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Right royal learning curve for Meghan Markle

Right royal learning curve for Meghan Markle


The multi-million-dollar royal wedding is now, it seems, in turmoil. From the crushing humiliation of staged paparazzi photographs to the overarching uncertainty of her father's attendance, Meghan Markle has made a few false starts with the British public.

Just two days away from the keenly awaited nuptials of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, a royal wedding that would not have happened even a generation ago, and the event has been overshadowed by uncertainty over the attendance of the bride’s father, Thomas Markle.

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“I am obviously disappointed at the decision published today. I will now have to consider the reasons and consult closely with my lawyers to determine the next steps.” - Archbishop Philip Wilson

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15 minutes ago

NSW Police Force

A man has been charged after another man’s skull was fractured at Forster yesterday.

About 12.30pm (Monday 21 May,) a 25-year-old man went to a house in Forster Keys and asked to speak a female occupant.

The occupants of the house, an 18-year-old man and a 33-year-old woman, refused to let the man inside; however, it’s alleged he climbed in through an open window.

The man became involved in an argument with the woman, who is known to him, that escalated into a physical fight.

The two men began to fight when it is further alleged the younger man was hit with as glass implement and had his finger bitten, almost severing it.

The 25-year-old man left the house and was stopped by police in Head Street where he became aggressive towards police. He refused treatment by NSW Ambulance paramedics and was arrested and taken to Port Macquarie Hospital for treatment for his injuries.

While he was being treated at the hospital, it is further alleged he spat at a nurse.

NSW Ambulance paramedics attended the house in Forster Keys and conveyed the younger man to Port Macquarie Hospital, where he is being treated for fractures to his skull and will undergo reconstruction surgery on his hand.

The 25-year-old man was taken to Port Macquarie Police Station and charged with assault (DV), assault, breach of AVO, special aggravated break and enter and malicious wounding.

He was refused bail at Taree Local Court and will be remanded in custody until his next appearance on 17 July 2018.


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Nasty !! Wonder if ice involved.

53 minutes ago

NSW Police Force

A man has died following a crash at Muswellbrook in the state’s Hunter region this morning.

Just before 10.30am (Tuesday 22 May 2018), emergency services attended New England Highway near the intersection of Sandy Creek Road after reports of a serious crash.

A Mazda sedan travelling north on the New England Highway and a horse transport truck travelling south collided.

The driver of the sedan, a 78-year-old local man, died at the scene.

The driver of the truck was not injured. A horse sustained a minor injury.

A crime scene has been established and inquiries and continuing.

A brief will be prepared for the information of the Coroner.

The New England Highway is currently blocked in both directions and local diversions are in place.


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Sad news

Prayers go out to the family

Soo sad now the poor Cops have to tell the shatter family's and friends SLOW DOWN RIP

So sad RIP

2 hours ago

NSW Police Force

A woman has been assaulted during a store robbery in South Tamworth yesterday.

About 5.25pm on Monday (21 May 2018), a woman was working at a convenience store on Hillvue Road, when three men wearing dark-coloured hooded jumpers entered the store.

One of the men approached the woman, and a short struggle ensued, during which the woman was grabbed around the head.

The men took a cash drawer and were last seen heading west on Hillvue Road.

Officers from Oxley Police District attended and established a crime scene.

An extensive search of the area was conducted by police, with assistance from the Dog Unit; however, the males have not been found.

The woman was taken to Tamworth Base Hospital with minor injuries.

As inquiries into the incident continue, police would like to speak with anyone who may have information.

Police are urging anyone with information in relation to this incident to call Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000 or use the Crime Stoppers online reporting page: Information you provide will be treated in the strictest of confidence. We remind people they should not report crime information via our social media pages.


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And if we had concealed carry laws and people could own firearms and train with them and be educated on the laws behind firearms many of these issues wouldn’t be a problem

And if they got the guns from people it would end up with someone being hurt. Or killed

Josie Consta

Gai Jaidee please be careful cuz.

2 hours ago

NSW Police Force

A man has been extradited from Western Australia over an outstanding warrant in relation to an alleged aggravated indecent assault.

Police will allege that on Monday 1 January 2018, the 34-year-old man indecently assaulted a 12-year-old girl who was on a train with members of her family heading from Central Railway Station to Granville.

Following an investigation, police issued an arrest warrant for the man and he was arrested in Perth on Saturday 24 March 2018.

He was extradited on the same day to NSW where he was charged with aggravated indecent assault.

He appeared at Paramatta District Court on Friday 17 May 2018 and was refused bail.

He is due to reappear on Thursday 28 June 2018.


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I hear a lot about indecent assault, but is there such a thing as a decent assault? Anyway I'm glad he's caught. Fancy doing that near her family.

Bloody dog....

2 hours ago

NSW Police Force

A person has died after a car crashed off the Pacific Highway and caught fire this morning, south of Grafton.

Emergency services were called to Glenugie, 10km south of Grafton, shortly before 9.30am today (Tuesday 22 May 2018), after a southbound hatchback ran off the highway and hit a tree.

The driver – and sole occupant – was trapped within the vehicle, which then caught fire.

Passers-by were unable to free the driver before the car was destroyed.

While the Pacific Highway remains open, traffic may be disrupted while crime scene officers examine the scene.

The identity of the driver is unknown.

Police have spoken with several motorists at the scene but are keen to hear from anyone with information or dashcam vision.

Police are urging anyone with information in relation to this incident to call Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000 or use the Crime Stoppers online reporting page: Information you provide will be treated in the strictest of confidence. We remind people they should not report crime information via our social media pages.


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Sad news

How terrible.

Sad news ):

Soo sad know the poor Cops have to go and shatter some poor family life as well then there turn to tell others SLOW DOWN


2 hours ago

NSW Police Force

The driver of a garbage truck has been charged following the death of a man at Redfern yesterday.

Police will allege a 35-year-old man was driving a garbage truck along Bourke Lane about 8am (Monday 21 May 2018), when he drove onto the footpath, running over a man who was sleeping on a mattress outside the front of a home.

The driver stopped and called for emergency assistance; however, the 31-year-old man died at the scene.

The driver was taken to Sydney Eye Hospital for mandatory testing before being taken to Redfern Police Station where he was charged with dangerous driving occasioning death, and negligent driving occasioning death.

His licence has been suspended and confiscated.

The man, from Rockdale, was granted bail to appear in Downing Centre Local Court on Monday 18 June 2018.


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That so unfair he was just trying to do his job

That is so horrible. That poor man sleeping on the street. Housing affordability and availability in Sydney is at disgustingly low levels. I feel horrible for the driver too. But what was he doing driving onto the footpath?

I'll just sleep in the middle of the highway then and when I get hit I'll blame everyone else.

Brenton jesus

Y he take Sydney eye hospital

Just because a guy is sleeping on a footpath does not mean he can lawfully be run over by someone "just doing their job" Police likely would not brought charges if it was a simple unavoidable accident. Looks like the driver was possibly reckless?

Vikkie Rasyid

Alex Sarıkaya

Carlos Porras

Hashy Rpc

Brad Carter

Sounds like he did it on purpose, he had no reason for driving on a footpath, very sad 😢 poor homeless guy didn’t have a chance!!

I am occasioning laughter on this one. That's what happens when the old three tier government systems gets privatised. Notice how the police part of it all still works ok. Less State Gov Replenish Federal & Local govs

Think this says more about the city's homelessness problems than a debate by people who weren't there at the time to say if it was reckless or not.

If every rich person in aus bought a block of units to house the homeless there wouldnt be any homeless and this poor man would still be alive, rest in peace you're in a much better place now

What a sad story for everyone involved

Ben Hollebon Mason Damper Charlie Toll Lachie Birt @ Canberra

Liz Pearson

did he see this person

R.I.P Mathew

How about think of the victims and forget the political crap for the this story

I feel sorry for the driver here! It would have been hard to notice or see the homeless person! There are so many others that contributed to this accident in some small way! There are some saying that the homeless should have some housing, well there is! If you talk to some of these people they choose to live on the street as it’s safer than living in the shelters!

Victor Pan

Simpson Thien Le

Sad story all round

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3 hours ago

9 News Perth

TODAY Perth News
We all know the wait in he Emergency department can often be a long one.

Well today, the State Government will open a specialised Urgent Care clinic at Royal Perth Hospital to treat drug and alcohol affected patients.

Which it's hopes will ease pressure on the emergency department.


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As an aging hospital...I don’t know why the entire freo hospital isn’t turned into a drug, alcohol and mental health clinic??? Just parts of it are used now since Fiona Stanley opened.

Good job...about time. There also needs to be a geriatric hospital in Perth, the health service needs to look after the people who are keeping the country ticking over..without them we would all be screwed.

Long over due but why put people with mental health issues in with drug and alcohol effected people. Many people who have not got alcohol or drug induced mental illness. 😣 could be a disaster in some cases to put someone with depression or anxiety issues in this new emergency clinic.

'Order and Discipline are the very foundation stones of a healthy society'. I don't know who's words they are but I've believed them all my life. You want to put druggos and drunks in front of hard working, civil, caring and educated people? Then I hope you've got a bit of muscle on hand and each with a Taser on their belt and all completely immune from ridiculous PC restraints. How many people have been to Emergency in great discomfort or distress, only to have an out of control 'knuckle dragger' there to make their lives even more miserable? Lots.

4 hours ago

9 News Perth

TODAY Perth News
Coming up this morning on TODAY Perth News

4 hours ago

9 News Perth

A former Perth schoolboy has been found guilty of the brutal axe murders of his mother father and brother in South Africa.

Henri Van Breda was also found guilty of the the attempted murder of his sister who now has serious, long-term injuries.


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Facing a lengthy jail term WTF should say Will be jailed for life,if he gets out in even 20yrs what a joke for taking 3 lives!

If he is guilty.....theres sharks and crocks out there......and its TAX FREE

What the heck Mel Jarvis

Good. Let him join Oscar!

Be safer on the inside over there , make him walk the streets until he’s murdered

This what evil looks like!

His story is though that for those 2 1/2 he was unconscious.

What a meathead


Hugh Debenham this is the girl I used to go with school with

Rachelle Rea

Benedicte Avrillon-De St Pern

Jess Taylor

Robby remember this? Omg

Chris Clarkee

Toni Pikos-Sallie

Michael Hugo

Death penalty .

Hang him

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Good morning mummy Indi and baby Harry 💕 (yes we’ve named Indi’s baby after watching a special wedding on Saturday 😊😉) ...


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Lovely little boy! By the way, I think Kangaroos are born ready to be yoga instructors...impressive how his legs and tail are above and over his head. He's really snug in that pouch! ❤😜

It never ceases to amaze me how wonderful kind people can be so loving and compassionate to animals. Every time i see a video or picture of the kangeroos my heart sings and i feel myself smiling. Thank you Brolga and Team for the fantastic job you do. Angela White (UK)

Next baby needs to be called Meghan!!!

How old are the babies when they are too big to be carried around by the mothers?

Do the mums have milk and are they feeding the babies?

Aren’t kangaroos wonderful?

Nickname Ginger???

Love the way Harry pops his head out, and Indi stands up straight to show him off :) <3

Maybe the human Harry will come and visit when in Oz later this year 🤗

Goooodddd morninggg SWEETTS ANGELS..FROM ARGENTINA..ILove to much

Princess Diana would be very proud she loved Australia so thank you kindly xxxxx

He is the best looking Harry I have ever seen 💕

This makes me so happy!!! He looks huge already and both mum and baby are looking very healthy. Love the name too <3 She makes such a great mum. Can't wait to see the 3 of them bouncing around together.

Love the name Harry is so cute Indi is such a great mother 💙😘💙

Another boy, wow shes a baby making machine! 💗

Harry you have the perfect name!

Look at the legs sticking out .... too cute 💕

Oh so beautiful indi and baby harry you make my day and the wedding was beautiful 😍😍

Awww...nunu pie....I want it to love and care for😍 💕

Good morning, Harry!!! Can’t wait to see you hopping about!!

👍🏻 ABBA “ . . . and your name is Harry. How dull it seems are you the hero of my dreams . . . “ 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

I need a nice warm cozy bed that can double as my transportation to work like Harry 😍 Would save so much time

Love the name , take good care of you’re little prince Harry Indi

Hello Harry stay warm in the pouch till midday than its for sure warmer to hopping around!

That's lovely to named after a prince💖

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2 days ago

The Kangaroo Sanctuary Alice Springs

We are so happy Julian rescued this darling little orphaned baby kangaroo and gave him a second chance at life. @julian_p_a_s_c_h_e_n (IG)

Julian learned on our tour (see second pic), how to stop and check kangaroos who have been hit by vehicles to see if there is a baby kangaroo who has survived in mums pouch. Julian held baby for 350km and delivered him safely to a wonderful wildlife carer! Baby has been named George.

Often baby survives in mums pouch after being hit by a vehicle because she has very strong muscles in her pouch that keep baby safe.

We are so happy Julian rescued this darling little orphaned baby kangaroo and gave him a second chance at life. @julian_p_a_s_c_h_e_n  (IG)

Julian learned on our tour (see second pic), how to stop and check kangaroos who have been hit by vehicles to see if there is a baby kangaroo who has survived in mums pouch. Julian held baby for 350km and delivered him safely to a wonderful wildlife carer! Baby has been named George. 

Often baby survives in mums pouch after being hit by a vehicle because she has very strong muscles in her pouch that keep baby safe.Image attachment


Comment on Facebook

Is it common in Australia for kangaroos to be hit by cars? In America we have raccoons and skunks, etc.

Oh well done you Julian 💕

So wonderful that Julian had been on one of your wonderful tours and learned how to rescue a baby whose mother had been killed. Well done, Julian! :-) Shows how important it is to check the pouches of any dead kangaroo you see. You never know what you might find inside like this gorgeous little fellow. <3 We've been busy getting the donkeys ready for our event today. Just have to pack everything into the car, load the donks into the trailer and then we're off! Hope you're having a lovely Sunday there. Love to you all xxx

Blessings to you , so sad to think they are killed,

Aww look at that little cutie so glad that George was saved an delivered to u all to take care of him. Thank u Julian for getting this little cutie to a safe place.. Thank u for sharing this little guy with us..

Good on ya Julian!!!! Poor George!! Must miss Mama terribly!!!! :( Such a cute Lil dude!!

Awesome Job...Thanks so much for saving the little guy..That made my day.

Great job Julian. Best of luck little George.

Julian what a wonderful gift you have given little George, a second chance in life hope he goes okay and we see lots of photos

Way to go, Julian! George is a lucky little one. Good to make a difference in life!

This brings tears ♥️ thanks 🙏 Julian you are a hero. Thanks Chris for educating us. It is a lesson I will never ever forget 😌

Aww hope George is ok bless him 🙏💜🐨

Thank you for being an angel of mercy!😽💞💘🇨🇦

How wonderful thank you Julian!

You’re team is wonderful!!

Love the extra mile times 50 that you people go for the animals. Doesn’t feel like much from here to you, I bet, but you’d be squirming big time under my hug. So... thank you for all of it and then some.

Bitter sweet :/ <3

Thanks, Julian 🙏

Kudos to Julian for saving Little George! And what better place to grow up!!! Such a success story❣️

Thats a great story. Thank goodness baby was saved

Great job awesome taking care of baby George he's cute little one

Handsome name George. Hope he is doing well. He will have much love.

Bravo bravo bravo Julian! You are a hero. Held of the The Kangaroo Sanctuary Alice Springs

OMG so sad for the baby to lose his Mama. He is adorable.

How incredibly wonderful

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For all those fans who love Bradley and have been asking where he he is! 😀 Bradley is getting really big and doesn’t want to go in his pouch anymore. But he still loves a little cuddle and his milk 🍼❤️ ...


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I just love all the videos and the pictures u share with us. Plus learning all the information u share about the Kangaroo's I've learned so much so thank u from Kansas

Why are there such long nipples on the bottles? Is it because their face/jaw is so elongated? I know...strange question! 😂

Oh no... anyone else see a big boy sook that is going to be a massive big boy at the sanctuary

Aaaaawwww! 😍😍😍Good to know though that little Bradley won't turn into a pouch potato.😁

Darling Bradley may be too grown up for his pouch now but he sure still loves his milk! <3 How long before he goes to live out in The Sanctuary with his mate, Max? I'm sitting here busily cleaning donkey bridles for Sunday's event. Just wish there weren't so many brass buckles to polish!! :-) Then it's baths for Nell and Cassie tomorrow. At least it's supposed to be hot and sunny so they won't mind. Have a great Saturday. Love to you all xxx

Do the babies stay close to their mothers when it is cold if they are too big for the pouch?

Thank you for sharing Bradley’s videos. Enjoy watching him as he grows

Aw so very adorable !! Aw ld love to do this ! I'm in Canada and we don't have Kangeroos here only at the zoo s

How sweet. Just love the work you get the opportunity to do each and every day. Blessings to you and your team...taking such great care with these lovely kiddos..

Wonderful to see! Belated happy mothers day, Brolga. :-)

Adorable!!!! That’s gotta be the cutest thing I’ll see today. Thank you for your updates. You guys really do an amazing job. Well done.

Bradley is a cutie💖 you guys are so wonderful - hi from Nova Scotia, Canada

Adorable!!lovely to see Bradley.Keep warm.You do an amazing job,Brolga.xoxo

Thank you so much for the love and care you give to these precious souls. Good job!

Good morning from Tasmania Bradley and Brolga stay warm. Bradley looks like he is very much enjoying your warm jacket Brolga!

Sometimes they have a face so much like a deer.

Hi Bradley, it's wonderful to see you! You have a nice human caretaker. Kisses and snuggles. :) <3

That’s so dang cute !! I love reading your posts. I’ve learned so much, thank you from Minnesota ❤️

bradley is so adorable...thank you for taking such good care of him !!!!

How sweet. It must be a wonderful experience being able to feed and cuddle this little guy.

Ahhh, there’s my little Bradley!

Where are they at night since it's so cold outside

You are a good Mama to you and your babies.

Bradley is darling.....Also you have beautiful brown eyes.

Hi Bradley. He's getting to be a big boy.

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Tilly and Milly love their warm milk this chilly 4 degree morning 💕 ...

Tilly and Milly love their warm milk this chilly 4 degree morning 💕


Comment on Facebook

I may come down and visit you guys. I am truly inspired by your kindness to animals and kindness in general! Lots of love from the states!

WOW! I was in AS last year only to visit this Sanctuary but sadly wasn't Possible cause they explain that I should buy 2 days before.😞 But, I have plans to comeback to the desert and spend more time to meet Roger and your friends! So cute!

P.S. Looks like the chilly mornings have persuaded you to wear long trousers rather than shorts for walking round the Sanctuary!! Very wise! :-) Keep warm! ;-)

Ooo, I had the chance to hold them as an baby kangaroo, so big already, 😍😍

I don't think these two will ever give up their milk

Brrrrr, sounds like you're having cold nights now. It's warm here - and sunny! - during the day but we had quite a thick frost last night!! Keep your fingers crossed for us that the weather stays good here until Sunday as we have our first donkey event of the summer. It's at a beautiful stately home in Wales so should be a lovely day out if rather a long way to go! :-) How old are Milly and Tilly now and do they still go round together? They are so cute <3 Have a great weekend. Lots of love to all xxx

I never realized how much I needed to see daily posts of kangaroos until I started following your page. They are all so adorable and my son loves the videos. ❤️

Ah, the dynamic duo!!! How they have grown! Who doesn’t want a hot beverage on a cold morning?? 😍😍😍😍😍

Looks good from Ireland where it is a glorious warm 16 degrees.

I have loved watching them grow up. It’s lovely to see they are still best friends. 😁💗

O.M.G.- treasure the memories!! Xxxxx

Morning wish I was there with you

Beautiful baby kangaroo ❤💋🍼🍼🍼so cute !

Such beautiful and precious little faces😚

Central heating for precious little kangaroos - lucky girls. 💕🇬🇧

That is cold, sweet faces

Love, love them!! 💞💞😌😌

Ahh!so cute,I love kangaroos!!

Are the growing girls are so adorable

My fave babes 💕💕

Pretty girls

oh they are SO pretty

love those sweet faces <3

Precious girls!

Aww cuteys 💜💜💜💜🐨

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