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Thousands of Little Blue Penguins wash up dead on New Zealand coast

Thousands of Little Blue Penguins wash up dead on New Zealand coast


The mass deaths occur once every 20 years.

The deaths were caused by changing weather patterns.

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JUST IN: Elisha Carney, 24, was last seen by family at her home address on Mikada Boulevard on Friday 20 April. Police and family have concerns for her welfare as she has a medical condition. #9News

Check out the view of the lightning from St Kilda. Send your weather videos or photos to 7 News Adelaide: #7News

#UPDATE: The role is not one that automatically gets passed down or inherited by the Prince of Wales. #9News

JUST IN: Chelsea, 14, and Brooke, 15, failed to attend school in Carrum Downs on Tuesday 17 April and have not been seen since. Police and family hold concerns for their welfare due to their age. #9News

JUST IN: A short pursuit has been initiated by police in Heidelberg Heights after a stolen Mitsubishi Lancer failed to stop and rammed two police cars. #9News

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5 minutes ago

NTD Australia

Beauty Within
Love this nail art - I didn't know what she was drawing until she finished! 😘
Credit: kiaraskynails

35 minutes ago

NTD Australia

NTD Television
How to create the perfect curb! 👍👍

Credit: ViralHog


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Tim cole and sam at work Nice job done

coisa de doidos!

Parece un juego trabajo es travajo

Well done

2 hours ago

NTD Australia

A very meaningful message..👍 ...


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Depends if you are a tree or a woody weed

Out footprint is tiny. There are billions of acres of treed land in Australia...way more than needed if 1 tree feeds oxygen to 4 people...cut it down if it's a danger to anyone. Get real or get off this big Island.

Why do councils let us build homes in dangers heavy wooded areas that tree's fall on homes killed by bush fires, but you must not cut down a trree. So again why let us build in theres places.

Yeah but how much electricity could you provide as a utility pole?

Well l dont know how many trees have been pushed over at the back of my fence all in the name of development bullshit thats what it is

But the do-gooders say you are bad. Oh im so confused


We love trees



You bet!


Save the trees.


Yes I do





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3 hours ago

NTD Australia

NTD Inspired Life
Tally is a dog like no other, you have to see it to believe it! And brace yourself for cuteness overload ❤️🐾🐶


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Tally might need a doggy friend Nonetheless she gorgeous 🐾💖

Love the story she is beautiful and smart and very special keep her safe and as to you give her unconditional love there is nothing more previous than the love from your pet especially a dog a home is not a home without a DOG spell it backward It spells GOD that's why they love you so.


Linda Deacon💕

4 hours ago

NTD Australia

Cute baby..😘 ...


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Beautiful babe

вождь краснокожих, милый человечек, расти, детка

Chief little wolf

Preslatka Bebica💟💟💟

Absolutly BEAUTIFUL.








So cute


Amazing eyes

Linda Bale

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5 hours ago

NTD Australia

NTD Life
I want to hold your hand forever ❤️

Credit: JukinVideo


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Beautiful bond..

What a lovely dog.!!😃😃

OMG that dog is so lovingly cute

Aww my dog does that too

So sweet...

That’s so sweet

Nola Anne Smith me and punchy lol....


Vaneet Oberoi

Tatjana Di Maria

Alex Wiesner

Ethan Farley

Jordan Webster ❤

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5 hours ago

9 News Perth

A Carlisle family is devastated after losing a David and Goliath fight to keep its local business. The state's administrative tribunal has decided their supermarket should be bowled over to make way for a Hungry Jacks and a 7-Eleven. ...


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A servo across the servo (BP). I guessed they didnt see it. Would the first instance I reckon. Never have I ever seen two servos next to each other.

7 eleven has cheap coffee ☕

This is so cruel for that family and the community. They are obviously good, hard working people. Let them be! :(

How much did The state administration tribunal get from the developers to sell out the family business that sells groceries and fresh produce to put up fast food out let’s that make you fat.

Terrible allowing another fast food chain to set up business . Family have operated for years the big sharks taking over. All talk about healthy food options government allowing the counsel to be over ruled local communities have no say world wide.

Yeah cos perth definitely needs another hjs and petrol station...😑

That’s very sad. Felt sorry for the owners & their workers. They worked hard for it and now they have to close down. I’m sure that there is a way to put both shops together in one area. They don’t need another HJ since there are already some HJs along Great Eastern Hwy.

That's all a crap, where do they want us to do late night shopping. That's so unfair

Great another 7/11 so they can not pay staff for working.

Remember it's on Orrong rd. Cindy Le

Neither of them are Australian buisness, who is on the committee to decide, any Australians?

Take it to the high court it’s only administrative tribunal

You can have a say at the next local body election. Get rid of the dead beat mutts who approved this and have an enquiry on whether they had an interest in it.

I'm sure BP would have something to say about another petrol station across the road

We in Minesota, USA, see the same kind of issues.

lets get the ateam

What is the actual story with 7 11 one service station closes bang a 7 11 opens across the road

Curruption to the core. SAT DAP and all these councils put money in each others pockets. This system needs to be accountable especially to the locals people. Its wrong.

Wow how exciting anothe HJs and a franchise who under pay their workers...

its pathetic honestly theres litrelly 1 down the road we dont need it

Y do we have to vote for government

unbelievable even the Mayor doesn`t want it

Dollar signs people

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6 hours ago

Sydney Swans

We fought until the end but we were simply not good enough tonight, the Crows taking the points with a 10-point win.

We will look to bounce back on the road next week.


We fought until the end but we were simply not good enough tonight, the Crows taking the points with a 10-point win.

We will look to bounce back on the road next week.



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Before everyone jumps on the umpires, look at how we played. We were atrocious. Adelaide belted us in clearances and were cleaner with the ball going forward. Once again our skills under pressure were terrible. We were almost always second to the ball, and when we finally brought the pressure in the 3rd we again resorted to long bombs into the forward 50. We didn't deserve to win on that performance, and were lucky not to lose by more

Worst umpiring I have ever seen in an AFL game. As soon as a swan touched a crow it was a free! Do something about the inconsistent umpiring!

The reality is every team is going to lose games. Every team is going to have a rough patch. Every supporter will be disappointed to lose. We will always look for reasons to hang a loss on. Take the wins with the losses and always stick fat. It’s Rd 5 and we are 3 & 2, so on my count we are already ahead of the curve based on last year. When we win we are full of high praise, so be patient it will turn. Too many ‘couch’ Coaches and players who continually point the finger. Enjoy it for what it is as we are a very successful Club but please don’t kick the boys in the guts. ⚪️🔴⚪️🔴⚪️🔴

just once before I die I want to see a game where we don't get screwed.... all the marks called no mark, all the score reviews called behind, all the holding the man left unnoticed but worst of all we claw the bloody momentum back despite the pelicans with the whistle and they just take it off us and give it back - happens every bloody week............ wouldn't care if we lose if it's a level playing ground but it never is......... everyone calling Tex great; 4 frees & 4 goals, say no more

Would of been good to have an in and under midfielder oh thats right we got rid of mitchell.. too short down back alir would of been good on jenkins thats right we dropped him, would of been good to have some speed from half back thats right we got rid of murray, a good ruckman would of been good thats right we got rid of nankervis .. half our list is full of spuds ... were relying on hayward, florent towers, cunningham they had 8 possesions combined, yet we dropped newman... they lost hardigan plus 9 of their best blokes out and we got smashed , we lost to their 2nds team disgraceful , longmire needs to take the blame ...

Have been saying it for 4yrs, Longmire has to go, he simply doesn’t have a plan B, if plan A isn’t working he doesn’t know how to change the game plan. He gets lost and with a midfield like our he should be dominating 99% of games and they all should be having 25+ possessions, Longmire is useless and hopefully everyone else starts to see what I’ve been seeing for years.

Was that review wrong? Did that footy come off Heeneys foot? What was the go there? I'm with about 10 people and all of them think it came off his boot. I reckon they buggered up?

Yes, not our game. One bad game. Yes, the umpiring was CRAP. As well as the commentary But, never will I slam the players and coaches ! I am a Swan supporter through thick and thin! And, yeah I wrote this before hand

Our most insipid performance for years. The midfield showed no desire and a lack of two way running highlighted when Buddy got called play on for running around. The long shot showed 4 midfielders walking through the middle. This is 5 weeks where our first half has been woeful and yet nothing changes. New coaching team yet Horse’s structures remain. Why bother with new coaches when we just continue on with the same style. We have been worked out and Horse seems incapable of making change. As a 22 year member I will always love our club but something needs to change.

Longmire ever going to cop some heat? Must be hard with 8 all australians and the games greatest forward playing against adelaides seconds at home

See a lot of people critising or defending the umpires, but how the hell did Heeneys goal with 2mins 4seconds left on the clock not get awarded? The goal review took 5mins to look at it, and after determining it was touched off Gary Rohans boot never bothered to see what happened after that. The most obvious goal off of Heeneys boot... Imagine that game playing out from the centre bounce with 2mins left and only 4points the difference...

Josh Kennedy has had a rare slow start to the season, no where near his usual standards, carrying a quiet injury or just a limited pre season? Hanners looks underdone, played a lot better in second half just bad luck, umpires did my head in tonight though...

Longmire getting out coached with a team missing key players and also they had 3 on the bench for the 3 quarters. you cant blame the midfield for that lost when you have a ruckman tapping it into crows players or tapping it so far away to make our midfield chase, secondly our defence is too old and slow (smith and grundy- they had good moments but having an extra man in defence to assist them isnt going to work anymore because teams just work it from their defence.) Why cant we pressure them and lock it in our 50 with just basic 1v1 defence. you cant expect our midfield to keep running to defend because our coach decides we need an extra man deep back in case a goal is leaked. Its 2018 and being defensive wont win you games anymore. If this was a Victorian club Longmire would be in the media everyday but cause its swans the media doesnt care if we lose. -Vent over

Equal number of scoring shots. We just need to learn to kick straight. As long as I live, I’m never gonna understand this play on rule, in the back to one team and not another, and any of the other reasons we gave away alleged free kicks . Yes some were there but many were not . IMO 😡😡😡

This is what happens when we lose quality players like Tippett. That’s the kind of height, speed and power that would have won this game. This pack of slow, low scoring sloths are a disgrace.

I don’t even know what to say about that. Sydney should have wiped the floor against a heavily undermanned side, but instead they got an absolute lesson. Could not handle the pressure at all! Having only one go to forward is going to weigh heavily on the teams results this season. Last week was only a win because Parker was able to step up and kick straight.

Joshua van der Eyk Alen Tine Beaten on enthusiasm. Tex Walker taking a mark on the goal line symbolised the effort they showed tonight. Tex and Jenkins took too many easy marks. Hanners is underdone and needs some game time in the reserves. Good luck next week against the ‘free kick specialists’ Geelong

Congrats to Adelaide they deserve the win. Only complaint I have is I thought the goal review was supposed to review all situations when asked. That last goal review where the Swans were given a behind because it was touched, if they had rolled it on they would've seen it touched another Swan foot. #SCOREREVIEWFAIL

Rohan, well done on your performance tonight you played brilliant under the circumstances ❤️ your 3 girls would be proud

Smoked by Adelaide’s 2s at home. Even if we won by <10 points I would’ve been embarrassed, which we should have easily done if we didn’t miss 3 piss easy set shots in the last quarter. I’m actually embarrassed.

The Crows’ game plan at the outset was superior and even still, we kept them to 4.9. But our midfield was largely neutralised. That is a credit to their defence. We were never in front; never. You don’t win football matches when you kick 2.6 in the final quarter. We had the chances and made poor choices or executed poorly. That’s on us. We should have won that game. We were complacent. We will need to play better if we hope to make the finals.

Just want to say as a crows supporter.... What a game! It's been a slug out with you guys for.a while! Gary Rohan inspirational game after all he has been through this week

So it wasn’t our best. Perhaps a lot taken out of our boys last week. But there were still plenty of amazing moments, and it still felt possible to get back into it right into the depths of the fourth quarter. It’s only early - probably best not to hammer them.

So has everyone acknowledged that, especially considering nearly half Adelaide's starting team were out, this is clearly the worst loss since the 2014 Gf?

I'm not a Swans supporter but sad they lost after the week you all have been through. The team didn't play at there best. The Umpiring wss shocking the worst I have seen in awhile . Hopefully Swans will bounce back next week against Geelong. 🏈🏈🏈

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7 hours ago

Sydney Swans

We shifted momentum that quarter but the visitors still hold the lead.

Huge final term coming up, come on boys!

#AFLSwansCrows #goswans

We shifted momentum that quarter but the visitors still hold the lead.

Huge final term coming up, come on boys!

#AFLSwansCrows #goswans


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In all seriousness how the hell is Callum Sinclair a professional footballer? The bloke should be standing on a street corner selling pencils out of a cup.

Longmire do us all a favour and just bugger off. U cant coach one dimensional and pathetic. The team should hang their heads in shame. Not a top four side. Will be lucky to make the eight. Gutless piss poor effort

Not a Swans supporter but my heart goes out to Rowan. What a disgrace that his team mates could not show their support for his family by wearing black arm bands. Most other teams would join with the one grieving as a team.

I dont think OPSM is helping the is shocking!!

Would be amazing if the umpires paid the same free kicks for both teams

Trying to figure out whats worse the umpiring or callum sinclairs game

Biggest one dimensional side in the comp Buddy has a shocker Sydney get beat and there backline is old and slow there is no flag in this list that’s for sure midfield is slow also

What an ugly game! Stop doing what Buddy tells u! Should have the lead! #FreeLickTeX!

That review then was terrible, yeah the crow's player touched it but after it rolled on it deflected Heeneys foot. The review system is rubbish.

In the coaching box When do you look at your game plan & say bombing the ball inside 50 every fckn time is not working! Fckn frustrating team to watch, always has been always will be. No plan B or C. Ps umpires there is 2 teams out there tonight.😡😡😡

Umpires still trying their hardest to hand Adelaide the game, but the boys better fire up for Rohan this last term to get us home

Lots of loafers out there for Sydney. Umps have excelled tonight...AFL are surely embarrassed????

Longmire’s finished. He has to go. He’s washed the most promising team in a generation down the drain. He’s not terrible, just not near good enough with the talent he has. NEXT.

Should have played the video review on until number five kicked it?

Swans embarrased themselves tonight. What a disgraceful game.

Once again john longmire out coached teams tag our players but he dosnt put tags on seedsman should have been one that was tagged but like the plugger era hall era now buddy era need more forwards buddy cant do it all towers is useless give allir or darcy cameron the chance towers has had got new coaches in johnson a forward coach cox who was a all aust ruckman and thats where were getting beat longmire dosnt change his plan so wont go anywhere with his one dimensional game plan

Lance Franklin announces a new sponsor.

Umps - put your glasses on. Buddy tackled without ball = free kick. You cheats!!!

Lance Buddy Franklin? More like Lance Buddy Shanklin ha ha ha ha am I right boys??!! 😂😂😜🕺🏻

Man hanners was cooked by half time. Kennedy Parker heeney too young. Are we training and warming the older guys up to much before game day? Was the Smokey conditions playing up with asthma?

Well when the game changes but the team play the same style of footy for the past 7 odd year's then they just become predictable and just a good side rather then great. Something needs to change

I don't go for either side but I thought the umpiring tonight was appalling against Sydney

Softest Sydney team I hav watched in 30 years they refused to support there team mate who is playing after what has happened anyone who says Sydney is a contender has not watched this game soft can’t tackle which I never thought I would say about Sydney

Literally the shittest effort against a depleted club and everyone’s blaming umpires LOL

What another piss poor effort

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7 hours ago

Sydney Swans

Gaz's moment that one ❤️


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One for Willow and one for Bella 💕💕

You are amazing Gary Rohan!! You made your mark tonight for your girls! ❤️So glad to have been there to see that special moment when you kicked those goals ❤️ GaryRohan#16

It was beautiful to be at the scg and give him the standing ovation he deserved.

My tears wouldn’t stop. Thinking of you Gary. You’re truly inspirational. Baby Willow will be so very proud of her daddy kicking that goal 💕🔴⚪️♥️

Standing ovation and people all around me high-fiving each other. So much love for the Rohan family. ❤️

Brought tears to my eyes.

Just beautiful. Well done to everyone at the ground who participated in support of Gary and his family. ❤️ #veryproudlysydney

What a beautiful moment for a precious little soul x

Not a dry eye in the house 🙂 🔴⚪️ Gaz I hope someone in yr fam prints a canvas of yr face at this moment Nothing, nothing will ever demonstrate yr grief and love in one moment 💔 I caught it 💕 🔴⚪️♥️

Such a tender moment in such a tough game ❤

One for Willow.

Listening on the radio on the way home and there was a tear for Gary and his family X beautiful to watch the support from his teammates

I'm sure many people bet Sydney, this game jst fake tabsporbet already fix the Qtr and winner

We lost... but this was something not to miss!! The way we got behind him and cheered him - I will never forget this moment

Beautiful moment and so much support from everyone. ❤️

LOVE THIS ❤️ Gary's lil family is an inspiration to so so many!!

Teared up just so good to see the love from his teamates

Jessamyn Gough first game first tv appearance?

I can’t watch this without tears. What a moment gaz 💖

Oh gosh. Tear jerking

omg I have no words bless you all

An awesome moment tainted with sadness ❤

Looks like another loss coming up.

Nice we need more of them

Logan Parmeter couldn’t hold back the tears

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8 hours ago

Sydney Swans

It's a 16-point game at the main break.

Ramps with 15 disposals and Lloydy 14.

Time to regroup and come back out with plenty of energy after the break.


Its a 16-point game at the main break.

Ramps with 15 disposals and Lloydy 14.

Time to regroup and come back out with plenty of energy after the break.



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Does the AFL umpiring department have a vendata against the swans?

The skipper's had more appearances in Swisse ads than disposals in this half of footy.

We have been crap, but so have the umps. Parker is useless in a pressure game again. Horse has got to go

Tom Papley needs a game or two in the reserves. Looks completely out of sorts and having no impact as a small forward or midfielder

Not sure where our players are, because they sure are not at the SCG.

If Allir Allir is not injured why is he not playing in this team, especially with size of the Crows. How is Marsh selected in front of him

Didnt deserve to win last week and getting crushed by a side missing 12 of their best this week. Midfield getting smashed. Unbelievably weak!

We are just shell shocked.....bloods you can do it, play with instinct. Horse.....what are you doing, you are confusing the structure. Why are you playing numbers back when no one to assist forward line when it goes in......we can play switch and we do it well! Marsh hasn’t had enough game time to be there just yet and Newman should still be in as he had hands on the ball. Go to ground and let’s get the 1 on 1’s back so their zone breaks down.

Surely they can't play that badly the whole pressure, no workrate. Lucky to only be down 16

Our midfield is laughably overrated. Every time we get an avalanche of inside 50s against us. Is that actually the game plan? I suppose it must be.

The Swans deserve to lose this. Since West Coast the Swans have been horrible. On this form Geelong are going to annihilate us.

Need new batteries, the ones we’ve been using aren’t working. 😩

Come on Boys, knnew the crows would come out fighting after being beaten by the magpies, but we need to stand up. GO SWANNIES

We're not going win very often with a bomb it long to Buddy only attitude, FFS is there a plan C, D or F on our list? When will we learn to defend our own turf?

Sorry ,all I can see is the Swans playing like amateurs,can’t hold on to the ball ,got no get up and ,doing the usual,passing to the opposition ,and not getting the ball down the other end ,Pat

Don't write us off yet. Still have 2 quarters to go!

Sydney are jokers realy. Umps are bad, but the coaching is rubbish. Why kick across face of goal...resulting in 3 goals?? Sydney need a big change, first step new coach!

Can we get some decent kicks in our side please!! Disposal is rubbish just as bad as the umpires. Kennedy Parker please do something

Throw what game plan there is out the window and do something radical otherwise it’s a loss coming up.

Whatever free we get have been either inside our defensive 50 or our side of the centre. Crows are getting more in front of goal including the ridiculous 50 to Walker

If you come into a game with the mindset of playing bruise free football this is what we will cop...

0-6 last year folks, Adelaide are a quality side and we’ve had a tough draw. Definitely not playing our best. Need more tall forwards buddy can’t shake 2 tags every time and our smalls aren’t firing.

Hope Horse gets right up them at half time. This is not pleasant to watch at all. Glad I did not pay to go there. We don’t seem to be able to take any decent marks at all. I didn’t look at the stats. They would be too frightening. And don’t get me started on the free kicks. I said DON’T !

I love the swans and I’m still learning about this game. Could be wrong but there’s been some bad umpiring calls. I say swans can lift and win this.

Midfield are he biggest flat trackers in the footy. Disappear (usually except Kennedy) when the other team actually plays turns on the pressure

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8 hours ago

Sydney Swans

The Crows take a 12-point lead into the first break.

Plenty to work on going into the second quarter.

#AFLSwansCrows #goswans

The Crows take a 12-point lead into the first break.

Plenty to work on going into the second quarter.

#AFLSwansCrows #goswans


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Is it just me or does the umpiring suck already!

can anyone stop in at my place and run a couple of pairs of glasses for the umpires. anyone would think they're ex adelaide players ffs. doesnt help sydney playing like crap

Lucky they can’t kick straight or it would be out of reach already! The boys need to step up and clear the inside 50 kicks

Sinclair is not cutting it! #FreekickAdelaide! #Sydneyplayersmissing or all of them!

Dunno if the Swans have noticed but the Crows have half their team out injured.

Getting dominated in the ruck, always 2nd to the ball & Franklin needs to stop playing hero ball!

Plenty of work!? We are lucky to be only 12 points down. Terrible 1st quarter. Hopefully if was just a slow start must be smoko as they have all clocked off...luckily Adelaide haven't got their full compliment...hey Horse do you have a plan B or C????

Are we sure we’re not playing in Adelaide? All those 50/50 calls going against would suggest so. 😫

Come on Swannies! You can do this. Need a lift in this second half

Most unlike Sydney qtr I've seen in awhile. Took 10 minutes before they started to look interested. Lucky the Crows were missing shots to keep Sydney in it.

Terrible first quarter, getting killed everywhere. Hope we can play better after a huge spray from horse.

great to see the umpires having another great game tonight

Getting killed in the stoppages, Sinclair still can’t tap the ball to where a fellow Swan is!

Would be nice if we: Contested marks Kicked to someone free Didn’t scoff free marks on the 50 by playing silly buggers.

How many free kicks in front of the goal for the Crows?

Wish we had got rid of parker and kept mitchell

How can haywards not get called a hold but straight away jenkings gets on

Can we please pick up in defence and give them someone to kick to in offence instead of bunching up on one side, umps are not going to give us anything so we need to play smarter

Ball it up again you idiot - worst umpiring ever

Some brown paper bags need to find their way to the umpires

I hope they’re planning on drug testing the swans after the game ..i know what they wont find ,,performance enhancers

Worst 1st quarter this year and for a long time. Why are they rattled???

And the crows are without some of their best players!! 😠

Omg are the swans actually trying..... trying too loose

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8 hours ago

9 News Perth

Desperate attempts to save a woman trapped in the wreck of an horrific crash have ended tragically on a notoriously dangerous stretch of road. Three other people were hurt when the bus and car smashed head-on in Piara Waters. ...


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We drove alone that stretch of road today it is very confusing...Goes from 2 lanes to 1 lane several times and there is so much vacant land. Why didn't they make it duel road all the way when they just up graded it...

Blame the road as usual, it's pretty simple really, stay on the correct side of the white line and no one gets hurt!

The road isn't dangerous, it's the idiots using it.

Tell your subtitle typists the difference between break and brake pls.

sad and tragic ...RIP>>condolences to families and friends.......

Brittany Borrie are you okay??

1.30 Hilux going on wrong side to prevent a rear ender camera crew distracting the driver

Callie Hagdorn 😢

My deepest sympathy to all involved in this tradgic accident.

Aimee Zwartkruis Rima Procter 😭

Paul Verrier

Zack Verrier

Kirsty Goodlet

Brad Mortas

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