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'No long hair': Trinity Grammar deputy headmaster returns to school

'No long hair': Trinity Grammar deputy headmaster returns to school


Mr Brown's back.

There were plenty of smiles as Trinity Grammar's deputy headmaster Rohan Brown returned to school after he was sacked for cutting a student’s hair.

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1 hour ago

Channel 7 Perth

South Fremantle’s long haired Ruckman Brock Higgins chats to The West Australian John Townsend about the Bulldogs hopes for a flag in 2018.

Make sure you get down and see a WAFL game this weekend or watch the game live on Sunday before the Western Derby.

Claremont Football Club v South Fremantle Football Club in Albany
Perth Football Club v West Perth Football Club
Swan Districts Football Club Inc. v East Fremantle Football Club

Sunday – Live on Channel 7 Perth at 11:30 am.
East Perth Football Club Inc v @Peel Thunder.

3 hours ago

Channel 7 Perth

New Episodes, new LOLs & a few famous faces!
Modern Family premieres Wednesday May 2 at 9.00 on @Channel 7 Perth and 7plus

5 hours ago

Channel 7 Perth

Don’t miss the My Kitchen Rules recipe special inside today The West Australian. #MKR ...

Don’t miss the My Kitchen Rules recipe special inside today The West Australian. #MKR

1 day ago

Perth Wildcats

Lest We Forget. ...

Lest We Forget.

2 days ago

Channel 7 Perth

"I just got forked by Manu!" - Emma is seriously living the dream 😍😍😍

#MKR |


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She is loving every minute of the attention.

This show was forked up a long time ago...

I’m sure it’s not the only thing to go in her Mouth.

Can’t understand Manu gives the boys a good rapport on there nochi and said it was the best so far and yet some of girls pulled it apart , still what would they no .

Those lips hahahahaha

Forkin hell

Hopefully you will report some real NEWS and that the Parasites at the City of Perth, were paying overtime to staff for handing out parking tickets for people attending the ANZAC Dawn Service for our fallen heroes....... Obviously they need the money to pay for that Maggot Scaffidi's pay while she is suspended again for another year....

2 days ago

Channel 7 Perth

TONIGHT: It's all about famiglia at Josh & Nic's Super Dinner Party 🇮🇹💙

#MKR tonight 7.30 Channel 7 |

2 days ago

Channel 7 Perth

You don't want to miss Andrew's chat with surfing powerhouse Mick Fanning!

#InterviewAU tonight 9.00 on Channel 7 |

You know we've got Mick Fanning on tonight's episode of #InterviewAU but have a peek below of some of our other very exciting future guests... 🤔🤔🤔
Tuesdays at 9.00pm on Channel 7.

2 days ago

Perth Wildcats

“He and Damian Martin playing together are going to cause headaches for opposition guards."

Welcome to Perth, Mitch Norton!


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Great replacement for losing jarrod Kenny

Great news, always admired his style of bball, Welcome to Perth. !!! He's just what we need 🏀🏀

Bash Bros 2.0

Good news!!!

James Kerr

Sami McEntee

Jas W Gallardo

3 days ago

Perth Wildcats

Confirmed! Welcome Mitch Norton to the Perth Wildcats, #RedArmy! 📝 ...

Confirmed! Welcome Mitch Norton to the Perth Wildcats, #RedArmy! 📝


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Thanks guys

Anyone know what imports they are trying to keep/get?

Wish he just came to the bullets

Great Aussie signings Wildcats! Feel a bit sad for our mate Bevo though - fleeced two great players from his team - but that's the game I guess 🏀👍

Has anybody heard anything about Bryce Cotton or Totoko returning I don’t know love all the new signing but still like the old team and don’t think we will have room

Good luck mitch from an ex croc supporter now to a wildcat supporter

Does anyone know if Bryce Cotton or JP Tokoto have re-signed with the Cats?

Our boys making deals at the Commonwealth Game 👌🏻

Perth fans u will love mitch he is a great player

Can’t wait for next season! Welcome to the Jungle Mitch #redarmy

Heidi Taylor you were right, explains why they didn’t renew Jarred Kenny

Great pick up luv Mitch a true attacking guard !!!!!😚😚😚☺

Would of contended for the title but.... Steindl and vague 😖

welcome to the Red Army Mitch :)

Huge welcome from the #RedArmy Mitch...we have your back...can't wait to show our support in the Jungle...roll on October ❤️🖤🏀🏆🖤❤️😻

Welcome aboard Mitch, looking forward to seeing as a wildcat!🏀🏀

Great signing by the Cats. Welcome to the Jungle, Mitch

Bradley Russell just give us the championship already! United no hope backtoback

We’ve got half a boomers team woo hoo! Our boys making good impression at the com games everyone wants to keep playing together

Cory Fiorentino first Kay now norton.cats should b a pretty tough unit next season

Rigoli haven’t heard of him, can you shed some light 💡?

Welcome to the wildcats Mitch Norton and to the Jungle 😀❤️🖤❤️🖤

😂😂😂 bevo will be fuming. Great recruiting cats!

Keenan Mellem that’s why they didn’t re-sign JK

Matt Pumphrey recruit the whole Boomers squad to Perth 👍 tactix 😂

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4 days ago

Perth Wildcats

The Perth Wildcats would like to thank Jarrod Kenny for three years of outstanding service to the organisation. 🏆🏆

Full statement:

The Perth Wildcats would like to thank Jarrod Kenny for three years of outstanding service to the organisation. 🏆🏆

Full statement:


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Very disappointed in the club not re-signing JK. Understand moving toward the future but Jarrod is one that should have been retained, considering the great commitment and job he did in Martin’s absence. And the players revue the Ball just isn’t gonna be the same. Thanks for everything Jarrod Kenny. I hope you continue to shine at whichever club you land at next season.

No doubt the breakers will jump on him, was a pretty important part of the championships. Does this mean we are announcing Norton soon?

Awesome player should of been resigned! Thankyou JK

Perth still recognises the massive contribution from him even though he is from the “other” side.

JK has made an enormous contribution to the WC. He will be missed. Will have an impact as a player and person at any club smart enough to pick him up. The WC are renewing for the future and Jarrod's age counted against him. Let's hope they resign DKD. He is the future.

Don't worry we still have stieldn!!!!!

Feel sorry for the bloke considering what he done when Damo was injured. Given way too little time

Jarrod Kenny thank you for your time in the West. We have thoroughly loved having you here. You will be sadly missed

Thanks Kenny for everything! Your an amazing player and person!

Thanks J k we enjoyed your stay at the Wild Cats where ever you end up I hope you prove a point good luck 🏀🏀🏀😔😔😔

Well done on your time at the Cats. Norton (if true) is a great pick up as he is only 25. I’ll be annoyed if DKD does get let go as he hasn’t really been given a heap of opportunities.

Thank you for everything Jarrod, loved watching your play and devotional our team, all the best in your future endeavours and which ever team signs you, they’ll pick up a gem of a player

Very serviceable player who did well, but probably cost himself through a lack of aggressiveness on offense at key moments. Turned down so many open looks

Shame to see him go I thought he was one of the better players this year for the WC's and has always been a consistent reliable performer over the years. A talented attacking player.

Thanks JK, had a breakout season just gone, really stepped up when we needed it. Good luck wherever you end up champ

Great guy, but just not potent enough on court. Was easily trapped in half court defense, rarely took a shot (although a great shooter) just never moved out of a support role. Damo's probably in his last year, we need a new back court. All the best Kenny, you'll always be a part of our championship history!

I can understand the decision considering his age, but very sad to see him go. He's been such a hreat,commited and reliable player for us over the last three years and a major part of the two championships. Hopefully we get to see him again somewhere in the nbl.

Thanks for the 3 years Kenny, good luck with whatever’s next!! 🏀❤️🏀

Tuff break mate. Did some great work off the pine & a bought valuable experience to the line up. All the best.

Very dissapointed to hear the news. Thanks for your time and your valuable work at the Wildcats Jarrod. Hopefully in time the club will see it was a mistake not re-signing you. Alex will be missing you wearing red this season. Best wishes for the future and wherever your basketball road leads.

Disappointing to hear but wish JK all the very best for the future. A great guy and a good baller! Will watch his career with interest.

Surprised he was let go. Had a cracking second half of the season

Thank you JK! We wish you every success in your future endeavors 🏀

The business part of the game sucks!. Such a nice guy and fit for our team- sorry to see him go. But understand we have to forward plan 😢

Sad to see him leave the club. He has been a great player for the Wildcats. Thanks for everything, JK. Good luck in your future endeavours 😔

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5 days ago

Perth Wildcats

“Any time you have the chance to go to a great club like Perth it’s going to be exciting."

Welcome aboard, Nick Kay!


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Welcome to the red army Nick! where's the re-signing of Greg & Waxy or Jarrod? not happy 🙃😂

So happy to have Nick Kay join the Red Army.

Welcome to the red army ❤️💪🏼

Russell Kerry Carol Kate

Alex Horley Alex Graeme

Katie Persse

Rachel Frazer Kerry Clarke 🤞🏽🤞🏽🤞🏽

6 days ago

Perth Wildcats

The Perth Wildcats have signed Aussie Boomers power forward Nick Kay for three years!

Welcome Nick to the #RedArmy! 😼

The Perth Wildcats have signed Aussie Boomers power forward Nick Kay for three years!

Welcome Nick to the #RedArmy! 😼


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Hope the cats get caught over the cap and go broke.

Wow, i mean great signing Wildcats but i would never have thought Kay would sign with the Cats. He looked at home with the Hawks.

Im a kiwi and i must say this is a big signing for you guys!

Mark good replacement for Matty Knight! 👍

Fantastic signing, when we lost Matty we were too small, Brandt and Kay, in the 4 and 5 spot is exciting.

Big addition to the team. Very happy with this signing.

Great signing. Will fill the big void left by Matty Knight

Great signing cats, need more shooters now 😊

At least he resisted the crowd joining the Brisbane Boomers. !!!!

Kaye Skinner. Another great signing. Welcome to the greatest team

I was so hoping for this!!! Great replacement for Matty Knight 😀

Awesome signing!! Just what the Wildcats needed 💪

Great signing. Kay’s best basketball is ahead of him too. Will thrive in Perth!

He’s a good signing for us. Hopefully him and Brandt will Work well together

Dave Cruden do we know if this guy is any good? Who does he force out?

At last, some more Low Post punch for the cats which is what they've been lacking!!! looking forward to next season already.

Awesome, congrats Wildcats and welcome to the Jungle Nick Kay. Looking forward to next season already #redarmy

Great pick up, loved his aggression at the comm games

Exciting news hopefully a few more to come

Woo Hoo welcome to the team Nick. Just what the Wildcat's needed!! So happy!!

Wow, I thinks that’s the big one from this free agency.

Awesome signing by the Wildcats! Join the Red Army today 👍🇦🇺🏀

Watch out league were on the prowl

Luke Tucker real good signing. Heard we are getting norton too

Finally flexing some muscle in the free agency period

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