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New chopper for the coppers: WA Police set to get new helicopter

New chopper for the coppers: WA Police set to get new helicopter


Part of $26.9 million commitment will be provided via the Road Trauma Trust Account, which collects fines from speeding and traffic offences.

WA Police will get a new state of the art "eye in the sky" with the state government poised to announce funding for a new $26.9 million helicopter.

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JUST IN: Elisha Carney, 24, was last seen by family at her home address on Mikada Boulevard on Friday 20 April. Police and family have concerns for her welfare as she has a medical condition. #9News

Check out the view of the lightning from St Kilda. Send your weather videos or photos to 7 News Adelaide: #7News

#UPDATE: The role is not one that automatically gets passed down or inherited by the Prince of Wales. #9News

JUST IN: Chelsea, 14, and Brooke, 15, failed to attend school in Carrum Downs on Tuesday 17 April and have not been seen since. Police and family hold concerns for their welfare due to their age. #9News

JUST IN: A short pursuit has been initiated by police in Heidelberg Heights after a stolen Mitsubishi Lancer failed to stop and rammed two police cars. #9News

Aussie who went to fight in Syria says he only "ate, slept and kicked a football" during his time in the war-torn country.

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29 minutes ago

NTD Australia

NTD Television
How to create the perfect curb! 👍👍

Credit: ViralHog


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Tim cole and sam at work Nice job done

coisa de doidos!

Parece un juego trabajo es travajo

Well done

1 hour ago

NTD Australia

A very meaningful message..👍 ...


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Depends if you are a tree or a woody weed

Out footprint is tiny. There are billions of acres of treed land in Australia...way more than needed if 1 tree feeds oxygen to 4 people...cut it down if it's a danger to anyone. Get real or get off this big Island.

Why do councils let us build homes in dangers heavy wooded areas that tree's fall on homes killed by bush fires, but you must not cut down a trree. So again why let us build in theres places.

Yeah but how much electricity could you provide as a utility pole?

Well l dont know how many trees have been pushed over at the back of my fence all in the name of development bullshit thats what it is

But the do-gooders say you are bad. Oh im so confused


We love trees



You bet!


Save the trees.


Yes I do





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2 hours ago

NTD Australia

NTD Inspired Life
Tally is a dog like no other, you have to see it to believe it! And brace yourself for cuteness overload ❤️🐾🐶


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Tally might need a doggy friend Nonetheless she gorgeous 🐾💖

Love the story she is beautiful and smart and very special keep her safe and as to you give her unconditional love there is nothing more previous than the love from your pet especially a dog a home is not a home without a DOG spell it backward It spells GOD that's why they love you so.


Linda Deacon💕

3 hours ago

NTD Australia

Cute baby..😘 ...


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Beautiful babe

вождь краснокожих, милый человечек, расти, детка

Chief little wolf

Preslatka Bebica💟💟💟

Absolutly BEAUTIFUL.








So cute


Amazing eyes

Linda Bale

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4 hours ago

NTD Australia

NTD Life
I want to hold your hand forever ❤️

Credit: JukinVideo


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Beautiful bond..

What a lovely dog.!!😃😃

OMG that dog is so lovingly cute

Aww my dog does that too

So sweet...

That’s so sweet

Nola Anne Smith me and punchy lol....


Vaneet Oberoi

Tatjana Di Maria

Alex Wiesner

Ethan Farley

Jordan Webster ❤

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5 hours ago

NTD Australia

This is great!.The red-bellied woodpecker is a medium-sized woodpecker of the family Picidae. It breeds mainly in the eastern United States, ranging as far south as Florida and as far north as Canada ...

This is great!.The red-bellied woodpecker is a medium-sized woodpecker of the family Picidae. It breeds mainly in the eastern United States, ranging as far south as Florida and as far north as Canada


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We have him and his mate in our front yard everyday

7 hours ago

7 News Brisbane

Alvey Reels, at risk of collapse, has been saved.



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Come on everyone lets go buy new reels

Thank god an Australian company has been saved whoever is helping these people please keep it in Australia and do not send it overseas Australian companies that one of the best and specially if they make their own products over here

Worked here a few years ago welding frames for deep sea reels. Was a good feeling knowing I was making parts for an Aussie icon. Bruce and Tony are great people and very passionate about keeping it Aussie made. Here's to another 100 years of Alvey Reels!

Keep Alvey Aussie !

i would love to own an alvey reel again they are the best

Such good news, keep punching lads!

Caught many a snapper with the old Alvey reels

new reels.. yep.. big fish..

Good news Gary Kildey!

Phil Perrella back in the game

Did you see this dad (Vincent)

Joe Nocher best rods

Chris Atkinson she lives another day

Dixon Mudge 👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻

Adam Bunn show your old boy!

David Alan Andrew

👌🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 Stephen Healy Josh Brazier

Justin Hall 👍🏽

Justin Biggs. Cameron Jackson

Corey Nordberg 😱😱

Mitch Waye

Daniel Williams

Toby Scanlan

Ben OBrien Steve Hunter

Jack Gibbins

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8 hours ago

7 News Brisbane

Vision has been released of flight attendants on the doomed Southwest plane shouting reminders at passengers to breathe through their oxygen masks.



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The passengers that left their seats and managed to get her back into the plane are heroes as they risked their own lives. Sadly their attempts to revive her failed. Hope the receive an award for their bravery.

Doomed? I believe the plane made it back.

Sean Lahiff Samantha Killorn poor lady 😔

8 hours ago

7 News Brisbane

Almost two years to the day since Prince died prosecutors say no-one will be charged over the popstar's fatal overdose.



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It seems Prince was just a human in a lot of physical pain who tried to keep working, but to do so needed some heavy pain medications. At some stage, they can become too much, but then again, so can the actual pain. Catch 22. A dilemma that affects many people suffering, unfortunately.

I think we are the ones putting this crap in our bodies we have to stop blaming someone else instead we have to take responsibility to what we take and swallow good bless Prince

Because the Illuminati can not be charged.

Who caresp

Louise Wicks

Elouise Di Mauro 💜

8 hours ago

7 News Brisbane

Kate Jones wants to bring the Olympics of video gaming, E-Games, to the Gold Coast.



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Oh Kate Jones you are not the brightest flame in the fire!

Joshua Toze u nerd

wow okay

Jacob C Haurua lol

Emily Boon your brother lol

Hayden Yarrow Justin Somslao

Nikki Stoneman

Kathleen Macpherson Ashley Gallen


Brenton James

Mike Burnett-davies

Tremaine Withers

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