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Shark attacked victim ‘three times’

Shark attacked victim ‘three times’


The victim, who was attacked off a beach south of Perth, said one of the shark’s teeth became embedded in his leg. [FREE TO READ]

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8 hours ago

9 News Perth

A Broome woman has survived a deadly sting from world's most toxic jellyfish at Cable Beach. The 20-year-old thought she'd been attacked by sea lice - the pain so strong, she could barely walk. ...


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Tara Devlin I told you!!!

I would say this jellyfish isn't deadly but people will get buthurt

Caroline Dunn f you jellyfish!

Leigh Retallack and Lauren Parker

No beach swimming Wendy Gorman 😬😜

Meg O'Brien Cassandra Mattes hmmm...

Linda H Pérez Paul Fewings

Nathan Rangi Nadine Rangi 😅

Kieren Richards 😳

Hollie Stephen glad your home 💖

Smiley Gurneet Bhatia Gurneet Singh Bhatia Vikrant Minhas Niti Nakul Mahajan


Renae Walsh

Andrew Green

Rachael Langdon

Felipe Coelho

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8 hours ago

9 News Perth

Two brothers have been rescued after 21 hours missing off the Ningaloo coast. The boys aged 12 and 18 became lost when their inflatable dinghy ran out of fuel, triggering a massive search. ...


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So happy they were found safe !!

It wasn’t Luke and jake was it?💕

Nicholas Camarda can't go wrong

Tania 😍

Brittany Clayton 😮

Dea N Dennis Curtis

Kohbe Lynes

Warren Posthuma

Luke Rowland

8 hours ago

9 News Perth

The Perth City Council has been forced to retreat in the face of an angry backlash after parking inspectors targetted Dawn Service crowds. The council was accused exploiting Anzac Day after it hit drivers with big fines. ...


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So the real question is ... who made the decision to fine dawn service attendees? They whether an individual or a group should be forced to resign.

Disgusting underhanded revenue raising City of Perth Take all the parking fines out of the salary of the suspended Ms Lisa Scaffidi.

It should also be noted that Wilson parking charged full weekday rate today in the CBD despite it being a public holiday. No weekend or public holiday rates were available

Make bigger and better parking at memorial parks for the public who attend Anzac day. Maybe!

Coward's act and a coward's result. Turn tail and run. Good on Perth for not putting up with it.

Goes to show when people really band together they can make a difference. Divided we are exploited

sack the lot of these corrupt muppets..

Most car parks in Melbourne have 10 flat rate and some even no charge on Anzac day ..

🤔 some people are sure to not know the fines are cancelled and pay. Or perhaps like what happened to my dad once they said it was cancelled and a year later issued him to court and put him behind bars for a few months. I'd want it in writing that my fine is cancelled.

It’s ALL ABOUT PROFITS. Huge lack of Respect to Everyone that Serves our Great Country . So corporate councils So Shamefully Exploited on this Very Emotional Day . No Respect at All . When election time Comes Around We’ll Show you and you can Bank that

Disrespectful for parking inspectors to be working on Anzac Day anyway. hope the council is better prepared to provide parking next year .

All fines without conviction by court are null and void. A pretended law made in excess of power is no law at all and is to be disregarded. Learn the constitution people.

You Do all know that with enough numbers you can just storm council chambers and sack them right there on the spot, melbourne sunshine residents did it, so can you Perth

This council should be moved to a third world country that has a dictatorship

So opportunist this council people.. all they wanna do is fine and make people unhappy even on such special occasion.. 😡😡😡

so do they want less people to goto a dawn service how terrible provide the space then

Shouldn’t public parking be free to the public? Yes of course it should. There’s no laws that say you have to pay to park or drive anywhere in Aus.

Where do they expect people to park when there's 30k people attending ... how pathetic and rude

The big question really is... what's their angle??? They KNEW, there'd be backlash... oh my holy heck yes, they would have. There is NO WAY.... that within the same day they've suddenly thought, "oops sorry, didn't know how upset you'd all be.. (that is a total load of bull...).... So Why??? Is this so they CAN charge next year... and then argue... "oh well, at least after last year. you all learned the lesson, now shut up.." Or, if not... What then???? What was the ACTUAL reason behind this pathetic publicity stunt??? And.... After we all find out... At the next lot of council elections... let's make sure we remind COP residents to sack the whole flipping lot of them!!!

No way to encourage people to the city ANZAC day should be exempt , and try free parking on weekends to boost weekend trade also

this council so out of touch ,,like last state gov

Don’t park illegally and you won’t get fined 🤷🏼‍♂️ 🤦🏼‍♂️

Ryan Barrett lmao check the indian guy with subs HAHAAHAHAH even though u could understand him

The act by PC Council has done more to deter people from attending dawn service than any terror threat. People who are not as mobile will not go because they may be afraid that they can not find any 'legal'parking close by. Well done PC Council well done

What a waste of our tax payers money having these fines handed out in the first place. Let’s put the resources somewhere relevant hey ? Bunch of idiots....

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8 hours ago

9 News Perth

Australians have come together across the world to honour the ANZACs - 103 years after the fateful landing at Gallipoli. In WA, 30,000 people paid their respects as the Kings Park Dawn Service. ...


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WA always forget NZ stands for New Zealand so disgraceful

I only truly found my Anzac spirit today. Took me a while but I got there. War will never make sense to me but defending this great country sure the hell does.

Beverley cross

Glenn Davidson

Spiin Wang

19 hours ago

Perth Wildcats

Lest We Forget. ...

Lest We Forget.

ANZACs, we can’t thank you enough.
Lest we forget.

ANZACs, we can’t thank you enough. 
Lest we forget.


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Lets always remember the ultimate sacrifices these young men gave so we could have the lifestyle we enjoy now! LEST WE FORGET.

Remembering all the young men who went to war and those who paid the ultimate sacrifice to give us the freedom we enjoy today. Lest we forget 🌹

I ądmire and love all those young brave men and all the soldiers who made the ultimate sacrifice so that we can live our lives in peace. Shame on anyone or organization like local councils who forbids their workers to wear a poppy or any symbol that represents Anzacs in fear of offending immigrants from war torn country. We are period Australians and dearly love our Anzacs.

Amen & forever remembered for there fearless gallantry in fighting for this Country!

Beautifully said. Thankyou to all those who are in the services keeping our country safe and to those and their families who have lost their lives for our country. God bless you all

Remembering my uncles, father-in-law, step- f-i-l and all who did their part back home for the war effort. We should never take what they did for granted.

My Dad would have been 102 this month but lost his life at 26 when executed by the Japanese, so many beautiful young men gave their all for us I will be forever grateful.

This is why you should NEVER change Anzac day LEST WE FORGET

We salute and thankyou for fighting for our country and our freedom..we will remember......

And we Thank Them every year and They will not be Forgotten 🌹

Lest We Forget not just today but always. Shame on those that come from different countries not to respect this day so thankful to those who paid the ultimate sacrifice & those in the forces now a big Thank You 🇻🇬🇻🇬🇻🇬🇻🇬🇰🇭

Lest we forget

"At the going down of the sun, and in the morning, we will remember them. Lest We Forget."

Lest we forgot we thank all the young men and women for the wonderful work my you all enjoy your day together xoxox

Great fighting forces we have,R,I,P, for those who didn,t make it back home.Lest we Forget.

THATS A FACT! So dont waste today !

They will always be remembered for their bravery and sacrifices. lest we forget

Thank you to all those young men who gave us freedom to do as we please... not be dictated to by an ancient culture... do we truly appreciate freedom to be our true self?

We salute everyone of you brave soldiers,

My grandfathers brother is on this wall.his name is ken mcleod who was only 17 when he went 2 war .he was at war 3days when he died

Lest we forget ❤️❤️❤️

Thank you for the life you gave us Rest In Peace.

Very true we owe our soldiers so much,Thank You

Beautifully said 💔🌙✨🌏🇦🇺

And we will always thank them for that. Lest we forget.

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If you're looking for something to do after tomorrow's dawn service, why not take a stroll through #BelairNationalPark on the RSL Walk. Look for the remnants of the Japanese cherry plantation planted in 1922 as a living memorial to World War I soldiers and the sequoias planted in the 1960s as a World War II memorial. #NationalParksSA #AnzacDay ...


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Didn't even know it existed


2 days ago

Perth Wildcats

“He and Damian Martin playing together are going to cause headaches for opposition guards."

Welcome to Perth, Mitch Norton!


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Great replacement for losing jarrod Kenny

Great news, always admired his style of bball, Welcome to Perth. !!! He's just what we need 🏀🏀

Bash Bros 2.0

Good news!!!

James Kerr

Sami McEntee

Jas W Gallardo

2 days ago

National Parks South Australia

Did you know South Australia has it's very own Gallipoli Beach? It's located just north of Coffin Bay in the Thorny Passage Marine Park on Eyre Peninsula. Although it has a similar appearance to Anzac Cove, it’s not the reason why its known as Gallipoli Beach. In 1981, the beach was transformed into Anzac Cove and featured in the critically acclaimed ‘Gallipoli’ movie. #MarineParksMonday | #SAMarineParks | #AnzacDay | Love EP

Gallipoli (1981) Trailer

A faithful depiction of one of the bloodiest battles in the First World War - the Gallipoli Campaign. Short review, basic movie info, trailer and full movie Gallipoli 1981.



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Not easy to get to but worth the trek. Stunning coastline.

Kellie Lowery

Dave Allen


2 days ago

Perth Wildcats

Confirmed! Welcome Mitch Norton to the Perth Wildcats, #RedArmy! 📝 ...

Confirmed! Welcome Mitch Norton to the Perth Wildcats, #RedArmy! 📝


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Thanks guys

Anyone know what imports they are trying to keep/get?

Wish he just came to the bullets

Great Aussie signings Wildcats! Feel a bit sad for our mate Bevo though - fleeced two great players from his team - but that's the game I guess 🏀👍

Has anybody heard anything about Bryce Cotton or Totoko returning I don’t know love all the new signing but still like the old team and don’t think we will have room

Good luck mitch from an ex croc supporter now to a wildcat supporter

Does anyone know if Bryce Cotton or JP Tokoto have re-signed with the Cats?

Our boys making deals at the Commonwealth Game 👌🏻

Perth fans u will love mitch he is a great player

Can’t wait for next season! Welcome to the Jungle Mitch #redarmy

Heidi Taylor you were right, explains why they didn’t renew Jarred Kenny

Great pick up luv Mitch a true attacking guard !!!!!😚😚😚☺

Would of contended for the title but.... Steindl and vague 😖

welcome to the Red Army Mitch :)

Huge welcome from the #RedArmy Mitch...we have your back...can't wait to show our support in the Jungle...roll on October ❤️🖤🏀🏆🖤❤️😻

Welcome aboard Mitch, looking forward to seeing as a wildcat!🏀🏀

Great signing by the Cats. Welcome to the Jungle, Mitch

Bradley Russell just give us the championship already! United no hope backtoback

We’ve got half a boomers team woo hoo! Our boys making good impression at the com games everyone wants to keep playing together

Cory Fiorentino first Kay now norton.cats should b a pretty tough unit next season

Rigoli haven’t heard of him, can you shed some light 💡?

Welcome to the wildcats Mitch Norton and to the Jungle 😀❤️🖤❤️🖤

😂😂😂 bevo will be fuming. Great recruiting cats!

Keenan Mellem that’s why they didn’t re-sign JK

Matt Pumphrey recruit the whole Boomers squad to Perth 👍 tactix 😂

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4 days ago

Perth Wildcats

The Perth Wildcats would like to thank Jarrod Kenny for three years of outstanding service to the organisation. 🏆🏆

Full statement:

The Perth Wildcats would like to thank Jarrod Kenny for three years of outstanding service to the organisation. 🏆🏆

Full statement:


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Very disappointed in the club not re-signing JK. Understand moving toward the future but Jarrod is one that should have been retained, considering the great commitment and job he did in Martin’s absence. And the players revue the Ball just isn’t gonna be the same. Thanks for everything Jarrod Kenny. I hope you continue to shine at whichever club you land at next season.

No doubt the breakers will jump on him, was a pretty important part of the championships. Does this mean we are announcing Norton soon?

Awesome player should of been resigned! Thankyou JK

Perth still recognises the massive contribution from him even though he is from the “other” side.

JK has made an enormous contribution to the WC. He will be missed. Will have an impact as a player and person at any club smart enough to pick him up. The WC are renewing for the future and Jarrod's age counted against him. Let's hope they resign DKD. He is the future.

Don't worry we still have stieldn!!!!!

Feel sorry for the bloke considering what he done when Damo was injured. Given way too little time

Jarrod Kenny thank you for your time in the West. We have thoroughly loved having you here. You will be sadly missed

Thanks Kenny for everything! Your an amazing player and person!

Thanks J k we enjoyed your stay at the Wild Cats where ever you end up I hope you prove a point good luck 🏀🏀🏀😔😔😔

Well done on your time at the Cats. Norton (if true) is a great pick up as he is only 25. I’ll be annoyed if DKD does get let go as he hasn’t really been given a heap of opportunities.

Thank you for everything Jarrod, loved watching your play and devotional our team, all the best in your future endeavours and which ever team signs you, they’ll pick up a gem of a player

Very serviceable player who did well, but probably cost himself through a lack of aggressiveness on offense at key moments. Turned down so many open looks

Shame to see him go I thought he was one of the better players this year for the WC's and has always been a consistent reliable performer over the years. A talented attacking player.

Thanks JK, had a breakout season just gone, really stepped up when we needed it. Good luck wherever you end up champ

Great guy, but just not potent enough on court. Was easily trapped in half court defense, rarely took a shot (although a great shooter) just never moved out of a support role. Damo's probably in his last year, we need a new back court. All the best Kenny, you'll always be a part of our championship history!

I can understand the decision considering his age, but very sad to see him go. He's been such a hreat,commited and reliable player for us over the last three years and a major part of the two championships. Hopefully we get to see him again somewhere in the nbl.

Thanks for the 3 years Kenny, good luck with whatever’s next!! 🏀❤️🏀

Tuff break mate. Did some great work off the pine & a bought valuable experience to the line up. All the best.

Very dissapointed to hear the news. Thanks for your time and your valuable work at the Wildcats Jarrod. Hopefully in time the club will see it was a mistake not re-signing you. Alex will be missing you wearing red this season. Best wishes for the future and wherever your basketball road leads.

Disappointing to hear but wish JK all the very best for the future. A great guy and a good baller! Will watch his career with interest.

Surprised he was let go. Had a cracking second half of the season

Thank you JK! We wish you every success in your future endeavors 🏀

The business part of the game sucks!. Such a nice guy and fit for our team- sorry to see him go. But understand we have to forward plan 😢

Sad to see him leave the club. He has been a great player for the Wildcats. Thanks for everything, JK. Good luck in your future endeavours 😔

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