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The best country footy towns in Australia

The best country footy towns in Australia


Ungarie. Northampton. Dimboola. A handful of rural cities and towns with populations of just a few hundred people have produced multiple AFL stars, from Brownlow and Coleman Medallists through to club captains and premiership heroes. Which country town has the most impressive list of alumni?

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2 hours ago

SBS Australia

Maree Lawrence was part of the Stolen Generations - a fact kept secret from her by her adoptive family.

Catch up on her powerful story, and those of five other women, whose family secrets irrevocably changed their sense of identity:

2 hours ago

SBS Australia

Why are more people choosing to become solo parents? Next week on SBS INSIGHT. ...


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Can I just be honest?? I think women are better at being mums alone. After all, we do all the house work, cooking and budgets anyways. Having a man is like having another child sometimes. Since I’ve been a single Mum I’ve actually been a better Mum. I don’t think most men haven’t evolutionised enough to handle women working. They still expect the barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen. But now that we work we have power. And it freaks them out. We ask for help with chores now, because we both work. And the memo is still sitting in the inbox in men’s brains unfortunately

After thats she will claim single perent benefits.....

Rowena Robertson might be worth a watch?

Leonie Hooper I'm not sure if you have seen this episode?

Pettania Hohaia me lolb

Alfred Shep

Lisa Lee McClintock

3 hours ago

SBS Australia

“Recreational genealogy” can lead to unexpected moving discoveries, like in Todd Mckenney's case. #WDYTYA ...


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'Who Do You Think You Are?' Tuesdays 7.30pm on SBS 📺 and on demand. Learn more:

3 hours ago

SBS Australia

Did you miss the wedding of the year? Here’s a wrap of the #Royalwedding from the dress, to the kiss and the US bishop who stole the show. ...


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It made people across the planet happy for a while.

I have a question. Are all of these celebrities friends of one or both of the couple or is an invitation to the latest royal wedding another of the perks of celebrity?

That was the first and last of that wedding I'll see :)

It was perfect..a very respectful wedding to all ....Prince Charles lovingly helped Meghans mum to feel at ease ...

Two loving people getting married there's nothing wrong with it. But Britain is a country of symbols and Royal Family symbolizes so many bad things in the world that anything this institution is about is obvious to anyone with a common sense and a bit of conscience. With the 32 million pounds wasted for this wedding, the sources of which is obviously hard-earned cash of the Working Class People, hundreds of thousands of couples could have gotten married and started up a new life. It is nice to see a happy couple and I don't blame these two particular individuals but I think drooling over any royal wedding is one of the lowest points human dignity can get to.

And now to more important things - - Are you broadcasting the UEFA final live??

A beautiful refreshing change from The sad daily news . Long life and love to you both 🌹

Lovely, I hope they do live happily ever after, at least as happily as possible in this crazy world

Thank good every channel is still going on about it today i missed it last night i was busy watching paint dry

So over it. Move on people

It is all Pippa fault 😂

Josh Midson just incase you missed any, which I highly doubt.

nope ,,not missing any of it very much goes on .

Katarina Bruce.. is this how it went down?


nothing says love like Military regalia Harry. Just reminds me of War oh how the Brits LOVE war.

Sara Lang 😭

Jacob Ellis

Holly Goldsmith

Puja Trivedi

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Sprite claims to care about sustainability, but did you know the company has been linked to illegal deforestation in Argentina? 😱

Get the facts — then take action >>


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That's why it tastes so good. The only thing missing each tree was a greenie!!!

Drink more sprite it’s a good drop

😂😂😂 more bull shit

Bruce Tiumalu

5 hours ago

SBS Australia

Today marks the first ever UN World Bee Day! Could this fashionable in-home hive be the answer to saving a dying species? 🐝🐝🐝 ...


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I think the best place would be outside the house so they can be free,so I would like them to live in the garden.

Husband has an allergy to them, but we do have a hive under the eaves outside the lounge room. We can feel the warmth from the hive on the inside wall.

Bees are relaxing to watch. Busying themselves gathering pollen & nectar from flower to flower. Until you feel that searing pain of their sting.

I would love it providing they couldn't get out to be inside. Not too keen on bee stings!

Good idea but I'm not sure I want to hear bees humming maybe out the patio area

Yes but put it outside and I will be fine.

They would cover the plastic pretty quickly cos they dont like the light. It would be so noisy too. Nice for a short term

Really? You've got a beautiful video to watch the bees once it ends.. The next video is Australian slang uuuugh.... We're a sad Lot that's all we've got to show for 220 years on Facebook

Not a good idea what with Fly Spray, cooking fumes and farts.

And how do you get the honey out? Needs a nozzle/release button at the bottom to collect the 🍯

Bianca Hall how cool is this!

Nicole Ashby you would love this!

Omg not in a household with kid(s)!!

Linda, would you?

Dushan Prammer you gotta wonder... who'd want a bee as a gift?

Love this idea. Would totally do it, Richard!

whoah they made a Coombs Building for Bees 👀

Paul... oh oh like an ant farm but with bees... want

Gaenor Kyne design idea for the house

Yes Harry Vasutabu Buchanan our next house we should get some :)

Connie Theodore these are what I was telling you about a while back.

Matthew Anthony I want one but for the backyard

Paula Matheson you can get one of these!

Bea Swan finally a way to keep you inside

Ashleigh Paige Liversedge How about this? Not as cuddly as a German Shepard

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ROYAL WEDDING: Attention royal fans! Our friends at ten daily will be live streaming Harry and Meghan's wedding tonight. Head over to to check it out! ...

ROYAL WEDDING: Attention royal fans! Our friends at ten daily will be live streaming Harry and Meghans wedding tonight. Head over to to check it out!

"I think not-for-profits are important because they truly express people's opinions without the influence of government."
- Elaina, Greenpeace work experience student

Stand with Elaina to protect Aussie charities from new laws that restrict our ability to speak out. Email Bill Shorten MP and tell him to oppose these laws:


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Love inspirational human

Greenpeace why do you not educate the foremost and real reason behind the collapse of the worlds environment? #cowspiracy

Love her!!! Go Elaina!! xx

Hi , Thank you so much for your activites . With best wishes

Beautifully said Elaina 💕💕


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Nicole Hirniak Christopher Hirniak Darryl Noal