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Staggering financial cost of Games disaster revealed

Staggering financial cost of Games disaster revealed


Sheesh. Fair to say the money could've been better spent elsewhere.

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Residents are angry with a Perth council's decision to issue parking fines during the dawn service, with some attendees slugged $200. #7News

A manhunt is underway across the New South Wales Central Coast, for an armed thief who held up a taxi driver at knifepoint. #7News

Some pilgrims almost didn't make it to the Gallipoli Dawn Service, when their bus erupted into flames. #7News

U.S. President @realDonaldTrump is obviously a huge fan of his French counterpart Emmanuel Macron. #7News

New technology combining bluetooth connectivity with an in-built hearing test has arrived in Australia, boosting everyday sounds at a fraction of the cost of traditional hearing aids. #7News

Fire crews had to deal with two major house fires overnight: one in a Frankston home with a colourful past. #7News

For many veterans, the march down St Kilda Road was a chance to see old mates and reflect on the sacrifices of those who didn't make it home. #7News

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25 minutes ago

NTD Australia

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Some people will regret this moment forever because they did not notice him 😂

Credit: Cristiano Ronaldo - ROC Live Life Loud -


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What happened to the dog?????

Good on yah kid

41 minutes ago

NTD Australia

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They are really great, God bless them. 👼

Credit: Genesis Media Solutions -


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What a beautiful family

56 minutes ago

NTD Australia

Wow... So beautiful ! ❤️ ...


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Artsy and unique...,

Love this

What a talent

Trudie Brownn

Love this Carlie Coates Reid

1 hour ago

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Best moment to the maids of honor, it is 😍❤️
Credit: Sophia Menestrina (

2 hours ago

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Do you ever wonder if there are still good people in the world? 😇❤️

3 hours ago

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Sophisticated comb from resin and wood. What a nice artwork!

Credit: General SherMAN -

WATCH: West Coast ruckman Scott Lycett has been sitting in the shadows of Nic Naitanui this season but his return from a long battle with injury has also been a huge success. #TenSport ...


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Erick Kanzo Bashemule

WATCH: The Fremantle Dockers continue to deny Optus Stadium is too hard.. but after 3 games in 4 weeks in Perth it appears the turf is taking it's toll on the players. #TenSport ...


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OMG how one eyed can you guys be? All I have seen all day is Gossage and Ten bag out Freo! 😂😂😂🖕

WATCH: Two young brothers have been found alive after a desperate air and sea search. #TenNews ...


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Happy outcome

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ANZAC DAY: It was a slightly smaller but just as solemn crowd at this year's Dawn Service in King's Park. #TenNews ...


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Lest we forget

Is it Anzac Day there Jayden Monk?

Steve Clare

9 hours ago

Western Australia Police Force

GREAT NEWS - the missing 12 & 18 year olds at Ningaloo have been found safe and well, thanks to the magnificient efforts of all the people involved.
These photos have been provided courtesy of Australian Maritime Safety Authority.


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Needle in a haystack stuff.... Thankfully the seas were calm, just imagine how hard it would have been to spot a white hull if the seas were choppy! Life jackets, GPS, flairs, just wondering if they had any of these on board, guessing not! Also wonder the cost of the search - 1 x fix wing, 3 x heli, Police, Ambulance, SES

So many prayers went out for the boys return 💕 thank you to all the rescuers involved.

Wow so lucky to be found. Your parents must be over the moon. Well done WAPOL and all involved in this search and rescue. 👍👍

Our rescue service's are amongst the best in the world. Imagine the euphoria when these two were spotted, and when these two young men spotted the chopper from they're little raft! Much love to everyone involved, and to the families, you got you're babies back :)

Great outcome, after a very irresponsible exercise. Well done to the rescuers.

Excellent news... To be honest when I heard about the search, given the boat, and the area, I immediately thought the worst. Hats off to all of the searchers.

Great news. Thanks to all the search and rescue teams. Job well done!!!

Two very lucky boys and one very happy family, great effort by all involved in the search and rescue

The family must be so very relieved. So glad it was a good outcome. Well done to those involved in the search and rescue. Time to hug your kids!

My heart sank hearing the news of them missing on the radio today. So so glad they were rescued . Well done to all involved finding them. Excellent effort. 👍

Great news - glad these two lads didn’t panic - glad we have such great volunteer and employed rescue crews 😊

Wonderful news!! They're very lucky! Great job to all involved!

Fantastic news. Well done to emergency services. We’re lucky to have you. Glad the boys are ok.

Lucky boys Great news Thanks to rescues crews

well done to all involved. Gotta love a good outcome.

well done to everyone involved in this rescue

Great news but next time take appropriate safety gear

Such an awesome outcome! Thankyou to rescuers and all involved to find these young lads!!

Fantastic outcome. Well done all involved.

Fantastic news and well done to all the crews!!

Very lucky to have been found - good job by the searchers !

Great outcome, well done guys

Can’t believe this what good news well done to all involved

Phew 😅 Glad they’re well. Very traumatic for the youngsters. It’ll be an adventure to remember forever.

Congratulations everyone ...........a job very well done.

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13 hours ago

Ten Eyewitness News Perth

Ten News
ROYAL WELCOME: Traditional gun salutes fire at Hyde Park and London Tower, and bells ring at Westminster Abbey to mark the birth of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge's new baby, who is fifth in line to the British throne. #TenNews