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Australians fell in love with her as little Kitty in the 70s TV soap “The Sullivans”. And actress Susan Hannaford fell in love with fame and fortune. She reinvented herself as an American property tycoon. But is it all just an act? Sunday Night reveals the bizarre fantasy world of Susan Hannaford - 8:30pm April 22 on Channel 7.

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1 hour ago

Channel 7 Perth

South Fremantle’s long haired Ruckman Brock Higgins chats to The West Australian John Townsend about the Bulldogs hopes for a flag in 2018.

Make sure you get down and see a WAFL game this weekend or watch the game live on Sunday before the Western Derby.

Claremont Football Club v South Fremantle Football Club in Albany
Perth Football Club v West Perth Football Club
Swan Districts Football Club Inc. v East Fremantle Football Club

Sunday – Live on Channel 7 Perth at 11:30 am.
East Perth Football Club Inc v @Peel Thunder.

North shore residents have been subject to jackhammering and excavation six nights a week. And the end is not yet in sight.

🔊 Turn the sound on and hear it for yourself


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But they should be working with sound blankets. I worked on a project where the EPA was called in because we did not meet the sound levels we stated in the construction plan. The other thing is why does the work HAVE to be done at night? I mean, other than the morning and evening peaks, there is a fair slice during the day that the work could be carried out.

Soooo let me get this prayerfully straight - the North Shore residents have to put up with 3 years of this while many other areas of Sydney have to put up with it 24/7 and sometimes give up their homes? - where's that violin? :-)

It’s atrocious. Surely there is a responsibility in the construction companies to relocate Eric health shouldn’t have to suffer. Everywhere in Sydney there is construction work going on all the time.

That would suck! I know from living close to the cbd that noise like this starts driving you insane, especially when it results in constant sleep deprivation

...Not just in Sydney...everywhere in major Australian capitals...the effect is the same on peoples' lives as a low level "terrorism" is even worse than terrorism because there is No End to it...and there's nothing you can do about it... except do like they done in America... fight for your turf, hire the Mafia to clean up the town.

They could always move to the western suburbs

Well what do you expect for a couple of million dollars ? A view and Chirping birds?

Might be some karma for being LNP voters. :)

Yikes. I almost go crazy listening to this video for a minute. Let alone 3 years !

Well they have made a lifestyle choice to live there. Like Aboriginal people in remote communities ;)

Sneha this is what you hear

I thought there were noise regulations where that sort of noise was not permitted after a certain time of night. They talk a lot of noise restrictions on The Block TV show.

Where are the ICAC investigations into these contracts

Oh no, building something causes noise. The sky is falling.

Cary - I really feel for you 😵

Poor little diddums try living next to the Westconnex or light rail.

Just like Forrest Sth Yarra Vic ..... 5 yrs!!!!!


Three years, poor buggers 😢

Fiona Theresee

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3 hours ago

Channel 7 Perth

New Episodes, new LOLs & a few famous faces!
Modern Family premieres Wednesday May 2 at 9.00 on @Channel 7 Perth and 7plus

4 hours ago

Nova 937

Truer words have never been spoken 🙌 ...

Truer words have never been spoken 🙌


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Chloe Chelsea HAHAHA

Katie 🤣🤣

Clayton Collins😂😂


5 hours ago

Channel 7 Perth

Don’t miss the My Kitchen Rules recipe special inside today The West Australian. #MKR ...

Don’t miss the My Kitchen Rules recipe special inside today The West Australian. #MKR

2 days ago

Channel 7 Perth

"I just got forked by Manu!" - Emma is seriously living the dream 😍😍😍

#MKR |


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She is loving every minute of the attention.

This show was forked up a long time ago...

I’m sure it’s not the only thing to go in her Mouth.

Can’t understand Manu gives the boys a good rapport on there nochi and said it was the best so far and yet some of girls pulled it apart , still what would they no .

Those lips hahahahaha

Forkin hell

Hopefully you will report some real NEWS and that the Parasites at the City of Perth, were paying overtime to staff for handing out parking tickets for people attending the ANZAC Dawn Service for our fallen heroes....... Obviously they need the money to pay for that Maggot Scaffidi's pay while she is suspended again for another year....

2 days ago

Channel 7 Perth

TONIGHT: It's all about famiglia at Josh & Nic's Super Dinner Party 🇮🇹💙

#MKR tonight 7.30 Channel 7 |