OUT signs everywhere. Some touts were offering $30 face value tickets for $100. Told them to F OFF.

What a legend! I went to this game.... what a great memory Bevan batting the innings to the end and winning the game from the final ball.

Parth Amodkar...indeed he is one of the finest cricketer..may b #2 best finisher....but bro...MSD is all time #1 finisher

Jeremy Taylor can't get much better than this. Voiced by Tony Greig and Bill Lawry and even Glen McGrath with a starring role

Ashish Phadale..One of my favorite players and the first ever match winner who used to single handle win it..Akele

Michael Bevan is No.1 One day ( Batsman) player in history till today in my opinion, his deep understanding and knowledge of his key position while batting is unbelievable...his innings are ultimate guide for one day cricket middle time batting.

excellent single by Glenn McGrath...can someone sit Bevan down with Glenn Maxwell. A bit of Bevan's composure at time would make Maxy lethal.

Michael bevan was my fav batsmen.Him chasing is almost textbook.Look at his average and you will know this was a player made for t20s....The original Mr cricket...

Probably the best batsman who could build a partnership with the tail enders! Seen him doing that more often then not! What a player!

The best finisher in the game till MS Dhoni started his career. Still, he is the second best finisher in the history now.

So much brilliance, Michael. Bev the ledge, McGrath fumbling the ball into his foot, and those epic sleeves.

Best finisher , I really don’t know how and why he was cast off , because he was in good form and all of a sudden there was team without bevan

A really nice knock.Just amazing.I think the viewers of this match sitting in Sydney stedium are very lucky.......thanks cricket Australia for giving us a chance to see this knock as I born after 4 years of this match.....

I remember listening to this match on the radio, pretty sure they weren't televising it in Sydney. What a classic.

Cain if this doesn’t get you ginned up I don’t know what will! #WouldYouKnowMyNameIfYouSawMeWithMichaelBevan

I remember Bevan stunning performance to finish the match even Paul Reffiel also scoring 33 runs 👍👌🏏

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