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Stephen Hawking remembered

Stephen Hawking remembered


A research fellow at Mount Stromlo Observatory said Stephen Hawking "didn't just speak or think things, he did it, whether it was complex calculations or helping others".

The late scientist famously said the world was running out of space and needed to look for other worlds.

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It’s like when they go to the park to catch gay guys sexing in the bushes at Beats. Why! Let it be lol 😂😂😂😂

I’m betting the people obeying the law weren’t to concerned about it

Treasury Desperate for 💰

A Melbourne brewery is under fire for 'vilifying' people with red hair'.

Aussie beer company's 'stop the spread of the Ginger Gene' ad BANNED


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Poor choice of marketing humour .. Some Red heads I know drink the most beer.

Here is an idea. Get famous ginga ninjas like Ed Sheeran and Prince Harry onto this and see what they would think. I am sure they would have a good chuckle about it.

Oh no. Precious people getting offended. What a shock.

For pity’s sake people get a life, grow some balls and laugh at yourselves. Just get a life

It seems Telv does prioritise something over Sarah — the CASINO.

Telv and Sarah split after he 'kept sneaking off to the casino' during filming


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She is so freaking needy!! Full of herself

Wow DMA you sure don't let the truth get in the way of a story🙄

Having a poke I bet Jordan Pereira

Casino n bags is a better couple

Luke Brand them late work nights

Can he tick any more boxes David 😂

He proberly had more enjoyment going to the casino.

She is ugly and fake anyway.

Better odds at da cas 🤣🤣🤣

Glenn Twomey just lovin the Crown too much hahaha

I will put a tenner on the craps lol table hehe

Gus Nye so he wasn't really at the gym

lol Mafs#2018 the Matchmakers definitely got it wrong

Scary man

Kree Myer interesting read

Lol where u saw him Anthony Masella


Sharlika Wilson- Harris standard Sarah


Meg Thomas regards telv

Rikki anything to get a story going

Victor Ferreira seeeeeeee 😂

Jahred Hayston hahaha what a legend 😂😂😂

Deon do you see him there??

Rissy even more shit

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Details of Rosie Jacob's new romance have come to light.

REVEALED: Steve Jacob's wife is now dating a Canadian commando soldier after 'shock split'


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Wait. What? From what I have read, she didn't like the distance thing and now she is dating someone from Canada? Hmm?

So she was obviously cheating on him?

Wow That was quick Ho

Good luck to her then I say! It’s sad but things dont workout sometimes & sometimes a woman just needs a MAN!

Jan Cooper

Shane Byrne

Logan Gill