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NAB bankers forged customer signatures, faked documents and accepted cash bribes for loans

NAB bankers forged customer signatures, faked documents and accepted cash bribes for loans


The commission heard the misconduct included bankers forging customer signatures, faking documents, accepting cash bribes for loans, and lending to customers who couldn't afford it.

A NAB executive has admitted the bank breached responsible lending laws, which saw business people refer customers to the bank for loans in return for commissions.

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57 minutes ago

7 News Brisbane

There’ll be a small chance of showers in Brisbane tomorrow, reaching a top of 30°

#qldweather #7News


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Too hot!

Allan Scherer getting sick of this BS Australian weather Keep it up and we are moving to England

Raini G in STRATHPINE now.

Zack Marshall


1 hour ago

7 News Brisbane

Market watchers are encouraging first home buyers not to rule out Brisbane's northside where a handful of suburbs have properties for under $300,000.



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A search for ‘Houses’ on in Bracken Ridge does not bring up one house under or at $300k! If you wanted an apartment or townhouse and wanted to pay over 300k you’d do that closer to the city. 🙄

And by properties, you mean small apartments and townhouses not free standing houses.

They forgot to mention the annual body corporate fees for these attached dwellings.

Cara Puglia the future is looking grim for us when one of the only suburbs that offers relatively affordable houses is bracken Ridge 🙄😂

Need to buy ASAP honestly before it’s too late Thomas Lane Jake Owen Jack Daniel Richard Beaumont

Yeah....if you want to live with the crap of the land.....

7 News Brisbane you should probably mention that these properties are strata titled.

Maxwell Grant Sean Armitage does this town house look familiar

Allan Scherer we were thinking bracken ridge

Omg Shane Taylor watch this

Shall Ruth OrielShall Oriel check this one

Brent what a joke!!

Coral Anne Wendy Croucher - Kling Just what we need, more traffic 😓

Adam we should probably just buy a house 😂😂

Stephanie Ogden “where do you live? Bracken Ridge I know that area” 😂😂

Michael Collins lets buy a house there haha.

Just before 7 News put Suman Monger Bikash Kc😂

Osa Magele Ropati Broederlow check this out babe..

Emma Gmcxhc Shana Summers Just saying 😂🤣😂🤣😊

Jenna Hurst

Dylan Ryan

Bob Zappala


Melissa Russell

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1 hour ago

7 News Brisbane

Queensland is the skin cancer capital of the world, with the Cancer Council revealing 9 in 10 Australians don't know when they need to apply sun protection.



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Oh Brendan Wong someone save these people

I apply every 2 hours and never go swimming without a hat, sunscreen and a rash shirt and even when not swimming it’s a hat, sunglasses, sunscreen and covered clothing It’s not a super attractive look while you’re especially at the beach but I’d rather that than looking like a lobster in a bikini 😕

Not surprising after seeing so many wrinkled prunes lying on the beaches

Well it is the “Sunshine state” 🌝

Yeah and they keep laying out in the sun all day , and wonder why they end up with skin cancer 🙄

Max Raab ...😂

Anh Kim Duong

Damo Helander

2 hours ago

7 News Brisbane

There's still more than 24 hours until Ed Sheeran performs in Brisbane, but fans continue to arrive early at Suncorp Stadium.



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So people can camp there for a concert but if the homeless tried camping there they will be kicked out asap..

I know 0% about Ed Sheeran (and I'm more than happy to keep it this way) but I reckon this bloke from the UK (had to look his origin up) is rubbing his hands and laughing it all the way to the bank $$$$$

i don't understand people who do this

Do they even shower whilst waiting in line?

Itd suck to wait outside for a few days to find out your ticket is a fake..

Get a job !

Maybe I should do this for NOFX lol

HieuLuong you're gna be at the back of the mosh

Why for the love of god? He sucks.

Emma Dunn can you go line up for us so we get a good spot? 😂😂😂

Belinda Melissa! We should've camped out tonight! 😳🤔🤗

Anyone would think it's Bieber lol

Sarah Meredith I'm really thinking y'all gonna have to step your game omg

Theresa Maree you missed out on free 🍕 as well! ⛺️⛺️⛺️⛺️


Robyn Saunders should I drop you off 😂

Caroline Louise are you going to this? Im soooo excited! 😍😍😍😍


Ali we are letting the team down

Julia Mackney Clare has to leave now. 😳

Laura Osenton this is why seated tickets are the way to go!!

Amber Lavery thank god we don’t have to do that!!! 🙄

Nicole Ann Brown are you camping out ? 😂 Enjoy !!

Harriet Hacon would only go early if we take chip and dip

Sheree Crutcher this is going to be hectic

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2 hours ago

7 News Brisbane

Exclusive: The number of strangulation attacks in Queensland is on the rise. See the training our police and judges are receiving from American experts to tackle the problem.



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Marlena Whop is the best news reporter on Channel 7, in my opinion.

I feel sorry for the mum losing her daughter and the little boy losing his mum.

So if they are dying a year later, does that mean mma fighter are dying off, at record numbers as they get choked out regularly, or is this another bs claim so they can up the stats to push an agenda?

It's called a firearm. Use it. The crim can't do much with a hydra shock in his melon.

make it all about the women again. Slow clap

Sarah Phillips 🤬😲 reminds me of someone

Ban strangulation


Angy Smith


Stacey West

Donna Strofield

Emily Forbes

Kirstie Graham

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2 hours ago

7 News Brisbane

A campaign is underway to convince Senators to support tax cuts for big business before debate begins in Parliament this week.


#auspol #7News


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How about give SMALL business tax cuts instead !!! We are grassroots of working hard & getting nowhere fast.

They would never do a plebiscite for that!

Just get them to pay some tax would be a start ie Sanitarium, pay no tax whatever

Something like 85% of taxpayers make under $50,000 a year... Why would they give big tax cuts to such a huge source of government revenue?

just vote them out .

bfrrrrrrrrrrrrong !

4 hours ago

The Urban List Perth

CAUTION - this video contains beaches and waterfalls that locals don't want you to know about. ...