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Pranksters' extreme carting tour leaves shopping trolley fastened to cliff face

Pranksters' extreme carting tour leaves shopping trolley fastened to cliff face


When the SES volunteers descended to the ledge to remove the trolley they found it bound to the rock with climbing anchors and cable ties.

Rock climbing pranksters have securely fastened a shopping trolley to a cliff face on WA's south coast, the latest in a series of similarly brazen stunts.

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26 minutes ago

9 News Perth

A gap year for teens is a well publicised institution but what about a year's break for people over 50s?
Grown-up gappers are gaining popularity after new research found more than half of those over 50 have plans to travel the world.


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Michael Kennedy will you fund this for me pretty please 😁

1 hour ago

9 News Perth

Only half of all Australians brush their teeth twice a day and 90 per cent of us have at least some form of decay in our teeth.
Teens and children aren't doing any better...


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Dentists like to drain the patients wallet after every visit. Somehow they gotta pay their flashy bmw. Brush twice a day and floss. Keeps the dentist away.

I used to only brush in the morning and only started twice a day after meeting my hubby, he brushed at least twice a day, flossed and mouth rinsed and he has had so many problems with his as opposed to my 2 fillings!

I went to the dentist a year ago, to get 2 teeth out because they were hurting. I haven't brushed in near 10 years and he said the rest were pretty good.

Wait, didn't fluoridating the water fix this problem...???

Shane Naughton this is why that guy was so upset this morning 😓

Hamish McKirdy in the 50% yew

Nitin Patel

Jodie Hodgson 😫

2 hours ago

9 News Perth

There's a new clue in the hunt for a man who carjacked a woman at a busy shopping centre.
The grandmother was pushed to the ground and left bleeding on the bitumen.


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Catch this coward! Sick of people taking what doesn't belong to them. And taking it with force and violence. Needs to be throat-punched.

When sentenced the courts only think about the accused whether the punishment will teach them a lesson rather than thinking about the victim and the public which is why violent criminals need to be locked up to protect the public from them.

2 hours ago

9 News Perth

An elderly man has been hurt in a home invasion in Perth's southern suburbs.
He was trying to stop a teenage burglar who bashed open his front door.


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Cut of there fingers they won't do it again

This is getting out of hand ay. Far out, bloody no respect in this modern age. Poor old fella just going about his day. 😐

Poor guy. Hopefully someone can change his locks for him fast and hopefully no car keys where on the set. I find it horrific people do this to anyone aged and disabled.

Coupla nyoongars looking for quick steal to swap for speed. Choo shame make your people look bad. I'm yamatji mob and I work for my money

Just chop one hand off! That way when there walking down the street or there down the shops everyone knows what they have done! You would only have to do it to a couple and they would wisen up!! They are no good to anyone! Wether they be blaxk, white, yellow or purple! Everyone else is out there earning a living and here they are breaking and entering thiefing everything the Poor old man has worked all his life for! Really feel for the poor guy he would be scared to death! But yet again the Australian police force are too soft and they will get a slap on wrist and be back out doing the same thing again! Really fustrates me! Feel for him and his family would hate to see this happen to my grandparents

Even staying at home is not safe anymore.

Be careful guys. Kieren Johl Lee Kevin'n Alina Lee Monique Lee

Agreed Stacey Morrison. 😠😠😠

Indigenous, surprise, surprise

FFS do something about this epidemic,put them away when you catch them,PLEASE!!!!!!

So many comments deleted.!! Did they all state the obvious.?🧐

Leandra Slinger do you still live around there? Be careful xx

Mitchell Lowbrow Downes tag your aunty audrey in this

Black C&$ts 😡

Tanika Eades hope you guys are all good

Dylan Sandiford, April Jarrett, Trevor Churcher, be safe


Tabitha be careful xx

Bloody hell that happens way to much now

Chantelle Black!!!


Dianne Sands

Chloe Oblak Tom Oblak

Mandy Bradshaw Leigh Campin Queen

Kathleen Mai

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2 hours ago

9 News Perth

9 Live Perth
Coming up on #9LivePerth this afternoon: Finance expert David “Sharpie” Sharpe on the rise of the grown-up gappers, people over 50s taking a year off work to travel. Also, our dental health is in the spotlight with only half of all Aussies brushing their teeth twice a day. Plus, incredible vision of a baby crawling on a Vietnam motorway.

3 hours ago

9 News Perth

COMING UP: Fast food rage fuels a vicious attack, a plea for help after a brutal carjacking in Ballajura and why more over 50's are taking a year off work.

Full details in 9 Live Perth from 4pm.


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Indian cnts they get cocky when the get a beating they cry like btchs