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Shots fired at Gold Coast shopping centre

Shots fired at Gold Coast shopping centre


#BREAKING Shots have reportedly been fired at a Gold Coast shopping centre after a vehicle crashed into police cars.

SHOTS have been fired at a Pimpama shopping centre after a reportedly stolen vehicle crashed into police cars.

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An eerily quiet and hazy morning in Tathra.
- a kangaroo bounds down a deserted street as evacuated residents are not allowed to return to their homes yet due to possible toxic asbestos dust.

An 86-year-old man had to be taken to hospital after a frightening home invasion in our southern suburbs. Hear from the victim at 6pm on #7News

Media statement: Measles alert for Bentley and Royal Perth Hospitals and Perth Airport

Expressions of interest from artists, makers and writers for @GuildhouseAU ART WORKS close tomorrow! Apply for artist in residence, creative workshops, writer in residence:

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44 seconds ago

ABC Brisbane

Keen's Curry was first made and sold in Hobart in the mid-1800s. Do you have some in your cupboard? What's your favourite thing to make with curry powder? ...

Keens Curry was first made and sold in Hobart in the mid-1800s. Do you have some in your cupboard? Whats your favourite thing to make with curry powder?

29 minutes ago

ABC Brisbane

Do you think that our sports stars get too many chances when they make mistakes, or do they deserve forgiveness for bad behaviour - like the rest of us? 🤔

Tomorrow on Focus, that's exactly what we are looking into and we need YOUR thoughts!

This follows the story surrounding NRL player Matt Lodge, who pleaded guilty to domestic violence, but will play for the Broncos this season.


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they do, should be 3 strikes and out of it.

He said only a couple of weeks ago that he'd never hit a woman, yet clearly this was a lie. Quite a bias in the way that question is phrased. I wonder if the same bias will pervade the program.

All I know is if I had that kind of baggage no one would employ me. No matter what my previous awesomeness in my job was. He has been given the chance however, so I’d like to think the club was sequestering at least 1/3 of his salary to be paid to the victims he owes reparation to until at least that debt is paid. Oh, yes, and some good behaviour meanwhile

I just hope karma gets this guy.

You celebrate these goons as gladiators and then wonder why they behave like thugs. What makes the sports followers qualified to pass moral judgement? Maybe they should get on with their pathetic lives and leave the law to sort out lawbreakers. Whoever decided that those involved in the sports entertainment industry should be paragons of moral virtue and role models for the youth of our society is demented!

Too much money paid and no focus. Engage these young players in giving back to the community

Omg.... I've never met anyone who despises football ethics as much as me but it does seem you guys are turning into a bunch of media hoes. Seriously, this story has been done to death. Broncos have contracted him. Let's see if he's reformed. If not, crucify him. This is just a bad case of badgering. No journalistic prowess even been offered up. Get a grip ABC.

Blah bloody blah! Heis a predator simple as that.

Show me on the teddy bear were the Broncos hurt you

32 minutes ago

7 News Perth

An 86-year-old man had to be taken to hospital after a frightening home invasion in our southern suburbs.
Hear from the victim at 6pm on Seven News.


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Great footage! Surely someone will be able to bash...I mean identify these people.

“Could help with the investigation” ? I’m pretty sure they can help 🙄

There should be higher sentances for attacks against the elderly.

Looks like a Mother and son, they couldn't give a knack as nothing will happen to them.

Cockroaches attacking again! Since we can’t buy arms to defend ourselves and our families then buy baseball bats and leave them in every corner of every room, aim for the big head!

Perth is getting worse by the day with violence

I'm sure they are just misunderstood victims with a bad upbringing 🙄

Invade my home ya oxygen thieves ya wont walk out🖕

this is why we should be allowed to arm a defend ourselves

The public have had a gut full.

Hope they get hit by a truck.

Love (Could Help) guessing that's not enough evidence right there in your face!

Man? Surely that’s a child? Disgusting

Darren Charlie you back already ? That was quick

It's time pests like these are eradicated from our earth!!


Caroline Voordendag


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2 hours ago

ABC Brisbane

😂 Who made this!? ...

😂 Who made this!?


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Cam John good one for Dan and Camille

Shan Ro .. what we can do with those grapes.. I saved my wrappers from today LOL!

Annie don’t pretend you haven’t thought about it

Kath Bunny Robins I wouldn't put this past you 😂😂

Sssshhhhh ;)

no dramas here. don't eat chocolate.

Cameron Thorburn, Russell Thorburn

Debbie Lindique Chadwick Jessica Chadwick Kasia Chadwick one for the kids

Kristie Rose let's buy some eggs and grapes 🤣🤣🤣

Chris Maguire

Jacqui Clarke for the kids 😂

Elise Read

Chloe Mallon

Fiona we need grapes and eggs :)

Monique Wilson

Robbert Lansink

Danielle Mayne we should so do this

More healthy.😀

Brad, Sarah for the girls ? 🤣🤣

Corinna Boyce

Chocolate coated pickled onions much better.

Wouldn’t work on my kids as they love 🍇 grapes.

Liz U'Prichard lol

This is just wrong. Let kids live a little and have some chocolate at Easter!

Michelle Saunders

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3 hours ago

7 News Perth

The world's last male northern white rhino has died.
This leaves only two of its subspecies alive in the world.


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Its sad that 2 people think its funny

So so very sad 😢 what are we doing to our world 😢

I'm sorry God we humans didn't do job you give us of take care your animals I'm sorry.

So sad hope it’s a male and female that are left and hopefully they will breed

When the last ingnorant human dies...maybe this planet will stand a chance

As humans on this planet we have a lot to be ashamed of the way we treat our very priceless animals wake up he governments of the world and stop poaching and the trade of animals for Medicare programs and ivory. 🐕

Thank the greedy money hungry poachers for this. 😡😢

Congratulations China, made something else extinct!

And we have the humans to thank for this 😢

Typical for humans destroy everything.

As the all conquering all killing Human race leaves another victim of its time on this Planet their wont be much left when we eventually breed ourselves out of existence and what few animals are left can once again roam free.

Shame on human society, we are NOT the superior species on this planet, that's for sure :(

I hope once all humans are gone and the world restores itself all decomposed animal DNA extinct and non regenerate and the world can return to its full beauty..

What are we humans doing, soon human species will become extinct as well......

How sad 😢 Good one humans, another animal species destroyed 😡

In the future our great grandchildren will only see most wild animals in a zoo this is so sad 😭 shame on the human race

All for the horns 😠 what a shame. But shorly you would think they can take the DNA and recreate

How sad for the world as I know they were hoping he would mate and produce off spring ...

We should be ashamed of ouselves.

Another notch in the eradication belt, of other species.. yayyyyy... us 😓😓😓😓😓😓😓😓😓😓😓😓

I’m sorry to hear this. It’s thanks to humans that this has happened.

That is really sad. This species is now extinct. 😢 What has the human race done??

Nooooo 😱🤦‍♀️.. the World has lost Big Time 😢😢

We've killed off yet another species - humans are a disgrace 😠

Yeah f the great white debate there's more species we should have put first !!!

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4 hours ago

7 News Perth

There's a new LEGO exhibition at Melbourne Museum featuring a full-scale car!

Report at 4pm on Seven News.


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Thank you ! Cara Louey-Bradley We love 💖 LEGO but unfortunately we have no room and money 💰...! 😜😂

They built a Toyota Thought they would have built a European car 😂

Tony Agnello you want to bring your nephew? Haha

Toyota have far too much spare time on their hands...

I love to have taken my son he would have love this, we live in the wrong state pity it is not coming to Perth.

Gina 😱iam coming back to Melbourne

Kristy should take the kids to check this out!!! Would super amazing to see!!

Love that it is a Camry :) :)

Louise Gav I guess we will be going here 🙂

I so hope you do a tour , come to Perth , please

Brody Hart jayce would love this

Ruby Shannon we're going to melbourne

Michelle Wench Esplan check this out 😊

Reece Alicia Abbott should take the kids if you haven't don't it already... Bree Abbott I'm so jealous of them lol

Pete Lloyd this is the Lego Toyota Camry I told u bout today

Callum Scherman Kyle would’ve loved this 😏

I’m guessing you’re going Will seeing as though you’re vip and everything

Saajan Joseph chef babu reddys cakes are more amuzing

Kat something to see?

Josh Brown how do they own all this lego

Michael someone has WAY too much time on their hands haha

Nicole Battle. Looks like you may need to visit mum and dad! Callum would love this

Jake Swanson how weird after watching those videos last night hahaha

Chinh Cong Huynh. Simon might like this.

Callum someone’s excavator would make it here

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7 hours ago

7 News Perth

Frantic efforts by emergency services to resuscitate a Husky saved from a house fire in Adelaide's south.
The beloved family pet was rushed by ambulance to a vet.

Report on Seven News at 4 & 6pm.



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What an amazing gesture by paramedics to use their ambulance to transport the dog to the vets! Beautiful! Hope he survives! 🙏🏼💙

Not all heros wear capes ❤️

I LOVE this but I would love a follow up story to know if he’s ok?

good job boy's, firies and ambo's are true aussie hero's

Thats the Aussie spirit I love, nothing of that political correctness BS. People and animals need help? Yes use any means. Hope he puts thru.

God bless you all and especially the beautiful Husky xxxxx

Krysten Natale how to cry in 22 seconds

Thank you for caring this is wonderful of the ambulance people

Excellent job to the firemen & paramedics hope your ok doggo 😢❤️

Aww so sad hope the poor loved one pulled through😢

Marnie Clarke absolute legends. I hope the pup pulls through!!!

Bless!! 🐶 Lots of loving healing coming your way!! 🐶💕🐶

Brendan 😥 become a fireman and you could save doggos

My faith in humanity has been restored.

James Lyons basically would use the rig for this reason any chance I get

wow thats fantastic they did that .. does anyone know if it survived ? finegrs crossed it did

Amazing efforts by all. Hope he is ok.....

Gemma Pallentine I'm on the edge of tears 😢

Ashleigh Louise 😭 they put him on a stretcher 😭 I’d do the same for Howler 😩

Tahlia Russell. How to make yourself cry

Louise Andrews-Adams they put him on a stretcher and took him in an ambulance 😭😭

Renee Tenda 😥😥 it isn’t saying if he survived

Jess Gavalas they had him on a stretcher 😭😭

Lauren Beatson how beautiful of them

What an awesome story Brad Kynaston.

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