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Terrifying footage shows defendant shot in court after attacking witness with pen

Terrifying footage shows defendant shot in court after attacking witness with pen


Siale Angilau, 25, had launched at a witness with a pen when he was shot four times by a US marshal. #9News l

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Emergency services have combined to save a pet dog from a burning Christie Downs home. BJ the husky was pulled from the house by firefighters before being rushed to a vet in the back of ambulance. Adelaide stories - @TimYeatman #7News

A determined wasp has been caught on camera dragging a spider through an Adelaide backyard. #Adelaide #7News

Bidwill: Two people have been injured after a shooting at a home. #Bidwill #7News

A small town devastated by bushfires in Victoria’s southwest has been targeted by heartless looters. #Victoria #7News

Police are considering charging a man caught on camera launching a racist tirade inside the Salisbury Centrelink office. Witnesses watched in horror as he singled out African immigrants and threatened to smash workers. @MarkMooney7 #7News

Tathra Fire: "Shocking. On the bus, some people are happy, and other people just broke down" - Ray Coates - Tathra resident who was on a heartbreaking bus trip with neighbours that toured the bush fire zone to find out whose homes survived. #Tathra #7News

The devastated parents of a 6-month-old baby killed by the meningococcal B-strain have told 7 News the disease took their son's life in just two hours. He hadn't been vaccinated because the family couldn't afford it, which will now haunt them forever. @ElspethHussey7 #7News

Tathra Fire: There's next to nothing left of Mitch Creary's home. The most important thing was spared, his family. "Just felt sick in the stomach" - Mitch speaking to @ChrisReason7. #Tathra #7News

Tathra Fire: Returning home brought relief for some today. Absolute heartbreak for others as many locals were taken by bus into the bush fire zone to find out whose homes survived. Passengers described it as a tour no one should have to make. #7News

7 News headlines with @MarkFerguson_7 #7News

Tathra Fire: "All of a sudden you shift to looking at anything, whether it's a house, a shed, a car, and go, 'is it worth it?' because every shot counts basically" - Brian Jorgenson - U.S. helicopter pilot who helped water bomb the Tathra fire speaking to @campricenews, #Tathra

Goulburn: An exclusive look now at what it takes to be a cop with rare, behind the scenes access to the NSW Police Academy. Key to testing our newest officers is a purpose built village complete with its own train where cadets are challenged under punishing real life conditions.

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27 minutes ago

NTD Australia

An F-18 Super Hornet breaking the sound barrier. ...


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Brad Kennedy the Doppler effect 😂

Another hole in the ozone layer ??

Nice pic but still out classed by Indonesia's new su

I wonder what they feel when this happen! Its a Poster picture.

Bloody awesome

Hope they fixed it!

Fantastic photo!!!

Thats a fantastic photo

wish there was sound to this..


How cool is this pic


The eye of the eagle.

Awesome photo

off i go

Whatca fantastic photo.


Go go go

Crazy 😜


Jack Dennis show dad

David Moore

Derek Pontarolo

Terry Zorbas

Martin Foote

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34 minutes ago

NTD Australia

This is how you travel around in Virgin Atlantic Airlines. ...

This is how you travel around in Virgin Atlantic Airlines.


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would live to travel to Hamburg like that

I have travelled Business Class a few times and it is wonderful but I can't afford to pay for it twice a year Perth - Uk. Economy sucks.

Carol Payne earn the coin and travel like this

Business class is so good. Worth every cent. Don't knock it till you try it. Especially for long haul flights and aching bods.

Spirit of Tasmania needs these for passengers

Wish I could afford business. I would sleep like a baby🤗

Yeah looks fabulous but what does it cost??

So much better then cattle class

Chris I could handle flying like that.

Doesn't anybody read books anymore?

How much more does it cost to travel like that

Wow least u wouldn't get jetlag on long flights.

how much.

Looks very relaxing



The only way I fly.

Clearly not in economy!

Now we're talking 🤗😴😴👍👍

Helen Kearney Molyneux this is what we need :)

What a waste

Wow awesome

I wish

Jacob Gabain 😱

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42 minutes ago

NTD Australia

Daily Viral Stuff
Lucky Woman Opened a Clam and Found THESE Inside!

Credit: Robin Thanu


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Poor clam

Amazing that they knew which clam to film her opening to claim the jackpot of pearls. Lucky guess????

Lucky lady i love pearls tey are beautiful

Exploitation of nature for human gain. 😞

It has been seeded. That doesn't happen in nature

well she will have a nice pearl neck lace

She had trouble opening the clam but the fingernails helped to find the pearls, well done girl🤗

What's a pearla

What a find



What a find

Wow so many pearls, good on you

She hit the money ball very lucky

A pearl necklace hey!

Mmm pearls are you going to share



wheres my claim hack..

3pce set


Beck lots in that one



Is this for real Cass Melrose ?

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57 minutes ago

NTD Australia

Natural Honey Harvest 😍🍯 at Farm Food Factory
Credit: Farm Food Factory (


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Fresh honey yummo

Romeo Xhangoli jammm

Felicity Stanley-Rowlandd Scott Rowland

Amy Macdonald

1 hour ago

NTD Australia



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Oh so true but it goes both ways MOTHER and FATHER

Yeah but a dad carry’s you in his nut all his life on his shoulders and in his arms for the first 5-10 years and always in his heart and out of his pockets.

A mother might carry the baby in her tummy for nine months, BOTH mum and dad will carry the child in their heart forever.

In my apinion mother is God Mother is Health mother is Hapinise to evryone of Us.and should be respected more then God.

Not all mothers are like that unfortunately...

Not all. I have known a few mothers who have abandoned their children for men.

I'm one that has had my boys since young single dad and I think I've proven men are great ppl to bring up children too my heart belongs to my boys they depend on me love ya my boys

That true mum is works very hard when the baby born a few days at night she nappies change for you and breastfeeding when cry she has does like that until you 1 or 2 year old some daddy share hard works with mum

So very true and only a Mum can understand no matter how old you are

A life time is a long time and a good father is only 9 months less!

I loved being pregnant. Now probs during the 9 months however the births were very quick.

Not all mother's give birth, my girls are always in my heart. ❤❤

and abandone you to go with her lover wen you are 4

It is so true no matter what happens you have them in your heart for ever

So true but part of this is with the father as well

luv u mom

So true.

Most do

Amen Sisters ❤️

How true

unfortunately last bit not always true!

I love my mom


My 3 boys. I love you all 😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘

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2 hours ago

9 News Sydney

Residents today were able to go through what's left of their properties in Tathra.

#9News |


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Start back burning. Less vegetation.

3 hours ago

9 News Sydney

It’s been a day of mixed emotion, as residents of fire-ravaged Tathra got a first look at their homes.

#9News |


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It's so sad for those who lost homes for sure, but what a success, the majority of homes were saved and more importantly no lives were lost, fantastic work RFS, you guys are awesome.

Praying for all who has lost a home and great work to firefighters bless you all

How sad,so much lost,i was also thinking of all the pets and animals that perished or sadly had to be put to sleep.

My heart goes out to those poor people.

How sad 😢 xxx

God bless ,,,take care love to all, ,Amen

Lorraine Galli Rowie Galli

Trish Galli Mick Galli

Ahmed Faiz