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The Toblerone treat Australia’s missing out on

The Toblerone treat Australia’s missing out on


Look away Aussie Toblerone fans ...

FIRST it was Cadbury Creme Egg that got the frozen treatment and now another sweet-tooth’s favourite, Toblerone, has been turned into ice cream. 2018 is proving to be a good year for all you chocolate lovers out there.

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7 minutes ago

Channel 7 Perth

Live interview with Perth Happenings and My Kitchen Rules Davide and Marco. #MKR

Perth Happenings
Live Interview with Davide and Marco from My Kitchen Rules 😊

Say hello to our new little orphan Peter 🐰 💕

Peter is about 7 months old and is a very healthy boy. Named after our friend Peter the camel man and because he looks like Peter Rabbit. 😁

Say hello to our new little orphan Peter 🐰 💕

Peter is about 7 months old and is a very healthy boy. Named after our friend Peter the camel man and because he looks like Peter Rabbit. 😁


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Peter Hodge Camel Hire & Training 😁

He looks nice and plump... and fluffy!

Peter Hodge Annette Hodge 😁

Awwww, he's so cute! And he does look like Peter Rabbit!! <3 Is that Peter Hodge who we visited when we were last in Oz? John still remembers having a ride on one of his lovely camels. :-) Will be sending you an email later today when we get back from our trip over to Cheshire if you have a moment to look out for it. Have a good evening there. Lots of love to all xxx

Hello Peter. Aren’t you SO special.. Can I ask do your Orphans come to your Sanctuary Brolga ? Do People find them, do they remove the Babies themselves if in an accident or is there an organised body of people who do that job, it must be so difficult..and needed whenever or wherever, for the safety of the Babies in a sad situation.

What a(nother) cutie. Absolutely gorgeous, especially those big ears!!! :-) Hope to see more of Peter in the future. ;-)

Hello Peter was his mum run over on the road?? Im glad i cant drive i wish people would slow down or not drive at night up there

Awesome, hello Peter.

Oh no, poor Peter. You are in the best of care now little one. Peter is a super name for a gorgeous boy 😍

He's so cute. I'd love to be able to cuddle one

Was he a tiny baby when you found him? Poor little tacker, but lucky you came along. Welcome to the safest place you can be now Peter 💜💜

Welcome to your new home young man!... your one very lucky boy. I’m sure Bradley and max will show you the ropes!! Good luck wee man. Xxx

Very cute

He’s looking very content bless him ❤️

My! What big ears you have, Peter! LOL

Hey Peter, you're safe again now xx

Hello little guy :-) Have a blessed Tuesday <3

He’s beautiful 😍😍

Hi little Peter .. you are so cute!

Hej from Sweden little Peter, you're adorable <3

Hello sweet little Peter! <3

Beautiful baby!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Hello Peter 😊💜

Bless him i keep saying this but you have a wonderful job i am so jealous thank you for caring for them have a nice day Derrick Elliott

G'day mate. 😎

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8 hours ago

Channel 7 Perth

Manu's in charge again! Have the Russians met their match?
My Kitchen Rules tonight at 7.30 on Channel 7

8 hours ago

Channel 7 Perth


11 hours ago

Channel 7 Perth

"Yes he has autism but he also has genius level skills." See why it's the hottest show on TV. 👨‍⚕️💙

New The Good Doctor tonight 9.00 on Channel 7 |


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Awsome show

23 hours ago

Channel 7 Perth

SNEAK PEEK: "When you get to 80 without a wife you figure no one could ever love you." Will it be happily ever after?! 💕

The Resident tonight 9.15 on Channel 7 |


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Last week’s episode

Please stop airing the violent iSelect add. It’s disgusting and uncalled for.

1 day ago

Channel 7 Perth

SNEAK PEEK: "I'm curious to see what all of Group One's fine dining ideas are all about, especially Kim & Suong" - Hadil. The battle continues 😤😬

#MKR tonight 7.30 on Channel 7 |


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Why are these 2 nasty little girls still on the show?

1 day ago

The Kangaroo Sanctuary Alice Springs

Our beautiful boy Jack is only 4 years old and has huge paws! 🐾

By the size of his paws he may grow to be bigger than Roger!

Our beautiful boy Jack is only 4 years old and has huge paws! 🐾

By the size of his paws he may grow to be bigger than Roger!Image attachment


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Wow, his paws are enormous! I think Monty might have a future rival there!! :-) If I remember rightly I cuddled Jack when he was a baby - I'm absolutely sure I couldn't pick him up now! Has he got a fairly gentle nature or might he be chasing you around trees in the years to come, Brolga? ;-) Have a great week. Love to all xxx

He still likes his cuddles?

They look like pure power. That camel tat on the other hand must have an interesting story...

He’ll be taking u on before you know it brolga.

Wow huge paws. Very handsome boy though. How much does he weigh x

Wow!!! How long do Kangaroos grow before they fully grown?

Not as feisty as Roger by the look him. Did you ever get to cuddle Roger?

those look like human fingernails...are they like human finger nails?

how long do they go on growing for, please?

Is Jack, Roger's, son or is he a rescued orphan? xxx

Must be all that good milk,feed,love & cuddles you give to them as babies.😍Roger is magnificent amazed that Jack could grow to be bigger than the boss.🐾

Who's going to be the referee when they start challenging Roger to be top kanga?. I wouldn't want to very close to the action. I feel a bit sorry for Roger. He is blissfully unaware of the battle ahead.

Son of Roger? Very beautiful to have again a big boy boxer. The girls are after Jack like bees on a flower ha ha. Have a good they for all Kangaroos and The Kangaroo Sanctuary Alice Springs. Greetings from Europe Holland.

Jack is thriving in such a great environment-Sanctuary Alice Springs!

Time for metal bucket crushing practice, Jack!

Hi babies I love you Max and Bradly ❤️🙂

Handsome lad that. It is all the good tucker and TLC from Brolga, Tahnee and all the wonderful people who care

Hello mate Jack you handsome ur gonna be a big boy to be reckoned with one day

WOW he is going to be a big boy for sure. I was wondering the samething Marilyn Arrick

Awwww i m falling in love 😍 a Hugh for all from Chile

Forget his paws, check out those ears! Handsome fella ❤️

Oh my gosh I would love to hug him! He is so adorable!!!

They do look pretty big! He is gonna be a heartbreaker! 💙

You better buy you some rocket shoes to help you escape, lol

Huge paws and big ears.jack you are one big boy❤️

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2 days ago

Sydney Crime News

Follow our Sydney crime news admin zaky and join his journey in phuket.
Snapchat.. wackyzakyqanda

Follow our Sydney crime news admin zaky and join his journey in phuket. 
Snapchat.. wackyzakyqanda

2 days ago

The Kangaroo Sanctuary Alice Springs

Jimmy snuggled in his pouch on Tahnee’s lap at the computer when he was a tiny baby at 7 months old. And second pic is Jimmy now at almost 3 years old. Isn’t he beautiful 😍💕 ...

Jimmy snuggled in his pouch on Tahnee’s lap at the computer when he was a tiny baby at 7 months old. And second pic is Jimmy now at almost 3 years old. Isn’t he beautiful 😍💕Image attachment


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Any day I see anything from Alice Springs whatever it is I see brings a smile to my face. Thank you for doing the hard work you do and thank you for having such love and compassion for these kangaroos. Whether it is Jimmy, Roger, Tawney or Bailey they've all brought a smile to my face and some warmth to my heart.

He’s absolutely gorgeous!! What a lucky boy he is to have been saved by you and because of you and Tahnee he is now thriving and a super happy big boy!! 💜🙏

I have always been in love with Jimmy. LOVE seeing pictures of him!!

What a handsome boy he's become! But then he was an incredibly cute baby. <3 Love the glimpse of sun in the background. Can you send it here please? :-) We're deep in more snow at the moment - John had to dig away the snow to get into the stables this evening and all the water buckets and taps were frozen!! I'll be sending you an email with part of my kangaroo story in the next day or so. Hope that's ok? Have a great Sunday. Love to you all xxx

Love this! My Gram Margie age 92 has Alzheimer's and this is so relevant to her. She grew up in Perth during WWII. Now been in the US, specifically Connecticut since 1945. I show my kids the kangaroo pictures, they love it!

What happens when they grow up? Do they stay with you forever?

You all raise great kids! He’s beautiful.

They go from toddler to magnficent creature quickly.

Jimmy is so Handsome thank u all for the care that u give all the Kangaroos and the pictures u share with us. I hv learned so much about ur Kangaroos that I didn't know so thank u for that

Just beautiful what can I say I truly love your posts just makes me smile

Y’all do such amazing work for these beautiful creatures. Thank you! Can’t wait to visit one day.

Oh yes! He is such a handsome boy. They all seem to have the “absolutely gorgeous gene” 😍

Kangaroos appear to be cousins with rabbits & horses. Such an amazing wonderous animal of God's creation!

He was a real cute little snuggler And a big handsome boy now. How fast they grow up😊❤️

yes, very beautifull.he is happy to have crossed your path. thank you for taking care of all these kangaroos, they are adorable😍😍😍you are a wonderful person

He sure is Beautiful.....Both pictures are precious. Thanks for sharing.

Makes it all worthwhile & they don’t seem to forget you either 😍

He is a beauty. Makes me smile when I see your pics❤️

He's beautiful now such a rich color

Wow what a handsome fellow

Yes he is :-) have a great Sunday <3

He is extremely beautiful.

He is indeed a handsome boy!

It's so nice to see him all grown up.

They are all so beautiful

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Same mood 💕

Grace with her Uncle Brandon at our home a little while ago @brandogeoffrey (IG)

Same mood 💕

Grace with her Uncle Brandon at our home a little while ago @brandogeoffrey (IG)


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Patience is a virtue A virtue is a Grace Grace is a little kangaroo Who never washed her face! Lol...

Loved your TV show...will it ever appear again??

So my family has started recognizing my face when I scrolls to your post. My daughter was over on Sunday and when I got to your post she said my face lit up and she said to me “Alice Springs?” I’m like, Yes is it that obvious, 😘 You make my day better Grace

I almost didn’t see the kangaroo...

Grace says "You are interrupting my Uncle Brandon time. Go away."

I was thinking almost 'Blue Steel'

I dont know who is cuter,lol

She has her uncle’s eyes.

Oh my - they're both looking very serious! Or is that a kind of zen calmness? :-) Love the bird picture in the background. Whoopee, it's just started snowing here again - and I've got a dental appointment in the morning to fix - hopefully - my broken tooth. It's going to be a wonderful day!! Hope your Saturday is a lot better. :-) Lots of love to all the mob xxx

As what can I say beautiful photo thank you your photos always put a smile on my face

That's a sweet picture Grace seems to love her Uncle Brandon. 💖

Jeez - Brandon looks like his joey is sick. I was worried for a second!

Its like a clip from Beauty and the Beast of caurse little miss G is the star thank you for shareing another fairytail with us in snowy England x

They both look so serious.

Smile Uncle Brandon ..... you're holding a beautiful wee girl!

Max or Bradley I love you guys ❤️🙂

Oh My Word ❤️ Grace is so much the cutest 🤣

Just look at that little face, so innocent.

She's like...nothing to see here, go away...☺

Uncle brandon doesnt look happy

What do I do with this roo? What do I do with this human? 😀

she is so inetent on who ever is taking the photo shes also adoable

she is so adorable...just love her beautiful eyes....

Yes, so right! Love the teensy paws.

Ah ha ha that is just too cute. Love it❤️❤️

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Sebastian and Johanssen practicing kickboxing. The boys practice with each other for years to train for the day that they may become alpha (boss) male 💪🏽 ...


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Am I the only one who wishes they had a tail sometimes? 🤔

I always laugh here when they box..the way they keep their heads back 'not the face not the face ' 😁😁😁😁😂

Oddly enough they remind me of my boys when they were growing up.

Do they ever really hurt each other while play kickboxing?

What is the average lifespan for kngaroos?

Thank you Brolga for this great footage and explanation. It is an interesting experience to understand better what we may see in the wild and be very upset unless we have more knowledge on what may be happening

Wow, wouldn't like to take them on. How old, typically, would they start fighting for Alpha male? Also Brolga, how is my mate Pete? Haven't seen him in ages, remember when he was on here and you farted.....and you blamed it on poor old Pete lol x

I watched this with a smile on my face then when they fell into a heap with one having the other in a headlock, that was it for me, I was crying with laughter at these two. Looked incredibly funny too.

How many ladies does an alpha typically have?? 🤔

This always reminds me of our male donkeys play fighting although their antics look even more terrifying as they rear up at each other as they're galloping up and down our steep hillsides! Are there any possible challengers to become alpha male coming up? Does anyone ever try to fight with Monty? :-) Can't imagine anyone trying their luck while he is still in his prime. Have a great weekend. Love to all xxx

Do they actually understand it's just training? Or by mistake do they ever hurt each other?

How can you tell it’s practice and neither gets hurt?

Who is the male that ended up being down for the count 😉 ?

do they ever hurt each other it looks pretty intense

I guess this is how Roger got such an impressive physique. Kangaroo gym!

Thank you Brolga I Now have a new understanding of these beautiful animals that are so unique to our country we are truly blessed and I'm. Learning each day boys will be boys

Oh my! they take their play fights so seriously 🤣 even when one of them fell over, they're still trying to rub dirt in each others faces hahahahaha

Unlike children, these boys are outside mixing it up so the lamps and china cupboard are safe!!!!

Wow. Amazing boys. But wouldn't want to get in the middle of those two.

For shame sir ! What are you teaching those boys out there ?? :-)

Do they ever badly hurt each other

So cute. Glad it is all for fun and learning now.

It's like watching two brother play-fighting in the yard.

Kind of looks like a few sets of brothers that I know and love!😂😂

That reminds me of my sister & me growing up.

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Bradley looks over his kingdom...our Sanctuary 👑 ...

Bradley looks over his kingdom...our Sanctuary 👑


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“Everything you see Bradley exists together in a delicate balance. As King you need to understand that balance and respect all creatures, from crawling ant to leaping antelope” Mufasa - Lion King 🙌❣️👑😊 x

He looks rather sure of himself and is satisfied with his kingdom today, I'd say. 🤣🤣🤣🤣 Aisha Subia

First post of yours I ever saw was of little Bradley stretching his legs in the house. He was so adorable and teeny. Not so teeny, but still adorable. Very a much a Bradley fan in California❤

What a glorious pic!!! Look at that beautiful face against the backdrop of the blue sky & red! 💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕

Dapper fellow Bradley! A nice straw hat with a nice handsome ribbon to shield this sweet ones eyes please!❤️🌹

This may sound strange but whenever I can't sleep, I think of Bradley and he lulls me back into slumberland. And I'm waaay over in Western Canada! ;) 😍

That's a super photo!!! 'Lord Bradley from the Manor', we mustn't push Monty out, who's in charge now. ;-)

It's good to be King! Lol! Looking beautiful! FYI - went to Taronga Zoo today and mentioned the Sanctuary to everyone I met!! ;)

Looks like he’s wearing a bathrobe. He just needs a pipe!

Awwww, but you forgot to give him his morning up of coffee to go with!

King Bradley of The Sanctuary!

Clearly he's striving to be the Fabio of Kangaroos 😎

That is his, "I will miss this place when I am in Nebraska; but I know I will love it there just as well."

Bradley is the cutest. Must say, not camera-shy at all. Looks like he's posing nd enjoying it❤️

Haha, Bradley has that 'grown up' gaze down pat.

the real king in all his splendor.I love his big ears to listen.👍👍

Bradley looks like a very confident little roo. <3 He seems so interested in the world around him. Is there perhaps a hint of a future alpha male in that determined face? Still busy writing my story and hope to send you a taster of it soon. Wish you would send us some of that lovely blue sky! :-) We're threatened with the possibility of even more snow this weekend. Lots of love to you all - and a special big kiss to Bradley! xxx

Oh my goodness you look so big there Bradley!Umm maybe he is thinking He might be an alpha male someday.❤️

Mélanie Levasseur ❤️ c'est pour aller là, que je veux aller en Australie ❤️❤️❤️ Voir le beau Bradley💙

"I am the KING of the forest!" (ok sanctuary but i can hear him say this in the Lion's voice from Wizard of Oz) :)

Bradley, you are getting big! Don't grow up too fast!😊

Gorgeous, love the marking on his face... handsome boy

So you think dear little Bradley may eventually turn into a huge, muscle-bound, Bovverboy-Brad one day?

Wait. He's not teeny and cuddly anymore? I mean, he's beautiful, but he doesn't look like he wants to snuggle at all, lol

He looks as if he is preparing for the ring of a top boxing match...go Bradley Go....brilliant picture...

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3 weeks ago

Sydney Crime News

Hey guys! We are now on Snapchat. Follow us for some weird shit, if you have any weird videos send it to us on Snapchat! We’ll put your name on the video 👻 ...

Hey guys! We are now on Snapchat. Follow us for some weird shit, if you have any weird videos send it to us on Snapchat!  We’ll put your name on the video 👻

3 months ago

Sydney Crime News

Shame on the world for allowing this aggression to continue to happen against the Palestinians. Palestinians need more than rocks. They need guns and RPG’s! Someone Arm them already! 🇵🇸

9 News
There's been a fresh wave of violence in the West Bank, with Hamas calling for a "Day of Rage". Reporter Seb Costello is LIVE in Israel.

#9News l


Comment on Facebook

Maybe they should stop rioting. Hmas is a terrorist group do u support them!

So this happened in sydney when ?

Why wont Saudi Arabia or Lebanon or any other arab countries arm them?

If I were the owner of this page, I’d remove this immediately before this childish comment makes this page go under.

Fuck Palestine, Was never a country. Do you understand that there were wars fought over the land and they lost, Israel won. Deal with it.

The USA has decided to stop any further funding of HAMAS terrorism against the Israelis and the jews via Muslim countries which accept money from the UN . Cut -off . Looks like they asked them if they could put their embassy where they wanted to . Apparently not ., and the UN will enforce the rule . as if it matters.

and I wonder why the middle east has been fighting for all there existence it will never stop bit like half the world now but it will go on forever funny until we l]et people from the middle east there was no bullshit going on in Australia exept for the aboriganales but now its ever were go figure

Ryan Briggs

China will arm them

I love jelly babies.

Sydney Crime News has gone to shit.

1 jewish country in the middle East is obviously 1 too many....

Look at history first and please coment sydney crime We are not living in the past Captain cook founded australia used the aborigines as slaves He wasnt australian America history with the indians Blame blame you must be a lefty political corectness shit

If u think that leave to much fkn complaining

The Palestinians need to return back to Palestine. That or dead.

Shame on the world ? What the fuck does it have to do with me? Muslims have been at war with themselves or others since the dawn of time. If you have a problem with what's going on in another country go there and make a difference. Let me ask you this, how much money have you donated to their cause? Or did you just create a page under the guise of a news page to spout your anti west bullshit?

Palestine is Hamas and a listed Terrorist Organisation. The reason why no other nation apart from North Korea and Syria supports them is what I said before. They are a Terrorist Organisation.

🇮🇱 🙌🏻

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3 months ago

Sydney Crime News

Yaaayyyy Melbourne again 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

9 News Melbourne
Drivers are being warned not to lose their cool this Christmas, with video emerging of a shocking road rage attack at Campbellfield.

#9News |


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Melbourne has been copping a lot lately huh?

Louisa Tzovlas

So what it's normal

Farkkk Melbourne is the place to be for criminals.. Our judges give out bail like its candy smh

Enoch Malupo Siua Malupo

Tony Maimoun Peter Wahhab Junior

Trucks, assholes for life.

So there's no dashcam/video footage of the lead up to this?

One of Australia's biggest depots something went south here he definitely did something he's no victim

Petulisa Fehoko Tumalo

The first guy weaving and bobbing ... #bruh

Let’s see what happened before this scene.

Concidering another citizen came to this guys aid just when he was probably starting to get sore knuckles is heart warming ❤

Stephen Shepley dat you bro lol

Malissa Ovenden

Why do I never see shit like this happen when I'm out and bout haha

Christian Arthur Jensen

Sarwt Osman

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