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No one was more surprised that Rex Tillerson was fired than Rex Tillerson himself

No one was more surprised that Rex Tillerson was fired than Rex Tillerson himself


Analysis: Secretary of State Rex Tillerson was ousted just as he seemed to be hitting his diplomatic stride.

It appeared Trump had not spoken to Tillerson, nor given a clear reason for his dismissal.

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The shock announcement University of South Australia and The University of Adelaide are looking to merge. More info: Those details and more in 7 News at 4pm and 6pm. #7News

[email protected] customers are facing yet another mobile phone outage amid reports the company’s 3G and 4G networks are struggling to connect users in almost all Australian capitals. #7News

"It's always hard to make that decision for any animal, but it was the right decision and a respectful end for an old lady who demanded respect throughout her life." #9News

World's oldest orangutan dies at WA zoo - 9News

The world's oldest orangutan, Puan, has died at a West Australian Zoo at the age of 62.

Catholic Archbishop Philip Wilson will be sentenced on July 3 for concealing child sex abuse by another priest. @DeeWilliams7 @7NewsAdelaide

"Had Courtney Williams pressed the emergency stop button in the unload area, three seconds before the raft became dragged into the mechanisms the accident wouldn't have occurred." #9News

Dreamworld inquest: 'Slow shutdown button' not pushed for 10 seconds

Courtney Williamson was operating the Thunder River Rapids ride when four people were thrown from a raft to...

“The community will no longer tolerate endemic and institutionalised cover up of sex abuse against the most vulnerable members of our community .. namely children.” Prosecutor in sentencing hearing for Catholic Archbishop Philip [email protected] @7NewsAdelaide

Prosecutor in Archbishop Philip Wilson sentencing hearing says an offender should not escape punishment because of the condition of his health and the magistrate should make him culpable for his [email protected] @7NewsAdelaide

“Until he was charged, he thought he’d gotten away with it” and “There’s been an absence of remorse and contrition.” - Prosecutor in the sentencing hearing for Archbishop Philip Wilson convicted of concealing child sex abuse by another priest. @7NewsAdelaide @DeeWilliams7

ANALYSIS: The Premier claims she doesn’t think about winning the election. This Budget says otherwise. @cokeefe9 #NSWPol #9News

NSW Budget: Chris O'Keefe's analysis

"The budget is top shelf, but it almost feels a bit frantic."

JUST IN: @UniversitySA and @UniofAdelaide agree to explore the creation of a new University.
The Chancellors today announced that the two universities will explore the merits of a merger to create a new, leading Australian university. Report in 7 News at 4pm and 6pm. #7News

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