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'Morally right and legally right': May defends strike on Syria

'Morally right and legally right': May defends strike on Syria


Theresa May has faced down opposition fury over her decision not to consult the British Parliament before sending RAF fighter-bombers to Syria.

British PM says Russia helped Syria block chemical weapons inspectors from entering Douma, the site of the regime chlorine attack.

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Pippa middleton, who is expecting her own baby, has been the first to visit her new nephew at Kensington Palace. The new royal baby has yet to be named. #RoyalBaby #7News

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have laid a wreath at the Australian War Memorial in London, to mark Anzac Day. #AnzacDay #7News

Cronulla: 2 people are lucky to be alive after their boat capsized, unfortunately a fishman died in the accident. Police say all 3 were wearing life jackets. #Cronulla #7News

Fuel prices are going back up with regular unleaded averaging $1.38 a litre. #Petrol #7News

An investigation has been ordered into a spectacular fire at a remote West Australian iron ore mine. #Fire #7News

Pippa Middleton has happily played the role of New Aunt again becoming the first to visit the new Prince at Kensington Palace. #Royals #7News

Perth's city council is under fire for issuing hundreds of parking fines. #Perth #7News

7 News headlines with @MarkFerguson_7. Watch 7 News on the free @7plus app. #7News

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9 hours ago

ABC Adelaide

What is The Last Post and how did it become such a big part of Anzac Day?

#AnzacDay #lestweforget


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It always makes me cry as it was played at my Dad's funeral, but I love it at the same time.....Lest We Forget.

Andrew Burns Dee Baker

Bradley Sibley

Amy Baker, Adrian Uren

Modra Paulson

16 hours ago

ABC Adelaide

Ever imagined Aussie rules mixed with American gridiron, played by Australian and US soldiers in the 1940s?

Watch below to see historic footage of the game 'Austus'. 🏈🏉

18 hours ago

ABC Adelaide

Stay with us as we live stream the 2018 Anzac Day march through Adelaide to the Cross of Sacrifice. #lestweforget ...


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As you might be able to hear, we have Emma Rebellato, Neil Cross and Bill Denny presenting the ABC coverage of Adelaide's Anzac Day march!

I was just wondering the same thing, Mark! Spence was just interviewing Bill for our TV coverage before the march started. I'm going to have to investigate! - Alice

So glad you spotted him Sharon! You'll have to show him the video after!

Thanks for the kind words, Margaret! Glad you're enjoying it.

Morning Lucy! Thanks for watching.

In case anyone missed out and wants to watch it later, here's the video of this morning's Anzac Day dawn service at Adelaide's National War Memorial:

We're happy that you are enjoying it, Simone (and family)! Thanks for tuning in.

Thanks Deborah! I'll pass that onto the presenters :) - Alice

Hi Jacinta, once the march finishes (around 11.30am) we'll publish the video on our Facebook page here, so anyone who visits ABC Adelaide on Facebook will be able to watch it!

Thanks Jacinta, hope they enjoy it too! :)

No problems at all, Meredith! Thanks for tuning in.

Thanks for the kind words Bec, I'll pass them onto the presenters when they're finished!

Thanks Gavin, glad you're enjoying it!

Thanks Leona and Joanne!

Thanks for joining our live stream of today's march, everyone! Here's a link to the story about SA Digger Private Arthur Clifford Stribling's relatives heading to France to see a school named after him over his WWI sacrifice:

Glad you enjoyed it Mark, thanks for letting us know. Will keep you posted on the Denny investigation!

Fantastic Joanne! You'll have to show them this video so they can spot themselves later on :)

Thank you ABC Adelaide. Wouldn't have been able to watch it otherwise. <3

So proud of my dad 1:53:00 holding the French flag the last one of the old veteran marching. He has found once again the strength to be part of it. Merci papa (lest we forget) and thank you, ABC Adelaide, since I was unable to personally attend for screaming this.😍

Spence Denny and Bill Denny. Related?

Thank you to the abc Adelaide for your televising of the ANZAC March. Thank you to the commentators for their insightful information. Thank you to all those who put the Adelaide March together it is lovely to see everyone carrying on the traditions and remembering The Diggers. It is great to see the old vehicles and that members of loved ones who have passed are able to march as well. Keep up the fantastic work!!

Gday thanks for our freedom


My wife and I thought there were some facial similarities. Will be keen to hear what you find out. We enjoyed seeing the Adelaide service because we were at our own in Nairne.

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22 hours ago

City of Sydney

Today we pay respects to the brave men and women who have served our country. Lest we forget.

📷: thismustbehope via Instagram

Today we pay respects to the brave men and women who have served our country. Lest we forget.

📷: thismustbehope via Instagram


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I can't wait for that massive water fountain to be completed. I just wish they allowed more pedestrian space in front of it for disabled people and those who are waiting for busses. Also for pedestrians walking by. I am saying this because I think that the commuters are just as important as the nice fountain. Just a little oversight by council that can always get fixed later...I think.

My take on the remembrance of those brave soldiers during today's Anzac March in Sydney #wewillrememberthem #lestweforget

Lest we forget

A beautiful city

Lest We Forget


Right around the world, we're standing up against the plastic waste that ends up in our oceans and in the bellies of sea creatures.

Join us in creating one million actions against plastic for our blue planet. Tell Woolworths and Coles to end excessive plastic packaging on your fruit and veggies here >>


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Sick of seeing plastic-wrapped oranges? Tell Woolworths and Coles to #breakfreefromplastic:

Saw this today in my local Woolworths. How ridiculous.

Yes! This is what we need. Thank you, Greenpeace!


Done & can someone tell me why people put bananas in plastic bags? Annoys the hell out me & our local Coles have handy bags either side of the bananas. WHY?!?

All pointless til you ban all plastic they everywhere in what you buy. Table Magarine, Shampoo, Dish Washing Liquid, Cordial Bottles, Soft drink Bottle, Milk Bottle, Cheese Slices, Snack Bars etc.

Unnecessary and ridiculous... always choose the loose fruit items and place them in your trolley. Still can’t buy loose berries though

Please can we just stop manufacturing plastic! Period.

Do not purchase fruit or vegetables wrapped in plastic....

There are companies making timber from recycled plastics

Why doesn’t all plastic packaging get phased out over the next decade ?

I’m with you

Signed ...

Signed and shared.


Kimberli Fourro-Rees sign this x

Kevin Louise

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