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Rapper Kendrick Lamar makes history with Pulitzer Prize win

Rapper Kendrick Lamar makes history with Pulitzer Prize win


Kendrick Lamar won the Pulitzer Prize for music Monday, making history as the first non-classical or jazz artist to win the prestigious prize.

The revered rapper is also the most commercially successful musician to receive the award, usually reserved for critically acclaimed classical acts who don't live on the pop charts.

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A special little visitor in the studio today! Great to see you Ava :) @BasilZempilas #avazempilas @7NewsPerth

WEATHER: ANZAC Day has brought lovely conditions across South Australia. @katefreebairn .. The commemorations are kicking on in the city? #TenNews

Danish submarine inventor sentenced to life in prison for journalist Kim Wall's murder

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3 minutes ago

NSW Police Force

Four men have been arrested after an alleged armed robbery and police pursuit across Newcastle and Lake Macquarie.

Just after 10.30pm yesterday (Wednesday 25 April 2018), police were called to a licensed premises on Maryland Drive, Maryland, following reports a group of men, allegedly armed with weapons, entered the venue.

The group threatened a 29-year-old staff member, before assaulting him and demanding cash.

The group fled the scene with a sum of cash in a black Holden Commodore.

Officers attached to Newcastle City and Lake Macquarie Police District established a crime scene and commenced inquiries into the circumstances surrounding the incident.

A short time later, officers attached to Lake Macquarie and Newcastle Police District located the Holden Commodore on Frederick Street, Glendale, and attempted to stop the vehicle.

A pursuit was initiated and continued until the vehicle stopped in Rayford Street, Warners Bay.

With assistance from NSW Police Force dog unit, four men where located nearby and arrested.

Two men, aged 26 and 30, were taken to John Hunter Hospital where they remain under police guard.

A 24-year-old man was taken to Newcastle Police Station and 25-year-old man was taken to Waratah Police Station.

A secondary crime scene was established at Rayford Street, with police continuing to conduct a number of inquiries.

Inquiries are continuing, with charges expected.

Police are urging anyone with information in relation to this incident to call Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000 or use the Crime Stoppers online reporting page: Information you provide will be treated in the strictest of confidence. We remind people they should not report crime information via our social media pages.

2 hours ago

NSW Police Force

A man has been charged with drink driving after allegedly striking a number of parked vehicles in Sydney’s west.

Police were called to Bridge View Street, Blacktown, just before 10.15pm yesterday (Wednesday 25 April 2018), following reports a Toyota Camry had struck several stationary vehicles, before fleeing the scene.

Upon arrival, officers attached to Blacktown Police Area Command established a crime scene and commenced a search of the area.

A short time later, police located a man hiding in an alley way, just off Bridge View Street.

The 28-year-old man was arrested and taken to Blacktown Police Station, where he refused to provide a breath analysis.

He was issued a future court attendance notice and is due to appear at Blacktown Local Court on Friday 8 June 2018.

Further investigations will be made by police in relation to the damaged vehicles.

While police attended the incident, a number of neighbours became involved in an argument. Police spoke to the groups involved and will make inquiries into the circumstances surrounding the incident.

5 hours ago

The West Australian

While most Sandgropers are waiting to feel the joys of economic recovery, many of our richest people have become quite a bit richer. See who made the top 50 in the 2018 WA Rich List in tomorrow's The West Australian.

6 hours ago

Kids In Adelaide

Check out the awesome ukulele workshop that goes on after the Woody's World shows at Carrick Hill. The kids LOVED it! Don’t miss these shows on daily until Sunday as the gorgeous Carrick Hill gardens (setup your picnic mats right outside the stables not the manor). Both the adults and kids will love Woody’s World! For ticket info:
#woodysworld #carrickhill #adelaide #radelaife #adelaidefamilies #adelaidekids #kidsinadelaide


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Lisa McLeod a school holiday idea for you 👍🏻 Carrick Hill is beautiful!

Natasha McCallum Maynard

Felicity French

8 hours ago

NSW Police Force

Police have been able to confirm that a small earthquake struck near Bathurst earlier today.

About 5.39pm today (Wednesday 25 April 2018), police from Bathurst were contacted by several concerned residents after reports of loud noises and movement in the area.

Officers from Chifley Police District commenced investigations into the incident and were subsequently able to determine that a small earthquake had occurred just out of Bathurst.

Residents of Glanmire, Brewongle, O’Connell, Yetholme and Napoleon Reef all reported hearing noises similar to explosions, and that their residences were shaking.

The earthquake registered a magnitude of 2.6 on the Richter scale.

Police have conducted extensive patrols of property and infrastructure around Bathurst and have not been able to locate any damage, or received any reports of injury at this time.

Officers have urged members of the public to remain calm and contact police if they have serious concerns.


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Karen Lea


Toby Daniel

Not good news

Anna Carey is Mitch at Uni or on hols?

Only a 2.6 so pretty sweet. Orange is getting a few too aren't they?

Keegan Sheridan

Tanya Brunell

Leanne Tomlin

Kindy Merton-Simon

Lisa Price Donna Price

David Mapletoft Did u feel anything

Brandon Morley

Tyler Read

James Kim

Kimbalee 😱

Abigail Harcourt

Matt Cauchi still want to move there?

Melinda Walsh Fransisca Healey Gaye Bendun

Renee Waters

Mel, feel anything?

Stefanie Schultz xx

Geoff Morrison. Earthquake or did you have a big meal. Lol

Daniel Dunnett


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9 hours ago

Western Australia Police Force

GREAT NEWS - the missing 12 & 18 year olds at Ningaloo have been found safe and well, thanks to the magnificient efforts of all the people involved.
These photos have been provided courtesy of Australian Maritime Safety Authority.


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Needle in a haystack stuff.... Thankfully the seas were calm, just imagine how hard it would have been to spot a white hull if the seas were choppy! Life jackets, GPS, flairs, just wondering if they had any of these on board, guessing not! Also wonder the cost of the search - 1 x fix wing, 3 x heli, Police, Ambulance, SES

So many prayers went out for the boys return 💕 thank you to all the rescuers involved.

Wow so lucky to be found. Your parents must be over the moon. Well done WAPOL and all involved in this search and rescue. 👍👍

Our rescue service's are amongst the best in the world. Imagine the euphoria when these two were spotted, and when these two young men spotted the chopper from they're little raft! Much love to everyone involved, and to the families, you got you're babies back :)

Great outcome, after a very irresponsible exercise. Well done to the rescuers.

Excellent news... To be honest when I heard about the search, given the boat, and the area, I immediately thought the worst. Hats off to all of the searchers.

Great news. Thanks to all the search and rescue teams. Job well done!!!

Two very lucky boys and one very happy family, great effort by all involved in the search and rescue

The family must be so very relieved. So glad it was a good outcome. Well done to those involved in the search and rescue. Time to hug your kids!

My heart sank hearing the news of them missing on the radio today. So so glad they were rescued . Well done to all involved finding them. Excellent effort. 👍

Great news - glad these two lads didn’t panic - glad we have such great volunteer and employed rescue crews 😊

Wonderful news!! They're very lucky! Great job to all involved!

Fantastic news. Well done to emergency services. We’re lucky to have you. Glad the boys are ok.

Lucky boys Great news Thanks to rescues crews

well done to all involved. Gotta love a good outcome.

well done to everyone involved in this rescue

Great news but next time take appropriate safety gear

Such an awesome outcome! Thankyou to rescuers and all involved to find these young lads!!

Fantastic outcome. Well done all involved.

Fantastic news and well done to all the crews!!

Very lucky to have been found - good job by the searchers !

Great outcome, well done guys

Can’t believe this what good news well done to all involved

Phew 😅 Glad they’re well. Very traumatic for the youngsters. It’ll be an adventure to remember forever.

Congratulations everyone ...........a job very well done.

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10 hours ago

Kids In Adelaide

Check this 12 year old kid from Adelaide Westen Suburbs singing this morning. ❤️
She tells me her bravery pales in comparison to that of our servicemen and women. #kidsinadelaide #anzacday #involveyourkids #amazinggrace

10 hours ago

Kids In Adelaide

Settle a family argument. Fact: If you don’t say Uno on your last card EVERY time, you don’t win. True or False ...

Settle a family argument. Fact: If you don’t say Uno on your last card EVERY time, you don’t win. True or False


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If you don't say UNO you have to pick up another card and you can't play it until your turn comes around again.

True and you have to pick up 4 cards if called out

If someone calls you out you have to pick up a card.

True - if u have 2 cards and put one down u have to say uno before the next person’s turn. If you don’t and someone calls u on it then you have to pick up a card - but if nobody calls u on it and u get your last card down without anyone saying “wait, u didn’t say uno!” then you win, regardless of not saying uno.

Oh look, the rules say you draw two if you don't say uno. Debate settled.

True in a sense, but you need to be more specific When you’ve played your second to last card you must say UNO. But if you already have said UNO and it comes back to you. No need to say it if you are going out, but obviously if you pick up and play that card, you must say UNO (And if someone says caught, Draw Two also)

False. U don’t loose, u pick up two cards. U can still win from there again



True 😀

True but only if someone picks you up on it


True, I've been playing this game for almost 40 years!

True. It's written in the rules. 2 card pickup.

UNO on your second last card

and you have to pick up an extra 2 cards! ☺


True ...... 😂😂


True.. 😊


True 😃



True that ❤️

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12 hours ago

NSW Police Force

Great news! A man reported missing from Sydney’s south has been located safe and well today.

A 62-year-old man was reported missing after he left a nursing home in South Hurstville about 10am yesterday (Tuesday 24 April 2018).

About 1.30pm today (Wednesday 25 April 2018), police located the man safe and well in Miranda.

Police wish to thank the public and the media for its assistance.


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fantastic news

That's great

how can he just leave a nursing home? the mind boggles.....

Great news

Thank goodness for that. 🖒

That's great to hear xxx

Excellent news


Great news


15 hours ago

NSW Police Force

Join us live at 10am on Friday to see Class 333 join the ranks of the NSW Police Force. ...


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Oh I can't wait I have just set a alarm for such a event!!!!

Ash Lee not long mate lol

Makes you feel old. Class 118 and now class 333 where did the years go. 215 classes wow.

Best wishes to you all.


Terry James can’t wait!

James Hill

Fionna Griffiths this will be you soon!!!

Good luck guys. We need more good recruits in our police force. Kind regards. Boyd Pantle.

I remember my Graduation Parade on 27th June 1980 like it was yesterday. These people will remember Friday for the rest of ther lives too.👍

Well done everyone!

Congratulations everyone.💙

Congratulations one and all.


Charlene, Leisa ..... what a great day it’s going to be ! Can’t wait !!

Best wishes for a long, safe career all graduates.

Derya Güler ❤️

Congratulations to all graduates!! God bless you all. Hope you all have a safe and long career!

Stay Safe Boys & Girls

Stay safe

Congratulations everyone such an honour, you should all be very proud. The proudest day of my life was watching my daughter graduate 7 years ago.

Congrats. Stay safe on duty.

Am i to old to join im 67

Lozzy Nicole

Congratulations all the graduates of class 333our son graduated last year

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15 hours ago

NSW Police Force

NSW Police Force officers participating in the Sydney CBD March ...


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Very special

Thank you for your service...

Amazing photos on a special day your mates with you in spirit thank you for your service.

Thank you

My Brother In Law led the Queensland Police contingent in the Brisbane ANZAC Parade for a couple of years running some years ago. Respect for these people.

It was always a challenge and an honour to write the operation orders for this and the many other major City Anzac Day events in my time at Metro Area Office - 1967 to '82.

It should be called the no more Nazis march. That was the whole point you know

Get rid of the Nazis. Not let them in Australian government hello idiots

Cops are tops

Congratulations a job well down

This Contingent ,Smart ,Proud ,Tough

Let the traditions continue!

Great experience for me as guest of Manly Warringah Pipe Band! I was really touched and as Swiss a never forgetable day!!! 🇦🇺🇨🇭

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