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Perth childcare centre cops hefty fine after baby girl found bitten 'all over body'

Perth childcare centre cops hefty fine after baby girl found bitten 'all over body'


According to the centre, the 10-month old girl became fussy and was crying on and off. This was normal behaviour for her, so the lead educator left her to settle on her own.

Doctors observed "multiple abrasions" and bruises all over the 10-month old's legs, neck, arms and buttocks.

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5 hours ago

7 News Brisbane

Beanhunter has just named the top places to get a coffee in Queensland.



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Essie Lagumdzija we gotta find it

Lachlan McPhee coffee anthology hahahahahaha

Espresso legends on Adelaide street Brisbane cbd is the best coffee !!

Overtons Coffee for me 💯

Greg Vann what do you think of these coffee locations? Have they got it right?

Miss oz coffee so much! ☕️

How about 7eleven coffee! It’s not even named!😯

Once again the south east is Classed as Qld!


Catherine Elise we need to get amongst it and get some proper cup tasting going on 😂🙌

Mohammed Haif you should try this coffee lover😄

Liv Kenne tror det var här vi var haha

No harmony Felix

Duong Kim Anh coffee kiaa

Allan Quach

Priscilla May

Joshua Rayment Nicky Jade

Safeera Sabdia

Natalie Au

Gidgett Santowski Scott

Fordson Ford


Martin Rhys Brumpton

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5 hours ago

7 News Brisbane

New data shows Ipswich and Brisbane's north are proving fertile ground for house-flippers who renovate and sell properties for profit.



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Just get a old house and renovate yourself don’t buy a fancy house 🏡 which would cost you a big $$$$

Tony Hansen might have to go back to your trade 😂

Marcello Chello


Christopher Zuniga

5 hours ago

7 News Brisbane

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have broken another wedding tradition, by not choosing the usual fruit cake.



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Fruit-Cake > DONT THEY ALREADY HAVE ONE ,The Prime Minister ..

Fruit cake for a wedding is old fashioned tradition. New generation new traditions.

Who carreeess

I don’t know how people live like that??? Like u can’t eat something on ur own choice🤭

for heavens sakes channel 7 as much as i love ya news give it a rest, your constantly bashing it about these two everyday sick of hearing about em

I'm sure that baker makes some delicious food, but am I the only one disturbed by her hair not being tied back? 😬 Basic kitchen hygiene 101....

Good on em.


5 hours ago

7 News Brisbane

More than half-a-dozen new hotels are set to open soon across the South East.


5 hours ago

Mix 94.5

Calling all schools. Pete Curulli wants to go to a different primary school each week and get tips from the real experts… the footy mad kids.

If you’re interested, drop us a Facebook message.

Lisa and Pete will reveal all on The Rush Hour, tomorrow from 3pm.

Calling all schools. Pete Curulli wants to go to a different primary school each week and get tips from the real experts… the footy mad kids.
If you’re interested, drop us a Facebook message.

Lisa and Pete will reveal all on The Rush Hour, tomorrow from 3pm.


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Jacob would love this he’s got hypotonic cerebral palsy he hasn’t got many friends Davallia Primary school Duncraig. I’m sure this would make him popular

Karina Miller what do u think about our PS getting involved?!

Tina Flynn would love this! Chelsea, Renee your boys would love it too

Nicole Campbell, this would be awesome for BPS! Well... Darcy would love it! 😂

Bannister Creek Primary School my 2 grandies would love it

My sons grade 6 class does a footy tipping.

Miranda Owen I thought of Caiden

Brad Andrews Kristy Andrews should get them to come to Lucas’s school!

Come down and see the kids at Huntingdale junior football club!!!

Manning Primary School

Robyn du Bois this will be good for the school

Dale Ingram get these guys to go see Deegan 😁

Fiona Mumford Warwick this would be cool at challis :)

Sheryl Pilkington tag Chris for this maybe

Matt Morse Lleyton and his footy craze! Get Timor primary involved lol

Michelle Adams, thought of your boys!!

Brett Prior brax for sure

Melissa Godfrey Jayden

Sharon you should nominate Jack

Patricia McCarthy

Jordan Ferris-Chapman Sara Chapman

Cameron 😁

Yvette KingBall


Kristen Callaghan

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6 hours ago

7 News Brisbane

Myer has reported a net half-yearly loss of nearly half-a-billion dollars.



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Myer has a large “high end product” placement. They are spending too much on these brands, they’re too expensive, people aren’t buying them. They probably should do away with alot of the departments and focus on, clothing, homewares, footwear, beauty and accessories.

It's becoming a lot like David Jones.... I reckon the prices need to go down. Otherwise, I'm backing down

Maybe adjust your prices to be more competitive. Meyers is famous for inflating their product pricing.

They have closed too many shops and lost customer base as a result.

When all the shops are gone everyone will be happy. We are outsmarting ourselves here in Australia when your kids finish school uni etc and can’t get work how good will you feel then, I suppose your blame the government! We should support local businesses..

The prices aren't anywhere near being competitive even compared with other bricks and mortar retailers

Uniqlo Zara are taking over about time

Keep going people buy online and put australians out of work 😠

Not surprised!

They have to go online and we lose jobs

Sandra Ann told u

Katrina been a while since you been shopping hey?

Lol Jaclyn Heinrich

Jess 🤯


Emma Sanday

Iris Ngo

Jennifer Van Haaren

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6 hours ago

Mix 94.5

Matt had some fun with Lachie Neale and didn't he handle the question about Nic Nat with aplomb. Well done!

Full interview here:

9 hours ago

Mix 94.5

A bushfire ADVICE has been issued for people south east of Springhill Road, west of York-Williams Road and north of Westdale Road in parts of DALE in the SHIRE OF BEVERLEY.
• The alert level for this fire has been downgraded as the fire is contained and under control
• There is no threat to lives or homes.
• There is a lot of smoke in the area.


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Ellena Powell-Smith does this affect your mum??

Steve Marijanich

Kym Martin Marijanich

WEATHER: South Australian winemakers are reaping the rewards of our dry start to the year. Kate Freebairn is at The Lane Vineyard for your weather report. #TenNews ...

NO WORRIES: The Adelaide 36ers are refusing to entertain the suggestion that it's "no Childress, no Sixers" in Friday night's game three of the grand final series. #TenNews ...

FORWARD THINKING: He may have spent the entire summer training as a defender, but Crow Richie Douglas is preparing for an attacking cameo in round one. #TenNews ...

STRICTER STANDARDS: A colleague of a man crushed to death by a scissor lift during construction of the new Royal Adelaide Hospital has called for mandatory safety features to be added to all worksites. #TenNews ...

SPARED JAIL: A Canadian tourist has been handed a 7 month suspended sentence over a crash that killed an Adelaide father at Chain of Ponds. #TenNews ...

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Terry Hutton Darren Wake

PREMIER'S PURGE: The new Premier has carried out a dramatic purge at the top level of the public service, sacking four senior bureaucrats, for a hefty price. #TenNews ...