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People are losing the plot over this $59 chair, which goes on sale tomorrow

People are losing the plot over this $59 chair, which goes on sale tomorrow


If social media buzz is anything to go by, there could be a queue outside your local Reject Shop tomorrow.

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What is really going on inside the mind of a school shooter? 7.00 SUNDAY | There is one school shooting almost every week in America. Now, #60Mins is granted rare access behind bars to come face-to-face with a killer kid.

Men guilty over death of woman dumped at Joondalup hospital #perthnews

Missed the news tonight? You can watch our entire Adelaide bulletin here: #9News

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WEATHER: Adelaide can expect a partly cloudy day tomorrow, with a top of 29°C and low of 16°C. @JessicaBraithw8 #9News

WA Police officer stood aside after report condemned 'unlawful' tasering of driver pulled over for random breath test #perthnews

WATCH: Trying to lose weight when you're a new mum can be tough, but a budget-friendly weight-loss program is helping women get their bodies back. #9News

FINANCE: The AUD is buying 77.01 US cents and 62.76 Euro cents. #9News

WA Police has now confirmed the officer who tasered the man in this vision — an action the CCC labelled "unreasonable and oppressive — has been stood down pending a review of the incident @abcperth

Jacob Kagi on Twitter

“Here is the vision in which a man is tasered by WA Police while sitting in his car, following a traffic stop. The Corruption and Crime Commissi...

WATCH: An eight-year-old girl has laid bare her heartache in court, telling how she misses her father, who died on an Adelaide Hills road. @KimRobertson_9 #9News

WATCH: A swathe of senior bureaucrats have been axed by the incoming Liberal government, just two days after taking power. @RoryMcClaren9 #saparli #9News

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49 minutes ago

Daily Mail Australia

These are the real life Tom and Jerry! ...


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Wardah Wasim 🤣


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Sicuramente! Io lo vedo la notte mentre dormo

weather balloon

Swamp gas


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6 hours ago

ABC Sydney

Smashing Pumpkin 🎃

ABC News
The secret of this 455.5kg giant pumpkin is all in the soil.


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Lisa Cardona that time we went to the Pumpkin festival 😂

Pam May a challenge for you.

Tamika D Moore