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Scientists hot under the collar

Scientists hot under the collar


The “Hothouse Earth” paper that went viral earlier this week is a call to arms on climate change but geologists have serious doubts.

Will Steffens Hothouse Earth paper has gone viral since its publication this week. Amounting to a call to arms, the papers key message is that society needs to be radically reordered if we are to prevent the runaway impacts of human-induced climate change.

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10 minutes ago

Sydney Roosters

The Rocky Run is back! See if you can make the dash to the try-line just like Rocky in this interactive and fun experience. Head to the Allianz Stadium forecourt before Saturday's match and have a go! #EastsToWin ...

39 minutes ago

SBS News

Malcolm Turnbull speaks LIVE from Canberra as he faces frontbench mass exodus. ...


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we should unite with the kiwis and vote jacinda ardern as PM

Getting sick and tired of these incompetent squabbling parties. Stop yer useless bickering, LISTEN to the people, and actually DO THE JOB you are being paid an obscene amount of money to do people!

All the best sir!! I know you’ll pull through this like the great man you are. All these people are idiots and don’t know a good thing when they see one

I think either way, we're looking at a Shorten government in next year, instability will bring about the downfall of the LNP.

Call an election you weak rich horrible lying person. You have never stood by your convictions since day one. For goodness sake give the public some truth. Full of crap.

One lie after another. Fact is Austealia is worse off for your time in government. No leadership co confidence, clueless and the worst time in Australian politics that I can ever recall.

Do they actually realise that there are employers other than "big business"? Like schools, hospitals, social services that are more needed now than ever, farms etc..? You know, were the rest of us work?

I liked Turnbull but he was never able to reign in the crazy far right of the party. He'd have made a great ALP PM.

Big business admitted it won’t pass on tax cuts just absorb it as more profit even when they already make BILLIONS

We can’t afford to buy houses, to pay electricity bill, to go on holidays, dentists, specialists are too expensive, high taxes

name one country where corporate tax cuts have worked out well for poor people. THERE IS LITERALLY NONE

We are setting the Planet up to cook us all. We need to move quickly to decarbonise our economy. All the while these pollies just waste precious time.

So much more! Reefs destroyed, children in detention, surge in alt right, indigenous kids being murdered! #soproud

THe lowest since 2012. You guys came in in 2013. So you mean you've lowered it to where it was when Labor was in charge? AMAZING WORK.

Stop telling us how it is, how good you are lol 😂 kidding much!!! Help the Farmers, we need someone for the people this Govt. is 💩

Lower employment, possibly, but most of it is casual workers who need to work to survive but really really want full time work, that is not jobs and growth.

Trickle down doesnt work... the theory of bringing in more buisness still does not work. stop pretending it does

Turnbull is as inept and out of touch with everyday Australians as those within the LNP who are seeking to unseat him

More spin..go away and give us the chance to vote in parties that actually work for the nation not for donor mates and self interest

How many Budgets passed in 7 years?? 0 that’s right! Incompetence for Two terms & that’s enough!

Under employment has sky rocketted. Casual workers and ppl who depend on penalty rates have lost wages. Climate change is heating oceans. 🎩💰

I am a single parent BTW, Youth don't have jobs like us baby boomers did from age 14 due to the fact they are at school like my son untill age 18 !

Yeah every new year it goes up automatically are you going to stop the electricity and Gas from going up by the government each year ?

Things are getting weirder and weirder. Turnbull just lied about how tax works. Yes I would believe anything Morrison said. Especially if it was a “promise”.

Apparently I have the numbers to challenge for the Liberal Leaderhip with a half eaten apple and a bottle of Pink Moscato

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2 hours ago

SBS News

One Australian woman's agonising wait to hear if her family survived deadly floods in India. ...


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Water destroying everything as it does every year. That includes phone towers .

I hope they're ok. Fingers crossed.

Scary stuff for families

19 hours ago

Sydney Swans

‪“The rehab journey starts again.”‬

‪We’re all here for you AJ ❤️‬

‪“The rehab journey starts again.”‬

‪We’re all here for you AJ ❤️‬


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Make this bloke PM more heart and spine then Canberra

Such a remarkable man, l know people say it's only a game, but to A.J. it's obviously so much more, to have such love and passion to go through what he has and to still be able to smile and not want the focus on him, he is an inspiration to so many. Here's hoping all goes well, good luck A.J.

I never thought it was possible to want to choose all of the available Facebook reactions for the one photo! All the best to him for a trouble free rehab and recovery!

They need to rename acl surgery the AJ

A.J. you are such an inspirational young man. Hoping your bravery is rewarded as you richly deserve this time. God bless!

Wishing you a speedy recovery AJ.look forward to seeing back on the field in the future. Praying Swaniies can go all the way & dedicate the win to you & the courage you have shown ⚪️🔴⚪️🔴⚪️🔴⚪️🔴

AJ is a perfect example of the Bloods spirit, dont stop believing, onward to victory, Go Blood brother

Champion bloke the ultimate team player .You can do this AJ see you back playing again next year all the best in your recovery

The whole club & supporters are behind you AJ. All the very best from all of us. Hopefully that was the op to end all ops 👍👍

Hey AJ we are all behind you Go Bloods you have the bloods culture x🏉

I have had one knee replacement, cant possibly imagine going through as many as you. My thoughts are with you , hope all goes well.

Keep strong, it will take time and persistence, attributes that you have proven that you possess already. Sending you love and cheer, Hx

Rest & recover well AJ you epitomize the true Bloods Culture.

There is a light at the end of the tunnel sometimes the tunnel is a bit longer . Looking for to your return a speedy recovery

Such a tough, persistence man! Wish him allllll the best for the future, whatever that may be! Wish you well AJ

Keep that big heart going strong Your tenacity and strength runs off on so many you will never meet All the best

Good luck AJ ...and sorry you're rooming with Heath Shaw.

I hope your doing a physiotherapy and rehab degree of some type while you are off. You will have no trouble getting a job with all your rehab experience. Can't wait to see you play again.

Good luck with your recovery hoping it is quick so you can get back to playing for the swans because we miss you

Heal well Alex and quickly. You are such an old hand at this you know exactly what to expect and do. do . You have my complete admiration for your guts n determination. Good luck with it all. 😀😀

Take care of yourself, mentally and physically. The swannies need you cheering throughout September. Your strength of being will shine through as always - you are a champion.

Speedy recovery. Hope to see you back playing for a great club in Sydney. Hope they can go wheel in the finals for you.

Nothing but the best of wishes for a speedy recovery, we will see you out on the field when it’s right❤️❤️❤️ Go the Bloods, all the way for AJ

Good luck to you Alex whatever your future Lise I am so proud of you and your fight and so proud of the clubs support of you I just wish you and your family the best and thanks for being pat of the blood stained angles you typify that culture

I wish there was a bloody hero button to push for this young man!!! Wishing you all the best AJ. This man has The Bloods determination!!

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