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Special forces dispatched to keep sheets

Special forces dispatched to keep sheets


Kitchenware and linen doesn't quite have the same ring as 'phone books and footlockers' but there are questions being asked of Vice Admiral Ray Griggs' use of special forces.

Defence’s second-highest ranked officer, Vice Admiral Ray Griggs, dispatched a crack special forces commander to monitor his estranged wife Kerrie Griggs’s shift from their Defence residence, partly to ensure she left him enough sheets and kitchenware.

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An eerily quiet and hazy morning in Tathra.
- a kangaroo bounds down a deserted street as evacuated residents are not allowed to return to their homes yet due to possible toxic asbestos dust.

It's been a privilege to get such raw and honest insights from @greg4hire on The Dribble podcast this season. On our final episode, the Wildcats vice-captain talks candidly about the uncertainty of free agency & what might come next

Where to now for Hire, Wildcats?

PERTH’S free agent vice-captain Greg Hire says he’s considered the possibility he may have played his last game for his beloved Wildcats.

An out-of-control space station is due to crash down to Earth in about a fortnight, and Australia’s in its firing line — several times each day.

Australia's biggest bank repeatedly tried to mislead the corporate watchdog over selling junk insurance to students, pensioners and the unemployed, the banking royal commission heard.

CBA sold junk insurance

AUSTRALIA’s biggest bank repeatedly tried to mislead the corporate watchdog over selling junk insurance to students, pensioners and the unemploy...

A Transport company has been ordered to pay more than $63,000 in fines and court costs after a worker’s hand was crushed between two containers in WA’s south.

Company cops fine over crushed hand

THE worker’s hand was crushed between two containers in WA’s south.

It has been a tough few years for those chasing growth in Perth’s property market - but the nation’s 10 million homes are now worth almost $7 trillion.

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4 hours ago


A lot has changed in 54 years! ...

A lot has changed in 54 years!


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Brayden Carr Noah Tarlo Justin Dela Cruz Chenzo Chu How could anyone meet up without doob spot?

Michael Chen Muneki Yoshikawa Richard Wang Frank Foo Jennifer Cha wish it was still 1964 ._.

Ivan Hou Simon Jing Kat Cheng Cole Wang Nathan Lee Andy Cai I dont see any improvements over 54 years

Thuc-Ai Huynh Tony Phan Greg Connop i see there are more depressed students

Am I the only one who thinks the upper campus was always there? I mean who in their right mind will add a hill to an entire suburb just for the sake of it

But one thing remains constant. I run this show #thewolfofunsw Jacob Rizk

Rudi Iris Reckon students in 1964 had to walk mountains of stairs to reach class?

Andriana old UNSW looks kinda cool with such open space

Ryan Saxena how many stairs do you reckon they climb to get to class? 😂

Iva Sola were the stairs necessary idk

Beautiful Red Centre, FBE! Missed heaps.

Harith Damandeep Jay only similarity is elec building

It's amazing to see how UNSW would look in an alternate reality

Michael Roach reckon they had the kilometre long 891 lines back then?

Ema Lynne is that really what it looked like when you were there?

should’ve gone back in 64’ no flipping stairs in sight Lilian Sobbi Demi Farah

What a nice change!!!!

It became a hill?

where were the steps...

looks more like a big tafe than a uni, no classic buildings

Pretty amazing. Show us more of these "then and now" photos!

Harry Murphy why did they give it a uphill angle

Chris Basilio recognise that from first year?

Pete Schofield did they use the elevator to go from level 3 to 2 then doe? 🤔

Irene Cheah - little bit different 💕

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15 hours ago

"Ahoy there, I'm coming up for a look!" 🐳

Photo: in Australia's Coral Coast

Ahoy there, Im coming up for a look! 🐳

Photo: in Australias Coral Coast


Comment on Facebook snapped this astonishing photo of a whale shark at Coral Bay in Australia's Coral Coast, which plays host to a migratory population of these gentle giants. The Ningaloo Reef whale shark season kicks off around now and runs roughly until August (or however long the whale sharks fancy hanging around for!), so if you're heading to Western Australia, be sure to add a whale shark swim to your bucket list. Photo:

" Were going to need a bigger boat"

It’s a whale shark, totally harmless - but big!

Swam there with those fishes in 2003 and also manta rays: UNFORGETTABLE experiences!

A very good reason to come back to Australia soon ❤️

Susan, Jon, this is where we’re headed in two weeks 😎

I sooooooooo badly want to go swimming with whale sharks they are gorgeous

So cute big head whale shark and beautiful yacht , nice photography !

That is some photograph 10 out of 10

Absolutely out of this WORLD😊

It's just as curious as we are! I'm sure no one was in danger of this gentle giant ❤️

Enjoy the ocean while it lasts Australians, you dont seem to keen on trying to keep it alive for much longer anyway.

What a beautiful whale shark, just watched a awesome Blue Planet 2 show where they filmed them giving birth off of Darwin Island in the Galapagos.

That must have been terrifying to photo, or are my perspectives all wrong and the whale is in fact quite far away? Imagine if the thing just decided Oooh human let's put that in my mouth :D

Big critters can’t come into island reefs tho... would be much scarier diving off K.I. Xx that whale shark is not a biter either. Xx

Two things. The photo is fake and it is a shark, a whale shark to be precise. Fake, fake, fake.

See you soon Australia!! I hope my visa gets approved!! haha

41 feet of shark and a nice little 47,000 lbs way cool.. that make interesting lap doggie

This is amazing and terrifying at the same time.

I'm hoping that photo's not to scale, and that it's a close up on the Shark :)

Wow for a second I thought it was photoshopped. Nature is absolutely amazing!!

Yoni Jose Miranda dit is mijn droom met deze prachtige wezens zwemmen

Is this why you didn’t want to jump in the water? Jessica

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2 days ago

Going, going, gone! 👋🏻

After 10 years of serving one of the most famous desserts in Australia, Quay Restaurant is saying farewell to the Snow Egg.


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Peter Gilmore has created a new flavour for the final snow egg: custard apple & Mangosteen fool, pear granita & custard apple ice cream. Diners will have three weeks to experience the snow egg and Quay Restaurant in its current form before the doors temporarily close on Sunday 1st of April. Photo: Quay Restaurant

“The snow egg has graced our menu for over a decade, but this is a time of change and I want to be looking forward. It was a tough decision but removing it gives me the opportunity to grow and evolve the menu to give guests a new dining experience” says Executive Chef Peter Gilmore. Photo: Quay Restaurant

Over the course of its 10-year lifespan, over half a million-snow eggs served and over 20 flavour changes, Quay Restaurant will farewell the iconic Snow Egg when the restaurant pauses service for a three-month renovation on April 1st, 2018. Photo: Quay Restaurant

Sam Savage look Sam they can't do that - it was the best pud ever and dad and I loved it!! I feel very lucky to have eaten that pud in that amazing place with the stunning view. Thank you Sam!! Xxxxxxx

The most amazing dessert ever !

Rustom Manecksha so glad we got to try the Snow Egg!

We loved it so much

Charles Williamson better get to SYD before the 1st of April if you ever want to try the Snow egg 🙈

Tara u better get over there b4 it’s gone 😜

Yazmin Islam and Trai Moorthy glad we got to try it before it is gone!

Yummy and beautiful desserts !

Just curious why restaurants/chefs like to concoct a new dessert and get rid of one that was their specialty for so long. You could have a new one but keep the old on the menu too. This often happens when you go a place because of their specialty only to find something different has replaced it

How much does it cost? - if I am asking that guess I can't afford to eat there 😏

Ashleigh Edwards Courtney JepsonJepson We can always say we have had one thanks to old mate Jj

Schau mal, Sixtus Fadler, in dieses ikonische Resto wollte ich mit Euch zum Essen gehen-nicht nur wegen der Aussicht, sondern wegen solcher endgeiler Frickeleien... Hammer, oder?

Ann-maree Chesters can’t believe I’ve never had this & now it’s going 😔

I didn't think it was great

Briony Glastonbury oh my god!!! no!! my favorite dessert

Tom Garden good they were yuck

I remember eating here 1200 dinner and first 3 dishes I sent back - over priced hyped up shitte

Oh dear Lachlan Flynn and Michelle Marie hurry up and book! It's the only reason I got the voucher for you...

.....and I never tried.

Sorry I missed this.

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3 days ago

We're just going to leave this here - you're welcome 🤗 🐨

Photo: Koalakrusader - Instagram Koalakrusader at Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary

Were just going to leave this here - youre welcome 🤗 🐨

Photo: Koalakrusader - Instagram Koalakrusader at Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary


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Koala Krusader recently captured this adorable koala joey as it was being transported to its mother at Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary on the Destination Gold Coast. The wildlife sanctuary in Visit Queensland, Australia is home to more than 50 koalas, but it's not just about the resident koalas here - it runs an onsite wildlife hospital which treats over 250 koalas every year, brought in by the local community. Photo: Koala Krusader

Being doting its eyes look so big on that precious tiny face It has to be the most dearest little joey ever. I can just feel hugging and cuddleing it Just loveit❤️❤️

wow thanks for sharing i have never seen one up close let alone a baby one thanks

Probably the cutest thing I’ve ever seen in my entire life 🐨💕

Awwwwww. So very cute. I wish that I lived in Australia and could work as a care giver for animals in need.

Cuddles with as he was then baby Slater at Currumbin

Looking fwd in seeing you this November!

Aww, just want to hold one, so cute

I will be in Australia Thursday, my goal is to hold a Koala. ❤️

A quoka photo bombing my daughter ❤️😁

This is really a cute animal. Thank you for sharing.

Thank you for that. Love its foot especially.

Lisa Vasquez my heart just exploded looking at this baby!!! 😩😻😻😻🐨

I can't even handle the cuteness 😍🐨😍🐨

See it Holding on to it's little foot....How cute..

I've seen comments on other pages about something you call drop bears. Is that a thing you call Koalas or is that another animal?

I am sorry if this sounds negative - but I have to say it. Dear Something needs to be done on the Pacific Highway near Port Macquarie, about within 10 km south of the Oxley highway, north going side, before roundabout (near BP garage). There's a koala sanctuary there. For several weeks now I've seen koalas killed. It's utterly sickening and horrible. You never see it in news, it's cleaned up quick unlike other animals. Our governments and us the people need to be ashamed. Why people think we can just keep stealing their habitat and expanding over what they need to survive, is beyond me. The ignorance to the plight of animals that get killed on our roads by governments mainly, but people also, makes me sick.

Yes drop bears are a joke,at the expense of the koala.They are not cuddly they have claws like a wild cat. Will use you as a tree and a bit like a rabbit hard pinch

Leesa Apps This was taken at CWS!! It’s now our mission on Wednesday to find it!! Haha

Sooooo look at that little face.....x

We've been looking for one of these guys in the wild ❤❤

Omg how cute , wish I could have one ...

Thank you for this cuteness overload!!!

Hope Mother Koala is close by..too young to be apart long. thanks for the cute pic. Love it.

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4 days ago

What a spectacular sight! Visit Canberra is transformed into a kaleidoscope of colour during the annual Canberra Balloon Spectacular 😍

Photos: Carol Elvin


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Held over nine days in our nation's capital Visit Canberra, this kaleidoscope of colour launches from the lawns of Old Parliment House and fills the skies above the city and the iconic Lake Burley Griffin. Get there early to witness their ascent to the skies or join the fun and take a sunrise flight in one of these spectacular vessels. Photo: Carol Elvin

For nine days the national monuments of Visit Canberra are framed by a colourful array of hot air balloons in flight during one of the world's longest running hot air ballooning events, the Canberra Balloon Spectacular. Photo: Carol Elvin

love love love HOT AIR BALLOONS flying over the ocean!!😍 Thank you for sharing!

It is an amazing experience.. One I would highly recommend..

From when to when does it happen and can tourists go.on the balloons??

Wow!!! On my bucket list!!! So cool and beautiful!!! 😱💙💛💞💖💕💓❤💗💚💜😄

Awesome. Would LOVE to be there. 😍

Awesome. Would LOVE to be there.

So much of this magnificent country to take you breath away

This event is very nice and these hot air balloons are very colorful!

Our favorite time of year in Canberra!

Beautiful balloons spectacular !

What a wonderful place to lived in! 😍

Amazing photo Thank you


Okay folks I'm apologizing in advance for my non related to travel question regarding Australians. In a recent conversation with an Australian I was told words like *unt and *rick are commonly used in Australia and not the insult here in America.

Beautiful scenery Rosie and looks fabulous looks like you are having a wonderful can't wait to see you back

Anna Pickering look!! This is much better than my videos.!!

Karlie Tyszyk hot air balloon spectacular

Adorei Canberra e outras cidades q visitei Austrália é um país lindo

Oh we have got to take Iyanah for this!! Cyrus B

Corrao Sébastien Can you remember on canberra, such a great memory, never forget 😂😂

What time of year is this held? Would like to fit it into our itinerary 😎

Canberra flying with colours.... A spectacular view.... Hope to get there soon!!!

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5 days ago

Happy Friday 🎉 Here are this week's favourite fan photos! ...


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Leaving tomorrow for Sydney then on to Brisbane 🤗

What no pics of the beautiful scenery in Tasmania. Oh my, Wineglass Bay, Cradle Mtn. or Freycinet was not mentioned in your Happy Friday post,,, sad sad sad. 🤨

I want to go there so bad, I want to see all of Australia!

Awesome photos guys Pardice luv OZ😎😘

Brought back happy memories of Wilson’s prom, Melbourne & Sydney 💖

Thank you guys/gals at, you have made my Friday, beautiful pis of our lovely land, just gorgeous, hope all of you have a great Friday and a ripper of a weekend!! Enjoy🤗👍👌

Australia has so many beautiful places I will love to visit some day

Australia, you just rock it, my friends. It’s been a lonnnng time since I was there (2003), but your country got into my bones. I’ll be back to see ya!

Another thoroughly enjoyable album - awesome pics!!!!

After spending 3 weeks in Australia 🇦🇺, this is the best country in the world 🌎 for Everything!!!❤️❤️

Hey friend can you tell me more famous place there to visit I love to travel there again👌👌

it is so easy to promote all the beauties of australia !!!!

Gosh how many beautiful places are there?!!!😁 wanna go there so bad!!

Sailed there last year it was wonderful.

Could you please go back to the non-video format? I like being able to take my time studying the pictures. I'm dating someone from over there and it was a tradition for us to go through the pics. We've been doing it less since you switched to this format. Even just including a link to the pictures in the album as singular ones would be helpful. Cheers

Australia , proud to be a citizen!! only he lives there underestand the meaning of down under!!!

Beautiful country and awesome people. Enjoyed my visit there 👍

Best country in the world! 😍😍😍

I love your posts and would prefer to go back to the photos instead of the video. Photos are more enjoyable and easy to share.

So many of these beautiful scenes are of our amazing wildlife and our beautiful natural landscapes .... our politicians need to realise this and stop clearing land and allowing our native animals to be killed 😢

Always beautiful Australia!! Love it❤️

Our country is so beautiful 😃

Awesome! <3

Beautiful country

Some amazing sunsets ☺

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5 days ago


Last year JD Law student Tom Park travelled to McGill University in Canada on exchange. He created this video capturing his incredible experiences, from surfing in the Arctic Circle in winter to swimming with tiger sharks in The Bahamas. 👌 ...


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Check out more of Tom’s work on his YouTube channel ( If you’re thinking about studying on exchange, follow UNSW Global Education and Student Exchange and register for the 2018 UNSW Exchange Expo ( Facebook event here: 🌎

Jeffrey Sun this is so cool!


Raghav Rampal

Anthony Cho

Paul Estephan is this gonna be you?

Absolutely fantastic video! Everyone should go on exchange.

Paul big shoes to fill. Law and McGill

JD student went to Canada my dream Nile Rahman

Jason Khou This is how you edit a video

Austin been a year since you bought your camera where's your montage

some solid camera equipment to capture some of the shots he did..... wondered if he studied when over there 😂 great video tho 👌

Lachlan Peknice dude imagine all the sick shots you would get on exchange

Ummm did he actually do any study during this exchange ? Or was it just a sporting holiday ? Anyway it's a great video & looks like a fabulous experience !! How does a student afford all of these sides trips whilst studying overseas ?!?!

Bc this is the only dude who'd do this if you forked out enough dosh? Bridie Goonan

Melissa Katie Marine ... sudeny our exchange seems un eventful!

Benjamin Arthur wtf its like a tourism ad

Mian Daniyal Ahmed we both should apply for study exchange programme for amestradam or in california. Have a look 😍

Blake Curby how does a uni student afford this when I’m struggling to afford contiki?

Gemma Dean rep of food science in Canada woah

Emma Cuelho will this be you?

Yu-Jie Yu you need to step up your Canada game.

Antoine Pouliquen avec une camera, une gopro et un peu de volonté !

Samuel Lei exchange to Canada

Sam Hendo my year was pretty similar

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5 days ago


Huge congratulations to our Australia Day honour recipients and 2018 Australian of the Year Professor Michelle Simmons! ...

Huge congratulations to our Australia Day honour recipients and 2018 Australian of the Year Professor Michelle Simmons!

6 days ago

Holy mackerel - we've never seen Barron Falls looking quite like this! 💦

Video: @sara.cioni_ (via IG) in Explore Tropical North Queensland


Comment on Facebook

Record rainfall in Explore Tropical North Queensland has resulted in a formidable torrent of water raging over the famous falls in Kuranda, near Cairns. It's currently the wet season in this part of Visit Queensland, Australia so excess rainfall isn't unusual, but to see Barron Falls flowing as they are in this photo is quite an extraordinary sight. Have your camera at the ready! Photo: @_sarahlatham (via IG)

Was there on Sunday, so lucky to have this in our back yard in NQ.... I live in cairns and had approx 200-300 ml where I am. There are a lot of magical places to see up here, especially in the wet season.....

omg this brings back wonderful memories. we went to oz for our honeymoon 16 years ago and took the Karunda train with a stop at baron falls. we were lucky as it was middle of Feb & they had had a week of heavy rain the previous week - so this is what the falls looked like when we were there 😁

Wow that’s amazing. Rob when we were there it was so different , hardly a waterfall. We need to go in the wet season next time

This is awesome......wish it had been this spectacular back in 2016....maybe 2019 will be the year ! Love this part of Australia! 😍😍😍

Wow we’ve been here a few times and never seen so much water, looks very impressive though👍

Awww I miss this!!! I used to live in Kuranda. Such a beautiful place!!!!!

How beautiful..i went there last year!

Spectacular and love the roar of the water

It's a raging torrent of water in your pictures . . .Doesn't look anything like the falls we saw when we were there !

Didnt know we had this in Australia. I do not really need to go to Himalayas now to see this. Love our great country anf nature

I've been there, but it was nothing like this then! I seem to remember we travelled there on the heritage train, and all got off to take photos of the falls before continuing on. Wow!

Beautiful! Wish I had time to see it. Will be in Melborne, Sydney & Port Macquarie next week. Can't wait!

Back up in May hope it’s still looking great, just luv NQld😃

Doesn't look the way when we were there.. :-o

Omg!!! 😍😍 Hopefully it will stay like this until we get there !!!! Mike Mills

I love Barron Falls! I've been lucky enough to visit it twice.

Yes about fifteen years ago they went from a mere trickle to a torrent virtually overnight.

Waterfalls and Australia, two of my favorite things!

Can’t believe we saw this a week ago and it was sooo different.

Wow! So Powerful! It was a small stream waterfall when i saw it years ago. Now you know how the gorge was carved out! Beautiful!

We need to go back & catch this falls at full speed!!

What a torrent of beauty!! Have been here but this is spectacular!

Wow 😮 thank you 🙏 for sharing your photos have a great day.

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1 week ago


Tired from walking across our epic campus? Karaoke Kart is here to save the day. ...


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Please tag mizuki so she can come kae with us

Luis Colinares I'm so glad you weirdos are all quarantined in Kensington

and yet y’all won’t make your university less impossible for disabled people, so I guess you’re only allowed to be tired of crossing campus if you can do it without severe pain and fatigue 🤔

Awesome way to make uni heaps funnier, and what a way to meet new friends God I love uni!!!!

Daniel why aren't you in this video and fb filed this under "popular on fb" so according to the machines at fb, i'm aussie and have some connection to unsw

Faith Limantono Joseph Lim from lower campus to Clancy on thursday arvos

Kate Wiktorowicz Andrew Mąŷęş Laura Mayes Rach Lowden Ellie Mircevska Phil Lombardo where was this when we needed to get to the Mathews building or anywhere else that wasn’t the music building hahaha!

Greg Connop to fuel your hate a little more

Drive this around the Mech Eng building singing like this someone would have knocked them out. Haha Should get Redback Racing to modify that buggy to give it some extra juice too eh Raul Min Ignacio Harry

Let’s get a karaoke cart to Wednesday sesh’s plz and thx Henry Fox Matt Powers Micky Fisher

Ali Amir Abeer Faizan Tanya Sharmeen ... well that’s how we commute from one aud to another😂

Bella Burns pretty sure u were the only white person I saw in this vid haha

Naomi Fung There’s a lot to be said about this video but more importantly, I’m imagining what our/your karaoke cart would like driving around campus if it had all the usual karaoke accompaniments...

If only this was around when you two were, Erin Gonthier Elise Hawke - then we’d finally be able to see which one of you was correct about the others perceived skills..

Jacob Wilson I heard they have one at TAFE. So jump on and now you can karaoke to class 😂😂

Mark Wattson Jordan Garofali Chris Dascal didn’t know bungaz was giving people rides around campus now

Samantha Ishac yup this is basically uni in a nutshell. Awkward, cringe and forced social interactions.... a little bit of singing out-loud (if you’re one of the weird ones)

Nancy Li Annie Zhang Kalwin Cheung Ying Zhang Melody Cheung if this was here when i was at uni, would have enrolled here!!! ALSO WHERE THE KPOP AT

Judy Zeng karaoke kart but in pubg, or cash cab @ unsw

Phoebe Lynch karaoke Segway and hover board ride share on campus would make so much money for Canadian bacon

Cohen shoulve done some karaoke and gotten a lift to rupert myers HAHA

Vanessa Yik should we try to find one of these after our chem lecture on thursday to get to babs lab on time

Nada Soliman I’m devastated they didn’t have this when we were at uni. Think I can get a refund on my degree and do it again?

If only this was around a couple of years back. Less walking and more singing from Kevin 😂 Matt Sivashna Sonia Sophie

lol is every dude except one from sydney high in that video haha Tim Medley Tom Luo Tarun Sethi N-Nizzie Smalls

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