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My family was ripped apart by violence - and the killer was not a 'good bloke'

My family was ripped apart by violence - and the killer was not a 'good bloke'


Comment: The Margaret River tragedy and the hushed horror that followed took me straight back to the day I turned 33.

Seared into my memory is one of the headlines about my experience which read: “My Family were slashed to death” and another with a close-up photo of my face.

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ABDUCTION ATTEMPT: A woman has escaped an alleged attempted abduction, where a woman and two young men tried to force her into a van. See the exclusive pictures as police swarm on the location, tonight in #TenNews at 5pm.

[email protected] appeal for information over a grenade attack at a Lalor home in Nov.
Detectives believe it was targeted attack linked to middle eastern crime gangs.
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The Court of Criminal Appeal has heard Chad Badcock, who a jury found guilty of the murder of young father Jayson Doelz, maintains he wasn't present during deadly 2012 assault. Mr Doelz sustained 80+ injuries. @TenNewsADEL

Adelaide Catholic Archbishop Philip Wilson has left court after being found guilty of covering up child sexual abuse in the 1970's. We'll have a full report on worldwide repercussions of the verdict, tonight in #TenNews at 5pm.

Parishioners at St Francis Xavier’s Cathedral express sadness at the guilty finding against Archbishop Philip Wilson for failing to report child sex abuse. @TenNewsADEL

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30 minutes ago

NTD Australia

NTD Funniest
When the answer is not “yes” 🤣💕🐶


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Got to love them 😘😘😘

Tayla Bonthuis,so cool

Liana Oakley Bronte Oakley

Hayley Burrell Tegan Burrell

Jake Ferguson

Rikki Saunders

Niki Sippel

Linda Robertson

31 minutes ago

FOX Sports Australia

Honestly #TeamZlatan up until that horrible flop 🤨 ...


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Softest sport in the world.

I felt both should have been sent off. Zlatan for retaliation and the other fella for stamping. but i can understand why it was a yellow instead. It's very on the line stuff but all in all, a correct decision.

This game is an absolute joke!

Both should be kicked off the team for good. That’s how you play sport is it?

Enrico da Costa Chris Marques Myer Raymond you have to admit that this is pathetic 😂😂

Ben McQueen holy wow 😂

Hahahahaha King does as he pleases.

Soccer is sooo tough honestly how he got up and was only supported by one man is beyond me hopefully he can come back from this horrific incident and become the player he once was Mario Carusello

Jared Dean same ole Zlatan

Sascha Keats The acting in this is Oscar worthy

Rylan Meisinger youll appreciate this

LOL! Classic Zlatan Pierdonato Fino 😂

Michael that you?

Lauren Martin Matthew Craft 🤣🤣 this is what I hate about football lol

Tom Strickland Thomas Gilbert triggered by this... he is a wannnnnkerrrrrr

Gavin Aidan wow

Lachlan Barnes Why does Zlatan have fans?

Eden James Jeremy dual sniper attack

This how you played? Brenden Mifsud

Ako Spinooza why?

Gerald Randle imagine if any afl player went down like this after that contact

Surome, dodgy Zlatan! Something Lakh would do!

Andrew Walker sums up the sport nicely

Luke Vachalec no faking in rugby league!!!!

Emi Black bring out the water bottle 😂😂

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1 hour ago

ABC Sydney

Brilliant new stamps here featuring silo art from across Australia. ...


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Marie Grace, here is a stamp you can collect 😄 scroll down to the last one!

Great idea!

This your work Chantel Mcalister?

Zara Collis made me think of you.

Anne Spudvilas :(

Dianne Morrison McNiven


His appointment came as a surprise but proven 'winner' Unai Emery is being backed to shine at Arsenal. ...

His appointment came as a surprise but proven winner Unai Emery is being backed to shine at Arsenal.


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Mir Aldo you'd have to happy, surely.

Ewan Johannes but does he have good character?

Arturo Diaz-Arancibia don’t mind it

Nicholas Lynch

1 hour ago

ABC Sydney

So much going on in the official royal wedding photos!
❤️💍👑 Photos by Alexi Lubomirski

So much going on in the official royal wedding photos!
❤️💍👑 Photos by Alexi LubomirskiImage attachment


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Gorgeous. Love the green tones!

So stunning 💚


2 hours ago

ABC Sydney

Just such a cute one.
🐕🐕Fred the Labrador looking after nine ducklings 🐥🐥

Mountfitchet Castle
Nine lives for nine ducklings
Fred the resident dog at the Castle stepped up to the challenge when nine little ducklings became orphaned last Thursday. The ducklings' mum had disappeared and a member of staff found them waddling around the castle grounds alone. The team were very worried about the ducklings but Fred, a 10 year old Labrador, immediately took to them and has been babysitting ever since.


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Aww gorgeous❤️👏🏼

Yes animals got more humanity than us .

Fiona Yeates


Kevin Love 👉 LeBron James 🚀🚀🚀 ...


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Tom Payne Ben Valverde who the 👑?

Emily Tyler 😍😍

Mat Buchanan Trent Scott James Dell

Todd Hall

2 hours ago

ABC Sydney

Say Hello to the new look NSW Police cars🚓 🚨
No more Falcons and Commodores, it'll be
the BMW 530d and Chrysler SRT Core.

Say Hello to the new look NSW Police cars🚓 🚨
No more Falcons and Commodores, itll be  
the BMW 530d and Chrysler SRT Core.Image attachment


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No more Australian cars.

That's brilliant! Both are very easy to spot head on.

Chrysler SRT???? How we gonna be able to tell the good from the bad guys now ?

Wonder if we will see any of them? Police too far & few between on major roads. City & country.

I did see a volvo highway patrol car yesterday. Looked pretty pimp. Xc70 model I think.

B M Trouble U , great .

Expensive to fix and run?????? Beema especislly. 😊

Will be as fast as the fatso's that drive them. 😁

They only use 4 door cars don't they?

Thijs goed opletten in dec en jan!

Hope they are cheap

That’s a shame

Mick Murden

Nicole Ingles 😪

Scott Osborne

Jonathon Tini

Row Dak


Harrison Tomas

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