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Revealed: Fox's Sean Hannity mystery client of Trump's personal lawyer

Revealed: Fox's Sean Hannity mystery client of Trump's personal lawyer


US President Donald Trump's personal lawyer was forced on Monday, US time, to reveal in a New York federal court that Fox News personality Sean Hannity, one of Trump's most ardent defenders, was also on his client list.

Michael Cohen, Trump's fiercely loyal and pugnacious lawyer, disclosed Hannity's name through one of his own lawyers at the order of the judge. Stormy Daniels, an adult-film actress who claims to have had a sexual encounter with Trump, watched from t

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20 hours ago

ABC Adelaide

What is The Last Post and how did it become such a big part of Anzac Day?

#AnzacDay #lestweforget


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It always makes me cry as it was played at my Dad's funeral, but I love it at the same time.....Lest We Forget.


Andrew Burns Dee Baker

Bradley Sibley

Amy Baker, Adrian Uren

Georgia Powell Charlie Powell

Lachie Mlk Smith

Modra Paulson

Dwayne The Rock Johnson takes things to new heights in #SkyscraperMovie - coming to cinemas this July. ...


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Trevor Calderr Melly Moo

dear universal pictures> please replace 'the rock' in most future movies with female leads. thankyou

Genevieve Ednie-Lockett 🐎🐎 that horse is dark, look at him damn climbing that crane hahah

Benjamin Ebersbach another ripper

AJ Hunt

Brodie Irwin

Paul Jeffery

Nathan Johnston

1 day ago

ABC Adelaide

Ever imagined Aussie rules mixed with American gridiron, played by Australian and US soldiers in the 1940s?

Watch below to see historic footage of the game 'Austus'. 🏈🏉

1 day ago

City of Sydney

Today we pay respects to the brave men and women who have served our country. Lest we forget.

📷: thismustbehope via Instagram

Today we pay respects to the brave men and women who have served our country. Lest we forget.

📷: thismustbehope via Instagram


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Yes, 'paying your respects' by using the day as an opportunity to raise revenue with your sneaky as Parking Inspectors. We attended the Evening Service at 5pm at the Cenotaph at which time the City was largely empty, thought we had parked legally (it's impossible to interpret the multiple signs sitting one above the other each with it's own set of rules) and copped a $220 fine. Our car was parked for the duration of the half hour service and approximately 10 minutes either side, so say 50 minutes all up. What a disgrace you are on our National Day of Remembrance. Hitting families who are paying their respects where it hurts the most.

I can't wait for that massive water fountain to be completed. I just wish they allowed more pedestrian space in front of it for disabled people and those who are waiting for busses. Also for pedestrians walking by. I am saying this because I think that the commuters are just as important as the nice fountain. Just a little oversight by council that can always get fixed later...I think.

My take on the remembrance of those brave soldiers during today's Anzac March in Sydney #wewillrememberthem #lestweforget

Lest we forget

A beautiful city

Lest We Forget


There is always one. 🚢 #BlockersMovie ...


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Olivia Psyhogios hahahahaha we get it, such an awesome movie so f-ing hilarious

Bryce Mouzer I didn't know you were an actor

Joanne Elise Deftereos 😂😂

Kerrie Whackett

Sean Mcgill


Kristie Marie-Dawn Humphries

3 days ago

City of Sydney

Sydney Locals have been getting their thrills in Surry Hills and have been snapping along the way. Here are some of our favourite #SydneyLocal Surry Hills shots.

Want more inspo on what to do in Surry Hills? Check out our local's guide to the area with recommendations straight from the horse's mouth

Got your own favourite Sydney gems? Use the #Sydneylocal hashtag in your own Instagram posts to see your pics featured.


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I never thought of magenta for a front door before but that looks great

An expensive haircut and a purple must be a right thrill

Love Surry Hills so much. Has a great vibe.

Tremenda, incomprensibile, a Sydney ci sono tantissimi Italiani che vi possono aiutare gratuitamente, ciao.

Spin get hash tagging!

Runy Toon

Alli Marshall x

Madeline Johnson

Craig Fordham