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The country that can’t get enough of Melbourne

The country that can’t get enough of Melbourne


A surge of visitors from one country alone contributed an estimated $2.6 billion to Victoria's economy last year.

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Parishioners at St Francis Xavier’s Cathedral express sadness at the guilty finding against Archbishop Philip Wilson for failing to report child sex abuse. @TenNewsADEL

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NEWSBYTE: Your lunchtime news update with @katefreebairn. All the details tonight in #TenNews at 5pm.

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8 hours ago

Nothing beats a back rub after a long day at work 😌

Photo: JJ Emerson at Coombabah Lakelands Conservation Area, Destination Gold Coast

Nothing beats a back rub after a long day at work 😌

Photo: JJ Emerson at Coombabah Lakelands Conservation Area, Destination Gold Coast


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JJ Emerson spotted this pair of kangaroos in the Coombabah Lakes Conservation Area in the Destination Gold Coast. He said usually in this spot the roos are just grazing, with a few young males doing a bit of sparring. Apparently, one of them started to have a scratch, and the other one took it as a challenge which resulted in a "bit of a spar!" (Photo: JJ Emerson)

Located just a short drive north of the Destination Gold Coast CBD, the Coombabah Lakes Conservation Area is chock-a-block with wildlife. JJ Emerson usually comes to this spot to watch the roos, but he says "it's also awesome to see koalas". In fact, this lovely wetland area is home to 274 species of animals, including koalas, wallabies, kangaroos and flying foxes, along with 24 internationally protected migratory bird species. (Photo: JJ Emerson)

Oh yes! Only they weren’t giving each other a back rub! 😂

Now, a lil to the left, up and bit, ahhhh yes that's the spot, darn I forgot to add dencorub, too. keep it up, this feels good..

Or if no one is around to give you a scratch, do it yourself 😂

Suvi Awasthi this is love, I just need a girl who gonna really understand 🎶

What does it say about me that I really thought those bushes in the back were on fire?

Wally Gonzalez nothing beats a back rub 😂

If you fall I will be there to catch you lol

Roberta Masala Anche ai canguri piace un bel massaggino alla schiena! ☝️😂😂😂

"And now hold this position for two minutes!"

Haha, you couldn’t be more right

I'll mill give you a nice back rub if you will give me one after.beautiful photo and color❤️❤️

Ah mate, no, more down under 😌

Gorgeous photo and interesting capturing !

Don't worry I'll catch you :)

Estefany Wen me giving u massage on tuesdays

Erin massages(Australian pronunciation) are the best !

Andreas Gutterau wenn du ein Känguru hättest müsstest du nicht mehr den Türrahmen vergewaltigen 😜

Shaun - nothing has captured us better than this shot 😂😘

Alyssa I desperately need this

Christian Aversa dovresti solo imparare dai canguri 😒

Looks like a trust fall 🤣

She helps him because he likes it. LOVE😍

That’s where we were Kim Mcdade Sue Smithers Le Long

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Good morning mummy Indi and baby Harry 💕 (yes we’ve named Indi’s baby after watching a special wedding on Saturday 😊😉) ...


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Lovely little boy! By the way, I think Kangaroos are born ready to be yoga instructors...impressive how his legs and tail are above and over his head. He's really snug in that pouch! ❤😜

Nickname Ginger???

It never ceases to amaze me how wonderful kind people can be so loving and compassionate to animals. Every time i see a video or picture of the kangeroos my heart sings and i feel myself smiling. Thank you Brolga and Team for the fantastic job you do. Angela White (UK)

Next baby needs to be called Meghan!!!

How old are the babies when they are too big to be carried around by the mothers?

Do the mums have milk and are they feeding the babies?

Aren’t kangaroos wonderful?

Love the way Harry pops his head out, and Indi stands up straight to show him off :) <3

Maybe the human Harry will come and visit when in Oz later this year 🤗

Goooodddd morninggg SWEETTS ANGELS..FROM ARGENTINA..ILove to much

Princess Diana would be very proud she loved Australia so thank you kindly xxxxx

He is the best looking Harry I have ever seen 💕

This makes me so happy!!! He looks huge already and both mum and baby are looking very healthy. Love the name too <3 She makes such a great mum. Can't wait to see the 3 of them bouncing around together.

Love the name Harry is so cute Indi is such a great mother 💙😘💙

Harry you have the perfect name!

Oh so beautiful indi and baby harry you make my day and the wedding was beautiful 😍😍

Awww...nunu pie....I want it to love and care for😍 💕

Good morning, Harry!!! Can’t wait to see you hopping about!!

👍🏻 ABBA “ . . . and your name is Harry. How dull it seems are you the hero of my dreams . . . “ 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

I need a nice warm cozy bed that can double as my transportation to work like Harry 😍 Would save so much time

Love the name , take good care of you’re little prince Harry Indi

Hello Harry stay warm in the pouch till midday than its for sure warmer to hopping around!

That's lovely to named after a prince💖

Another boy, wow shes a baby making machine! 💗

Must be cozy inside this sleeping bag! How sweet! Welcome Harry!

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1 day ago

Monday morning traffic is looking pretty heavy in Port Stephens 🐬🐬🐬

Video: Dolphin Swim Australia in Visit NSW


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Regarded as Australia's dolphin capital, Port Stephens, which is located a 2.5-hour drive north of and is home to a remarkable dolphin encounter. Most swim-with-dolphin experiences involve floating in the ocean and waiting in a stationary position until the dolphins approach you, but with Dolphin Swim Australia swimmers are pulled slowly alongside the dolphins. Participants are attached to a harness and clipped to a tow rope between the twin bows of a catamaran. As the dolphins move playfully through the water, you effectively swim in time with them. Photo: Dolphin Swim Australia

My dream some day...Iam in my sixties...but I can still dream .....someday to swim with the dolphins...what an intelligent mammal....even to pet one I’d be happy....

Will add to my next to-do for Australia!!!

I’ve done this - it’s amazing 🐬

I will do this around christmas-time ;) 🎅

Oh my, what an epic video! Absolutely beautiful 🐬

We seen some cuties at Bribie yesterday afternoon. Soooo adorable, everyone was loving them

We’ve had holidays in Pt. Stevens twice, beautiful

So True. ....beautiful experience having dolphins swim Next to you!❤

Traffic is heavy indeed, but no one seems to be in any hurry ;)

James Brierley well add this to the list looks like we’re going back to PS

We've been going there for almost ten years now. I'm making plans to retire there.

Best traffic ever 😍😍😍😘😘😘 I actually swam with then in port Stevens love the experience

That is traffic I don't have an issue with💙🐬🏝

How beautiful,,, I would love to be in the water with them....

That swim-with-dolphins experience looks like one of a kind! Perfect.. ❤☺🐋

Matthew Griffin Nixola McGeechan 👍 Port Stephens is definitely worth a visit when you come to Sydney. Not too far either 😍☀️

Daren Sayer Ian thats where we are going in August!!!!

Jonathan Balfour I better see a dolphin on our trip!

Awesome........ cant wait to swim with this beautiful dolphins soon ....... Written in a diary

Dolphins are awesome.

Omg. My fave💕💕💕 Swim with them.

Amazing dolphin swim in port stephens very nice for looking, amazing Australia 🐬🐬🐬🐋🐋🐬

I love the baby swimming with mama.

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2 days ago

So Perth

So lit right now 🔥 ...


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Nato Webbstar

Scott Stuart Barrell

2 days ago

The Kangaroo Sanctuary Alice Springs

We are so happy Julian rescued this darling little orphaned baby kangaroo and gave him a second chance at life. @julian_p_a_s_c_h_e_n (IG)

Julian learned on our tour (see second pic), how to stop and check kangaroos who have been hit by vehicles to see if there is a baby kangaroo who has survived in mums pouch. Julian held baby for 350km and delivered him safely to a wonderful wildlife carer! Baby has been named George.

Often baby survives in mums pouch after being hit by a vehicle because she has very strong muscles in her pouch that keep baby safe.

We are so happy Julian rescued this darling little orphaned baby kangaroo and gave him a second chance at life. @julian_p_a_s_c_h_e_n  (IG)

Julian learned on our tour (see second pic), how to stop and check kangaroos who have been hit by vehicles to see if there is a baby kangaroo who has survived in mums pouch. Julian held baby for 350km and delivered him safely to a wonderful wildlife carer! Baby has been named George. 

Often baby survives in mums pouch after being hit by a vehicle because she has very strong muscles in her pouch that keep baby safe.Image attachment


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Is it common in Australia for kangaroos to be hit by cars? In America we have raccoons and skunks, etc.

Oh well done you Julian 💕

So wonderful that Julian had been on one of your wonderful tours and learned how to rescue a baby whose mother had been killed. Well done, Julian! :-) Shows how important it is to check the pouches of any dead kangaroo you see. You never know what you might find inside like this gorgeous little fellow. <3 We've been busy getting the donkeys ready for our event today. Just have to pack everything into the car, load the donks into the trailer and then we're off! Hope you're having a lovely Sunday there. Love to you all xxx

Blessings to you , so sad to think they are killed,

Aww look at that little cutie so glad that George was saved an delivered to u all to take care of him. Thank u Julian for getting this little cutie to a safe place.. Thank u for sharing this little guy with us..

Good on ya Julian!!!! Poor George!! Must miss Mama terribly!!!! :( Such a cute Lil dude!!

Awesome Job...Thanks so much for saving the little guy..That made my day.

Great job Julian. Best of luck little George.

Julian what a wonderful gift you have given little George, a second chance in life hope he goes okay and we see lots of photos

Way to go, Julian! George is a lucky little one. Good to make a difference in life!

This brings tears ♥️ thanks 🙏 Julian you are a hero. Thanks Chris for educating us. It is a lesson I will never ever forget 😌

Aww hope George is ok bless him 🙏💜🐨

Thank you for being an angel of mercy!😽💞💘🇨🇦

How wonderful thank you Julian!

You’re team is wonderful!!

Love the extra mile times 50 that you people go for the animals. Doesn’t feel like much from here to you, I bet, but you’d be squirming big time under my hug. So... thank you for all of it and then some.

Bitter sweet :/ <3

Thanks, Julian 🙏

Kudos to Julian for saving Little George! And what better place to grow up!!! Such a success story❣️

Thats a great story. Thank goodness baby was saved

Great job awesome taking care of baby George he's cute little one

Handsome name George. Hope he is doing well. He will have much love.

Bravo bravo bravo Julian! You are a hero. Held of the The Kangaroo Sanctuary Alice Springs

OMG so sad for the baby to lose his Mama. He is adorable.

How incredibly wonderful

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2 days ago

Time to come clean. Who didn’t know it snowed in Australia? ❄️

Photo: Cam Blake Photography in Discover Tasmania

Time to come clean. Who didn’t know it snowed in Australia?  ❄️

Photo: Cam Blake Photography in Discover Tasmania


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Many of the higher altitude areas of Discover Tasmania were blanketed in powder-white flakes after a recent autumn snowfall, creating some beautiful photo opportunities like this frosty forest track. What a feast for the eyes! Photo: Cam Blake Photography

Winter has arrived a tad early in Discover Tasmania, by the looks of things! Cam Blake Photography captured these stunning shots in Discover Tasmania's Mount Field National Park near Hobart & Beyond, which experienced an autumn snowfall a couple of weeks ago.

Up at Katoomba in the Blue Mountains in June, you will get lots of snow. The British people living here have a 2nd Christmas every year, mainly for the kids, big fireplaces, Sleigh rides, Santa, great time for all.

Saw my first snow in Tasmania in October 1966 when we moved to Storeys Creek, on the side of Ben Lomond. Burnt the toast looking out the kitchen window at the falling snow and the pristine backyard....a real experience for a girl from the out back. Loved Tassie.Thank you for that pic..quite reminiscent of the track down the mountain which we had to conquer to get to Avoca and on to other places.

This is beautiful really...I can imagine how sweet it would be going through this path and having some beautiful photos as such

Of course it snows in Australia! Always wanted to check out Perisher!

I knew it did I studied Australia in the early 60's when we though about moving there. :)

There you go, driving to work last year.

Yes I did know, because we see it every year. 😊❄⛄

I did not know. Cannot wait to visit Australia one day. Looks beautiful, i love snow.

Mount Wellington on Tasmania, went there in 1986 and couldn't see a foot in front of my face!

We even have ski resorts! Amazing right?

Had no clue. Interest fact. Learn something new every day!

I think you have your winter while we in North America has summer. We went from winter to summer this month.

A few years ago on the way to my parents property

It snowed when we were there in October but it’s still amazing place to go or live

Learn to ski in Thredbo, instructors are much more patient and encouraging than in France, especially with an elderly (50++) beginner.

and yet, coming up to 65 years, I've still never seen snow...

Never been there, but pretty sure i'd perfer an Australian winter over a Canadian one.

Jon Warnholtz not what you normally connect Australia to!

austrlia is amazing whether it's snow or not 👍❤️

Aww I love snow!

My Mom went skiing when she was growing up in Australia.

Me, I didn't know it snowed in Australia.

I’ve seen the snow only twice in my life in Oberon, NSW and on Mt Wellington in Hobart, Tasmania.

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For all those fans who love Bradley and have been asking where he he is! 😀 Bradley is getting really big and doesn’t want to go in his pouch anymore. But he still loves a little cuddle and his milk 🍼❤️ ...


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I just love all the videos and the pictures u share with us. Plus learning all the information u share about the Kangaroo's I've learned so much so thank u from Kansas

Why are there such long nipples on the bottles? Is it because their face/jaw is so elongated? I know...strange question! 😂

Oh no... anyone else see a big boy sook that is going to be a massive big boy at the sanctuary

Aaaaawwww! 😍😍😍Good to know though that little Bradley won't turn into a pouch potato.😁

Darling Bradley may be too grown up for his pouch now but he sure still loves his milk! <3 How long before he goes to live out in The Sanctuary with his mate, Max? I'm sitting here busily cleaning donkey bridles for Sunday's event. Just wish there weren't so many brass buckles to polish!! :-) Then it's baths for Nell and Cassie tomorrow. At least it's supposed to be hot and sunny so they won't mind. Have a great Saturday. Love to you all xxx

Do the babies stay close to their mothers when it is cold if they are too big for the pouch?

Thank you for sharing Bradley’s videos. Enjoy watching him as he grows

Aw so very adorable !! Aw ld love to do this ! I'm in Canada and we don't have Kangeroos here only at the zoo s

How sweet. Just love the work you get the opportunity to do each and every day. Blessings to you and your team...taking such great care with these lovely kiddos..

Wonderful to see! Belated happy mothers day, Brolga. :-)

Adorable!!!! That’s gotta be the cutest thing I’ll see today. Thank you for your updates. You guys really do an amazing job. Well done.

Bradley is a cutie💖 you guys are so wonderful - hi from Nova Scotia, Canada

Adorable!!lovely to see Bradley.Keep warm.You do an amazing job,Brolga.xoxo

Thank you so much for the love and care you give to these precious souls. Good job!

Good morning from Tasmania Bradley and Brolga stay warm. Bradley looks like he is very much enjoying your warm jacket Brolga!

Sometimes they have a face so much like a deer.

Hi Bradley, it's wonderful to see you! You have a nice human caretaker. Kisses and snuggles. :) <3

That’s so dang cute !! I love reading your posts. I’ve learned so much, thank you from Minnesota ❤️

bradley is so adorable...thank you for taking such good care of him !!!!

How sweet. It must be a wonderful experience being able to feed and cuddle this little guy.

Ahhh, there’s my little Bradley!

Where are they at night since it's so cold outside

You are a good Mama to you and your babies.

Bradley is darling.....Also you have beautiful brown eyes.

Hi Bradley. He's getting to be a big boy.

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4 days ago

So Perth

📷: Salty Wings in Broome
New work from the North 🦅🐊🌋

📷: Salty Wings in Broome
New work from the North 🦅🐊🌋


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Kim Simpson your beautiful neck of the woods

Stunning red

Daniel Broome

Emma Morgan where’s this

Tilly and Milly love their warm milk this chilly 4 degree morning 💕 ...

Tilly and Milly love their warm milk this chilly 4 degree morning 💕


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I may come down and visit you guys. I am truly inspired by your kindness to animals and kindness in general! Lots of love from the states!

WOW! I was in AS last year only to visit this Sanctuary but sadly wasn't Possible cause they explain that I should buy 2 days before.😞 But, I have plans to comeback to the desert and spend more time to meet Roger and your friends! So cute!

P.S. Looks like the chilly mornings have persuaded you to wear long trousers rather than shorts for walking round the Sanctuary!! Very wise! :-) Keep warm! ;-)

Ooo, I had the chance to hold them as an baby kangaroo, so big already, 😍😍

I don't think these two will ever give up their milk

Brrrrr, sounds like you're having cold nights now. It's warm here - and sunny! - during the day but we had quite a thick frost last night!! Keep your fingers crossed for us that the weather stays good here until Sunday as we have our first donkey event of the summer. It's at a beautiful stately home in Wales so should be a lovely day out if rather a long way to go! :-) How old are Milly and Tilly now and do they still go round together? They are so cute <3 Have a great weekend. Lots of love to all xxx

I never realized how much I needed to see daily posts of kangaroos until I started following your page. They are all so adorable and my son loves the videos. ❤️

Ah, the dynamic duo!!! How they have grown! Who doesn’t want a hot beverage on a cold morning?? 😍😍😍😍😍

Looks good from Ireland where it is a glorious warm 16 degrees.

I have loved watching them grow up. It’s lovely to see they are still best friends. 😁💗

O.M.G.- treasure the memories!! Xxxxx

Morning wish I was there with you

Beautiful baby kangaroo ❤💋🍼🍼🍼so cute !

Such beautiful and precious little faces😚

Central heating for precious little kangaroos - lucky girls. 💕🇬🇧

That is cold, sweet faces

Love, love them!! 💞💞😌😌

Ahh!so cute,I love kangaroos!!

Are the growing girls are so adorable

My fave babes 💕💕

Pretty girls

oh they are SO pretty

love those sweet faces <3

Precious girls!

Aww cuteys 💜💜💜💜🐨

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4 days ago



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Have been here 3 times in the last 4 years & loved every minute of every visit. This is a very special place. X

well, that's wehre we've been, very beautiful ☺

Wow!...........another one for my bucket list!!

Personally, I find his action disgusting. He is driving an exhaust polluting machine along the riparian zone of the ocean.How immature!

Lavanya Kanagaratnam been here yet?

I landed here 20 years ago with a small plane!

What a pretty ride along that beautiful white sand between blue sea glass colored water and orange Sandhills. Nice!!

Stunning colours

in d 70's at happy valley..awesome time..i think.i remember most of it,,ha.

Been there in 2004.....beautiful !🙂

Wow very beautiful



Muy bonitas!!

I'm going to Fraser Island in January 😎

Will, road trip idea!!!

Amazing !


been there!!!it truly is beautiful like this!!!

Que fotos más maravillosas

Well that’s where I’ve been

Sophie Alice Millie Knight take me back!!!!

Raf Ael😍

Now that is white sand and the torquise water is amazing

Caitlin Treschman

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You know you’re well into the archives when you hit the monochrome pics. Happy #throwbackthursday! ...

You know you’re well into the archives when you hit the monochrome pics. Happy #throwbackthursday!


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i loved the tobogen shame it got to old was one of the best rides back when i was a child that and bountys revenge and now thats gone to :(

I remember going on that 😂😂😂

Wow look, hair down, wearing thongs and no helmet!! The good old days haha how times have changed 😂😂😂

That ride used to freak me out !!!!! What was it called again?

Loved the toboggan now I'm feeling old

Almost died on them toboggans. Went straight up the side. Going round the bend. Almost disappeared down the side. Lucky I had enough forward momentum. And the way the track bent. Landed straight back down the side again. But I was airborne for a good few seconds. Thinks it's why it's gone now. Was a bit dangerous if you picked up to much speed like I did

Kevin Morrow

Taylor Ninham Brody Thompson how killer is that

Fiona McKay

Megan Mallette

Toboggans, shooting galley, bounty revenge, paddle boats, mini train, the beach & walking inside the castle....all these things an more are the things I will always miss when I ever go to Adventure World. Thanks for the memories 🍻

Need to bring it back

Yer i went on that it was awesome fun

Smitty Smith I can see grant running 😂😂

Robyn Campbell show dad x

The toboggan! Do you remember?! Vannessa Finlay

They need a lazy river. It’s not a water park unless it has a lazy river.

I missed this ride

Bec McCann Toboggans!

Loved that toboggan ride it was the best



Tamara Rodgers I remember this

I miss the tobogans

Ben Miller

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Peek-a-boo with Indi’s cute baby 💕 ...


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Aww❤️ Do baby females have a little tiny pouch or does that develop as they mature?

I so love it when the babies pop their heads out of mum's pouch! <3 They look so sweet. I remember when we were last there and one of the babies kept on toppling out of the pouch and then scrambling back in with those lanky legs. I presume this little one is still too young to actually come out of Indi's pouch? Does Mister Jones still take milk from her or is he weaned now? Love to you all. xxx

This might be a stupid question, but I'm not a kangaroo expert, so forgive me. 😂 With all your orphaned joey's, do any adult female kangaroos ever take them in?

Beautiful baby . Just out of curiosity . How does the baby breathe inside that pouch ?

Is that Mr. Jones?! 💙💞☺️😇

Do the babies relieve themselves in the pouch?

How close together is this little one in age to Mr. Jones? Is it normal to have two so close together?

What is baby's name?

I vote you call it Ralph its a boy. No particular reason :P

So cute ,How old are they when they come out and start going on their own ?

Wow my she sure has grown from when indie was a joey congrats to you Bolger and indie

Amazed at the size & strength of the adults’ hind legs. Cute papoose.

Never get tired of seeing that! Thank you!

If this isn’t the cutest thing ever???? Love these little (and large) creatures!

Peek-A-Boo what very nice name for a beautiful baby. She have also a gris head like her mother? I wish her a great healthy life.♥️😍

That is absolutely full of cuteness.

He looks like he sees he's being observed... Soft eyes!!!

Indi's color is so beautiful!! Precious baby!

Good morning little one mummy too how wonderfull is mother nature in blessing this wonderfull gift x

What big eyes you have.... Does this cutie have a name yet

O.M.G.- just so precious!!Thankyou Brolga!!

Awww peek-a-boo roo. I don’t think anything can be cuter. Such a beautiful baby. ❤️❤️❤️

oh my gpodness........look at this adorable bebe'.......

How can you not love watching that absolutely beautiful 😙

Too cute if there is such a thing

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5 days ago

13 seconds in... BOOM! 😱

Video via Oakleigh Farm Cottages in Eurobodalla - South Coast NSW


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It's not an unusual sight to see fur seals hanging out at Narooma like this, given that nearby Montague Island is home to a huge colony of these cheeky creatures, as well as thousands of little penguins! (Photo: @edgar_pacific_photography via IG in Eurobodalla - South Coast NSW)

Visitors can actually join a guided tour to safely swim, snorkel or dive with hundreds of these fur seals in the crystal clear waters of Montague Island. There's a number of operators in Eurobodalla - South Coast NSW that offer this experience, including Underwater Safaris Narooma (who snapped this amazing photo!)

This guy also waits near the boardwalk and steals your catch. He took my fish did a tailflip and was off again. He's one cheeky seal.

Fisherman was probably bummed about the one that got away. "Yeah, a seal beat me to it, but it was THIS BIG, I swear!"

We are so privileged to have this wildlife on our doorstep, very special. Who gets the fish today at Narooma jetty - Mr Ray or Sammy seal? #oakleighfarmcottages #meetthelocals #unspoilt #narooma

Omg I love this beach we go here all the time the seals always sit and sleep on the rocks never seen them this close before thanks for sharing

Ha ha mister. This is my fish and off I go with it!! Love it when it jumps up and shows it iff😊. Neat video!!

Seeing moments like these makes me want to return to Australia 😍 Nathalie Reyes

Amazing fishing at Narooma just ask or watch the locals #unspoilt #Eurobodalla #VisitTilba

Would have loved to have been there awesome 🐬🐬🐬

Much more efficient than the guy with his fishing line, it seems. LOL

Now that's how you catch a fish :)

I will love to visit Australia someday and maybe view this beautiful beach

Wow, super to watch, they can really go fast.

I would of loved to been there

Ceile Day this is why you should come to Australia!

Home at Narooma bar beach 👌👌👌 wouldn't live any other place

Demi there was seals in narooma. 😑 We did not see any seals...

Stephanie They caught his fish! Oh no you don't! MINE! :)

You gotta love our Narooma seals! What a geat home town! ❤️

Bar Beach at Narooma. My favourite beach 🏖

Jessica Fine this is where we went when you came to visit my hometown! Pretty cute huh! Looking forward to our skype sesh! x

Well this guy certainly got beaten in a wiffff to his din din!!!! Love the way they clapped it for its great effort!!!!

got my fish, ill be off now, have a great day humans

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6 days ago

So Perth

Need a ramen fix? We have your list to Perth’s obsession-worthy ramen dishes

Full list:

Need a ramen fix? We have your list to Perth’s obsession-worthy ramen dishes

Full list:


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Pachi pachi ramen is pretty good too.. Then we have all bases covered Vathana Karuppasamy Annaberu Izumi D. Patrick William

Lauren Bilaloskii

NaNa Nah Takeshi Izumi Vathana Karuppasamy 🤤

Bonnie Brown

Amelia Lynas 🤤

Cathal O' Leary Robert O'Shea Eric Butterly

Elizabeth Stewart

Scott Sumner

Daniel Adam

Jacqui Reid

Shar Cleave

James Paterson

Carley Hickman

Carly Jane Rowe-Martin Joseph Rowe-Martin Matthew Wroe

Richard Shelton

Chris Gardiner

Rob Romano 🥢

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