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Passenger 'late for flight' tries to break onto plane

Passenger 'late for flight' tries to break onto plane


#BREAKING: Furious over missing his flight, the passenger stormed the tarmac in a major security breach. #9News |

"He was physically fighting with the staff."

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[email protected] forward Dylan Napa has hit back at criticism of his tackle on Korbin Sims, saying he didn't intentionally lead with his head nor celebrated the resulting head clash. #NRL #7News

TONIGHT: Truck drivers bring traffic to a standstill around Victoria Square as they protest against Aldi supermarkets. This and MORE in #9NewsAt6

A man claimed to have a bomb on a bus travelling from Sydney to Melbourne this morning. The 46-year-old called triple zero from inside a toilet onboard. Police tracked the bus to Melbourne's outer suburbs and confronted him in the bathroom. No device was found. #7News

A truck has spilled a large amount of dirt onto Grand Junction Road at Ottoway, blocking an eastbound lane of traffic. Expect delays in the area. #9News

Prof Martin Cole @CSIROnews tells @NadiaMits by 2050 we’ll consume as much food as the previous 500 yrs. How can we maintain this while also caring for the planet & watching our health? We’ve had 2 Aus GENS who don’t know hunger nor where food comes from. #agchatoz #perthnews

Weather - Sydney: A sunny day with an expected max of 23 degrees today. 7 News Meteorologist @DavidWBrown7 #7News

Gerri Hinkley tells @NadiaMits in the next 8 yrs there will be 70K more jobs in farming sector, due to ageing & retiring nature of the ag industry & it's growth. 80% jobs will be beyond the farm gate.
#agchatoz #perthnews

Child sex abuse victim Peter Creigh addressing media after Archbishop Philip Wilson’s guilty verdict. @9NewsAdel

Prof Martin Cole from @CSIROnews tells @NadiaMits Aus could be the delicatessen for Asia, by 2030 there will be 3.5 billion middle class people looking for premium food products #agchatoz #perthnews

Adelaide's Catholic Archbishop Philip Wilson has been found guilty of concealing child sex abuse by another priest. @JarradBrevi9 #9News

#BREAKING: Police on Manus Island say a refugee has died after jumping from a moving bus

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8 hours ago

Nothing beats a back rub after a long day at work 😌

Photo: JJ Emerson at Coombabah Lakelands Conservation Area, Destination Gold Coast

Nothing beats a back rub after a long day at work 😌

Photo: JJ Emerson at Coombabah Lakelands Conservation Area, Destination Gold Coast


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JJ Emerson spotted this pair of kangaroos in the Coombabah Lakes Conservation Area in the Destination Gold Coast. He said usually in this spot the roos are just grazing, with a few young males doing a bit of sparring. Apparently, one of them started to have a scratch, and the other one took it as a challenge which resulted in a "bit of a spar!" (Photo: JJ Emerson)

Located just a short drive north of the Destination Gold Coast CBD, the Coombabah Lakes Conservation Area is chock-a-block with wildlife. JJ Emerson usually comes to this spot to watch the roos, but he says "it's also awesome to see koalas". In fact, this lovely wetland area is home to 274 species of animals, including koalas, wallabies, kangaroos and flying foxes, along with 24 internationally protected migratory bird species. (Photo: JJ Emerson)

Oh yes! Only they weren’t giving each other a back rub! 😂

Now, a lil to the left, up and bit, ahhhh yes that's the spot, darn I forgot to add dencorub, too. keep it up, this feels good..

Or if no one is around to give you a scratch, do it yourself 😂

Suvi Awasthi this is love, I just need a girl who gonna really understand 🎶

What does it say about me that I really thought those bushes in the back were on fire?

Wally Gonzalez nothing beats a back rub 😂

If you fall I will be there to catch you lol

Roberta Masala Anche ai canguri piace un bel massaggino alla schiena! ☝️😂😂😂

"And now hold this position for two minutes!"

Haha, you couldn’t be more right

I'll mill give you a nice back rub if you will give me one after.beautiful photo and color❤️❤️

Ah mate, no, more down under 😌

Gorgeous photo and interesting capturing !

Don't worry I'll catch you :)

Estefany Wen me giving u massage on tuesdays

Erin massages(Australian pronunciation) are the best !

Andreas Gutterau wenn du ein Känguru hättest müsstest du nicht mehr den Türrahmen vergewaltigen 😜

Shaun - nothing has captured us better than this shot 😂😘

Alyssa I desperately need this

Christian Aversa dovresti solo imparare dai canguri 😒

Looks like a trust fall 🤣

She helps him because he likes it. LOVE😍

That’s where we were Kim Mcdade Sue Smithers Le Long

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1 day ago

Monday morning traffic is looking pretty heavy in Port Stephens 🐬🐬🐬

Video: Dolphin Swim Australia in Visit NSW


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Regarded as Australia's dolphin capital, Port Stephens, which is located a 2.5-hour drive north of and is home to a remarkable dolphin encounter. Most swim-with-dolphin experiences involve floating in the ocean and waiting in a stationary position until the dolphins approach you, but with Dolphin Swim Australia swimmers are pulled slowly alongside the dolphins. Participants are attached to a harness and clipped to a tow rope between the twin bows of a catamaran. As the dolphins move playfully through the water, you effectively swim in time with them. Photo: Dolphin Swim Australia

My dream some day...Iam in my sixties...but I can still dream .....someday to swim with the dolphins...what an intelligent mammal....even to pet one I’d be happy....

Will add to my next to-do for Australia!!!

I’ve done this - it’s amazing 🐬

I will do this around christmas-time ;) 🎅

Oh my, what an epic video! Absolutely beautiful 🐬

We seen some cuties at Bribie yesterday afternoon. Soooo adorable, everyone was loving them

We’ve had holidays in Pt. Stevens twice, beautiful

So True. ....beautiful experience having dolphins swim Next to you!❤

Traffic is heavy indeed, but no one seems to be in any hurry ;)

James Brierley well add this to the list looks like we’re going back to PS

We've been going there for almost ten years now. I'm making plans to retire there.

Best traffic ever 😍😍😍😘😘😘 I actually swam with then in port Stevens love the experience

That is traffic I don't have an issue with💙🐬🏝

How beautiful,,, I would love to be in the water with them....

That swim-with-dolphins experience looks like one of a kind! Perfect.. ❤☺🐋

Matthew Griffin Nixola McGeechan 👍 Port Stephens is definitely worth a visit when you come to Sydney. Not too far either 😍☀️

Daren Sayer Ian thats where we are going in August!!!!

Jonathan Balfour I better see a dolphin on our trip!

Awesome........ cant wait to swim with this beautiful dolphins soon ....... Written in a diary

Dolphins are awesome.

Omg. My fave💕💕💕 Swim with them.

Amazing dolphin swim in port stephens very nice for looking, amazing Australia 🐬🐬🐬🐋🐋🐬

I love the baby swimming with mama.

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2 days ago

So Perth

So lit right now 🔥 ...


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Nato Webbstar

Scott Stuart Barrell