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Popular yachtsman dies during sailing event

Popular yachtsman dies during sailing event


Crew members from other yachts scrambled to save Max Peters, after he fell overboard in rough seas and strong winds on Sunday.

Crew members scramble to save Max Peters after he fell overboard in windy conditions on Sunday.

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A break from the wild weather, but still a chilly day in store - @ameliamulcahy7 has the latest. Send your weather videos or photos to 7 News Adelaide: #7News

With winter colds and flu sweeping the nation comes an alarming story that is bound to send a chill down the spine. A young woman is recovering in hospital from a life-threatening illness, that started out as a simple virus resembling the common cold.

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📽️Mitch + @ScubaStv

[email protected] has had his $2000 fine for rough conduct overturned. @7AFL #7AFL #7News

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[email protected] is being branded a traitor and accused of treason after his meeting with Vladimir Putin. The US president appeared to side with Russia's leader instead of his own intelligence agencies by agreeing Russia did not meddle in his election. #TrumpPutinSummit #7News

Darcy Howard is just 16 years old and he's watching how a relentless drought is affecting the community where he lives, in NSW's Southern Highlands.

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