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Mum shoots and kills armed robber outside Mother's Day lunch

Mum shoots and kills armed robber outside Mother's Day lunch


"I just thought about defending mothers, children and my own life and my own daughter," the off-duty officer said.

An off-duty military police officer who shot and killed a would-be armed robber at a Brazilian school is being hailed for her quick reaction.

ABC Perth: 2018-05-16T06:30:00+0000 ABC Perth Live exports won't be banned in coming months #BREAKING: There will be NO ban on live sheep exports to the Middle East over the northern summer this year. The Federal Government will tomorrow release the McCarthy review into the summer live sheep trade to the Middle East." target="_blank">""> 2018-05-16T06:30:00+0000 ABC Perth Live exports won't be banned in coming months #BREAKING: There will be NO ban on live sheep exports to the Middle East over the northern summer this year. The Federal Government will tomorrow release the McCarthy review into the summer live sheep trade to the Middle East.

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Batten down the hatches - there’s a big storm brewing in Brisbane! Craig Bellamy offered a 4-year deal to take over from Wayne Bennett as @brisbanebroncos coach @7NewsSydney #NRL

[email protected] star Dylan Napa has hit back at Wayne Bennett saying claims he deliberately head butted Korbin Sims are totally false. @LiamCox_TV #NRL #7News

Meet the three new WA Police recruits - Maverick, Jester and Goose. The playful pups are just 12 weeks old and will be in training for at least the next year and a half before hitting the beat. #Puppy #7News

Police investigating a weekend robbery in Queensland have stumbled across an 'Aladdin's Cave' of allegedly stolen goods. They also found a drug lab. #7News

The moment a burning car smashed through a roller door and into the Merrylands police station almost two years ago has been revealed. @MyleeHogan #Merrylands #7News

Thank you for watching 7 News tonight with @MarkFerguson_7, @Mel_Mclaughlin & @DavidWBrown7. Watch 7 News on the free @7plus app. #7News

A warning for hazardous surf covers the entire coast tomorrow. More sunshine in the suburbs. 7 News Meteorologist @DavidWBrown7 #7News

Interest rates are historically low but nothing like this offer. @campricenews #sydre #7News

[email protected] coach @GWSLeon insists his side can turn around their recent poor form against @EssendonFC at Spotless Stadium on Saturday night. #7AFL #7News

[email protected] captain Daly Cherry-Evans says Curtis Scott's two week suspension for punching Dylan Walker isn't long enough. #NRL #7News

The @NRL has hit back at claims by league powerbroker and commentator Phil Gould who says the code is in dire shape. @7michellebishop #NRL #7News

[email protected]_Uni and R.P.A. Hospital are involved in a world first trial to stop a dangerous pregnancy condition. #7News

It's still not clear why the gunman opened fire but tonight we have the video of his shootout with police dodging bullets at @realDonaldTrump's Florida golf club. @mikeamor7 #7News

A man has been arrested outside a McDonalds at North Parramatta for allegedly going online to lure who he thought was a 14-year-old girl for sex. #Parramatta #7News

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48 minutes ago

SBS Australia

Have you just bought a motorbike or taken up Zumba? There are people you can talk to. ...


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Luke Tikellis ME

Chris Mackay hahahaha

Amy 😂

Kirt Overton . . .😂🤣


Trav Bacon

Andrew Johnston

Max Frankham

Hahahahahaha, I'm cactus then

Georgia Croft

1 hour ago

ABC Sydney

The quietest place on earth.

The Murchison Radio-Astronomy Observatory in Western Australia is a special place.


2 hours ago

SBS Australia

Adult swaddling stress therapy is taking over Tokyo - who needs this to come to Australia? ...


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Looks more like a strait jacket, or bondage!

Yeah looks totally comfortable and soothing being straight jacketed in a blanket while having your legs wrapped around your ears 🙄 Coooommmmmmfffffffyyyyyy

I can't think of anything worse

Try wrapping me up like this and I’d panic and knock you out 🤪🤨

I could see how this could work lol. You'd be so busy laughing at how ridiculous you feel that it probably would relax you lol. Meaghan Emily Tracy Bodycott Tiffany Reebes

Ooh no thanks. Claustrophobic. Always marveled at how babies could tolerate it. *shudder

Natalie maybe we just need to get swaddled after rough days..

Waant there an episode with this on CSI where someone suffocated and died like 10-15 years ago

James you’d love this 😂

NO THANKS! I hate that feeling of being trapped.

Sarah Maddock oh my god, could you imagine the anxiety of not being able to get out 😂

Omg nooo I hate that feeling of being trapped. That definitely would not soothe me. 😊💜

Eric Ee is this the call you're waiting for

Tamara Tusia you need to get cracking on your idea!! Haha

Come on SBS Australia!! Get someone to spellcheck if you are not sure of the word! It's OtonAmaki and not OtonO!!!!

Does anyone else feel claustrophobic watching this??

Megan going to sleep with a top sheet and having the fear of waking up in the night trapped like this

Nicole maybe we need this! 😂

Lucie we shoulda done this when you were on the floor today

~ Jamie... I would hyperventilate then die!

Zidane Sue Nik I think I’ve found the ultimate stress coping mechanism

Lachlan Courtney Jules Gabi this would actually be my nightmare. Can’t even have my bed sheets tucked in.

Ryan Byrne you can do this to me on the 27th floor😆😆😆😆

Jimbo come in the lounge room, and bring an old baby blanket, I’m going to swaddle you 🙃

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3 hours ago

ABC Sydney

More than 200 marine animals died in nets.

ABC North Coast
It is asking for community feedback on the NSW north coast shark net trials.
The latest figures of marine animals caught by the nets were released this week.
204 marine animals died in the nets during the two six-month trials across five beaches.
They include 8 dolphins, 9 sea turtles, 34 hammerhead sharks and 103 rays. Read more here


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Destruction of our precious marine life. Destruction of our wildlife corridors and environment. There won't be much left in 5 years. Arrogant humans can't accept it's not just our World. I'm ashamed to be a human.

So, you are scared of sharks... Don't swim

Images of the rays is heartbreaking.

3 hours ago

SBS Australia

This Sydney-based activist is a key figure in the campaign to allow women to drive in Saudi Arabia. ...


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Nah feminists are more concerned with patriarchal air conditioning and teaching people to ask for consent before they change their kids diapers, but best of luck though!

good on you ..time to move forward .

3 hours ago

ABC Sydney

Vivid Sydney giving the bridge a test 😍 ...

Vivid Sydney giving the bridge a test 😍

4 hours ago

ABC Sydney

A glimpse of Vivid Sydney ...


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I thought it started on Friday???

Love vivid except for tge crowds. Thinking of a harbour view this werkend. Thanks ABC

didn't think about walking around the city for the testing - saw some lights being tested late last Friday evening !!

Lily Mateljan bahahaha you can see you hugging it and me taking photos

I think it's the Botanic gardens

Why are there vivid previews tonight? Tests?

Beauté ❤️🌹🌺🌸🌷💐🍀🙏

In the wrong city at this time,amazing lights.

Is it testing



Where is this display

Really lok forward to Vivd but soooo crowded 😯

Fantastic work TAFE NSW

Mỹ TăngDaniel Van





Vivid again Rose😍

Jayne Mateljan

Kimberley Neumann 😃😃

Jessica Eileen Tattersall Jet yes, you can see me taking photos

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