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‘The worst disease you’ve never heard of’

‘The worst disease you’ve never heard of’


WARNING GRAPHIC IMAGES: When Eliza Baird was born, she was screaming in pain and had large chunks of skin missing and for a fortnight, no one knew why.

Daily Telegraph:

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22 minutes ago

NSW Police Force

A man has been charged with drugs and weapons offences after a vehicle stop on the Central Coast.

About 7pm yesterday (Friday 20 April 2018), police were conducting stationary random breath and drug testing on Sparks Road, Hamlyn Terrace, when they observed an Audi try to avoid the site.

Police stopped the car and subjected the driver, a 43-year-old man, to a random breath test and a random drug test.

The drug test came back positive, and the man was placed under arrest.

Police searched the car and allegedly located numerous resealable bags containing the drug ‘ice’.

Police also allegedly located 61.6 grams of amphetamines (speed) 5.8 grams of cocaine, 2.1g of cannabis, and four vials of steroids.

Also allegedly located was over $3000 cash, an extendable baton and several rounds of ammunition.

The man was taken to Wyong Police Station and charged with supply prohibited drug (x3), possess prohibited drug (x2), possess anabolic steroid, possess prohibited weapon without permit, possess ammunition without holding licence, deal with proceeds of crime, drive whilst disqualified, and a revocation of parole warrant was also executed.

He was bail refused to appear at Wyong Local Court today (Saturday 21 April 2018).

Police will await further analysis of the drug test before charges are laid in relation to that offence.

6 hours ago

NSW Police Force

A teenager has been charged following investigations into a fatal crash near Tamworth earlier this year.

Just before 4.30pm on Saturday 24 February 2018, a southbound Toyota Hilux and a northbound Nissan X-Trail collided on Werris Creek Road at Duri,

The passenger of the X-Trail, a 54-year-old man, died at the scene.

The driver of the Hilux, a 17-year-old boy, and the driver of the X-Trail, a 70-year-old man, were both taken to Tamworth Base Hospital for treatment to non-life threatening injuries.

Police from Oxley Police District attended and have been investigating the crash.

Following inquiries, the Hilux driver, now aged 18, was arrested at Tamworth Police Station today (Friday 20 April 2018).

He was charged with dangerous driving occasioning death; dangerous driving causing grievous bodily harm; negligent driving causing death; negligent driving causing grievous bodily harm; and drive with prescribed illicit drug in system.

The Hillvue teen was given bail to appear in a children’s court on 22 May 2018.


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Jovan Jogi Svitlica they named a puppy after you cuz

So many lives changed irreparably. So sad.

Give him life in prison



7 hours ago

NSW Police Force

Police are on the scene of a fatal crash at Glen Innes.

About 8.30pm today (Friday 20 April 2018), a Holden Colorado was travelling on the Gwydir Highway, about 9km west of Glen Innes, when the vehicle left the road and hit a tree.

Despite the efforts of emergency services the male driver, who was the sole occupant, died at the scene.

The eastbound lane of the Gwydir Highway is currently closed while the scene is examined.

Police will prepare a report for the Coroner.

Police are urging anyone with information in relation to this incident to call Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000 or use the Crime Stoppers online reporting page: Information you provide will be treated in the strictest of confidence. We remind people they should not report crime information via our social media pages.


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How old is the male driver please

RIP and Bless your family❤

So sad. Not knowing the circumstances but dont be quick to think they were driving dangerously it takes a quick mistake for an accident even to the best drivers. Sorry for family who has to hear this news.

Andrew Causer

Leigh Eastman

Shelley Muggletonon

Chris Johnson

Jess Burg so sad.

So sad. Sending Love to his familu💙💔💙

May he R.I.P.

Please respect for the family RIP mate

Alisa Hanna

RIP mate,as for Susan Brown I hope you don’t get in cars cause this could happened to you Have some bloody respect

Peter Jensen, Alicia Maree

Amanda Coughlin Heather Orielly

R.I.P. Mate you will be sadly missed


R.I.P mate. Rest easy buddy.

R.I.P mate you be sadly missed


Nikara Trotter




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10 hours ago

Queensland Police Service

The Night's Watch ...

The Nights Watch


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Imagine editing this pic to put a Bat Signal in the distance 😜😂😂 But really thank you to all our men and women in uniform helping for the safety and protection of our neighbourhoods and country. You guys are the real heroes :)

Oh I bet the wildlings will be out tonight, John Snow.

Great photo. Thank you to the police for all they do everyday.

See that place over there Simba?... That's Palmerstone street! You must never ever go there.

I thought it was an advertisement for the new super troopers movie...

Thank you you are our Everyday Heroes


Good work QPS. thank you everything to keep us safe.

Night gathers, now their Watch begins.


Thank you officers where would we be without your security

I heard winters IS coming ... just waiting for Autumn ☺️Some day now.... stay safe

Do you have any Titan countermeasures? Incoming!

So nice to see you enjoying something beautiful.

Thank you to the police who works day and night

I don’t think winter is coming there

Love the Ville and it's hard working police.

Some guys have all the luck....👍🏻

Just Another Night in Paradise...

You can see Adam Greening house from there, thats where he keeps all the children

Watch out Phil Phill Golding. You could be in trouble. 🤣🤣

Stephen, one for you! Happy Friday big guy!

Sam Angus We could find a perfect house here 😍

Luv the view. Can i see yr place Geoffrey Candy?

Joey Bravo do I recognise that head on the left?

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Serious traffic crash - Nerang-Murwillumbah Road, Numinbah Valley road closed in both directions. Expected to be closed for sometime. #QLDtraffic ...


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Exactly where...before or after Pine Creek Road

*some time

Simon Reeve Kids sitting at Highfield Drive Hungry Jacks.

Steve Pele Lees Me.Plod looking out for us 😇🙏🏻

Jessica Kim

Josh Fogarty Sarah Penélope Pauline Fogarty

12 hours ago

Triple M Adelaide

“I offered him a company car, a lot of money, and he still knocked me back!” - Adelaide City FC's Scott Nagel joins the boys on this week’s Real Football Show, where Alby has a bone to pick with him! With Ditts on leave Andrew Jarman steps in as host. ...


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Scott Nagel

Storm warning!
The forecast for Brisbane is:
50% chance of an Oates try in the corner.
90% chance Melbourne is penalised in the play of the ball.
100% likelihood of busy traffic around Suncorp Stadium.


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100% chance Slater will take a dive 🤣

To think up posts like this it must take 10% luck, 20% skill 15% concentrated power of will 5% pleasure 50% pain And a 100% reason to remember the name

Now you have to come up with one for the Reds v Chiefs tomorrow night

you forgot 60% chance of rain so increase your distance and have a little patients and slow down in the wet and have some protection or a rain coat. Just take an umbrella 😳😳😂😂😂

What about the actual weather!?

30% chance you parked in a tow away zone and come out after the game to ask "Where's my car"?

Cassie Jamie Stephanie Megan Richard 50% for my elite greyhound?!?!? I hate those Melbourne players!

100% chance that i’ll get a better view from the tv

Aaarrrggghh, the wonders of footy season hey people, if only I were still young enough to play, I spose I could always join a pub comp, you know 2nd division if its still called that, only problem with those comps though is they tend to do more blewing then actually playing footy and I take my footy very seriously when I play, are well, spose I'll just go without and age gracefully.....

Extensive storm damage, activate SES!

100% we brought the thunder.

I’m a Storm fan and man, that’s some heavy sledging 😂😂😂

Iron clad guaranteed that I’m staying dry in my own home and watching.

You guys crack me up.

Who's been playing in the evidence locker

100% chance they'll get beaten . . . Penalty Broncos

Just add water and all hell breaks loose on southeast qld roads

Always love these reports 😂😂

Absolutely love a GOOD STORM

Brodie Cole is this what you saw?

Tonight’s forecast: No Storm.

Nothing like a good storm ⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️

Good one! Lol.

YEW! Let's go!🏉

Tim Curtis refs won't know what to do!!

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