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Perth teen stabbed five times outside McDonalds by gang

Perth teen stabbed five times outside McDonalds by gang


A teenager is in a serious condition in hospital after he was stabbed five times in a brawl. #9News l

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WATCH: The new Premier is shaping up for a showdown with Labor's appointed developer of the old Repat at Daw Park.

A measles alert for Perth has been issued by @WAHealth for Bentley and Royal Perth hospitals and Perth Airport. Details:

WATCH: A workmate of a man crushed to death by a scissor lift during construction of the new Royal Adelaide Hospital has told a coronial inquest he had his own near-miss with the machinery.

WATCH: A woman has pleaded guilty to killing a grandmother walking through Tea Tree Plaza shopping centre car park in 2015. #TenNews spoke exclusively with the victim's daughter after court today.

WATCH: A man's racist rant at the Salisbury Centrelink office has been viewed hundreds of thousands of times after a mum captured it on camera - and it's now caught the attention of the Federal Government.

More than 1,000 international students from over 60 nations pose for a selfie at Sydney Town Hall. Tonight they were officially welcomed to their new home and introduced to 20 community groups including @slsnsw and @nswpolice #myfuturesydney

WATCH: A family is hoping its beloved pet dog survives after it was rescued from their burning southern suburbs home.

'Exciting' Perth Airport tunnel spruiked days after Transport Minister told boring machine had been shut down #perthnews #wapol

South Africa's Kagiso Rabada cleared to play in third Test after successful appeal against two-match ban (Pic:Reuters): #SAvAUS

WATCH: Did you spot the unusual looking sky this morning? Jodie Oddy has all your weather details.

WATCH: The championship dream for @Adelaide36ers star Josh Childress has been shattered, with scans revealing his shoulder was broken during game two.

AFTER THE BREAK: Jodie Oddy is in with all your weather details.

WATCH: After weeks of speculation Taylor Walker has finally ruled himself out of Friday's season opener with a foot injury. When will he be back?

WATCH: The new Premier is shaping up for a showdown with Labor's appointed developer of the old Repat at Daw Park.

On air now: @GilloArvos is chatting to Martin Brown, the illustrator of the #HorribleHistories series - which comes to the WA Maritime Museum as an exhibition this wkd #perth #perthnews Listen:

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47 seconds ago

7 News Sydney

There's sad news tonight for the family of a Perth woman who went missing in Canada four months ago.

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#Perth #7News

4 minutes ago

7 News Sydney

Benji Marshall, is already enjoying a fairytale return to the Wests Tigers, leading them to an unbeaten start to the season


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#NRL #7News

Benji Marshall, is already enjoying a fairytale return to the Wests Tigers, leading them to an unbeaten start to the season


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#NRL #7News

21 minutes ago

7 News Sydney

Bidwill: Two people have been injured after a shooting at a home.

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#Bidwill #7News

Bidwill: Two people have been injured after a shooting at a home.

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#Bidwill #7News


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I thought Australia had gun control?? All these post about how America needs gun laws like Australia? There’s a shooting every day it seems

Where in bidwill?

Sitting on front step watching it all

I thought we had gun laws Makes no difference those who want guns will get them

Mell J Morris Travis Gotyahorny Jesse Morris Hope You’s Guys Are Okay ??

Tino M. Tsuro wonder which street?

Paige maybe this

Tiarna Lea are you guys ok?

Corinne Maree Hudson What the hells going on? I’m gone for 2 months and all hells breaking loose!

So this explains the sirens I heard

Kellie Pike have you heard anything about this

April Elizabeth look at this

Wondering how long it would take

Jody Wells this is what I was talking about


oh! ban homes....



Vicki Bossgirl u guys ok

Lyndall Parsloww

No gun crime in Australia Brian Lamkin

John Magno your street apperently u algoods bro

Keli Marie

Sammantha Saxton you need to move!


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25 minutes ago

7 News Sydney

A small town devastated by bushfires in Victoria’s southwest has been targeted by heartless looters.


7 News on Instagram:

#Victoria #7News


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Hope they find the low lifes

The only person around was a cop. But stay calm the cops will investigate themselves.

What sort of people do things like this. Lowlifes.

how awful.

Philip Pattison

Fuck of Bev ya shop is shit anyway

35 minutes ago

7 News Sydney

Surging power prices and a growing number of blackouts are being blamed on an increase in renewable electricity supplies.

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#Power #7News


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Always knew that would happen. F Renewables

Michael Rafferty says, wind and solar were originally developed as supplementary generation systems, to play a support roll to traditional

Great planning is what got us into this mess

Thanks to the government!

Patty Barrett

58 minutes ago

SBS Australia

Usain Bolt runs with his legs.
These Aussie kids go 100 mph with their hands.

The Feed SBS VICELAND goes inside the world of speed stacking.


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Are you ******* kidding me? Come on SBS, April 1st is over a week away 😂

Frosina If you’re not first, you’re last!

Faith if teaching doesn’t work out for you babe

Ricky Bobby!

Kim Johnstone - reminded me of when we got our PDHPE kids to try this. 😊

I’m just picturing everything he’s saying in Mr Gs voice 😂 Tessa Jackson

Brian Fitzpatrick can picture Hayden doing this

Dane found your new calling.

2 hours ago

SBS Australia

Congratulations to our nominees for the 2018 TV Week Silver Logie for Most Popular Actress!

Want one of them to take home the trophy? Have your say here:


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I've never heard of 'Safe Harbour' but it appears to be full of super hot women!!!

Never heard of half of them

3 hours ago

SBS Australia

Fall in love with this groundbreaking series all over again. ...


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I would like to see the government pour more money into mental health research.

Sharon Knight I remember watching this and then talking about it with Michael, at work. We were very progressive, back in the day 🌈


I love to hate Brian :-)

Yay! :)


Chris Kearnan

For some reason the guy from Game of Thrones has sold out Suncorp Stadium tonight. Thinking Out Loud, traffic around the city may not be Perfect. ...


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Just saying who ever you are that writes these posts, you’re hilarious and should never get fired 🤣😂

After feeling crappy for a whole lot of personal reasons... You guys make me laugh. Please don't let anyone say the QPS need to be more serious. It helps a lot to have a laugh.

I really hope you are paid well Mr/Mrs QPS Social Media Manager! 🤣

Bek - way better than translink’s attempt to be funny 😂

Whoever is in charge of this page you're absolutely awesome lol

Just Dive right into public transport

Thinking Out Loud, I’m sure we all agree that he’s a better singer than actor. But hey, What Do I Know? Maybe he is a New Man.

Bianca Hoad have fun at this characters sing song party ☺️

Ken Taylor you’d appreciate this post

Alexander story of my life this arvo 🤦🏽‍♀️

Big yawn.😎

Samara Rees, hope you enjoy seeing the guy from Game of Thrones.

Janine Ross they could have done so much better with this

Kim Sealey this concert i thought you were going to. Haha

Emma Chapman wish I was going! Waaaah

Bong that guy from Game of Thrones is in town

Enjoy you lucky Queenslanders going

If you’re thinking of taking Caxton St home... don’t...

Araminta McLennan have fun! As cool as the stadium show was, I did miss the 10/10 view you'd get us at Riverstage by charging past people waving your crutches haha

It’s going to be a PERFECT night Sarah Muguira

Danica Eleanor Trent Stower wasn’t this guy on your Contiki tour as well?

Chelsey Bennett - best get your earplugs out, if you expect to get to sleep early ;)

Katie Self traffic will be horrendous tomorrow

Nic Redsell, the station was packed! Not game to head out for food

Aaron Reed this status 🙌🏻😂

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BREAKING - GLASS: Motorists, pedestrians and cyclists are advised to avoid Vulture and Stanley Street intersection, South Brisbane after a load of glass fell off a truck. #bnetraffic ...


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Driver must be shattered.

Does anyone know what happened on the southbound busway between Griffith and eight mile ? we got stuck from the overflow of the glass accident and then again got detoured off the busway further down

A Shattering Experience

Is that why everyone has a Glazed look on them?

If only I could check my phone at traffic lights

His eyes were glassed over.

I sometimes wonder how these glass panes stay on.....this time they diidnt😏

Kody Westwood Chelsea Welldon in case you drove today!

Karin Pudsey lucky we missed that! 😮

More traffic headache for Ed Sheeran fans

What a smashing idea

That's shattering news 😉😮

he may need a Glazier

That'll buff right out.

Lets go for a ride Timbuh

Aidan Sanderson don’t know if you are around this way dude

Nick Bolton I wonder where that came from.

Natty Nat Nat just in case you’re going that way in. Maybe 🚌 it in??

Sam Maree Brett just to add to traffic

Must be a cracker!

Cameron Howarth Justin Howarth

Jess JJ Shivanii Alderman

Myles Eaton


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Can you help us identify these guys? They attempted to rob a service station in Brinsmead on Sunday morning and we'd love a chat.


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Will there be tea and biscuits at this chat?

Brinsmead is in Cairns for all those scratching their heads

Pretty soon it will be only 1 person allowed into the shop for food and fuel will be payed through a little tiny window!

The one in black is thinking , wow how did the doors open , Good luck with the chat .

I’ve seen better robberies done by my dogs. 🤦‍♂️

The hoodies alone give it away, I certainly wouldn’t have been letting them in.

dumb and dumber,they are wearing hoodies and hats but you can still see their face,not so smart hey.

Not to many ppl will be owning a pair of bright shorts like that

They're not very bright are they.....

It's Bert & Ernie

They look pretty hardcore

I'll show him 👍

That’s Daniel Brown

OMG hope they are caught QPS

God I hate hoodies.


Not very well either...

Kim Slater this is what I was telling dad about


Gabbi Mcgrath

Jarobi Sellton

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