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‘Recreational pot ban has failed’

‘Recreational pot ban has failed’


Richard di Natale is saying yes to legalising cannabis.

Greens Leader Richard Di Natale has called for the legalisation of cannabis for recreational use, warning that Australia’s approach to drugs has been an “unmitigated disaster”.

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The Swedish-born producer and DJ known as @Avicii has been found dead in Oman publicist Diana Barón said in a statement. The 28-year-old DJ, was born Tim Bergling. “The family is devastated and we ask everyone to please respect their need for privacy.” #Avivii #7News

A conga line of NSW legal system screw ups: early release, insufficient monitoring, poor surveillance, bail granted despite violent history of accused; one arm of system not talking to the other. Meanwhile a 16 year-old girl and the original victims traumatised. Hopeless.

7 News Sydney on Twitter

“One of Sydney's most notorious and dangerous serial sex offenders, has been released on bail despite fresh allegations he assaulted a 16 year o...

Headed to Windsor today; #Commonwealth Leaders holding their retreat as guests of the Queen. Coverage from #7news 6pm.

Cyclists have been caught on a risky and illegal ride through the Lane Cove tunnel last night, with drivers having to cross a lane to steer around them. #7News

Macquarie Park: A new high rise Catholic school, two child care centres, an aged care home, shops, 2,000 private dwellings and 950 social housing dwellings will replace the Ivanhoe public housing estate on Ivanhoe Place. "A genuine integrated community" - @VictorDominello. #7News

A man has used his late father's lotto numbers to win big in Powerball. The Greenfield Park resident won $8 million in last night's draw and plans to share it with multiple family members. #7News

Hosting a room full of incredibly talented and kind young people at the @NSW_ACT_YAA Young Acheivers awards. The future is bright with these young community leaders. #NSWACTYAA

Fuel prices are slowly falling, tonight the average is $136.6 a litre for unleaded. #7News

"Excitement. Passion. Entertainment. That's what 'Big Darrell' was all about" - @ian_maurice remembers his friend Darrell Eastlake. #DarrellEastlake #7News

Dozens were arrested as hundreds of opposition supporters staged sit-ins and attempted to block road traffic in Armenia's capital Friday to protest ex-president Serzh Sarkisian's election as prime minister. #Armenia #7News

Arsene Wenger has announced he is to step down as manager of @Arsenal at the end of the Premier League season. #7News

Former Fremantle Dockers player Shane Yarran found dead in Seville Grove #perthnews #AFL #WAFL (Pic: AAP)

BREAKING: Part of a statement issued to me from Correctives NSW regarding Graham Kay - Following this recent alleged incident, supervision and monitoring of the offender has been increased. This has been in collaboration with NSW Police. @7NewsSydney

Close to two-thirds of Australian adults and a quarter of children are overweight or obese, but Duncan Paul refused to give up. He's now half the man he used to be. And is sharing the incredibly simple secret, to his [email protected] #Weightloss #7News

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10 hours ago

Sydney Roosters

VB Hard Earned Effort | Victor Radley just wanted the ball more! #RiseUp ...


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I thought Victor was held back, penalty Sydney Roosters

On ya Rads 👌🏻

WEATHER: Kate Freebairn with all your weather details. #TenNews ...


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Thanks guys it’s great to be able to watch the weather on my phone or iPad when I get a chance after the usual “rush hour “ when I get home. 😎

Kayley Watkins famous

Did you give her a short rib?

GAME NIGHT: Nick Butler talks to The Crows assistant coach Ben Hart, then to Fox Footy HQ. #TenNews ...

HUTT STREET: A divide is opening on Hutt Street between traders complaining about unruly behaviour and those defending the safety of the precinct. Some say they are at breaking point - others are trying to brand the strip as "hug street". #TenNews ...


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The truth always comes out why did the Hutt steet centre try to divide them street , relocation is the only way , best for the community

HE'S NOT READY: Ken Hinkley has revealed why Sam Powell Pepper won't be playing against the Cats tomorrow night. #TenNews ...

BANKS SLIP: Adelaide-based SAAB has won the contract to install critical, high-tech systems on Australia's new offshore patrol vessels. #TenNews ...

11 hours ago

Sydney Roosters

Steggles Try Of The Week | There was only one try to choose from, but what a try! Latrell Mitchell muscles his way to the line again #RiseUp ...


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Latrell Mitchell You. Are awesome Roosters have great defence

We only had the one try so try of the week can’t be hard. We need to get our act together soon and get the ball to Latrell more often. 👍

Brenton Jackson the freak

#RiseUP 🤣💪👍

Watching latrells highlights before our game tomorrow! 👌 Will Jackson

What! No vote? Lol

Legend! Machine ! Inspiration! <3

Dolan Moore

Daniel Ward

14 hours ago

Triple M Brisbane

Is it time the 'Little General' scored his own statue?A new campaign has been launched to have Alfie Langer honoured with his own statue at Suncorp Stadium.
Do you think it's a good idea? Tell us your thoughts!

Photo Credit: WWOS Nine

Is it time the Little General scored his own statue?


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Should of been there 10 years ago

Better be a statue of him in his reg grundies dancing on a table.

The tripper i will paint it blue hahahaha he spends more time on the field than the broncos players

I’m in Also there should be a campaign to have him as an immortal

We wouldn't need as much metal to make it🤔

Do it already

Paige Francis only just saying to otto about my thoughts on this fella and now blow me....... Big NO FROM ME HAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAH

Small cost for the bronze

Should be in the mix for immortal