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Octopuses are from space, say scientists

Octopuses are from space, say scientists


Life on Earth was spurred on by the bombardment from space of comets carrying viral genes and frozen eggs, a new paper claims.

The evolution of life on Earth was spurred on by the bombardment from space of comets carrying viral genes and frozen eggs of complete species such as the octopus, a new multi-author paper has claimed.

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8 hours ago

9 News Perth

A Broome woman has survived a deadly sting from world's most toxic jellyfish at Cable Beach. The 20-year-old thought she'd been attacked by sea lice - the pain so strong, she could barely walk. ...


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Tara Devlin I told you!!!

I would say this jellyfish isn't deadly but people will get buthurt

Caroline Dunn f you jellyfish!

Leigh Retallack and Lauren Parker

No beach swimming Wendy Gorman 😬😜

Meg O'Brien Cassandra Mattes hmmm...

Linda H Pérez Paul Fewings

Nathan Rangi Nadine Rangi 😅

Kieren Richards 😳

Hollie Stephen glad your home 💖

Smiley Gurneet Bhatia Gurneet Singh Bhatia Vikrant Minhas Niti Nakul Mahajan


Renae Walsh

Andrew Green

Rachael Langdon

Felipe Coelho

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8 hours ago

9 News Perth

Two brothers have been rescued after 21 hours missing off the Ningaloo coast. The boys aged 12 and 18 became lost when their inflatable dinghy ran out of fuel, triggering a massive search. ...


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So happy they were found safe !!

It wasn’t Luke and jake was it?💕

Nicholas Camarda can't go wrong

Tania 😍

Brittany Clayton 😮

Dea N Dennis Curtis

Kohbe Lynes

Warren Posthuma

Luke Rowland

8 hours ago

9 News Perth

The Perth City Council has been forced to retreat in the face of an angry backlash after parking inspectors targetted Dawn Service crowds. The council was accused exploiting Anzac Day after it hit drivers with big fines. ...


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So the real question is ... who made the decision to fine dawn service attendees? They whether an individual or a group should be forced to resign.

Disgusting underhanded revenue raising City of Perth Take all the parking fines out of the salary of the suspended Ms Lisa Scaffidi.

It should also be noted that Wilson parking charged full weekday rate today in the CBD despite it being a public holiday. No weekend or public holiday rates were available

Make bigger and better parking at memorial parks for the public who attend Anzac day. Maybe!

Coward's act and a coward's result. Turn tail and run. Good on Perth for not putting up with it.

Goes to show when people really band together they can make a difference. Divided we are exploited

sack the lot of these corrupt muppets..

Most car parks in Melbourne have 10 flat rate and some even no charge on Anzac day ..

🤔 some people are sure to not know the fines are cancelled and pay. Or perhaps like what happened to my dad once they said it was cancelled and a year later issued him to court and put him behind bars for a few months. I'd want it in writing that my fine is cancelled.

It’s ALL ABOUT PROFITS. Huge lack of Respect to Everyone that Serves our Great Country . So corporate councils So Shamefully Exploited on this Very Emotional Day . No Respect at All . When election time Comes Around We’ll Show you and you can Bank that

Disrespectful for parking inspectors to be working on Anzac Day anyway. hope the council is better prepared to provide parking next year .

All fines without conviction by court are null and void. A pretended law made in excess of power is no law at all and is to be disregarded. Learn the constitution people.

You Do all know that with enough numbers you can just storm council chambers and sack them right there on the spot, melbourne sunshine residents did it, so can you Perth

This council should be moved to a third world country that has a dictatorship

So opportunist this council people.. all they wanna do is fine and make people unhappy even on such special occasion.. 😡😡😡

so do they want less people to goto a dawn service how terrible provide the space then

Shouldn’t public parking be free to the public? Yes of course it should. There’s no laws that say you have to pay to park or drive anywhere in Aus.

Where do they expect people to park when there's 30k people attending ... how pathetic and rude

The big question really is... what's their angle??? They KNEW, there'd be backlash... oh my holy heck yes, they would have. There is NO WAY.... that within the same day they've suddenly thought, "oops sorry, didn't know how upset you'd all be.. (that is a total load of bull...).... So Why??? Is this so they CAN charge next year... and then argue... "oh well, at least after last year. you all learned the lesson, now shut up.." Or, if not... What then???? What was the ACTUAL reason behind this pathetic publicity stunt??? And.... After we all find out... At the next lot of council elections... let's make sure we remind COP residents to sack the whole flipping lot of them!!!

No way to encourage people to the city ANZAC day should be exempt , and try free parking on weekends to boost weekend trade also

this council so out of touch ,,like last state gov

Don’t park illegally and you won’t get fined 🤷🏼‍♂️ 🤦🏼‍♂️

Ryan Barrett lmao check the indian guy with subs HAHAAHAHAH even though u could understand him

The act by PC Council has done more to deter people from attending dawn service than any terror threat. People who are not as mobile will not go because they may be afraid that they can not find any 'legal'parking close by. Well done PC Council well done

What a waste of our tax payers money having these fines handed out in the first place. Let’s put the resources somewhere relevant hey ? Bunch of idiots....

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8 hours ago

9 News Perth

Australians have come together across the world to honour the ANZACs - 103 years after the fateful landing at Gallipoli. In WA, 30,000 people paid their respects as the Kings Park Dawn Service. ...


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WA always forget NZ stands for New Zealand so disgraceful

I only truly found my Anzac spirit today. Took me a while but I got there. War will never make sense to me but defending this great country sure the hell does.

Beverley cross

Glenn Davidson

Spiin Wang

WEATHER: ANZAC Day has brought lovely conditions across South Australia. Kate Freebairn.. The commemorations are kicking on in the city? #TenNews ...

SUPER SIMBA: A husky - once neglected and living in squalor - has been crowned the Hero for this year's RSPCA South Australia Million Paws Walk. #TenNews ...


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Alana Mitchell REMEMBER HIM

Olivia Dollman

Antonia Costa

Maddie Caines

Elise Jane Gibson

CHASING THE SUNS: Crows star Matt Crouch looks almost certain to return from a hamstring injury against the Gold Coast on Saturday Night. #TenNews ...


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Daniel Kovacevic

RESERVES RETURN: Sam Powell Pepper has returned to the footy field in the SANFL, despite still having a week to run on his AFL ban. #TenNews ...


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Thank you for a Balanced report.

Wayne Orr finally an actual report I can watch

Jase Taylor Kemp thanks mate