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Mums warned about ‘breastfeeding lie’

Mums warned about ‘breastfeeding lie’


An Australian breastfeeding expert says some health practitioners are scaring new mums with dated information about breast milk.

AN Australian breastfeeding expert says some health practitioners are scaring new mums with dated information about breast milk.

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It's been a privilege to get such raw and honest insights from @greg4hire on The Dribble podcast this season. On our final episode, the Wildcats vice-captain talks candidly about the uncertainty of free agency & what might come next

Where to now for Hire, Wildcats?

PERTH’S free agent vice-captain Greg Hire says he’s considered the possibility he may have played his last game for his beloved Wildcats.

An out-of-control space station is due to crash down to Earth in about a fortnight, and Australia’s in its firing line — several times each day.

Australia's biggest bank repeatedly tried to mislead the corporate watchdog over selling junk insurance to students, pensioners and the unemployed, the banking royal commission heard.

CBA sold junk insurance

AUSTRALIA’s biggest bank repeatedly tried to mislead the corporate watchdog over selling junk insurance to students, pensioners and the unemploy...

Analysis: If Peter Malinauskas takes the SA Labor leadership, he can expect to keep it for a long time #saparli

A Transport company has been ordered to pay more than $63,000 in fines and court costs after a worker’s hand was crushed between two containers in WA’s south.

Company cops fine over crushed hand

THE worker’s hand was crushed between two containers in WA’s south.

It has been a tough few years for those chasing growth in Perth’s property market - but the nation’s 10 million homes are now worth almost $7 trillion.

No word on new Labor leader as speculation mounts a factional stoush may brew #savotes2018 #saparli

Four women from same family, all abused by monster #Adelaide paedophile Lindsay West, triumph in 40-year battle for justice - while he is likely to die in jail: via @theTiser

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2 hours ago

MTV Australia

See more Charlotte Crosby than ever before...

The Charlotte Show starts 6pm March 29


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Megan Lewis

Hannah O'Rourke come round for this?

Tarita Manns starts on the 29th

Kendall Jane Princé Dòg are we down for this or no? I’m unsure how I feel ...

Cassandra Hulme get outttttt

Yessss can't wait

Noah Flavell

Her lips are riidiiiicc Emily Costanzo

Fallon Darlington wat ya rek??

YES Bec Zerial

Such a shame MTV has sunk so low... Used to love mtv growing up it's just turned to pure shit with trash shows and trashy people

Catherine Pack Ashley Rattenbury

Amber Ong

Victoria Louise

Meg Doyle

Stefania Fruci

Sarah Roden

Sarah Roden

Angela Rosa wtffff😂😂😂

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For some reason the guy from Game of Thrones has sold out Suncorp Stadium tonight. Thinking Out Loud, traffic around the city may not be Perfect. ...


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Just saying who ever you are that writes these posts, you’re hilarious and should never get fired 🤣😂

Whoever is in charge of this page you're absolutely awesome lol

After feeling crappy for a whole lot of personal reasons... You guys make me laugh. Please don't let anyone say the QPS need to be more serious. It helps a lot to have a laugh.

I really hope you are paid well Mr/Mrs QPS Social Media Manager! 🤣

Bek - way better than translink’s attempt to be funny 😂

Just Dive right into public transport

Thinking Out Loud, I’m sure we all agree that he’s a better singer than actor. But hey, What Do I Know? Maybe he is a New Man.

Ken Taylor you’d appreciate this post

Alexander story of my life this arvo 🤦🏽‍♀️

Big yawn.😎

Samara Rees, hope you enjoy seeing the guy from Game of Thrones.

Kim Sealey this concert i thought you were going to. Haha

Emma Chapman wish I was going! Waaaah

Bong that guy from Game of Thrones is in town

Enjoy you lucky Queenslanders going

If you’re thinking of taking Caxton St home... don’t...

Bianca Hoad have fun at this characters sing song party ☺️

Araminta McLennan have fun! As cool as the stadium show was, I did miss the 10/10 view you'd get us at Riverstage by charging past people waving your crutches haha

Janine Ross they could have done so much better with this

It’s going to be a PERFECT night Sarah Muguira

Danica Eleanor Trent Stower wasn’t this guy on your Contiki tour as well?

Chelsey Bennett - best get your earplugs out, if you expect to get to sleep early ;)

Katie Self traffic will be horrendous tomorrow

Nic Redsell, the station was packed! Not game to head out for food

Aaron Reed this status 🙌🏻😂

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BREAKING - GLASS: Motorists, pedestrians and cyclists are advised to avoid Vulture and Stanley Street intersection, South Brisbane after a load of glass fell off a truck. #bnetraffic ...


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Driver must be shattered.

Does anyone know what happened on the southbound busway between Griffith and eight mile ? we got stuck from the overflow of the glass accident and then again got detoured off the busway further down

If only I could check my phone at traffic lights

A Shattering Experience

Is that why everyone has a Glazed look on them?

His eyes were glassed over.

I sometimes wonder how these glass panes stay on.....this time they diidnt😏

Kody Westwood Chelsea Welldon in case you drove today!

Karin Pudsey lucky we missed that! 😮

More traffic headache for Ed Sheeran fans

What a smashing idea

That's shattering news 😉😮

he may need a Glazier

That'll buff right out.

Lets go for a ride Timbuh

Aidan Sanderson don’t know if you are around this way dude

Nick Bolton I wonder where that came from.

Natty Nat Nat just in case you’re going that way in. Maybe 🚌 it in??

Sam Maree Brett just to add to traffic

Must be a cracker!

Cameron Howarth Justin Howarth

Jess JJ Shivanii Alderman

Myles Eaton


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Can you help us identify these guys? They attempted to rob a service station in Brinsmead on Sunday morning and we'd love a chat.


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Will there be tea and biscuits at this chat?

Brinsmead is in Cairns for all those scratching their heads

Pretty soon it will be only 1 person allowed into the shop for food and fuel will be payed through a little tiny window!

The one in black is thinking , wow how did the doors open , Good luck with the chat .

I’ve seen better robberies done by my dogs. 🤦‍♂️

The hoodies alone give it away, I certainly wouldn’t have been letting them in.

dumb and dumber,they are wearing hoodies and hats but you can still see their face,not so smart hey.

Not to many ppl will be owning a pair of bright shorts like that

They're not very bright are they.....

It's Bert & Ernie

They look pretty hardcore

I'll show him 👍

That’s Daniel Brown

OMG hope they are caught QPS

God I hate hoodies.


Not very well either...

Kim Slater this is what I was telling dad about


Gabbi Mcgrath

Jarobi Sellton

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6 hours ago

MTV Australia

"Lipstick Lady" is living proof dreams do come true... 💄💄💄

cc: Taylor Swift

Police have smashed a major drug syndicate alleged to have been involved in the trafficking of dangerous drugs in Far North Queensland.



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Awesome work.

Chalk up another win for the GOOD GUYS!

Good job👍👍proud of our Queensland Police 👮 🙏

Great work to all involved 👮

Good work.But more than likely some one fobbed them in.

Job well done QPS

Im really impressed, i imagine this was a huge operation,taking time and meticulation to run smoothly.Abig thankyou to all involved,great work.

Well done..

Fantastic Work To All Involved.....Wooooo Hoooooooo 👏👏

Whooo Hooo, Great job ...... sock it to them, keep our kids safe :D :D

Good job,thought you might have found more might have been tipped off

Nice work


Good result Teams

Good work QPS

Great work QPS

O port druglas

Great work QPS

Another one fantastic QPS

Awesome work QPS

Outstanding work!

Great news.

well done!

good good good get them all the pack of tip rats

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21 hours ago

So Perth

Giants of Fremantle by Phil de Glanville

Do you see dinosaurs 🦕, giraffes 🦒, or StarWars AT-AT walkers ?


Giants of Fremantle by Phil de Glanville 

Do you see dinosaurs 🦕, giraffes 🦒, or StarWars AT-AT walkers ?



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Ah yes I see what u mean now. What are they really

Haha speaking of the devil mami Esther just the other day I mentioned about them looking like dinosaurs

Ben Geddes I see all three

Tony Griffin your G'ma was saying giraffes where as i see the dinosaurs hahaha

Leah Robinson omg

Dinosaurs 🦕

Freja Laurentine Gwynne every damn time 😂

Yes that’s what we see😂🤣


Su Shi these are the dinosaurs in Fremantle I was talking about

Always 🦕

Gnor Log? Brad Smith? #teamgiraffe

Ruby Rose dinosaurs!!

Eric Gaudion see? 😂😂

Caleb Adie Daniel Sean Stephens Katie Borellini

Thaís Alves Martins Gustavo Ribeiro

Natalie Pound 🦕

Richard J D Chapman

Tara Lennon

Madison Doyle

Samantha Mackenzie

Mladen Mlads

Jay Stevenson Nathan Hewitt

Nueng Siriwoot

Anthony C Woad

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1 day ago

So Perth

So Margot ...

So Margot


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Omg Michelle Hai

If you kiss a quoka you will be famous Karen

Pauline Walshaw, typical. My selfie looks shite ha ha

Is a quokkie a thing now?

Jordan Draper wtf as if she’s here

Chloe Boyce-Bacon look what we started

Lol no bloody way 😯

They are so adorable 👍😘

Morgan Alexandra Harrell look who was at Rottnest today!

Silly girl


Told you James

Lauren Mackay

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1 day ago

Queensland Art Gallery/Gallery of Modern Art

Dare to be curious. 'Patricia Piccinini: Curious Affection' opens this Sat 24 March. Who knows what emotions you may uncover. #PiccininiGOMA #FeelitatGOMA ...

Dare to be curious. Patricia Piccinini: Curious Affection opens this Sat 24 March. Who knows what emotions you may uncover. #PiccininiGOMA #FeelitatGOMA


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To get you used to aliens. So you aren't afraid when we start seeing the creatures we only thought were myth.

Piccincini's work is not as it might seem at first glance. From my perception, she draws the viewer right into the most basic and profound areas of human experience. It is not art for the faint of heart or those fearful of emotional challenge. It challenges false presuppositions of what the world should be like, and asks us to consider how it really is. This is art for the honest and brave.


Jake Shaw wanna take Ronny to this on the school holidays if you have a day off

Teresa Young this is what I was talking about.

Adam Dash