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Stephen Hawking dies at 76

Stephen Hawking dies at 76


RIP Stephen Hawking

One of the greatest scientists of our time, Stephen Hawking dies at the age of 76.

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Aussie @F1 star @danielricciardo is the clear crowd favourite for his home race, but the competition will be tougher on the track. #AusGP #7News

When people are too drunk to drive, they’re told they’re better off on public transport. #7News

A man has been arrested over the stabbing of his partner and a good Samaritan in Morwell. #7News

An Adelaide family’s rueing the timing of its pet rooster’s cock-a-doodle-doo. #7News

Police have arrested a man at gunpoint, minutes after a couple was shot in their western Sydney home. #7News

A Seaton family is rueing the timing of its pet rooster's cock-a-doodle-do. He let one go just as the police arrived for an unrelated matter, now both are paying a huge price. 7 News on Instagram: @TimNoonan7 #7News

Three young aboriginals speedsters will have never raced professionally before the Stawell Gift, and it'll be the first time they've used proper athletic equipment. #7News

Independent Tasmanian Senator Steve Martin says the AFL neglect of his home state is a disgrace. #7News

The main suspect in a series of bombings in Austin is dead after police tried to arrest him north of the Texas capital. #7News

There’s outrage over plans to mine Facebook data from Commonwealth Games visitors. #7News

Myer reported a net half-yearly loss of nearly half a billion dollars, as it slashed the value of its once iconic brand. #7News

Despite James Packer's $5 billion fortune, Crown Resorts says he's stepping down from his position on the board due to mental health issues. #7News

A man caught on camera unleashing a racist tirade inside the Salisbury Centrelink has apologised insisting he didn't mean to offend anyone. He told 7 News he has mental health problems and hadn't taken his medication. Adelaide stories - @MarkMooney7 #7News

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have broken with another wedding tradition – they won’t be serving fruit cake when they marry in May. #7News

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3 hours ago

9 News Sydney

One thousand free tickets to the Premier's Gala Concert will be up for grabs for Seniors.

#9News |

4 hours ago

9 News Sydney

Costing close to a million dollars, 68 bronze bird statues have been revealed in Sydney today.

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They'll be stolen. 😂

A kid could have made them for $10

A million dollars for statutes of birds? So what if the old lady with the bad back next door got a $300 fine because she overstayed by three minutes or the man over the road got booked because he was just getting change for the metre. Sydney City Council must be applauded for spending their revenue raising so well. More statues! And some 'Merry Christmas' signs in Chinese and Swahili that they used last year. Money well spent! Don't spend it on upgrading Sydney roads. More bird statues! That's what the people want!

What a waste unuseful money.

Oh ffs, just don't let the homeless camp near them, that will spoil the aesthetics. Also while we are looking at statutes don't forget to shoot as many Ibis as we can. 😡😢😡😢

And people are starving.

GiAnt milk crate outside central station? Really?! Could we not take any more “bright” ideas or advice from the dog collar wearing Lord Mayor... she’s gonna make SYDNEY a national laughing stock with her choices of supporting these tacky ideas

Why?? More than ample live birds.

See what can be done when everyone has a home to live with food on the table and have no health problems with the elderly you can spend 2 mil on some birds to enjoy while strolling in the park

What a complete waste of money!

This type of spending is third world dictatorship waste.

What’s wrong with the pigeons and martens that we have already 🤔

So Clover's CumShot will now be an $11m ejaculation ... ... that's a lot of Viagra! :-)

And yet sydney trains are the worst

Can i shoot them with my slingshot?

how FN stupid

Clover Moore is nothing short of retarded

Yasmina Osman

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5 hours ago

9 News Sydney

A 66-million-dollar apartment in central Sydney is for sale.

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Paying that amount of money on an apartment anywhere is obscene especially when there are so many people in the world that are starving.

Lol which normal person would spend that much on a unit rather invest in so many properties

Of course international buyer's are interested. Keep selling Australia

These people normal? Who on earth would want to buy this? It doesn’t even look like home let alone feel like home! Yes all the security and parking and stuff but what’s the point when you leave the building you’ll be stuck in those one way lanes 😂 unless it comes with like underground tunnels 😂 Surmin Silky 🤷🏻‍♀️

Even if I had a world of wealth I still wouldn’t spend that much money on an apartment or house, I’d rather do so much more with it.

No worries, I'll pay in cashews

Want to go halves? Ryan Butler

Id rather smashed avo for brunch lol

Juan Avila we can take this one after Russia! What do u reckon? It’s in my budget

Jake Hassett they’re selling my old apartment aha

Acho válido considerarmos a oportunidade, não é sempre que aparece algo com essa vista. Diego Biroli

Sarah Kerung 40 million le k k garnu bhaneko haina lol euta apartment pani aaudaina raicha...😂😂😂

Sarah Mellino might throw in a bid

Reyam Rand Ruda Mustafa Lets all chip in and get this ha ?.. 16.5 million each Ha whos in ?

Auron Ritvik Rishab looks like huttsy's selling

Steph Edwardes how sick is this if only we had 66 million haha 😂

Taseenn Mnzr you may be interested since your in the market :P

Muhammad Waqas ur looking for a unit

Christiana Torres even if i win the lotto this week still cant afford it😂

Salim Reza buy this ,, we will come to have party Daizy Biswas

Luke McNeill most luxurious apartment in the world, let's buy it

Richie Moaga not too expensive just a little rattle in your pocket 😂

Jamey Murruburay a step up from when we stayed in the city

Caroline Wilkins shall we move in here hun?

Bear Boyarinov we got this bro let's get lifting! 🙌🏻

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Great news if you're planning some 4WD action this Easter. The one-way section of the Border Track in #NgarkatConservationPark is reopening early on Thursday 29th March.

#NationalParksSA |

Great news if youre planning some 4WD action this Easter. The one-way section of the Border Track in #NgarkatConservationPark is reopening early on Thursday 29th March. 

#NationalParksSA |


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Can you ride registered motorbikes on the border track?

Daniel McClounan Tony Archer Brett Kannane Might be a good weekend out :)

Tyler Joseph Alex Southby Hannah Southby. Ive just about recovered from our last 4x4

Elly Mary Smith we need to try this

Sam EllisEllis how do you think the paj would go

Jp Kordahi need to catch up again here sometime soon

Andrew get keen

should head here next trip Tadek.

Matt Rowe have you been here?

Hope they all enjoy our hard work this weekend to get it ready. Tony Millsted

Jacqui Harley with Iain 😁

Annabelle Mugge, for Dad

This would be a good place to check out Jane Morris

Dale we need to a camping trip here

Matt Willo Matty Edwoods Matt Jenno Ryan Pym

Jiron Blacket time to book a trip

Steven Johnson Kale Adam

Chris Short

Mark N Jade Lawrence

Ty Clayson

Benjamin Bull

Jared Askham

Sam Lord

Trent Durbidge

Adam Prest?

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9 hours ago

Triple M Adelaide

This is why it's so important to stay safe in the sun! Roo & Ditts get a close look at their skin damage... and it's NOT pretty.
Protect your skin, UV it all adds up! Cancer Council SA

9 hours ago

Triple M Adelaide

Still plenty of time to get around 2018's footy tipping! Sign up here -'s still time to join up for footy tipping in 2018! The winner will pocket $5,000 plus there's $100 up for grabs for the best tipper each week.

Best of all it's free to enter! Get on board here -

Still plenty of time to get around 2018s footy tipping! Sign up here -

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Damien Porter Adam Neale Alex Neale Brayden Porter

Don't forget to enter our competition to WIN a stay in Deep Creek Conservation Park thanks to Southern Ocean Retreats. Simply tell us what you would most enjoy about staying in the park and like our page and Southern Ocean Retreats to go into the draw. Competition closes March 25. T and C’s

#NationalParksSA | #ParkoftheMonth


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My family is going camping there at easter and I am staying back cos my yougest son has surgery. Such an awesome place lucky we been there before so many different sites to chose from once we woke up to kamgaros all around us. Hopefully we can get back there again soon!

I would love everything about the; Dazzling Expansive Estuary Providing Countless Remarkable Experiences Especially with Kangaroos 🐒 (we really need kangaroo emojis 🙊)

I’d love the opportunity to practice the Japanese art of “forest bathing”, and simply take it all in!

Seeing the wildlife and enjoying the ocean and beautiful walking trails. As a family we have never been to deep creek so would enjoy every opportunity.

I love how clean and well signed the park is. A beautiful place to holiday any time of the year.

I've camped in Deep Creek it's absolutely stunning waking up to tons of kangaroos just outside yer tent is something everyone should experience

I love running/hiking the trails. Would love to explore Deep Creek Conservation Park and share the experience with my family 😊

Oh would love this been talking lately about taking our grandson camping for the first time he's just at the right age.

Myself along with hubby and our 3 kids walked to Blowhole beach and back! An absolute gem, the views are breathtaking and that beach 👌🏻☺️

Brandon O'Reilly and I would love to stay at Deep Creek conservation park to celebrate my birthday and our anniversary. We love adventure, connecting with nature and exploring everything great about SA. This stay would allow us to explore Deep Creek Conservation Park as it is very different to our usual national parks we visit since it is so close to the coast!

I love deep creek because of the differing landscapes, the 'moon' rock at blowhole beach, the stringy stringy bark forest and the friendly kangaroos. Mostly though, my kids and I had the best time during winter looking for and finding amazing fungi!

I would love to take my children & for them to explore the natural beauty of the area. Go on a bush walk, run along the beach see the native fauna & flora but for them but the most special thing to me would be for them to experience the beauty of night sky at deep creek to be able to see all those stars twinkly so clearly it almost feels like you can touch them!

Couldn’t get anymore closer to nature I use to go there growing up would love to share the same experience with my children

The serenity.... Truly beautiful, & the real Australia.

Spending time with my family in a beautiful part of South Australia. The wildlife, the views, the serenity, can't get much better than that.

Truely one of SA’s best parks. Gorgeous ocean views, walking tracks and an array of birds and wildlife. A treasure of the state ❤️

Love staying there for the warm starry nights, cosy campfires in winter, great choice of walking trails, and break from civilisation ⛺

I would most enjoy having 2 days to explore all the Park has to offer. I went there as a child on school camp and would love to go again with my partner. Thanks 😊

Ohhhh it would be so nice!! Fresh air, peace and quiet, the kids can run wild, see the stars at night BUT mostly it would be so nice to spend time together as a family! ❤️

Summer and winter have brought me so many great memories... with family and friends. Deep creek offers so much just being on your door step.. each adventure I have had has given me a life memory that I will never forget. Thank you for keeping this beautiful landscape accessible for all to experience. That’s all.👍😜

Time out of our hectic lifestyles to enjoy the scenery, peacefulness & wildlife! We love exploring all the beauty that’s right here in our own backyards! #sagreat

Heading that way late April this year ...3 x birthday celebrations Daughter and family love to free camp Kids 8 and 6 love the adventure and thrill of being in country yet so close to beach, best of both worlds. Thank you

The most enjoyable things about staying at deep creek for our family would be the space, the infinite amount of trails to walk, the amazing nature to observe. To spend time together away from phones and laptops, away from the traffic and pollution of the city and to be able to look up at the night sky and see solar systems with no interruptions due to high rise buildings and endless street lights. South Australia is such a gem, my children are so lucky we get to live and explore here.

The salty sou-wester whipping up the gully as one descends down to Aaron Creek Cove. Listening to the breeze in the stringybarks at Trig as the superb blue wrens playfully dart in and out, fearlessly close to the campsite. Such a magical place so close to home and my heart.

What a beautiful place to take my family for a well deserved mini holiday 🙏

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