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Second surfer injured in SW shark attack

Second surfer injured in SW shark attack


#BREAKING: A second surfer has been injured in a shark attack in Gracetown. More on Seven News Perth at 4pm and 6pm tonight.

A second surfer has been attacked by a shark in Gracetown just hours after a man was airlifted to Perth for emergency surgery.

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Priscilla Perez

Mike Troop

WATCH: Popular Perth Glory coach Kenny Lowe has been dumped after the club failed to make the A League finals. #TenSport ...

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Can someone tell me why cannabis oil is so bad?

What a difference the medical cannabis has made to our lovely friend Mikayla. I so hope the price can come down some how, some way. Access to this could help our teenager and our family too

How can they justify that price in the first place? Why is it pharmaceutical companies are all about the $$$ and unethically creating drugs to help and yet further damage us at the same time. Maybe it should be illegal to profit from the sale of medication and let’s see all the cures appear.

Ah Mikayla, it is an absolute joy to see you so calm and happy and able to enjoy life, finally. Marina, you are an incredible advocate and I hope that sharing your story brings changes to the pricing. X

It’s not fair that I can walk in to a local shop and buy at a reasonable price it’s great you have found it works for you. Keep it up wish you all the best in getting it sorted with the useless wa government

Yep you are very right! People will look down illegal avenues and can you really blame them. The government taking advantage of the most in need, disgusting! Keep fighting for your baby girl Mum xx


I cant beileve parents raise teirs babys knowing this is thier whole life Wtf

oh my wish i could help this beautiful young girl no child should ever go through this much pain god bless i hope someone will help you!!

Hope you get the support that you need for Minayla. Thank you for sharing your story.

So great to see your message getting vocalized . You and Mikayla were amazing ! 😘

Thats a blunt corrupt rip off

Jenny Lai this was what I was talking about

Why would CBD cost so much?




Awesome interview Marina, Love what you do for your beautiful Mikayla Keep fighting xx

Yeah it is confronting!!! Confronting in the sense of how corrupt this (I won't say our) dirty filthy stinking government is!!! And the equally corrupt lying media (fake news) and lengths they go to in order to support them.....

Bloody disgusting.

Clarissa Canal

Amy Case

Debra Ann Fenn

Nikki Watson!!!

Karen Taylor

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WATCH: A construction contractor nearing retirement has been killed on the job. #TenNews ...

#BREAKING:Troubled former Docker Shane Yarran has been found dead at a south eastern suburbs home. #TenNews ...


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very sad my sympathies to his family through their heart ache

Sad news RIP had alot going for himself what a talented footy player 👌thoughts&prayers go out to his extended family

What a shock and a half very sad news deepest sympathy to all of Shane wife, kid, family, friends and the Fremantle Football Club what a absolute ripper of a player. RIP Shane you will be very sadly missed

So very sad...😥😥😥

Narelle Mather :( sad to hear hey

Very sad, talented man . R.I.P



Steve Parker Craig Ennor

Paul Cotton

Aiden Adams

Bruno D'Agostino

Pamela Edmunds

Anita Evans

Peter Milner

Darren Keeler

John Thorne

Gary Penaluna

Luke Williams

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Who else is missing Fringe World Festival? Lucky we have City of Perth Winter Arts Festival coming up! 📹 🎤 🎭 ...