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The major lesson I'm A Celebrity ... can learn from Masterchef

The major lesson I'm A Celebrity ... can learn from Masterchef


The year’s opening episode of I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here Australia averaged a very healthy 1.274 million viewers across the five capital cities ... but it was all downhill after that. Here's what the show's producers can do to ensure it doesn't happen again.

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PROTEST: Hundreds of people have gathered below the steps of parliament in WA for an "Ethnic Nationalities rally against the Burma (Myanmar) Army" ... calling on the Aus Govt. to "stop ignoring Burma's military operations on ethnic people". @abcperth @abcnews

"It's always hard to make that decision for any animal, but it was the right decision and a respectful end for an old lady who demanded respect throughout her life." #9News

World's oldest orangutan dies at WA zoo - 9News

The world's oldest orangutan, Puan, has died at a West Australian Zoo at the age of 62.

Police hope for breakthrough in Julie Cutler cold case mystery with $250,000 reward

Magistrate has reserved decision on Archbishop Philip Wilson’s sentence. He’ll hand down his penalty on 3 July @9NewsAdel @9NewsAUS

Seven West Media redundancies to hit regional newspapers in Western Australia

JUST IN: Four teenagers have been arrested over a series of crimes in the western suburbs, including threatening a man with axes at Woodville Gardens. #9News

“He thought he’d gotten away with this. For all these years, he thought he’d gotten away with it.” - Prosecutor Gareth Harrison addresses the court on #Adelaide Archbishop Philip Wilson landmark case for concealing child sex abuse in the Catholic Church @9NewsAdel @9NewsAUS

Adelaide parishioners pray for Archbishop Philip Wilson at mass asking those involved in the sentencing “may approach it with peace at heart... respect for each other and hope for the future.”

ADORABLE: These fur-tunate kittens were found cruelly dumped outside the @rspcasa's Lonsdale shelter in freezing conditions. MORE in #9NewsAt6

"Had Courtney Williams pressed the emergency stop button in the unload area, three seconds before the raft became dragged into the mechanisms the accident wouldn't have occurred." #9News

Dreamworld inquest: 'Slow shutdown button' not pushed for 10 seconds

Courtney Williamson was operating the Thunder River Rapids ride when four people were thrown from a raft to...

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