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Shorten silent on Adani’s Carmichael mine doubts

Shorten silent on Adani’s Carmichael mine doubts


Mr Shorten has repeatedly said that he is sceptical about whether the project would stack up financially and environmentally.

Federal Labor leader Bill Shorten has been unable to say why he is sceptical that Adani’s $16.5bn Carmichael coal mine stacks up environmentally, after his state Labor colleagues said it has jumped every environmental hurdle.

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Aussie @F1 star @danielricciardo is the clear crowd favourite for his home race, but the competition will be tougher on the track. #AusGP #7News

When people are too drunk to drive, they’re told they’re better off on public transport. #7News

A man has been arrested over the stabbing of his partner and a good Samaritan in Morwell. #7News

Exclusive: See the full details of Steven Marshall's new Cabinet here #saparli

An Adelaide family’s rueing the timing of its pet rooster’s cock-a-doodle-doo. #7News

Police have arrested a man at gunpoint, minutes after a couple was shot in their western Sydney home. #7News

A Seaton family is rueing the timing of its pet rooster's cock-a-doodle-do. He let one go just as the police arrived for an unrelated matter, now both are paying a huge price. 7 News on Instagram: @TimNoonan7 #7News

Three young aboriginals speedsters will have never raced professionally before the Stawell Gift, and it'll be the first time they've used proper athletic equipment. #7News

Independent Tasmanian Senator Steve Martin says the AFL neglect of his home state is a disgrace. #7News

The main suspect in a series of bombings in Austin is dead after police tried to arrest him north of the Texas capital. #7News

There’s outrage over plans to mine Facebook data from Commonwealth Games visitors. #7News

Myer reported a net half-yearly loss of nearly half a billion dollars, as it slashed the value of its once iconic brand. #7News

Despite James Packer's $5 billion fortune, Crown Resorts says he's stepping down from his position on the board due to mental health issues. #7News

Adelaide property developer facing 46 criminal charges, including fraud

A man caught on camera unleashing a racist tirade inside the Salisbury Centrelink has apologised insisting he didn't mean to offend anyone. He told 7 News he has mental health problems and hadn't taken his medication. Adelaide stories - @MarkMooney7 #7News

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Tomorrow, it’s survival of the biggest. #PacificRimUprising ...


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Going to see it tomorrow

Elliot Carroll let go whilst we’re at garden city???

Drew Noordman oits

Noj Mal 🍿

Natasha Stein

Mark Gozel Manwel Alzawety Marcel Alzawiti Yousif Noah

Hayley Smith

Chris Muliaina

Catch Up: A 30-year loan to an aged pensioner – already scammed, but the bank lent him more to lose. Stephanie Picone reports.



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Bank shouldn't have given him such a loan, but surely he should have had the sense to realise that he was getting scammed. Sending money to an apparent younger woman he had never met other than seeing a photo.

It’s a sad story but why on earth do people search for love over seas or at least why not do your research first, as for the bank sending the money they should of know He was being scammed.

How many times do people need to be told about online scams? Didn't it occur to him when she started asking for thousand of dollars? Of course the banks don't care. Just don't be irresponsible by continually sending money to someone you don't even know.

Uuummm no.... banks do credit checks, they have to by law. This is a case of grose negligence by the bank because unless they can prove he could afford the loan they should have declined the application on that merit. Just remember banks are not there to help unless it makes them money...

The bank would have given him a loan against his house. A mortgage knowing that on his death they have an encumbrance on the house and have to be paid out. Banks aren't interested in what the borrower spends it on as long as they are covered.

If it wasn't for the fact he was 70yrs old nobody would feel any pity, they would quite probably to the contrary mock him for being so foolish

So he wanted some tail, got scammed big time and now he’s blaming the bank for giving him what he wanted.

The Australian way rip off your fellow man

Why dont people take responsability for their actions? The bank should not have given him the money but he as a grown adult knew he could not repay the money but still took it from the bank.


Sorry no pity here ya numbscull 🤔

How stupid can ya be

They lend the money on the basis he has a home mortgage free. It is his stupidity at his age to think of finding a lover and fancy sending money to someone you have never met. Should have just sit back and enjoy the children and grandchildren he has.

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6 hours ago

ABC Sydney

Smashing Pumpkin 🎃

ABC News
The secret of this 455.5kg giant pumpkin is all in the soil.


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Lisa Cardona that time we went to the Pumpkin festival 😂

Pam May a challenge for you.

Tamika D Moore

Catch Up: Amelia Mulcahy7’s Thursday weather forecast and Pet of the Week.

#RSPCA #TTAdelaide

Catch Up: Beating migraines with earrings – the drug-free treatment with remarkable results. Chenee Marrapodi reports.



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Got both ears done 2.5 months ago and no change to my migraines

Looks like I will be getting another piercing!!

I Am so happy I had this done, doesn't work for everyone but it worked for me. had it done nearly a year ago and have only had headaches that have a reason (over tired, reading without glasses, stress)

Leigh-Anne no subtitles but they said they have benefited from the piercing

I got my daith in august 2017. I was sceptical but it has been worth it. I have gone from 2 migraines a week to not even 1 a month. I still get headaches but that is nothing compared to migraines. Anyone who gets migraines should get it done.

Mel Bulian 😉 this should boost some business! I’m getting one when I see you next pls xx

Myself and my 15 yr old son had ours done! I still get short lived migraines and headaches but no where near what they were, my son used to pass out from the pain, we both had many tests and scans took medication with symptoms worse then a thumbing head I got fed up and got mine done first, headaches 24/7 with upto 5 hr migraines to counting headaches on one hand a week with the odd migraine pain lasting upto 2 mins, it’s been 6 months since my son had his done and hasn’t passed out once! With the odd headache here and there! I highly recommend trying it if it doesn’t work just take them out!! 100% worth the pain of getting it done 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼

Daniella Mondello......get the piercing....been known by acupunturists for ages sweet......the needling can only stay for a couple of days usually x

Nick Kolotsos 2 friends shared this since they got theirs pierced over a year ago, and they havent had migraines since!

I had terrible migraines at least once or twice a week even visual migraines and always had to take something for them as well .. got mine done about 6 month's ago and while it did take a little while to work . A few months .. Now i rarely get them and when i do sometimes playing with the piecing will get rid of it which never would have happened in the past ... So am total for getting it done .. but you need to wait and be patient till it's total healed and that can take a few months then you will definitely see results 😁😁

Hannah Munroo it must be this one not Tragus, still get your tragus pierced though first to see what if it helps, I’m getting my tragus pierced tomorrow on the other side and industrial

Tia Batas is it worth the pain? I’m thinking about it

Lee I hadn’t heard of this before meeting you, then tonight this pops up on my newsfeed. Weird!

I had both ears done a few months ago migraines have stopped but still get slight headaches which I can deal with 🙂

Nancy ... for migraines - worth checking out if you still get them?

I am super impressed with this I had it done and had none sofar

Got both sides done about 5 years ago and it has really helped! Used to get a really bad migraine every 6-7 days, now I only get one every few months if that! Get onto it, you won't regret it.

I know to ladies who had this an no success at all 😢😢

Bianca Koufidakis I've been talking about doing this for months now!! think I'll be getting this done this week you should consider it too I've had enough can't deal 😔💗

Sarah Payne probably been tagged but you got this done?

Belinda Kopania Imagine all the people going undiagnosed because they believe something as simple as an earring, will cure migraines.

And all the 'normal' people just thought that the 'pierced punks' were freaks.

Kaitlyn I was meant to suggest this piercing the other day to you but forgot Here is some evidence

Kirsty Clarkee this is what I was telling you to have done. Had mine done nearly 18mths ago, only just starting to get headaches again. Went from 24/7 to 1-2 week.

Andrea Brown we were only talking today about this 😁😁😁

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Catch Up: The pop-idol-turned-producer behind some of Australia’s biggest music exports. Paul Makin reports.

More info: Rob E.G. plays Norwood Town Hall on Thu Mar 22. For tickets, call Jackie on 0411 664 026.

#TTAdelaide Rob E.G. / Robie Porter

Catch Up: Getting away with murder – her daughter’s killer shielded by accomplices and the law, an Adelaide mum’s fight for justice. Patrick Major reports.


Amelia Mulcahy7’s Pets of the Week are friendly kittens Joey, Ross and Rachel. If you're able to provide a good home, call the RSPCA on 1300 477 722.

#RSPCA #TTAdelaide

Amelia Mulcahy7’s Pets of the Week are friendly kittens Joey, Ross and Rachel. If youre able to provide a good home, call the RSPCA on 1300 477 722. 

#RSPCA #TTAdelaide

12 hours ago

ABC Sydney

We hope you are having a good Harmony Day.

Harmony Day_AU
Celebrate the diversity that makes Australia unique on Harmony Day, 21 March.


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Bugger, I thought the reason I was sending the kids to school in orange today was to celebrate two wins on the trot from the mighty 🐯 tigers.

Harmony Elizabeth

Being cornered by a Baryonyx like...😱 #JurassicWorld #FallenKingdom ...


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June 21!!! Can’t wait. Gold class you in? Rachael Barr Jessica Lee Stephenson Romy Staude Kiah Smith Amanda Sedgwick

Darren Mc Clintock we need a marathon

James Cager what is a baryonyx? 🤷🏻‍♀️

Tahnee? What ya say?

Literally SO keen Chad Heycox

Maddison Hooley we have to see this one when it comes out too 😱

Play very dice and get free stuff from Amazon use friend code 730551

Who does that remind you of Wayne Toohey

Dylan Rich good ole barry

Lily 😳😳😳

Dane eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee can't wait

Matt Staunton save the date

Rachel Wang 🦕🦕🦕

James Osborn

Matthew Spottiswood

Cristy-lee Butler

Dennis Alzo Thea Alzo Elijah Alzo

Jackelyn Barbuto 😱

Alex Wood

Aldo Breda Luke Domenico

Gypsy Lee Denoual

Colin Barry

Emma Clark

Emma Garovic

Woody At Coopers Crossing

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Go back in time and discover where it all began. #MammaMia2 #HereWeGoAgain in cinemas July. Trailer: ...

Go back in time and discover where it all began. #MammaMia2 #HereWeGoAgain in cinemas July. Trailer:


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Count me out

Next girls night July Samantha, Alma, Trish 🙂

Sophie Munro we are going so u know

Taylor O'Hearn I’m counting the bloody days

Jennifer Lucas see this with me? Thaaaanks🙊

I can't wait to see it. I have seen the first one.

Madi Jensen movie date for July? Gotta organise our first movie first lol 😆

Krshna Balakrishnan Will you be willing to come see this with me knowing that making a second movie of anything sucks

I cried so much watching the trailer because I saw the first one with my nana who isn’t here anymore and who introduced me to ABBA

Nooooo I hated this movie.


is the sexual where instead of searching for the bio dad they are searching for the egg donor?

Leona Welk. Go for Your birthday? Dinner and a movie??

Anna Giantsis don't you like this movie ma?

Jessica Phillips Cat Rippon not sure how I feel about this but it’s a must go see

Diane van der Werff sorry, not going to see number 2 with you 😂😂

Lesley McNeill it comes out in july. We should see it!

Hey Melissa, do you want to go with me ?

Kelsey Goldspring can’t believe I miss it 😟

Natalie Baird in time for your birthday

Spewing meryl streep isnt in it, but lovin cher!!!

Helen Wilson we'll have to go to the cinema when you're over xx

Amber Vandenham I'm gonna be away when it comes out :(

Paige Withington this can be our gold class movie!

Lisa Barker you still doing a dancing fundraiser?? 2 x tickets for jazz and I please

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The ultimate battle begins in 3 DAYS. #PacificRimUprising ...


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Jason Rose you wanna go next Tuesday

Andy Adrian now that I've watched the first, if I come to watch this I'm gonna cop so much from you two

Greg Ben who even thinks this plot is gonna be good. i just wana watch for the raw testosterone

Lindell Counter this might actually be good 🤔

Akira Pinguinha when u free me u and Scotty gold lounge?

Kylie Koon Em Phelps we gotta get prepared when we doing this?

Lisa and Cain, if you just ask Josh he can ‘pop it on your favorites’ so you can watch it later. Right Andrew?!

Sanne Vermeulen this is a movie we can go watch

Jachike Ikealumba please tell me you’re excited as much as I am... if not go watch the first movie and get back to me with your reply 😂😂

Marisa Russo guess what we’re gonna do this weekend

Sean Kelly i forgot this was coming out

Natasha Clayton better then Harry Potter

Wes Trebilcock it would want to better than the first one because it was crap!

Anthony Conen do you want to take Jack to see this movie tomorrow night?

Cannot wait to see this!

Reminds me of Evangelion

George Abdulahad dont book anything in for monday morning lol

Cee Jay another movie to add to our list!

Stef Caltieri i think date night? 😁😁

Damo Bro Looking forward to this.

oh baby !

Ricki Kumar if u get ur license Thursday we should go??


Peter Booth HELLLO SO MUCH COMING OUT this weekend!!!


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