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Three dead in Brisbane house fire

Three dead in Brisbane house fire


UPDATE: More details on this morning's suspicious house fire which claimed the lives of three. #9News |

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Senior clinicians and immunisation experts are meeting today, in the bid to develop a vaccine program to protect South Australians from the potentially-deadly B strain of meningococcal disease. Details tonight in #TenNews

A set of rare twin joeys has been saved by wildlife volunteers after their mother was euthanised. #9News

TONIGHT: Port Adelaide launches a counter-attack over the treatment of Sam Powell-Pepper.

More details at 5pm on #TenNews.

After four decades on the run, the man thought to be the infamous "Golden State killer" has been arrested in California. #9News

It's one of Melbourne's quintessential laneways. Here's some hotspots to visit on Degraves Street:

The US police officer charged with murdering Australian woman Justine Ruszczyk will plead not guilty to the charge. @ccroucher9 #9News

Mystery surrounds how a man from Sydney's eastern beaches sustained head injuries so bad, he died from them days later in hospital. @peterstefanovic #9News

Former police officer Hayley Greenwood sentenced to 4.5 years jail for 3 counts of trafficking meth in 2015. 28-year-old handed 18 month non parole period. @TenNewsADEL

THC says the $2.5 million acquisition of facilities in Southport, Queensland from LEO Pharma will enable it to produce high-quality, pure cannabinoids for use in drug treatments. #9News

Medical cannabis company shares soar by 120 percent

Pot stock The Hydroponics Company has soared after the company acquired one of the largest plant extraction...

DRY 2018: Adelaide's only had 28mm of rain this year - just 1/4 of the 100mm we'd usually expect by the end of April - with no rain on the forecast for the next 7 days

Meghan Markle got married tonight in America but not to Harry. Instead she walked down the aisle with “Mike” and gave her vows using the name “Rachel”. #9News

Meghan Markle just got married... but not to Harry

SPOILER ALERT: It has taken 108 episodes but Rachel and Mike have eventually tied the knot.

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Channel 7 Perth

South Fremantle’s long haired Ruckman Brock Higgins chats to The West Australian John Townsend about the Bulldogs hopes for a flag in 2018.

Make sure you get down and see a WAFL game this weekend or watch the game live on Sunday before the Western Derby.

Claremont Football Club v South Fremantle Football Club in Albany
Perth Football Club v West Perth Football Club
Swan Districts Football Club Inc. v East Fremantle Football Club

Sunday – Live on Channel 7 Perth at 11:30 am.
East Perth Football Club Inc v @Peel Thunder.

3 hours ago

Channel 7 Perth

New Episodes, new LOLs & a few famous faces!
Modern Family premieres Wednesday May 2 at 9.00 on @Channel 7 Perth and 7plus

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Channel 7 Perth

Don’t miss the My Kitchen Rules recipe special inside today The West Australian. #MKR ...

Don’t miss the My Kitchen Rules recipe special inside today The West Australian. #MKR

China’s recycling ban hits Adelaide – will your council rates go up to save it from landfill, or could the world’s trash become our state’s treasure? Tonight 6.30.



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This will effect councils Across the board. Yes Bendigo rates will go up as per 2018/2019 budget shows. Bendigo will face a worse problem in the coming yrs. As our land fill (tip) closes in aprox 2022. But i am sure some ex councillors yrs ago, starting a plan to fix this problem. Problem is our coucil is not good with the truth or transpancy. So we will just sit back and pay out money and see which councillors in a few yrs are rubbing their grubby hands together with $$$ in their eyes

Australia loves the Chinese money but not their friendship

Sakun Tha

Catch Up: Saving made simple – the easy new way to manage your money and boost your bank balance. Chenee Marrapodi reports.


Catch Up: Adelaide’s World War Two love birds – still together after more than seven decades. Paul Makin reports.



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How beautiful

A true Pluck love story Kathy Pluck xxxx

Abbie Clark Trish Gipson I’m not crying, I was just cutting onions

Chloe Dalbosco Jess Maturo made me cry nawww

God bless them both just a truely beautiful life they have had ❤ and wishing them many more happy n heathy more years to come ❤️🌹

That's what you call love and respect for each other in marriage may god bless them both with loads of love x

Omg the tears Jessica Kari

Such a beautiful story, that's how you make a marriage last. Love , Respect and Communication.

Omg Michael Gibson they are goals😭

Our gorgeous customers, they are one very happy couple. Always have a wise word or two!

Champions of a great love story xo

Have always dreamed of having something this amazing ❤. Such a gorgeous couple.

He got home and 9 months later the son was born. What a pair of champs! Love these two

True Love .... Soul mates ❤❤

What a beautiful story....what true love is all about! ❤

Thank you so much, a truly beautiful story of love, true love! Bless you both😘😘💖💖

That’s so beautiful ❤️

Beautiful , made my heart melt

What a lovely couple so adorable!

Gorgeous. . Bought a tear to my eyes. ❤❤

That was a lovely story.

Alex Ramsey super cute

Shondelle Creten look how cute they are 😭❤️

Ella Zanker

Jamie Wiggins Robert Wiggins

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Catch Up: A life-saving cancer treatment – finally coming to Adelaide, but too late for some. Patrick Major reports.




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My husband was turned down last year for funding for proton therapy for brain cancer. I contacted several USA clinics and my husband was approved for treatment. We used a portion of his super, savings, raised money and left for treatment on November 3rd 2017 and returned January 17th. An epic journey for us and 2 young children. He has a scan on May 7th. We were originally advised that the proton machine would be in adelaide by 2020, which gave me hope incase my husband needed it again. Having to wait another 2 years could be the difference between life and death for him. We definitely couldn't fund another trip. Adelaide needs this machine now, not in 2022.

We are desperately seeking help for a young man whom has dedicated 17 years of his life to the ADF and also suffering with Chordoma, 2 young children , 2 major back surgeries, pop locks holding his shoulder in place , pain 24/7 living on multi lethal pain killing drugs and anti depressants, suffering PTSD and grieving for his father whom past away on Good Friday . This boy has given his life to his country and gone beyond the call of duty , he / we need help now and no one is listening. Help needed urgently!!!

Where is the humanity in the Government!! fund this child for gods sake.

Too late for my 24 year old son. Died last year from Lymphoma

Carol Coombs you are an inspiration, wow that time has gone fast! Love you long time xx

Love you too Mic. 😚😚


Good news

Kate Pagnozzi ❤️❤️

Naomi Holland

Adelaide’s World War Two love birds – still together after more than seven decades. Tonight 6.30.


Adelaide’s World War Two love birds – still together after more than seven decades. Tonight 6.30. 



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My great Aunty and Uncle ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

They sure are a beautiful couple xx

That is so beautiful

What a beautiful story this was ❤️


God bless you both

Absolutely beautiful

Jessica Battams

Marilyn Simpson

Saving made simple – the easy new way to manage your money and boost your bank balance. Tonight 6.30.



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I disagree with what the guy was saying. It is not possible to take out of the equation an amount for savings first. First you take out all the bills and then your left with an amount of money. You then and only then can divide the amount left over into spend and save. By doing what the guy said by taking the amount out for savings first then working the rest out is not possible at all. If you take out too much for savings first then you may be left with not enuf to cover the bills. Hence why you always take out the money for bills first and see what’s left over. That’s how I’ve always done it myself and will continue for as long as needed. Just goes to show you cant believe what your told some times. My way is fool proof.

When planning your visit to the Gallery today, don't forget that we are open from 12noon - 5pm for Anzac Day. 👋 If you're a first time visitor, find out how to get here on our website: ...

1 day ago

Perth Wildcats

Lest We Forget. ...

Lest We Forget.

2 days ago

Channel 7 Perth

"I just got forked by Manu!" - Emma is seriously living the dream 😍😍😍

#MKR |


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She is loving every minute of the attention.

This show was forked up a long time ago...

I’m sure it’s not the only thing to go in her Mouth.

Can’t understand Manu gives the boys a good rapport on there nochi and said it was the best so far and yet some of girls pulled it apart , still what would they no .

Those lips hahahahaha

Forkin hell

Hopefully you will report some real NEWS and that the Parasites at the City of Perth, were paying overtime to staff for handing out parking tickets for people attending the ANZAC Dawn Service for our fallen heroes....... Obviously they need the money to pay for that Maggot Scaffidi's pay while she is suspended again for another year....

2 days ago

Channel 7 Perth

TONIGHT: It's all about famiglia at Josh & Nic's Super Dinner Party 🇮🇹💙

#MKR tonight 7.30 Channel 7 |

2 days ago

Channel 7 Perth

You don't want to miss Andrew's chat with surfing powerhouse Mick Fanning!

#InterviewAU tonight 9.00 on Channel 7 |

You know we've got Mick Fanning on tonight's episode of #InterviewAU but have a peek below of some of our other very exciting future guests... 🤔🤔🤔
Tuesdays at 9.00pm on Channel 7.

2 days ago

Perth Wildcats

“He and Damian Martin playing together are going to cause headaches for opposition guards."

Welcome to Perth, Mitch Norton!


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Great replacement for losing jarrod Kenny

Great news, always admired his style of bball, Welcome to Perth. !!! He's just what we need 🏀🏀

Bash Bros 2.0

Good news!!!

James Kerr

Sami McEntee

Jas W Gallardo